Klek Entos SCARES The Judges With Chilling Magic - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

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    1. I Am Outspoken

      Judges except Simon overreacts for everything....

    2. LiLPicante

      He knew the drops of ink was gonna form a spider looking image, so he had the spider already prepared. Pretty obvious but making it disappear was cool

    3. GG is real

      Look like fish man in the movie hellboy .

    4. Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης

      Everything in this show has so many swindles. The tricks with the so called magicians...Don't make people feel afraid. Tell them that the show contains shams, deceptions, hoaxes, but they just don't get it. He couldn't hack the whole system, while taking part to the show. They would call the police or just shoot him with a taser

    5. Logan Horne

      this is shin lim

    6. CuraCall.com

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    7. CBXS


    8. DaFreeKOfficial

      The act itself isn't that much but the way it's acted is somewhat disturbing 😳 are you sure you're awake? Well apparently not!!

    9. Matthew Paulozza

      This was amazing I slowed down watching this show because all the acts are pretty much the same every year this was like an act that they used to have, a real performance

    10. Lukáš Kocka

      holy fck this was amazing ... first of kind in this show i think ...not from magical side but complete

    11. KNVSF

      so the screenslayer is actually real

    12. hananim

      am I the only one who kinda see the spider is crawling onto his sleeves? on his right hand 03:48 well but his performance was amazing tho. he got the concept and character

    13. Gabriel Santos

      The watchmen, Roschack mask, is very cool

    14. Deku

      I want to touch that spider

    15. Bane Frostwood

      It's not good at all..

    16. Dav Mckay

      Is No one gonna talk about that dude’s entrance-cuz damn…straight up from horror film

    17. Bradley Wandaki

      Amazing performance

    18. meloman002

      Why did he need an axe?

    19. Biswajyoti Das

      The watchmen mask is awesome

    20. Hades

      Now this is what i call Talent .

    21. CHIBOSS

      But why wouldn’t any of the judges or the cameras look back inside the box right away?…. Cause they knew the spider was still in there, it’s all entertainment 🙄

    22. Skull roblox gaming

      I want to see this guy again

    23. Music For Relaxation and Sleep

      Very cool, thank you very much go and see

    24. Nagesha Lakshmamma


    25. Lakall 1

      This just proves how important Presentation is. Of course he knew how to make the painting look like a spider based on how he laid the drops on the paper, so putting a spider in the box was a no brainer.

    26. Mia Eade


    27. Joseph F

      This made no sense. That stamper thing was going to make it look like a spider, which was inside the box all along. So what was the trick?

    28. Arvy Paulo Vasquez


    29. Riz Qi

      I taught he killed by doctor Manhattan. but he's there doing magic. LOL

    30. Arif Rahmansyah

      Doug Jones mask in Hellboy film??

    31. Juan Cabloman

      He's not magician he is hacker

    32. George B

      Now after watching this imagine hearing what vaguely sounds like an axe scraping along the floor in the middle of the night.. tonight. 🤤

    33. Nick Teeter

      We need MORE of this. NO MORE SINGERS

    34. Nick Teeter

      FINALLY TALENT and entertainment

    35. Akono Seigha

      I can't believe Sofia is 50

    36. ツPohani Krastavac

      He probably got arrested when he left the building with an axe...

    37. aizuddin ghaffarud-din

      Dude,this strange magician came all the way from France, literally.


      The true thing is that when he put his hand in the fire his hands became so hot that burned the Big spider.

    39. DarkNet. Hkr.C99r57

      This is anonymous is Dark

    40. Mor tadela

      A mi no me engaña ese era The Weeknd

    41. S A M U W E L L Z

      Come on the timing is oof🤧✨

    42. Lordikea Music

      He did France Got Talent and went to the Final

    43. Zaieth

      He look so good in that suit. Wonder if he smelt weird lol

    44. Ju st


    45. dao_blazing

      he’s lit

    46. CoDaCrip

      "I know i put the hand in it sofiaaaa" lmfao made me die laughing

    47. Caleb Jones

      He needs to be in the next avengers movie

    48. 🍫 Chocolate chip cookies 🍪

      He’s cute without the mask :)

    49. elio b

      That's amazing bro

    50. Internet Alchemist

      Dude out here looking and acting like freaking SCP, and I LOVE IT!

    51. harunotodoroki

      Great presentation

    52. Zeusting ____

      Hear me out call duty war zone operator

    53. Mia West

      Simon was scared


      This season got so many magican

    55. CDSXCalibur

      I'm honored to have been frightened

    56. Pankaj Bagra

      What if he is the X too


      I never knew Howie had a twin. LoL

    58. Hugo Moctezuma

      Its not magic we all knew that looked like a spider

    59. Nat W

      I knew there'd be a spider after the ink image and tried to prepare myself for when it showed up on screen, but i still immediately broke out in cold sweat and goosebumps the moment the camera showed it 😭 Hedi put her hand in there.... Just imagining if she accidentally touched it makes me wanna wash my hands over and over again.

    60. travis shorey

      Awesome act got be my favourite one so far

    61. Wanda Nago

      Sulap yang sangat keren sekali

    62. CosineX

      I think Simon was actually scared

    63. Winter Topaz

      It deserves a yes but they are saying yes out of fear lol

    64. Matt Kwong

      Would've loved for the spider to be a cute stuffed toy. Then he tears off the mask and goes all Deadpool comedy

    65. Papa Kris

      What if he is X ? Haha

    66. Xyz

      Perfect costume for psychos

    67. Noekos

      He reminds me of Rorschach of Watchmen. I think he inspired him.

    68. Sheikh Humayun Kabir

      Killer attitude

    69. iMacintoshPlus

      ngl kinda lame

    70. Zeal Omnia

      so fake, but good show.

    71. Stacy Swartout

      I just throw my phone and lock my self in the room because I really hate spiders if they one on my I will scream so loud! Oh and judges here some food 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍬🍬🍬🍦🍦🍭🍭🍫🍫🍫🧁🧁🧁🧁🍧🍧🍧🍧🧋🧋 enjoy :)

    72. JordanKirchnerseviltwin

      What would’ve happened if Terry Crews said the ink blot looked like Ted Bundy?

    73. Nicolas SLs

      Es Terry crews el de color?

    74. Arvind Lohia

      Do you people think it's reality ? 😂😂😂😂

    75. Engineer Shan

      Who else uses smoke? s**n l*m.

    76. Diablo Gamer


    77. André Carvalho

      Is this the guy from jackbox.tv???

    78. Loliipopgirl

      OH HELL NO

    79. It's Raid_ Bitchez

      Who says extraterrestrials aren't real

    80. GAME KANÁL

      Ja som sa dosral

    81. Chikku Pikku


    82. exe. YT

      Dude the looks of the judges faces keeps getting me

    83. Aisha Zahir

      Yeah but seriously where's the spider??

    84. Taeler Moore

      The stamp he used made the ink drops look like the spider he already had inside the box. Kudos to him for the unique stage presence and delivery though.

    85. Jennifer Aguirre

      Ok but really where is the spider 😂😂 Hate those things my niece had one and she would walk around with it 🤮😆😆

    86. Manuel Acosta

      so when is the fortnite skin dropping?

    87. LingLingPinky 733


    88. Tajay Stanford

      Weh Di Bomborassclatt👀

    89. 𝑫𝑬𝑫𝑬


    90. marax

      Sofia mmm

    91. DreamyDimple

      He needs to collaborate with The Sacred Riana 😂

    92. butchCASSIDYcreech

      Looks like Dwight Schrute when he was the burn victim Jacques Souvenier.

    93. Mary Shoemaker

      😲 could it, should it, would it ever happen in America 🤔

    94. twist58

      Klek? Or the Screenslaver?


      Rorschach mask🔥

    96. Jason Luong

      The scariest part was the plaid.

    97. Akhil Nishad

      Imagine as he was about to leave, the lights turned off and he just disappeared off stage. That would've been insane

    98. rong sun


    99. Lambert Luis Pagurayan

      reminds me of X