Golden Buzzer: World Taekwondo Demonstration Team Shocks the Judges - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent

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    1. 최도깨비

      korea`s TAE KWON DO

    2. 이현우

      도쿄 올림픽 태권도 ㅈ노잼이라 보러옴

    3. April jane Montes

      imagine if one of them touching or insult by a drunk man,,he should sleep well😂😂😂

    4. Liezl Delos Santos

      Super galing galing galing

    5. Eka Desy

      WAOoww.. Unbelievable.. Amazzziiiiing... Incredible.... I LOVEEE IT 👍👏👏👏👏

    6. Fred Darteh

      Wow, wow, wow

    7. Edward Lee

      🇰🇷South Korea is a cultural powerhouse🇰🇷

    8. 면뭐하니 놀


    9. GanBatte

      the girl look like park bo young

    10. Kim Hyojin

      Peace is more precious than triumph !!!!!

    11. 박상언

      Taekwondo - Korea Covid - China

    12. Deveena David


    13. Ahsan hameed ꪜ

      I had goosebumps 😘

    14. 무가지보

      올림픽에 태권도의 겨루기 말고 품새종목도 있었으면 좋겠다

    15. 나나랄라

      대한민국 짱!!태권도 짱!! 범 코리안 타이거 korean tiger

    16. DCR SL

      Good video හොඳ ගමනක් යන්න 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    17. LDH

      real ninga.....

    18. Larry Kwok

      Omg...I nearly lost my breath

    19. Dead Channel

      damn so cool 😱

    20. shibu

      Wowww stunning performances

    21. Babies' Toys Miko&Adie

      Should be a golden buzzer

    22. Ian Wynyard

      I've seen many demonstrations of this type before, but never as impressive as this. This was truly superb.

    23. Bruce7

      5.6K Sumo Wrestlers Say 'No'

      1. Going_ Well

        @Bruce7 No what is it. I never heard about it.

      2. Bruce7

        @Going_ Well U didn't see it?

      3. Going_ Well

        Who cares about sumo wrestlers?

    24. Joshua Park

      국뽕이 차오른다...

    25. Mia S


    26. kelapamuda laut

      This one should be final competition show.

    27. Army_ roha

      This is south korea'r pride 👌😘😘

    28. Merman Gurung

      What a proud moment for this team.. We are really mesmerized by what human can achieve through hard work and dedication which you showed us.. Thank you and all the best for your future endeavors..

    29. Hope and faith

      What is the name of the man without t shirt

      1. 장미

        His name is CHANMIN LEE. Watch this korea TV show which he came out in two weeks ago.

    30. Gina Ta

      Wowww this is a olympic performance's level?? 😎😎😎

    31. 영화잡지 무비프레스 Moviepress 2.0

      This is an interview video of Shin Hye Ri, who was interviewed as a representative. She is so cute!

    32. Linna Sa


    33. 진아

      자랑스럽다 내가 한국인 이라는게 너무 좋아

    34. Jonathan Andrew Beauzick

      Terry loved them because he secretly always wanted to do such moves but his body weight makes it impossible to defy gravity. 🙏

    35. I.AM. JESPER

      This is olympic standard performance...

    36. _ÃǪǗÃ_ ČŘÃŻЎ

      хотела бы я чтобы мой сын у них учился..

    37. Princess Panganiban

      I miss taekwondo I'm playing taekwondo to but now I don't because of pandemic

    38. 움직이는바람

      태권도는 자기수련입니다

    39. projanggaming

      So happy for them

    40. mariam ahmad

      5:13 "For a moment, I thought it said: "Peace is more precious than trump!"😅

    41. Richard bokele

      The best

    42. YE H

      If they had done the opening of the Tokyo Olympics as scheduled... What was the result?

    43. 은주

      한국 단합력은 욕 하면 진짜 안 된다

    44. Do Brody Cordon

      Tell me your name opening the show. Please


      "the peak of discipline'

    46. 행복하게살자

      So proud of it. Living in US, seeing my fellow Koreans being recognized at everywhere is always so satisfying. Proud of you, proud of our country, and proud of being Korean. Thanks for showing us an amazing performance that nobody but Koreans can do:)))

    47. pudimxd

      ei, vc ai! vim pra te lembrar que jesus te ama e espera por sua voz, vc é especial, feito com muito carinho, você não foi feito errado ;3

    48. pudimxd

      hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh ^_

    49. pudimxd

      hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh ^_

    50. pudimxd

      hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh ^_

    51. pudimxd

      hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh ^_


      i love it i want to be world taekwond

    53. Javohir Rozmetov

      Wow super😊😊😊

    54. Lindsay Delayo

      Who are the 5.5 thousand idiots who gave a thumbs down

      1. Going_ Well

        May be who loves kung fu or karate. Mostly chinese or japanese. Just guess.

      2. signal rich

        japan china

    55. marcia marcia

      Incredible. First time I've seen Simon get up and clap

    56. Jericho Baclayo

      Very good. This is also the dream of mine

    57. oksophh_

      I truly wish they win this year, I've seen nothing like this

    58. donvincenzoo


    59. A wondering Exotic exol

      When they're 100% more sync compared to dancers:👀❤️


      That ''Yeah, It was alright'' from Simon killed me lol.

    61. Manuel Rafael


    62. jenna steward

      Tryna memorize their faces I want nooooooo smoke

    63. jenna steward

      Yessssss female power yessss

    64. Good vibes

      I like their advocacy

    65. Lauren


    66. W Ip

      Somehow I am bothered by this show. 🤔 They are treating this martial arts demo as a circus. 🤨 Seeking approval? 🙄

    67. black swan


    68. Neel Das

      The discipline..I can’t comprehend. Gobsmacked!

    69. Bertram Soh

      It’s only 2 minutes performance on stage, but it took them years of training before that… 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    70. YUEN

      2:04 running for my life

    71. smolcactus :D

      their performance was SO GOOD but i feel bad for the janitor lol

    72. Nakamya Lydia

      This was worth their strength

    73. 꼬미엄마

      이야 파편 날아오는거 잘 막네ㅋㅋㅋ

    74. Julie Yoon

      Excellent!! Bravo!! Great performance! So Proud! I am a huge fan of Korean Marshal Art, Taekwondo. To watch Taekwondo through these kind of performances are the best. Except, I feel the shouting should be practiced and more powerful that comes from the inner shouting, not neck shouting... it kinda bothered me

    75. Ezekielyn Evardo


    76. 쿠쿠루삥뽕

      중국아 보았냐?이게 바로 우리 전통 무술 태권도다 이 개보다도 못한 것들아^^

    77. Tes Fse

      Well done Terry. They real deserve it!

    78. Celebrities Then And Now

      Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

    79. Nguyen Hoang

      Chợt nhớ tới Thầy Bình Teakwondo đường Võ Tánh Phú Nhuận những năm 1960-1965.

    80. HB

      형 누나들 나 죽어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥

    81. Giada

      Ma hanno letteralmente copiato l'esibizione italiana

    82. 狂犬

      이런 개쇼에 집중하다 보니 정작 본업에는 허접! 지금 올림픽 하는 짓거리들 봐라. 저게 태권도란다. ㅆㅂㄹ! 대한민국 태권도, 개젖이나 드세요.

    83. Mr Sakuseru


    84. Ali Erdem Budak


    85. Raihan Agasta K

      Yg di belakang cewe ngomong pake mic itu cantik bat asli, manis bet senyumnya😍

    86. jieun hwang

      눈물이난다 자랑스러워

    87. Azian Khalil

      I love it

    88. Tsukjem N Longkumer

      Awesome performance..... They truly deserve that Golden Buzzer.....

    89. Aljun Estipular

      Literal goosebumps!!!😯😯😯

    90. John Cortez

      South Korea liv forever FREEDOM

    91. Hoà Đoàn

      Respect them. Imaging how long have they spent practicing that preformances??🤭🤭🤭🧐🧐

    92. Lumi Kim

      와..와....진짜 눈물나네..ㅋㅋ..고생했어요 다들❤❤

    93. Pt Bot

      Terry Shaw is the best part of this team.

    94. Taufiq 01 Official

      who is taekwondo here

    95. 한비광

      이거 보면서 함성을 몇번이나 질렀는지 모르겟네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ