Yoga Teacher FAT SHAMES Woman, Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

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    00:31 Yoga Teacher FAT SHAMES Woman
    08:50 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Idea By: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
    Written By: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
    Director: Mario Rodriguez
    Editor: Grant Swanson
    Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzalez
    Sound: Brian Sly

    MOM - Jennifer Kan
    JASMINE - Jazelle Villanueva
    YOGA CLIENT 1 - Alaina Wilson
    YOGA CLIENT 2 - Chani Bell
    EMMA - Mair Mulroney
    YOGA CLIENT 3 - Amber Elston
    YOGA CLIENT 4 - Dehab Hagi
    YOGA CLIENT 5 - Hayley Seat
    YOGA CLIENT 6 - Juan Le Prince
    YOGA CLIENT 7 - Beko Andre
    YOGA CLIENT 8 - Amber Rivette
    YOGA CLIENT 9 - Diane Brown
    YOGA CLIENT 10 - Sonia Elsie
    YOGA CLIENT 11 - Rachel Boyle
    YOGA CLIENT 12 - Nyx
    YOGA CLIENT 13 - Jasmine Tompkins
    YOGA CLIENT 14 - Yui Shibata
    YOGA CLIENT 15 - Emmanuel Wright
    YOGA CLIENT 16 - Andrew Webb


    1. Dhar Mann

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      1. Jasmine Kahn

        My name is Jasmine

      2. Finlay Roberts

        Love you Dhar Mann

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        It’s not working

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      5. Dae Xiong

        That’s sad she looked sad

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    3. WistfulYosef _

      cry bout it

    4. Vihari the army

      She's actually so pretty. She makes me happy about my own body too💜.

    5. Girl Gaming

      Wait wait did she just said Namaste 😱

    6. _•{star UwU}•_

      1:34 That's not how you do the sun salutation/சூரிய நமஸ்கார. There are 12 poses in it

    7. 360_noscope


    8. Ash Waffle

      I forgot to reply a month ago. If people call you fat just ignore them, you are beautiful the way you are ❤

    9. Angel’s Journey

      Why is she fat?

    10. Aleksandra Obstalecka

      She should have given the mean yoga instructor another chance.

    11. Pastel Builds


    12. Devil gaming

      Love from India ... Namaste ❤️🙏

    13. Alpha Art

      I feel like she looks like a Disney princess, idk why she’s just so cute 🥰

    14. C T

      This would probably never happen irl

    15. M E M E🤬

      I wanna be her Freind so bad😁

    16. Mindy Collins

      You are not nis

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    18. Kia PlaYz 123

      You are good

    19. Sleepy Frog :P

      The "fat" girl has such a great personality in the video. How could anyone shame her!

    20. Devill YT

      I ACTUALLY almost cried

    21. Omar Ammouri

      6:30 the dms mad

    22. Rody Ally

      I never knew you would be that way I actually like it

    23. Sephora Dorelus

      That is so mean

    24. Jayvin Cohea

      So you see. The famous words of Dhar Mann

    25. rasheeda dark

      At the end of the day . We’re all thy fathers children!

    26. rasheeda dark

      You reap what you sow!

    27. Jazmin E

      i feel so bad for the girl im crying too

    28. Inky_Link

      I’m really not being rude by saying this but she looks like Dora 😭

      1. Vɪᐯ有卂ɴЛa •

        Asian Dora Broo I’m going to hell 💀

    29. Bhoomi Daga

      When they said NAMASTE and the OM on the wall🦋🦋🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️🥺🥺🥺

    30. Phoenix salesdivision

      Is he from Eagle stole my fried eggs from japan

    31. Sergio Perez57

      Hi dhar

    32. Gianna Drake Kis

      dude, she’s not even fat- honestly from my perspective she’s just short.

    33. TONYA Carr

      This made me cry

    34. Pushpa Joshy

      Proud to be an Indian

    35. Alice McCrea

      I❤️her she is so cute

    36. Makaia Clubhouse

      that was so mean of her

    37. Mina Ashido

      If all the queens looked the same this world would be pretty plain that’s why there are different races,shapes and sizes for all queens

    38. lwinthura khaing

      stop the shame

    39. Fast_Velociraptor

      Could wish people didn’t shame anyone because of their sizes🥺🙁

    40. ♡ladyFan♡

      Body shaming which: Certain body type😏➡️😏

    41. 𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐚 ._.

      She got the green Matt my favourite color 💚 don’t judge someone by their wheight

    42. exposing

      Yes yoga is just stretching right(sarcasm)

    43. Jasmine Kahn

      My name is jasmine to

    44. FireWolf15G8

      Fun fact: why do people actually like this dumb channel, wity clickbait videos with bad acting and dumb storyline, with millions os braindead people actually enjoying this bad content. Dhar Mann is a shitty yt channel which is another money farm which uses the braindead 11 year olds to "we're not just telling stories, we're changing lives" so that all the videos get 10mil+ views. The mesaages of these videos are literally just: this is a clickbait money farm, which uses 10 mins of your life for absolutely nothing useful.

      1. wet willy

        the stuff in this is common sense that we should know already, and most of the scenarios like with the dude on the plane being called a terrorist for wearing a turban, are completely unrealistic

    45. Matthender

      Blondie deserved it

    46. Super playz#1

      I never knew that in yoga u use I indian language and when she opens her yoga studio there indian wall markings

    47. S. N

      Namaste 🇮🇳India

    48. Ssslippery Dxvil

      She looks so cute! I don't know why people are shamed because of how they look, because we are all beautiful!

    49. Sosina Assefa


    50. Averyana Ped

      these actors so good the rude ones get me like humannnn I wanna beat you like boom ka boom it’s sad people do this

    51. J Filion

      Is this real I feel so bad I love her

    52. Mauricio Avila


    53. Sugar_IceCream

      This words are amazing to hear😩✨ You can be anything you wanna be. As long as you work hard for it. And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Right? now this are the words that can cure my deppression and give me inspiration to continue...

    54. Top Up

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    55. Camoya Livingston

      That what u get for being mean to someone how u would want to be traded and she pretter than your breathe

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    57. Rinkaari !

      Who else here from dhar Mann story

    58. VoidUnlimited

      This legit made me tear up bc I'm slightly plus size and sometimes people just don't get how hurtful it is when your judged for being difference

    59. ANN J


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      I'm confused 😕 why is this video a thing like stop encouraging obese people to not lose weight their going to die early due to health problems

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      Man the girl may be chubby, but atleast she aint an ignorant like the yoga instructor. Like if you agree.

    68. Rebecca Wilemon

      Me watching this a yoga ad turns on

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    76. Cosmicgamer 28

      I showed my mom this video and she was like " I hate people who fat shame people it's just messed up" and at the ended she was like " I would have said heck no I'm not hiring now leave your messing up my namaste"🙏🏾🙏🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    77. Arundhati

      this is called The Surya Namaskar

    78. Jasslyn S Mundell

      my feelings when people fat shame or do something bad to people and I hope it stops Monday and I hope that everyone can have there time with no shammes

    79. It's Fluftato

      Me after the lockdown :


      同学们, 请阅读几本书籍,然后记录在buku nilam里。请在今天18/6/2021下午2.10之前完成,记得在留言处留下"完成"。 17 class comments JASPER CHIU KYE FOONG Moe8:42 AM done , ok CHONG JOO YEE Moe9:31 AM ok DAMIEN SEE JIA JIE Moe9:34 AM ok DOMINIC TAN ZE YU Moe11:02 AM DONE LOH SHIN YEE Moe11:19 AM Done AVIA LAI AI WEN Moe12:01 PM 老师,我做完了。谢谢。 CHUAH JOE EN Moe12:30 PM 完成 CHIN HUI ROU Moe1:28 PM 老师,我做完了。 YAP CHI HANG Moe1:45 PM 完成 NIGEL LIM HONG YIT Moe1:48 PM done TIN KYE SIAN Moe2:01 PM DONE POH LOK YIN Moe2:08 PM 老师,我做完了。谢谢。 AADEN CHAN SI SHING Moe2:15 PM Done CHHIN JIA YIT Moe3:52 PM Done JOLENE LIM YEN EE Moe4:34 PM Done KOH MEI XUE Moe7:28 PM done LAI ZIHUI Moe8:25 PM Done Your work Assigned

    81. Phuong Vo Thi Mai

      Same girl or boy in dhar mann videovideos every day

    82. priyanshi pandey

      Am I the only Indian who only noticed the yoga instructor saying "Namaste" at 2:57 and seeing the sign of lord Shiva at 6:38??

    83. Khushi Bhargav

      The girl who played jasmine sounds like a really nice person

    84. Kayden Winstead

      i love her personality and how happy she is all the time how can anyone be mean to her she is so sweet who told her big girls cant do yoga big girls can do anything they want to yay im so happy for her

      1. John B aka Smooth Chocolate

        Nice name you have, and yes I agree with you. People shouldn't judge or shame others just because of the way they look.

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