Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo

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    Directed by Petra Collins
    Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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    1. Esperanza Costa

      The enchanting believe undoubtedly shelter because packet actually watch than a vast shame. ambiguous, erect teaching

    2. Tino Bruga

      sos muy buena

    3. Eduardo Marques

      Brasil, espero que vocês estejam curtindo minha nova música Good 4 U.

    4. juliansito

      que no se entere sofi

    5. juliansito

      yo nose pero te la pongo

    6. Gillian Silva Villegas

      She really sounded like Hayley from Paramore at some parts!

    7. tori on roblox ⊙⊙

      She was in a ban 14 YEARS AGO *-*

    8. Dr Ziegel


    9. Jay Gritzinger

      It's so fucking weird to hear a disney character say fuck

    10. mUrK

      Chorus kinda Paramore but more pop?

    11. Jime

      Olivia está a otro nivel.

    12. The Emerald Fire

      She went from being a talented actress to one of the biggest musicians on the planet right now. Credit where credit is due. 👏

    13. Maria Alice Cavalcante

      Que música 🎶 lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    14. Fellypa Vitória Luís

      Cara Olivia Rodrigo é tudo ahhhh

    15. Ingrid Didi


    16. M

      If Avril Lavigne and Marina & The Diamonds had a child it would be her. And they would both put her up for adoption.

    17. Hoggar Krababbel

      What the fuck does "she's unproblematic" mean?

    18. moonkoni

      caralho, a mina nunca vai conseguir recuperar o ex

    19. Thomas Horton

      My name is boody

    20. Alyssa Zamudio

      I love Olivia songs

    21. 김니키

      I'm totally getting Paramore vibes.

    22. TRİP BELA


    23. ferrojas

      i love you

    24. Andres Lzd

      quiero llorar

    25. STW Soul

      i mightve underestimated this song

    26. SWB_64

      Is it hell or healthy

    27. krator

      this right here is straight fya. w song, im using this for my next fortnite montage

    28. aoife

      i get jennifer’s body vibes at the end

    29. Jonathan Fenty del Rey

      This gave me paramore - misery business vibes 😅

    30. TheMaves7

      Misery Business - Paramore brought me here!

    31. Create 101

      This song is amazing!! also Olivia, I made an edit of you and it would mean the world to me if you watched it!

    32. Ana Clara Vieira pereira

      My god I love this new Clip, olivia You are to Be Congratulated Beautiful perfect❤ 🥰😘😘

    33. Jonathan Hess

      billie eilish 2

      1. abby

        - olivia rodrigo 1

    34. j4ck_r

      Allie sherlock and saibh skelly have a good version of this

    35. Rosane F. de Souza

      Ela tá com uma cara de patricinha idiota do colégio né kkkk...mesmo assim consegue ser *PERFEITA*

      1. lnsei

        Verdade kk

    36. _sabiha_

      I can't believe she's just 18..... She's like littleeee Taylor swift!!!!❤️✨

    37. Nick King


    38. Fabio Tadeu de Oliveira


    39. IZ XH

      I love the content keep it up!

    40. Fabio Tadeu de Oliveira

      Música da Isa pro Márcio

    41. IZ XH

      I’m the five millionth subscriber!! eek!

    42. Hitoshi Shinso

      Whenever I see you all I can think of is Bizardvark-

    43. Pri Lulutuber

      La unica q habla español?

    44. Hayley Rios

      Minute 3:06 the last scene reminds me of Jennifer's body!!!

    45. Maria das neves Costa

      Gostei desta música🤗❤️

    46. Claudi95

      Is it just me or does the chorus sound exactly like „running with the wild things“ from Against the Current?

    47. Adm Hdn

      Congratulation ❤❤ 5 million

    48. hydro gamer

      She's way too skinny. When she's being held up at 0:49 you can see how bony and sickly she looks. Just eat something. Women are supposed to have fat on them.

      1. idk what to name this

        Who decides that? You? Nah

    49. Faith

      Director:so what do u want you want your music video to look like? Olivia:well for one scene I want there to be a room filled with water Director:okay? Olivia:and I want to set the room on fire! Director:come again?

    50. just_be_yousuf

      Sociopath*** 🙌🏼😃 Nothing Elze


      this video looks like it was made in the 80's

    52. Tamieka Gill

      Dirrah Poo

    53. Tamieka Gill

      Good for you; u look happy and healthy not mee

    54. vQuest

      Wait aren’t you from the bizardavark show?

    55. Jon Haverstick

      Olivia, please never stop making amazing songs, you're beautiful and so is your voice!

    56. Pedro Pacheco

      I know she’s a different person and a different artist but the Taylor Swift’s influence is all over the place, and I’m not complaining, she clearly has great taste in music and also proves that Taylor Swift has already created a style that’s legendary enough for other artist to follow her footsteps. Love Olivia, love Taylor. Both amazing

    57. DollTube

      I feel like a lot of people want to do this to there ex who Broke there heart

    58. Zainab Zainab

      same music from tylor song "we are never ever getting back together "

    59. Lee Shunmugam

      Great song but sounds like a Paramore song from one of their earlier albums.

    60. Kelvin Muriuki

      why this give of Disney channel vibes?

    61. Kamily Beatriz

      the best song , i love you so so match olivia

    62. RealJosh

      I like this song

    63. Rosemary Reyes

      I feel bad for Olivia rodrigo that her boy friend beak up

    64. michis uwu


    65. HardcoreBoB


    66. D Home

      She literally went from 'crying cause you weren't around' to 'screw that and screw you' (LOVE IT)

    67. Douglas S.

      Good 4 u

    68. Thainara Pinheiro

      Brasileiros? 🇧🇷

      1. Maria Izabelle


    69. Ludmilla Castelo


    70. Emelia Bosley

      Didnt even realize she was on bizardvark. I'll never look at her the same.

    71. MSK

      Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like paramore?

    72. micii sobia

      The merciful surname optimally wobble because kale lally imagine lest a stereotyped satin. overjoyed, outgoing tanker

    73. Sofia Do Nascimento Andrade

      Ok 👍

    74. Mr Taco Boi

      This song is like a mexican son that dosent accept the breakup but in a relax way and more fifa 19 tone song and a

    75. Hua wu

      do you have to say the F word?😅😇

    76. Caleb Alvarez

      Has anyone noticed that her song good 4 u and daja vu are both about lile boys cheatanig and break ups

    77. Zeinaba Youb

      Write about alone

    78. tres marias


    79. tres marias


    80. tres marias


    81. klash

      Taylor Swift vide? Just me?


      This alot like misery business by paramore

    83. Frog In A Blender

      I love the way she says “soul”

    84. CaptBerlin

      I'm just glad that he left her

    85. Alana Martins


    86. Vanessa vitória Oliveira

      Brasileiros que estão viciados nessa obra de artes>>>🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍

      1. Mendigo Do like

        Eu só queria ser reconhecido :( mas ninguém da atenção pra mim :(

    87. JasonJude1

      Love this! It kind of reminds me of misery business

    88. Purple Crewmate Squad

      I accidentally searched up "food for 4" when I was looking for this 😭

    89. JustLarry

      Wow I can’t Believe this girl just copied tick tocks songs and remade it 😤😤😤😤😤

    90. Itsmeharper Jacksons

      Olivia put crack in this one

    91. Alexa gallagher

      No se que pedo con los comentarios pero me encanta este video ❤

    92. cheater points

      The song is good but the music video could have been better 🙂

    93. Everything Z

      0:41 When she says “now you can be a better man” IT SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S SAYING IT THROUGH GRITTED TEETH AND I LOVE IT! You can really feel the emotion in all of Olivia’s songs