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    BED PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! He hid inside the bed!!


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    1. Dylon Cain

      Could you imagine if she was cheating on him. Literally lol

    2. Marcos Santos


    3. Jeymi Rivas

      F por el colchón 😣😣

    4. Joy Ebot

      That guy can survive under the earth surface for a long time. He was under that sheet for more that 30 minutes bruh..congrats sir!!!

    5. Jamaica Mathews

      Yeeeeeessssss the look upon her face was golden

    6. Fatoumata Jallow

      Hahahahaha 🤣😅😛 😅😛😅😛😅😅😅😅

    7. Did my inner peace disturb your Demons

      Waste of fucking time bud


      This wouldve only been funny if she came home with a black guy. Otherwise. Your a complete idiot.

    9. Shroddha Biswas

      The dog😍♥️✨

    10. Андрюха Мамонов

      Теперь ей надо снова в душ идти...)))

    11. Shielfarl


    12. death of reaper dog

      mate your bed

    13. G0RERILLAZ

      there’s nothing like giving the woman you love most a heart attack while ruining a perfectly good bed

    14. MAREX 115

      Wow such funny, much comedy

    15. Wentelxxx


    16. satpreet loves unicorn

      Who is she

    17. hector Zayd de la O Sanchez


    18. ミルクティー


    19. Heather Evertsen

      Is anyone going to talk about the super cute and fluffy poofy dog!? 🐶 🐕💕💕

    20. Harshita Srivastava

      Oh my god aww that's so cute

    21. Shamsul Islam


    22. Panda-Cube

      Junji Ito writing the scrip for pranks now

    23. benadryl smoke

      one day she realizes she's been really inspired and writing really good stories while he's in there without her knowing huh

    24. Rick and Charlotte M

      Look and dat dog thoooo

    25. Brady Mack

      The dog tho😂😂😂😂

    26. Just a shadow

      я бы плюхнулась в кровать. у меня всё.

    27. 표규리

      It's time to 😏😏😏



    29. Michael Fieldson

      *****not fake******🥸

    30. Hdsg Mhgfsg


    31. random videos

      What if her girlfriend bought his another boyfriend not knowing he is under the bed

    32. MINI LUCY

      Jajajaj que chiste

    33. 腐は良いぞ

      微笑ましいドッキリw! 最後のワンコも可愛い〜! けどこのドッキリのためにベット切り刻んだって思うと……

    34. jeffrey williams

      Sure ,,comes right in showers ..and on phone ...not talking to him obviously,,dude she is cheating on ya

    35. babar soo nice


    36. Tammy Williams

      Well that's terrifying 😳

    37. Onefaithinjesus Cross

      People be doing some stupid stupid stuff for views

    38. Jola Rokicka


    39. 539zu 53


    40. daniel tayeng

      You people are good at wasting things😐

    41. addina hp


    42. Olive

      That's so cute lol

    43. maureen bainbridge

      Did he really scare her

    44. maureen bainbridge


    45. SmartArt

      I💜 the doge

    46. Bertha Mendoza


    47. Hoshi Hoshi

      Okay now this is a real reaction lmao

    48. yaniseth mosquera

      Hola buenos días policía municipal de la calle y me dijo que no Le

    49. Aliciaek


    50. Wan Wisa

      i like this idea

    51. Wan Wisa

      Oh wow I like Idea

    52. Nakim Steely


    53. Tina Bouch

      Somebody has 207 bones 😂

    54. entertainment official


    55. Minilla man

      This is faker than my prosthetic leg

    56. Shah Hussainii

      Legends aren't able to point something but, they found a way to go.

    57. Jason Hale

      She thought she was going down under

    58. Elmin Hovmöller

      Lol he could've just hid underneath the bed if he was gonna scare her like that. Completely unnecessary and stupid tbh

    59. FunkiestCord67


    60. John Wells

      Can we take a minute to appreciate the floof on that dogo?

    61. joker playz

      Respect for this dude trying to give someone a heart attack ❤

    62. ishu dishi vlogs


    63. i am Vigour

      So this dude cut his mattress just for a prank? I hope he got a spare one.

    64. Maxi Telussa

      This is some junji ito shit

    65. Layla Walker-Thompson

      I love that dog, k mean floofy lion

    66. RobToggles40

      This might have been a good scare but when you are both sleeping on separate couches because you ruined your bed the funnies won’t comfort you.

    67. VISION

      She: y the bed is hars

    68. раиль супер Бадретдинов


    69. Ewerton Douglas


    70. mancalledsol

      ...Over 15 minutes just laying flat on his back under a blanket , waiting for a few seconds pay off and a giggle..... [Frikin Legend ]

    71. fasülyedekikurt

      işte bu şaka süperdi 😄😄😄

    72. Closar BM

      El tendio mejor su cama estando acostado que yo la mia estando parado jajajaja

    73. Chadwick Patterson

      That dog tho

    74. pizza Guy pizza 🍕


    75. Aatif 457

      Everyone : wow this is good prank. Me : how perfectly he sat that up without any help

    76. ANA CLARA yhasmin


    77. Антон Преображенский

      He survived for 15 minutes under there?

    78. Saltycow

      This is giving me some serious Jinji ito vibes

    79. んけんけ


    80. Win Sumbana


    81. Edno Lessa


    82. Sandra Myers

      Props man, I can't make a bed that good while on the OUTside...

    83. Kaitxo

      I always used to hide under the covers of my parents sheets but this is taking to the next level

    84. Kathie Ward

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀This brought fond memories of doing to the love of my life once upon a happening days, So thanks I don't feel like a spoiler alone in life.🤣🤣🤣

    85. esteban marti

      Tik tok is going to kill this world

    86. Hilde Kor


    87. شاهه المناع

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    88. Nidhi Thakur


    89. Học Siêu Dễ

      Con chó dễ thương vậy !

    90. weirdo

      XD XD XD XD

    91. familycomuputer


    92. Saniya Ajithali Shaikh


    93. Maralkaremi Maralkaremi


    94. Maralkaremi Maralkaremi


    95. Mundo dos Simpsons

    96. Rani Laxmi


    97. SPANGY210

      Great way to ruin a bed

    98. CapCity Smoker7781


    99. حسن عماد