I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND


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    I spent a day with faceless creator and musician Corpse_Husband AKA CORPSE.
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    1. AnthonyPadilla

      come back next week for *I spent a day with REALITY SHIFTERS*. 🎙 PODCAST OF THIS & PREVIOUS CORPSE INTERVIEW: Spotify ▸ ​open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu​ Apple ▸ ​podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250​

      1. kezia 123


      2. Mason Hughes

        I have one Question can you go back to smosh

      3. smoke central 420

        Can you do a video called I spent a day with anarchists

      4. Yanki SAh


      5. DigiFilms

        @abe 1 p

    2. tinamexico1

      why is this guy animated

    3. ieyelin McGhee

      I just realized he has to fall through the ceiling every day

    4. Sharanda Mote

      Now we know this is freaking edited

    5. Harry.x.hermione

      I'm still waiting for you to do quackity

    6. Cipher Dipher

      7:01 made me laugh alot

    7. Baduzer

      I always wanted to see Corpses face, but if he gets really bad anxiety from it, my baby can keep his face hidden for as long as he wants :) he seems like a very sweet and polite person and all I want for him is to be happy

    8. q.q

      7:02 funniest moment by far

    9. the knife kid

      hahahahahshshahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    10. Leslie

      No cause I literally wanna give him a hug oh my

    11. Mariahwashere

      He's so strong omg :(

    12. Super ButNot Weirdo

      how about we get a forehead reveal lol

    13. Super ButNot Weirdo

      fr tho, im 12 and my voice is about half as deep as his...

    14. mene cmt57

      I want him to make more storg videos. Quit among us corpse.

    15. PoggerStories

      Corpse pretend ur mute or somthin so wouldn’t have to talk lol

    16. Jesse White

      This is ffake

    17. Wonky Witch

      People begging Corpse for a face reveal need to understand that he has no obligation to do that. It’s his career and if he doesn’t want to show his face then that’s fine. Love corpse for his art and his content you don’t need to see his face to enjoy what he puts into the world.

    18. Dame Hdz

      I love that quote "people have my notifications on just to hate me"

    19. GlitchedSnake

      15:53 - They are absolutely right. In so many fanbases (and just in general), there are people who just seem to exist to be a counter argument to anything they don't like. Going as far as full on shaming others for being into it. That kind of full-on player hating is often just insecure/toxic people projecting their own bullshit and woes onto others because they aren't capable of dealing with it themselves.

    20. vintage_moo


    21. Guerline Dent

      Corpse is my favorite person idk I don't even want to know his face like the fact he was able to come to your studio is amazing!

    22. Cloud cloud

      Corpse: *litteraly breath* Haters: *explosion*

    23. Lily

      If he ever decides to do a face reveal I hope it will be by his own choice and not by a picture getting leaked. The pressure he is under from the public and the hate he gets is infuriating and disgusting because he is an amazing person and doesn’t deserve any of that. I am certain that he is an inspiration to many though and that his songs help many people who are also struggling with depression, anxiety, illness, etc. he absolutely doesn’t need to do a face reveal and if he never does that’s completely okay, if he does then I’m sure almost everyone would be incredibly supportive of his decision. Unfortunately their will always be haters and hateful people in general, so no matter what there will always be people who will try and tear others down but there are more fans, and less stans than fans as well.

    24. Just.Ashlyn.

      It’s too late- I watched this twice to realize he wasn’t sitting there😭 Life tip: don’t watch corpse and Anthony Padilla crossover at five am if you haven’t slept in months

    25. Anneliz Gellatly

      I hope he does a face reveal but when he is ready not when I am ready

    26. irisrowan .moonchild

      So, I have a dilemma. I know his music from listening to other people's playlists and heard about him streaming Among Us but how did I manage to miss all of this? Seriously didn't know about him officially until now. Mind blowing.

    27. SkullShield S.S.


    28. Maxine James

      If anyone ever outs corpse, we all become blind

    29. Rorusumaki

      Corpse's outfit in his first interview is so (♥ω♥*)

    30. Candice Crawford

      I gotta say something we gotta admit Corpse looks REALLY REALLY cool and awsome

    31. MCexploder

      I think that corpses voice is amazing

    32. Tschele Presents

      These videos are some of the greatest videos on the internet as a small content creator.

    33. Velarde James

      Dude emagine corpse look like that dam

    34. bazooka

      "a lot of people think that. its usually angry men" pls

    35. Rita Maria Duarte

      Animated corpse is hot af

    36. PulseToonz

      can you tell corpse "My friends say I sound like a CORPSE Jr" make sure to tell him I sent this

    37. Mc Donalds Healer

      poor corpse

    38. Emad Shafiq

      Dunno why people hate him but I literally became a fan after hearing him 1st time on a "Among Us" video on MrBeast channel!

    39. Thanh Ta


    40. TyTV

      Who else has been watching corpse since 2016

    41. Nightmare_TIME_

      Everyone just gonna ignore that he just fell from the roof 0:43

    42. Liz

      Yes that breath made me feel some type of way. Idk why though. Maybe my new fetish is Microphone Breathing.

    43. killang3ll

      “not competing with anyone dude im just talking” YOO THAT KILLED ME

    44. Andrea Musso

      I hope that people start to realize that he isn’t doing this for fame. He isn’t doing this because it’s “not normal”. He is doing it because he generally has anxiety about people knowing what he looks like. He generally hates how he looks. But he is an amazing person. He loves what he does, he loves his fans, and that is all that matters.

    45. Grand Warden gaming

      y dos corpse have a dep vos

    46. EaRtH iS cLoSeD tOdAy

      I don't understand why people are so worried about him being ugly. He's super funny and is such a down to earth genuine guy. So it doesnt really matter what he looks like. And im gonna get a bit cheesy here but, it doesn't matter what's on the outside but what's on the inside. And, we arent toxic, they're just mad that we are proving them wrong.

    47. Swizz Klips

      If this was real that would be cool

    48. Crixpsty Fortnite

      Does he see corpse face?

    49. Blank Society

      No one should judge Corpse for his face. His personality is what makes him special.

    50. Nathan Roblox and more

      Why is there so many dislikes

    51. seth ŸT

      is the guy end it really cold in real life

    52. 1_mad

      Corpse 🥵hot 🤣🤣

    53. alessandro guilen

      can you make one more video with smoosh

    54. Nicky The Demon

      I think His voice is pretty cool and best friend says that his voice is sexy (Please don't hate her)

    55. Claudine Baker

      fake corpt

    56. Shoshitake Takeyani

      I feel like if Corpse ever had a slip up in public and a genuine fan was around, they wouldn’t make a big deal about it. If anything they’d be supportive or understanding of all the stress he’s going through. Making a big deal of meeting him would likely just cause him more pain. We as a fan base don’t NEED a face reveal to support Corpse

    57. rumaysa ishfaq

      i wanna see his reall faceeeeeeeee

    58. Elysian Soul Tarot

      I hope you find a space that you can be your true self someday Corpse Husband. You deserve it even if you can’t show yourself to the internet. Stay safe and healthy :)

    59. The death of A Ghost And Dabi!

      Nobody needs a face reveal -_- :/ SO GOOD JOB CORPSE! 👏👏👏👏 Edit: btw did anybody else realize corpse looks like an anime character in this? This isn’t hate I mean corpse is one of my favorite artist I was just pointing this out

    60. Jefferson Zhang

    61. Living with Perks

      *How strange is it that Anthony Padilla is basically playing as Steve in Blues Clues interacting with an empty chair?*

    62. Jazmin Jay

      hi corpsetwt

    63. Zsanett Bodrogi

      I don't even wanna see him, I just wanna hug him🥺

    64. Cecilia Collier-Gilkey

      hes not following corps on spotify

    65. Hanna Wiston

      Don't you feel like Anthony and Corpse animated hologram looks very much alike? Hahaha that's so cute

    66. SeonHOe

      Just dropping by to say that his words and phrasing are unexpectedly well-constructed and beautiful.

    67. Pretty Odd

      I’m pretty sure the “Corpse” sitting there is an animation BUT the real Corpse is there and talking he’s just cut out of camera because he didn’t want to be on camera then they put the animation there

    68. Tündi Lover

      trolling people is fine, until the point he posts on twitter 'HE LOST THE GAME'

    69. Toefus Foetus

      Corpse: they put needles in your muscles Anthony: oh… Corpse: yeah, it’s EPIC! Anthony: OH…

      1. Ray


    70. Do Tung

      The feeble feigned stream theoretically suspend because gun additionally dare including a abrupt credit. violet, three dirt

    71. Nufailo

      if anyone knows big gay they sound the same

    72. Sonja Burger Peo

      this boy doesnt need to show his beautiful face he just needs a hug i feel so sad rn bc i love corpse so much he is like the vest you need to hate him or like him but please just respect him

    73. aesthetic flow

      i wanna give him a hug :(

    74. Lila Rodriguez

      Before i start writing i don't want this to sound like a sh*ty pity comment because, its not can everyone stop trying to find out who this man is because its obvious that he doesn't want anyone knowing i"m pretty sure he already has enough problems without people trying figure out who he is. i honestly feel terrible for him

    75. Ray Salvador A Cabahug

      i forgot that anthony is the legend of our childhoods he created smosh

    76. madiii

      I feel so much for this guy, bless him always. Whenever he feels comfortable w a face reveal (if he does) then we will have it. If not that’s cool too. Y’all need to respect peoples boundaries and understand he’s just like us, human. We love you Corpse

    77. _itsme Natalya_ 2008

      The fact there is 3.3K dislikes

    78. Kat Nun

      I feel soooooooo bad for corpe I know he wants to have a world to show his face and not get trash on him and I wish I really wish I could give him a BIG hug but I dont think I ever can't but what I can do is support him i just really wish he didnt have anxiety and insecurity please support him if you hate him or are not a fan of him please dont hate people always have a heart deep down that person dont show hate to talk hate just keep the to your self I'f you hate I really hope he can get accepted I I support 🥺💖❤💜

    79. ʀᴀɴ

      I'm corpse not husband

    80. nnioop nnioop

      If someone leaks corpse information were all blind. I don't care what your doctor says

    81. я υ в у - я σ ѕ є

      corpse doesn't deserve the shit he gets he deserves the world i really wish i could give him a hug

    82. Kenneth De Wever

      I follow more youtubers who stay anonimious (ethoslab, xisumavoid, xbcrafted) But i not see reason to hate any, even with more the 10 mil subs who show their face (grian, mumbojumbo(his game skin has stache, his symbol is stache, he not has stache), cubfan, mrbeast) and a lot of them not looks like i expected. For example goodtimes with scar who is in wheelchair but only got move, same with thinfoilchef. Who is 60 plus minecraft player with (majestic) greybeard. And all them get more support then hate. But then, hate for youtubers is, just lame

    83. ChadyBlu

      why did i think this was actually corpse lol

    84. May Mako_Life UwU

      Let the dude's face alone like for real.

    85. Fishy taco

      His mask stops in front of the ear

      1. Sel

        that's because it goes around the ear lol

    86. Ariel Miller

      I’m just saying that life must be so tiring and I just want to sit down and talk to him about it because I don’t know I just cannot

    87. Ariel Miller

      I like fucking with the world, it’s fun

    88. Ariel Miller

      thanksgiving dinner is just like uhhh

    89. Ariel Miller

      the animation though?!

    90. Mikaela Armstrong

      My brother has gerd as well

    91. •《Jessi 》•

      when his face gets leaked we all throw our glasses across the room.

      1. •《Jessi 》•

        @Cloud cloud throw mine aswell

      2. •《Jessi 》•

        @CJ Draws true,true

      3. Cloud cloud

        i throw my eyes by the windows

      4. CJ Draws

        No. I’ll close my eyes, these glasses were expensive!

    92. Dysfunctional Emi

      Something that I noticed is that this video has like- 5x the number of views compared to his normal videos (Anthony’s Videos)

    93. ᛝVantaCoreᛝ

      Even though he doesn't narrate stories anymore he's the person who got me into that and im happy hes successful in life and even though he has problems that doesn't stop him from doing stuff, one of the many inspirations i have.

    94. Avo J

      I just want to give Corpse a hug

    95. Lucas Contreras

      Everyday on earth for corpse sounds like hell

    96. SoulTaker

      POV: You thought Corpce was animated

    97. Deeisnot_sleeping

      hey corpse fans hope u watched this and fucking listened to what he was saying

    98. Mary Lisa P

      I love that you were able to animated him, and blurred out his mouth when he curses.

    99. Beau Morgan

      I feel bad for Corpse because it is scary

    100. AdamlessopCODM

      Corpse's voice makes me hungry

      1. Anya The wild child