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    Written, Directed and Edited by Alex Bale
    Production Assistant Alex Ryan and Lyndsie Zimmerman

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    Instagram: alex__bale

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    0:00 - Intro
    3:02 - The Movie Neptune
    7:10 - King Poseidon
    10:49 - The True God of the Sea
    18:19 - The Atlantean Aliens
    19:31 - Conclusion


    1. Alex Bale

      The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/alexbale07211

      1. Lance Arthur

        I love you're videos Alex.youre sooooo much cooler than my older brother


        @fifbeatle me too 👏

      3. Darth Saito

        ALEX BALE I JUST MADE A GREAT DISCOVERY,THE KRABBY PATTIES ARE INDEED MADE OF PEARL'S MOTHER YOU KNOW WHY? Canonically if you eat too many Krabby Patties you blow up,that was shown in one episode,dead whales can explode because of their gases,that's why if you eat too many krabby patties you blow up,because of the gases of Pearl's mother

      4. Yaboi Melvinbleedem

        Why does the fish look sacred wen she says king Neptune I think he did sum to her after she acknowledged king Poseidon cuz she said he was the true ruler so he did sum to her and a season later she acknowledged him and said his name with feat

      5. Sonya Caywood

        Hi Alex bale. I love your SpongeBob theory videos and your horror films

    2. o c t o b e r a e s t h e t i c


    3. Tyler Windoloski

      Hello Alex Bale, I had just stumbled upon these theories today and I watched all five of them. I will take a look at your other videos when I can but you are right I do support these theories and my favorite one was probably the mrs. Puff Theory. You are so spot-on that I wouldn't exactly call some of these theories I'm pretty sure that even though it's not canonically revealed this is too accurate to be just theories so well done I really appreciate the time and effort you went into making these videos. But there is something that I want to mention specifically for this Theory right here. And that my friend is how is it that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy you are able to communicate with fish just like king Neptune? And what, exactly is the kind of evil that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fought? Maybe it was during the time when the atlanteans disappeared I'm not entirely sure I am not as clever as you when it comes to this stuff but it is something that I wanted to mention. I have a feeling that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are somehow related or connected to the atlanteans or King Neptune. Maybe he gave them the ability to speak to fish. Or maybe they are his children somehow. Why would he give them these powers in the first place? What kind of evil did they have to face? Just hitting some nails in the coffin because they seem to be the only humans in the show, besides the narrator or the pirate etc. I think they have something to do with Neptune and maybe even possibly the war that went on. Thank you so much for making these videos I loved spongebob as a kid

    4. Sinau Math

      Bro, it's been a month, where's the #6 ?

    5. Aqila

      Alex keep doing what you love!! Don’t make spongebob videos if you feel forced or suffocated to do so. Those guys are selfish jerks or sad trolls whos got nothing else going in their lifes and pls pls pls dont take their voice to ur heart. Do your very bestt and goodluck!!

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    7. Abdullah theduude

      14:07 "peaceful race of aliens" >background of inventions literally shows a nuke

    8. Gwynne Cruz

      Alex Bale is a very smart guy. I believe everything he is doing is working. HE is a mastermind and can puzzle down anything just like he can puzzle up anything as well. Everything he does will work in his favor. & Thats on law of attraction!

    9. Toasty Doasty 2

      One reason why we never seen Neptune and Poseidon in the same spot is because Neptune is Roman and Poseidon is Greek

    10. SpiritWolf

      WHAT THE

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    12. Stephanie dovebrooke

      I GOT A THEORY! so neptune wasmt born with powers and posedin wasnt ethier! so posedin is NEPTUNES FATHER BC IF POSEDIN TAKES HIS FAKE BODY OF HES OLD AND FAT WITHOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!! thank you ppl

      1. Stephanie dovebrooke


    13. Zayan Hussain Syed

      Hi who is spongebob parents?

      1. DV Games

        Harold and Margaret Squarepants, search them up

    14. Alex Chido

      Damn I forgot Sponge Bob became a literal god for like 2 minutes at the end of that episode, before deciding to revert back to mortal form

    15. Eleven

      ALEX BALE, you do not have to sell your soul for spongebob deciphering. Nice NWO! in your credits lol

    16. Aaliyah Stevens

      try doing rick and morty conspiracy theories

    17. Lanelle

      Do a theory on squidward hating spongebob

    18. Iveelbold

      So he signs off this episode as "the spongebob guy"..

    19. Nalani Morris

      you should make a pod cast with all the past eps and future ones too

    20. bunn.♡

      I love this series

    21. bearbbb12

      A mystery that not even Alex could solve would be; what is the krabby patty secret formula? ;)

      1. luvaria

        wdym he explained it in the last video

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    22. JAMstormer FOX

      I love your videos, I was actually wondering if you do a Davy Jones theory, I always found him to be a mysterious character. Keep up the amazing work btw. Oh and I love your short films.

    23. Matthew K Kwan

      Can you make old man jenkins

      1. A Dude Named Eden

        Yes please!!

    24. Royale Valerie

      Sandy’s theory next! Since you have been hinting she is a secret spy. Let’s know her true story! I’m getting bored. LIKE SO HE CAN SEE!

    25. Lance Arthur

      Alex I like film theory but I LOVE you

    26. Lance Arthur

      I love Alex bale

    27. Little boba Bear

      More spongebob

    28. Chris Castro666

      Awesome intro bro had to say that 💯

    29. patrik ajvazi

      i know we like spongebob theroy but this is just pain to him if we hate his films

    30. Lavalord96 [Magma Labs]

      I don't mean to disagree with you, but I feel as if you kind of skimmed over the movie king Neptune a bit too fast. Some things seem a bit odd. Yes we see stuff from the spongebob movie in that storage area, however do we see any evidence that this episode takes place AFTER the movie? Again yes, the props are there, but it's usual for props to be made before a movie is released. Maybe they were being stored there until the events of thee movie, I mean, they were right in front of spongebob, so why didn't he recognize them. Then again it's possible he just didn't see them. However, the second thing that doesn't add up is the dissapearence of the 2nd krusty krab. I mean it was right next to the 1st one, so wouldn't the residents of bikini bottom notice it missing? Maybe off screen it was knocked down or even moved, because Mr krabs realized that he should probably move it to a different location to get more traffic for it, and he announced it or something. Finally, and most importantly, why is spongebob seemingly demoted from being a manager? This would surely devastate him emotionally as we saw how much he wanted that position and how he reacted when it turns out squidward got it instead at the beginning of the movie. Yet, he seems perfectly fine in the later episodes... Why does this all matter? Well the people making the "documentary" obviously care about the characters not finding out that they're in a TV show/documentary as seen in past episodes. Something isn't right...

      1. Alex Bale

        Rewatch the Season 3 episode “As Seen On TV” itll answer all of your questions if you pay attention to the details.

    31. Aiden Cantrell

      do a conspiracy on sandy cheeks

    32. Dune Ink

      The fact that SpongeBob has a comic book is just... odd

    33. David G

      Either that or some writer fella mixed up Poseidon and Neptune, then others tried to correct it but it led to a mess which they joke about now.

    34. Earthly animatics

      Some of these weren’t real scenes

    35. DrVince

      I knowwwww there’s more theories in spongebob …pls do more!!! Respect for your hard work❤️🔥

    36. Pov Mald

      when will the new theory come out?

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      I've came back thirsty for more theories

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      This is amazing!! You’re Amazing!!!!

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    40. Kei

      I'm still curious how Spongebob knew Neptune's story.

    41. Exlyyn

      Bruh I love his end scenes

    42. JavaScrapper

      Me in the beginning: oh yeah how does that make sense how is it gonna work Me at the end: HOLY HOW!? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!!

    43. عبدالسلام العوفي

      I am not letting anybody from my family member watch SpongeBob forever

    44. theone21 1

      I could've Sweared Alex Bale had a million subscribers wtf happened. Or maybe I'm insane and/or forgetful. Does any body else remember this or notice this or not, let me know.

    45. randomness

      Absolutely love the background strory line!

    46. javier rosa rodriguez

      I think he is preparing some new serie through these videos (maybe a continuation of PTP).

    47. Kabena

      But if the first king Neptune is just an actor why have someone act as his daughter with a different name doesn’t add up

    48. Corrupt

      Theories are good but bro the horror stuff tour doing is too cheesy and that monsters voice is bad like bad bad

    49. dollface071511

      Neptune and Posideon are brothers? 🤔

    50. Beepbooper

      Finally the content I want quality vid mate

    51. Le Minou

      I really look forward to the end scenes. They are great and leave me kinda hanging on edge. Keep it up, seriously these are so good.

    52. Lavish Lion

      I love how it always comes full circle

    53. Allison Reynolds

      The most entertaining sponsor I’ve ever seen

    54. Rainbow Phoenix

      Hey I have a mini theory in this, basically the green moon is the Altlantean space ship that rises maybe as scouting to see the sea life? Also the Atlanteans giving fish the technology maybe sped their evolution? ALSO I NOTICED SOMETHING Neptune's hair vs their mother shown do not match. We also don't see baby Neptune with hair, but you know whose hair does match? Atlanteans. Maybe they gave him their DNA which made him a god among fish? But you know who's hair does match his mother's? POSEIDON! Are they brothers? Is Neptune a bastard that was sent away and in the camp coral timeline he wasn't found by the Atlanteans. That could also make sense that it was the Atlanteans who ultimately caused the evolution, maybe Neptune was one of their experiements?

    55. Toasty

      the last thing that this channel needs: the gary theory

    56. Jequan Davis

      So can I ask you one question why is Patrick so smart when SpongeBob came out a long time ago but he's not smart today

    57. V L

      Speaking of by the way your sound design is traumatizing thanks. Still haven’t recovered from theory #3 (first one I watched). Lmao.

    58. V L

      No Alex NO! Don’t give in!!!! Forbidden knowledge!!!!!!!

    59. Sandra Haydn

      Hii i really love your Films and Vids😁😁😁

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      i watched the whole theory and now my childhood has been ruined

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      It's been one month

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      Your OK I love your shot frame horo

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      I feel bad for him i mean none deserves to be forced to do one thing that's wrong

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      old root "the raven is watching"

    66. Jim 16

      Can a kid show not just be a kids show I mean why does everything need an overly complex theory about it let media be media

    67. Nasser Altamimi

      17:18 omori . If you know you know

    68. TPhillips

      Can u do a theory of why squidward won’t quit his job. It’s obvious that he gets humiliated from it and he hates it. Do u think someone makes him try to be friends with spongebob

    69. Elias Hayes

      I like your films.

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      i love how you played chirp at 2:54

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      Why on the map isn't a big room

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      There’s regular Atlantis.

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      Bro keep doing this please

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      Someone please make a Alexbale theory

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      The way said except we have. It sounds lik vsauces except they don’t.

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      Wait this is off topic but…. HOW DO THEY HAVE FIRE UNDERWATER AND WATER UNDERWATER bruh

    78. ch0sen0neaus

      Next theory gotta be on the my leg guy like there’s something sus or plankton or bubble bass

    79. gabe itch

      i have been watching spongebob for a long time and this really opened my eyes even more about the show

    80. Darth Saito

      ALEX BALE I JUST MADE A GREAT DISCOVERY,THE KRABBY PATTIES ARE INDEED MADE OF PEARL'S MOTHER YOU KNOW WHY? Canonically if you eat too many Krabby Patties you blow up,that was shown in one episode,dead whales can explode because of their gases,that's why if you eat too many krabby patties you blow up,because of the gases of Pearl's mother

      1. jacobobeast

        Also my theory is that Mr Krabs is brainwashing Pearl to continue the success of the krusty krab. The supply of Pearls mother will run dry soon. Obviously Mr Krabs is older and retired navy now and is running the Krusty Krab, so he’s not able to go out and hunt other whales. We know Mr Krabs wants Pearl to inherit ownership of the Krusty Krab. I think what this really means is when Pearl becomes old enough to conceive offspring (she’s just a teenager right now), Mr Krabs will somehow convince Pearl to have as many baby whales as possible and kill them to continue making Krabby Patties. Once Pearl is barren, Mr Krabs will kill her as she is of no use to him anymore. Maybe he’ll even keep one of her babies alive and raise her as a “Pearl 2”, and then just keep cycle going.

    81. josecl200

      What I truly didn't expect was Plantasia used as bg music on a spongebob theory video. That's a nice surprise

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      Really want the continuation of the end bit really good, you should do what you wanna do bro no need to feel forced or something we watch whatever you make

    83. CherryBomb

      I think he's done making short films, back then with the other videos, at the end of the vids it would have some text say *Alex bale* but now it just says *the SpongeBob guy* which i think is him telling us he might quit doing the other stuff he was doing

    84. TheBDQ Jet

      make a theory about patrick

    85. Tony Vongthong

      For the thousandth time, crying, lakes, and fire under water..

    86. Anastasia Grover

      Wait, Poseidon doesn’t have a wife in the movie so how can they be different timelines

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      Where's #6?

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      I can just imagine how much the SpongeBob writers must appreciate videos like these. Imagine how excited they must be that adult fans are enjoying all the little intricate parts of the stories.

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      I think no random asshole commenting under your channel should tell you what to do with the channel you FUCKIN OWN. I wish you great things and to experiment as much as you want with different things You will find your best

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      Looks like a depiction of "Neptune's Moon" on the back of the comic book. Also used that same green color for the font in that scene.

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      Alex bale i saw some spongebob episode where spongebob is finding something from their fridge and a robot and the ooga booga spongebob can u do something about their fridge? its okay if u dont want to lol

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      Alex, I know you’re burnt out from making all these Spongebob theories. Please take a break from it and go back to your films. I loved your Late Night Snack horror short. I don’t know why everyone loves these. I mean, I do too, but... please stop for a few videos more than one. I don’t want you just known as the Spongebob guy. You’re more than that. You’re. Alex. Bale. Horror film master. Not some Spongebob only MatPat. Be yourself, not what the viewers want you to be. Please. Stop for a few weeks.

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