Kevin Gates x Renni Rucci - Boat to Virginia (Official Music Video)


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    Exclusive WSHH music video for “Boat to Virginia” by Kevin Gates x Renni Rucci.
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    1. Dread Head

      They fucking

    2. Teala Butler

      Where is dreaka

    3. Ric Ric

      They definitely smashing. And she looking better 😍 damn..... Foo probably 😢 lol

    4. Ghoul1sh Gobl1n

      So wait. Gates and his ole lady split?

    5. Austin Warmouth

      My nigga said fuck dreka 💯💪🏽

    6. my7thoughts7exactly

      Me thinking back 🤔 to the comment section of the Dreka video and all the folks who thought obvious toxicity was couple goals. 😒

    7. Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots

      Dreka the type that told him to do it just to give us something to talk about

    8. Shomari Monroe

      Fantastic video

    9. Shane Byrd




    11. Diana Esmail

      Nah they too close 🤔

    12. Boss Baby

      Dis shit made me feel like I gotta chance wit himmmmmmm! 💯 come here zaddy, my baby need a daddy.....

    13. I Am Justice

      Don’t think I could be strong enough to date a rapper 😭😭😂😂😂 cusssss wwwheeewwww Kevin gates still my man tho

    14. Isiah Hill Jr


    15. Da_outlaw _woman

      Ion wanna be crazy but him standing next to another woman makes me mad at my man FUCKKKK .

    16. H Younes

      Tyson's Corner, Alexandria, Columbia Pike, SE D.C.... My stomping grounds! Banger! Respect

    17. cedezdream777

      I dont like this lol

    18. jennifer medina

      ok kates i see ya!

    19. JC Russo

      Damn.. haha Lil shawty couldn't keep her hands up off the mane ..

    20. perrydupreejr

      So they are both A list actors now??? Nahh. That's a real connection right there. Something goinz on. 👀👀👀👀👀

    21. Sharika H

      Love this song 💕

    22. vasneaks

      Good looks u shouted my hood Columbia Pike u see how we move out here 🏃🏾‍♂️

    23. Wavy Brazy

      2:42 “no baby squeeze my tits”

    24. Kobe Cross

      Great verse kevin. Couldve went harder on the chorus tho😂

    25. ImmaZoeKO 🇭🇹 👑

      Gates knocked that off without a doubt.. She let foogiao hit

    26. Swagger Guru

      Dynamic Duo 🔥🔥🔥🚀

    27. C BAKE

      Crazy to believe dreka is Kevin gates one an only.

    28. Shana Martin


    29. Kaiseem Judahr 4

      O yeah that boy f. Wit his brother, woo woo, shot out to that boy couldn't understand, baby boy our line don't do undercover punk love, gave that pass, on fu!

    30. 23 Glo

      That’s Gates new girl?

    31. Nathan Hasenbein

      Kevin with the baddest started rapping for her little ones cause her old man got locked up shes a og fr

    32. AlexisNYC2CLT

      She a libra ♎️ he’s and Aquarius ♒️ they love matches! Now if he fucking her, that’s cool but him and Dreka never leaving each other!

    33. Sam Newman

      Gates and Dreka are the new Will and Jada they have an open relationship.... The issue is the lack of honesty these individuals have with themselves. The fact that they're being intimate with other people means that they are not providing anything that no one else is. He’s not indispensable to you. Having a normal, loving and long lasting relationship becomes impossible.

    34. Tamara Abran

      Renni rucci just tryna use kevin gates to get to the top. She mad desperate and he tryna use renni for more fame and to get his baby mama jealous. The way kevin said in sway in the morning a couple years back, if you hoe u gonna get treated like a hoe but, when u a queen u gonna get treated and respected like a queen and if any man steps out of line, then thats where i’ll step in. Remember, any women that uses or displays her body has completely no self worth and has nothing to offer to the world thats why renni sacrificed her body to get that fast money to live and to provide for her kids, when all she can do is keep working those minimum wage jobs, go to school, and still keep her self respect.

    35. Aric Andino

      Everybody else worried bout Dreka. Am I the only one thinking bout taking a boat to Virginia 🤔 😅

    36. Kiddo HD

      He needs take a boat to a rap class 🤣

    37. Kiddo HD

      This is assssssss

    38. ada kuz con

      god is good and god is great...

    39. Rob Let’s do it

      Monument st in the house!!!!!!!!!

    40. Marian Rembert

      Is he still wit dreka

    41. Marian Rembert

      His stuff off beat

    42. Jezzy Pretty

      I thought she was dating Foogiano what happen 😂😂😂👀

    43. God Elz

      I'm from south east D.C MLK ave. Gates really b in da city. We gotta bond with Louisiana niggas from da federal system. B. G. Is currently a part of our team in the system. D.C Baltimore. PG county Maryland and Northern Virginia are one... Free da Homies.......DC blacks!!!

    44. Twyla Marie

      Naw, I’m stra8 team Dreka…this video made me feel a kinda way…naw smh, not feeling this shit…Mad love for Kevin but naw, not this shit…frfr

    45. W K

      Lower 3rd representing

    46. J.A.R. Family

      It's unattractive when women try to look like gangsters. When neither of them are gangsters.

    47. Ricky Smith

      Him and rucci got chemistry foreal 🤫🥰🤫

    48. Fransez Green


    49. Kevin Burkett

      Kevs back y’all 🔥🤘

    50. AyoItsDJ

      When she said “ his ex’s wanna fight now ‘ I was like ouuuwwwe

    51. bah3rd

      I'm gonna be known for my music someday!

    52. Wayo Blizt

      Him and dricka definitely fuckin that 🤣🤣

    53. Chytown74

      DREEKKA!!! 💪🏾


      Y'all really don't know how Dreka and Gates get down Dreka probably was the cameraman 😂😂😂

    55. Bookie Savage

      Damn Foo , shouldve cuffed one of ya BabyMomas 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    56. thomas lechner

      He got the job done big stash hahahahah

    57. Man Ray

      @0:25 That duck gettin it though

    58. Thomas McElwain

      Why do hood girls always make that face like they are constipated

    59. FarFromNormal:TV

      I used to mix the heroin with fentanyl in a blender. Put it in capsules

    60. Whole lotta RCS

    61. Jaime McClinton

      Does anyone know where that boat is going? I didn't catch it.

    62. D R E

    63. D R E

    64. Yvonne Caddell

      Let Bow Wow borrow the 🚤. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. Yvonne Caddell

      We definitely like the song, but Dreka should've been driving the boat PERIODT...

    66. Quinn Cameron

      Damn they close af 🥴

    67. Kendarius Perry

      Foo gonn kill that boy

    68. Ben Justus

      VA UP🔥🔥🔥

    69. Dakota Velazquez

      Y’all stressing about this shit check the boat tags this video was filmed in 2020 not this year guys Dreka set this up fr calm down he not cheating the swingers if you knew Kevin like I do you would know dumbass

    70. Royce Harris

      Reeeeeeeeeally loved

    71. NoahsArt Music Group

      Aint that where try songz from??? Tf Renni

    72. Ron Wilson

      Is he married or what? Lmao

    73. Kevin Ferguson

      Amen, go to Virginia is like dating a Pictogram/ Confederate in no Army/ Place is up, talk low/ Behave, Did Cha hear/ Sup Dough/ Donuts in my whip, Amen, Seared/ Cocoa for puffs of Cocoa/ What's up 734/ I live in Monroe, like by airport County of Lucas/

    74. Andrea McManus

      Are still married

    75. Theone & Only

      That's why she's in the video

    76. Victoria Allen

      Lawd This was kinda to much Ifw kevin but this video is intimate and he’s married to Dreka hmmm idk baby idk!

    77. Shanika M

      Fuck that Kevin get the fuck away from her. Dreka watching you

    78. Rc bucker

      Gates hit dat lol

    79. Brian Glenney

      This woman aint even attractive like drek

    80. Candace Jackson


    81. White Goblin

      What about Foogiano???

    82. edno225

      Stright fire 🔥😩😫😍

    83. Ken Vaught

      I know he hittin 😂😂 nigga said it clear as day in the song.

    84. Shanon Starr

      Dreka a different type of woman… that’s all I can say…. Cause baby this video would not even exist.

      1. Shanon Starr

        But dreka like women so I guess it’s all good

    85. Angila Palmer

      Ok Columbia Pike, SE DC, nd Tysons Corner mentioning all my hoods

    86. Aric Andino

      This beat makes me wanna cry


      Renni was riding with Foogiano till he got Sentenced… Then all that FreeFoo & I miss you shit stopped. & Now she wit Kevin 😂 …. He will leave her when him & Dreka fix shit down the line tho

    88. Kayy Love

      Ok lol

    89. Single Mom Reality

      This is what married men do 🙄🙄

    90. Wayne Berry

      Is Songs are just starting to sound the same

    91. DJ TanikGotBeatz

      I’ll tell you wife…. Hnmmmm

    92. SRT BREE

      Shawty standing a little too close to my man


        That slow ass charger u got

      2. Wavy Brazy

        Is Kevin and dreka still together?

      3. Chuck thomas


      4. Ducci


      5. LILREDCYB

    93. Ya Boii Javii

      No dreka?? Cringeee !….

    94. Felix Felix

      I sent a load to the A ... haha 😄🤣finding love forever

    95. Young Cartilo

      We just not gone talk about fresh dis nigga was 🔥

    96. Tay K

      I wonder what Dreka feels about this one🤔