Olivia Rodrigo: drivers license (TV Debut)

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    Olivia Rodrigo performs "drivers license" for The Tonight Show.

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    Olivia Rodrigo: drivers license (TV Debut)


    1. milk lyrics


    2. Janelle Dionne


    3. Sacred Sigil

      Tiktok brought me here and also to happier

    4. Alexander Santiago


    5. August track08

      no one can sing drivers license better than the singer it self

    6. Esther Dylan Thimson

      Great song good singing and beautiful artist

    7. ObstreperousWit

      my favourite is *good for you*

    8. ObstreperousWit

      I can't believe this song has been out since january and we are only now getting to listen to it.

    9. Majo Nicolas

      Is it just me who memorized this song but when it hits on 2:26 I will sing the TAKE ME TO CHURCH 😭😭 DRIVERS LICENSE x TAKE ME TO CHURCH😳

    10. Hương Đỗ Thị Thanh

      Her voice is so deep, it touched my heart. But I think the one who has just broke up shouldn't listen to this song,cause it'll break your heart (T0T)

    11. Dũng Nguyễn

      This is amazing.

    12. Carrie Petty

      Ever sense I never seen you with or MHC when the full moon is all the way in the sky what’s up on the trampoline I always see you in my face I can’t take it that I can change and Tallassee to Robyn on the ground looking for food and tell her I saw a bird nest in the palm tree the bird is just right there I’m going to chase it right a long call with me scaring the birds all the time it’s so fun I can’t even tell by chasing him I try to catch him but they do not work hours are so good as the wind and tell the tree branches moving I would’ve never had so much fun that I can say oh nice yes SSSSSSSSSSS

    13. Maine

      She is my favorite solo artist atm. 🔥

    14. Mimi Schnapp

      Am I the only one thinking about how Olivia doesn't need auto tune to have the most beautiful voice ever?! I love this so much!!

    15. TheOneAndOnly_

      Can we take a moment, to appreciate she sounds the exact same as she sounded in the music video. That’s proof she’s not a artist that over loads there voice with auto tune.

    16. agustina lopez



      autotune who?

    18. Ash's edits

      This song ahhh... I get her feelings. Not that anyone cheated on me. But it truly hurts when someone you're love likes someone else😔 when you have them all the attention but they don't want you

    19. TAMA HAWK

      Wow she killed that shit

    20. The Groovy Guitar Dude

      For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how :) - Standard Tuning - Capo 3rd Fret - - Structure of the Song - Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus - Verse Chords & Strum Patterns - G, Em, C, G* For each non-* chord, strum: ↓ (x16) For each * chord, strum: ↓ (x8) - Chorus Chords & Strum Patterns - C, G* (x2) (Em, D, G, G/B) C* [Am, D, G] For each non-* chord, strum: ↓ (x16) For each * chord, strum: ↓ (x8) For the chords in ( ), strum: ↓ (x2) For the chords in [ ], strum: ↓ (x1) - Bridge Chords & Strum Pattern - Em, C, G, D For each chord, strum: ↓ ↓↓ (x2) Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I posted a video lesson for this on my channel a while back ago :)

      1. tenzin chime bhutia

        Wow . Thanks 🙌🏻❤️

      2. Bellatressa Nongo

        I'll try it. Thanks

    21. Emile Gozashti


    22. CelebWeb


    23. imnameim

      su voz me emociona

    24. Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

      I like her singing, but damn that studio and lights are sexy

    25. Anderson Gomes

      BRAZIL 2021

    26. syarifah zahra Alkhasni

      Suarane apik meni ya Allah heee ! Ngeri reeekkk...

    27. Marcela Lesme Denis

      Simplemente me encanta ❤️

    28. Haval Barzani

      Did like it without oohhh uuuhhh

    29. Luis Lima

      Ela merece isso é muito mais ❤

    30. Foxff Edu


    31. Lori Werni

      Gänsehaut Mitleid Trauer Wut omg ich liebe diesen Song 😭🥺

    32. Alena Belova

      голоса никакого.... да уж , везде фастфуд ((

    33. En Ming Hee

      Broke: Olivia Rodrigo - next Taylor Swift Woke: Olivia Rodrigo - first Olivia Rodrigo Bespoke: Olivia Rodrigo - next Edith Piaf

    34. Soundnuts

      Olivia Rodrigo - Deja vu (Lyrics) hraero.info/contact/so9o04152tjFr7o/video

    35. Arseniy Tyurin

      wow, how tf did they stop lasers in the air.. around 4:00

    36. Gaétan Boissonneault


    37. Hannibal Solo

      Who is this boy that makes me hate my non-existent boyfriend?

    38. Sarah Widyawati

      The best part 2:24-3:20

    39. Ana Beatriz Domingues

      eu amo essa mulher

    40. G Archibald

      Olivia reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown....

    41. Cecilia Garcia


    42. Cecilia Garcia


    43. Cecilia Garcia

      Lol the f@uk 😭😭😭 bro

    44. Cecilia Garcia

      Lol im dating mi cuz lol wtf am i doing she S going to break mi heart

    45. FootSoldier66

      She is just a teenager. If my daughter ever wrote a song and sang it like this, it would break my heart. My gosh. I just want to hug her.

      1. Yara H

        @pooja shanmuganathan ^_^

      2. Yara H

        @pooja shanmuganathan she wasn't talking about her daughter being untalented or something lol Its the pain which olivia expresses through her voice at such a young age

    46. Sophia Zarcaro

      No auto tune holy shit she’s so talented

    47. Lindarmynator

      I can’t get enough of this performance since 4 months.. the emotion, the raw, everything is perfect. this « go to cause you know I still love you » damn 🥺

    48. lila13

      What a beautiful voice.

    49. Khloe Tan-Castro

      Olivia: What’s auto tune?

    50. jasmin ❤️

      no one: me: looking at the light surrounding her

    51. Mermaid Wanders

      I got my driver's license last week Just like we always talked about 'Cause you were so excited for me To finally drive up to your house But today I drove through the suburbs Crying 'cause you weren't around And you're probably with that blonde girl Who always made me doubt She's so much older than me She's everything I'm insecure about Yeah, today I drove through the suburbs 'Cause how could I ever love someone else? And I know we weren't perfect but I've never felt this way for no one And I just can't imagine how you could be so okay now that I'm gone Guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me 'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street And all my friends are tired Of hearing how much I miss you, but I kinda feel sorry for them 'Cause they'll never know you the way that I do, yeah Today I drove through the suburbs And pictured I was driving home to you And I know we weren't perfect But I've never felt this way for no one, oh And I just can't imagine how you could be so okay, now that I'm gone I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me 'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street Red lights, stop signs I still see your face in the white cars, front yards Can't drive past the places we used to go to 'Cause I still fuckin' love you, babe (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) Sidewalks we crossed I still hear your voice in the traffic, we're laughing Over all the noise God, I'm so blue, know we're through But I still fuckin' love you, babe (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) I know we weren't perfect but I've never felt this way for no one And I just can't imagine how you could be so okay, now that I'm gone 'Cause you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me 'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street Yeah, you said forever, now I drive alone past your street

    52. VFA 195


    53. Army plantônica BTS

      Olívia Rodrigo is queen 🛐❤️

    54. Wallsmarts

      This sucks

    55. GoofyuuH

      what the hell,she can play piano too?omg?!she is so talented-

    56. Storey fehr

      She's really talented

    57. Giovanna Letícia Ferreira

      love her

    58. emanuella almeida

      Simplesmente perfeito

    59. NitSUj

      How basic girls write comments. "ShE DoESnT nEEd AuToTUNe, AUtoTuNE NEeds HeR"

    60. Melbern Ong

      Where can I get those lights tho

    61. Douglas Menezes

      Quem aqui do Brasil, que está curtindo esse talento!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✌🏼

    62. Isaac Ortiz

      This is what a real singer sounds like.She's amazing.

    63. Dr.Samurai's minute lecture


    64. Nazneen Sasha

      The 5.3k dislikes don’t have drivers license

    65. RoBo-LeBrOn6000

      My fav part is when she was singing

    66. Gladimer Madrigal M.

      That's my girl Raise our flag🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    67. Bella Bere

    68. Sarah Levine

      Her mix voice is so strong omg

    69. Yeona-k

      Check drivers licence on kid voice ✨💗

    70. Μαρία Χατζηθωμά

      Amazing💕You are my idol🥺❤

    71. jhanet cosme


    72. Junella April Juntilla

      Her voice didn't change even it was live. Watta talent, miss ma'am

    73. Brian M

      She got her driversh lishensh

    74. Nathaly Acevedo

      She's only 17 years old!!!!!! 😲😲

    75. Cake Jeikei

      *to go Cryland

    76. Miriam Guerrero / Ithan Gael

      She’s has an amazing voice!

    77. Bimal Swain

      She isn’t the next Taylor Swift, she’s the first Olivia Rodrigo!

      1. BOYSHIT

        @bile and i know they have different vibes

      2. BOYSHIT

        @bile nah i was kidding:>

      3. bile

        @BOYSHIT nah, she is rougher, they both have different vibes.

      4. BOYSHIT

        She's the next Taylor swift.

    78. Navisah 14

      keren banget sumpah

    79. Kristol Abel

      The type of song that has the singer's emotion in their voice, you know that song means *a lot* to them ❤

    80. Sintha Triana

      God this is so good

    81. Fran ferrari

      i love youuuu

    82. Rodrigo Marquez

      Bueno ya se como suena mi nombre en ingles ROURIGO :D

    83. John Newton

      Should just swear

      1. Jeremy Daud

        This is on national television

    84. A Z

      This song make me want to drive my driver license to take a car.

    85. Raihan Aradhana

      when the live version sounds exactly the same as recorded one, then you know its a real talent

      1. Tomás Lima

        I'm shocked by that! Nowadays most artists are artificial and has no talent for singing. Olivia for sure deserves all success

    86. Dania Murtaza

      Her voice has this maturity that is so charming!

    87. giselle andrea soliman


    88. Hidden Paradise

      Hi! We are Hidden Paradise and this time we will tell you that we have released a cover of this beautiful song, we hope you like it, hopefully you can come and see it 💎. Hola! Nosotros somos Hidden Paradise y en esta oportunidad pasamos a comentarles que sacamos un cover de esta hermosa canción, esperamos que sea de su agrado, ojala puedan pasar a verlo 💎

    89. xolove rosé

      TV debut with taylor cardigan 🥺🥺 totally a swiftie 😫💗

    90. Priyamvada Tyagi

      Jimmy and James know what they are doing Jimmy-Olivia vs James-Sabrina Lol

      1. Jeremy Daud


    91. Anthony Sorendino

      Her voice is incredible. Wow.

    92. Firdaus Arfie

      100% talented

    93. maria ella jodia

      Well, I'm not really surprised that she's very talented. She's half filipino, after all.

    94. wafu kid

      I love her. She's like BIRDY.

    95. astillo25

      Someone knows the name of the lights around her?

    96. Gellian Dorothy Destreza

      Jimmy:Driver's License James:Skin (PLSS.These two knows their drama😭)

    97. Angel Lyz Lagang

      I can feel her pain

    98. may daugherty

      Her voice makes me cry 😢 ❤️❤️

    99. dinkypoo92mkm

      She sounds like she's recording in studio. Wowwww. Pure talent.


      she is half filipino🇵🇭🇵🇭