Deadpool and Korg React

Ryan Reynolds

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    Two members of the MCHRaero react to the upcoming film featuring Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi.

    Free Guy. In theaters and definitely NOT streaming on August 13th.

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    1. Blue Dwarf

      I would love to see deadpool in the mcu pissing the hulk off, hulk smash deadpool.....hulk sm.... oh fuck it

    2. curt weisflog

      MORE DEADPOOL......OR ELENCE!!!!! please

    3. John Smith


    4. Case Kirby

      i would LOVE to see some spiderman and deadpool chemistry in the future

    5. Ashy

      Drink Aviation Gin!

    6. Chiekie Moon

      omg i cant wait to see htis movie!

    7. Van Medeiros

      Next to X Gon Give it to you, I think the next hard charging a** kicking song should be..

    8. Blair Jameson

      Please do more of 👍ALL OF THIS 👍

    9. Lili Kataja

      I liked deadhpooll 1 and 2 is tree soon

    10. KG The Supreme

      Eep: Guy!? Guy: That's not me!!! That's.......ooohh Free Guy: Wait, you're me!? I'm you??? Deadpool: ....yeap....awkward right!?

    11. Akshay Kumar Brahma

      Cumberbatch 🤨 Easter egg or what

    12. Ninja Mix

      Deadpool should enter in Acting ! He has some good Acting Skills

    13. Lone wolf 4221

      Loki finale did the unimaginable.

    14. Aaron Sanders

      This whole video is so meta.

    15. RK TV

      11 M 😎

    16. Rootin For Lenin Mk II

      Is this what Boba looks like after the fall in the Sarlacc Pitt?

    17. Eternity_Creeper (〃^▽^〃)

      So awesome to see a local make it big!

      1. Babar Iqbal

        Is korg your neighbor or something

    18. ꧁ SpongeBobAndPatrickFan2006 #RoadTo1K ꧂

      Deadpool's now canon in the MCU.

    19. Cole VonCole

      A Deadpool and korg collab would be excellent

    20. ameriscoo _YT


    21. Justin Littleton

      Oh my god Deadpool this is awesome but not awesomer than ur movies

    22. Hmm Doh

      Green Lantern react to Free Guy XD

    23. James Blackwood

      Ryan seems enthusiastic af about "Free Guy" but as someone who has actually seen looks like nothing new or special. I mean... I hope its good but it low key looks cliché

    24. Arnau Ferrando Pascual

      deadpool en el ucm. guau

    25. Asrul Aswan


    26. Shostz_YT

      3:24 isnt that police man Tom Holland? AHHAHAHAA

    27. Darth Vader

      Deadpool is finally in the MCU!!

    28. Asuma Aodeus

      I better not hear korg say fridging on his next movie appearance.

    29. Adrian The GR8

      I’ll go see Freeguy just to give Disney’s MCU the finger. I hope it rocks and blows Black Widows doors off in the box office earnings.

    30. Maurice Coleman

      This man is Hilarious

    31. Vashisht Sharma

      Anyone noticed ryan at the end of the video😂

    32. nobblez


    33. richard lopez

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    34. Unhakable me

    35. Budi Anton

      wanna come?

    36. Falc0


    37. Sarah L

      How do I ask Ryan Reynolds to pay for my surgery?

    38. Trielectify

      Looks like he's got 4 arms xD


      No Deadpool didn’t join the MCU the MCU joined him

    40. Pokemon Pokemon

      Taika thinking he’s funny…

    41. R同学

      tbh, the deadpool in my mind should be much stronger,and the way he amusing the audiance is not that smart, but, its just an opinion from a foreigner lol

    42. ljanki 7

      Deadpool is the best

    43. s_cate

      Does that Deadpool mask smash your nose?

    44. elijah martin

      I fuckin love Ryan Reynolds

    45. krunchy Clown

      Just please dont make a deadpool on the CW. Im begging, im crying, please dont!

    46. Stromm

      Well this happen after breaking the time TV.

    47. Hannah Johnson

      This. 😊

    48. Bennett Craine

      The swanky secretary conspicuously release because glider notably pull times a crazy plantation. weak, shrill acknowledgment

    49. robi coleman

      I love dead pull

    50. Murtamp

      Ryan I just finished watching Deadpool 2 for my second time and I got to say, it’s a beautiful story about relationships 🥲😆👏👏👏👍

    51. Tyler McGuire

      Is he an npc?

    52. ZER0-SPYDER

      I don’t remember Thor being on Disney+

      1. Andrew Grabowski

        Thor is Marvel and marvel studios is owned by Disney, so of course Thor and Korg would be on Disney+.

    53. Tierra Grace Official

      How do I email you?

    54. Francesca A

      Deadpool refers to Ryan Reynolds as Canadian Cumberbatch. Too good.

    55. Kakouloukiam

      I guess this is the best MIXED UP. A ball and a rock

    56. Mark Green

      Is Ryan Reynolds just stuck doing deadpool for the rest of his life for every character

    57. Co Demigo

      I can’t wait till Deadpool joins the MCU and is already randomly friends with Korg lol.

    58. Mike BoneMusic

      😆😂🤣 i would sub to deadpools channel of him reviewing movies & shows THIS WAS TOO GOOD

    59. T.J. Rycraft

      i love this

    60. Touhidul Anam Ruhan

      It's not just Korg and Deadpool. It's also a nod to their Green Lantern times together. I'm pretty sure 99% people probably don't remember that 😂

    61. fouoii gyhh

      Deadpool is an underrated character but I still love him.

      1. Paul Dinnegan

        He is literally one of the most popular characters ever

    62. Connor-Craig Sellars

      The Glass Tricker.

    63. jimmyjames

      RR Has did it again comedy ,who knew?

    64. Lawson Williams

      Is it just me or does Deadpool sound exactly like that Ryan Reynolds guy 😂

    65. 123itsme

      so kind of like matrix but with a punchable guy lol

      1. fouoii gyhh

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    66. Joshua Trujillo

      "I was raised by avocados.." 🤣

    67. Und3d Spider21

      How about Bully Maguire and Ryan Reynold?

    68. Gautam Deadpool Deadpool vs bollywood

    69. 𝗛𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗡𝗦𝗛𝗨

      MCU just joined DeadpooL universe 💦

    70. The Odd Job Do'er

      so is this just like a "Ready Player One", or a "Gamer" knockoff but with Ryan Reynolds??

    71. Indrani Chandra

      The best crossover in all of history

    72. Jon’s Red Sox

      I really want to see that Cruella reaction

    73. popcorn lawson

    74. Paloma Infante

      Deadpool has been my favorite movie since like forever

    75. One Fizzy Cherry

      This is a ridiculous fourth wall break

    76. Lumber Specialties Inc

      When does Spider-Pool come out! Its one of the best comics of all time you and spider-man have a kid! But really We need Spider-pool like tmrw plz show up in spider-man

    77. Ryan_

      I hope Korg gets a Disney + series. Best character in the MCU

    78. EpuoHg

      Endgame release trailer took 2 years to reach 144 mln views. It took this ... thing reach close to 12 mln. in 15 days. Sooo .. Disney are you taking notes? Less beeps, more Korg and more MCU servicing Mr. Pool :)

    79. Alasfour Oday

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    80. serry ciok

      2.” Ya gotta love a good self-own!! 🤣

    81. AuspexAO

      "Oh, Jodie Foster!" She's looking great at 58!

    82. Sam Victor

      I don't know, why i do like this video. Strange things exist in my life.

    83. Benjamin Burkhardt

      Would love to see a Korg Disney Plus series

      1. serry ciok

        I want to see Nick Fury and Deadpool react to Hitmans wife bodyguard.

    84. Starknife Z

      "OHHHHHH JODIE COMER" Korg: "Jodie Foster!" Pls never change, Korg

    85. David Buckley

      Pretty sure by the time anyone sees this movie it will be aged like a high dollar wine!

    86. I dont care

      Didn't Jim Carrey already make one of these movies... what's the matter, Ryan? Have you lost your creativity?Isn't it hard knowing you are the Jim Carrey of the 20s.

    87. wang zhi

      bridging is actually come from comic book of green lantern

    88. Jose DeLaGarza

      ryan reynolds is deadpool

    89. NoodleKDoodle

      With the new multiverse set up, this is technically canon

    90. NoodleKDoodle

      And they said Infinity War was the greatest crossover event in history…

    91. Chris Schelstraete

      "I was raised by Avocados" - Korg

    92. LAVEN.

      Genius way of promotion...

    93. Gamer Aayush 123

      Now i wanna see Michael Peña and korg react.

    94. Gamer

      Deadpool is an underrated character but I still love him.

    95. Derek Cox

      About time Korg linked up with Noobmaster69

    96. Cassie

      I really thought he made a Cruella React GODDAMN IT

    97. Justin Poland

      Did anyone else notice the stitching where the skiball token was in Deadpool 2? is this a new suit for new stuff?