Gentle Rain 24 Hours 4K Ultra High Quality


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    Lel 24 hours.

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    1. Raibaru_Agreste76_YT

      I listen to this every night and wake up to a duck going “wank wank wank”

      1. JerZ_Beefy

        I don't know if I read this right

    2. Jacob Viera


    3. Jacob Viera


    4. Jacob Viera


    5. Jacob Viera


    6. Jacob Viera


    7. UndesirableDream

      Who else just found this and are now like 100+ hours in like me

      1. Karen Lachina

        @UndesirableDream "doubt it all you want im 15" What does that even mean??

      2. UndesirableDream

        @Karen Lachina for the third time my goal was to see how far I could go while being cringe, also doubt it all you want I am 15

      3. Karen Lachina

        @UndesirableDream and i highly doubt your 15

      4. Karen Lachina

        @UndesirableDream beacuse u cring

      5. Karen Lachina

        @UndesirableDream If idiots clould fly, you would be a plane.

    8. Rere Aef

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    9. Ship

      I FOUND IT I SOMEHOW NOTICED THE EASTER EGG (if it is one lol) at 9:59:59


      wow i just woke up from sleep and its over ive been asleep for 24 hours mabye 25

    11. Ashley Griffiths

      Thank you so much 💓you help me go to sleep

    12. Roopa Nalawade

      Who soolemaga soolemagalu having fraudthoughts about my nature rain noise and spoilledmygovtjob...that haadaragittimagaake saare concern bitches ke mangalsutraas become jallkarrraakh....and that basteds aulaad bitches should join sooleyarahousepermanently👈@musicandscrapperbastedsbastedbeteesshouldjoinsooleyarahouse.👸🇮🇳🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏏

    13. Roopa Nalawade

      Who soolemaga soolemagalu having fraudthoughts about my nature rain noise and spoilledmygovtjob...that haadaragittimagaake saare concern bitches ke mangalsutraas become jallkarrraakh....and that basteds aulaad bitches should join sooleyarahousepermanently👈👸🇮🇳🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏏

    14. Nancy CareyHoughton

      I love this. Time to get some sleep.😴

    15. Evan Bob

      i've had this on replay for the past 2 months!!

    16. Sheryl Hinchliffe

      I put this video on at night to stop my phone turning itself off . These 24 hour videos r handy for that .

    17. mr cool programmer

      Can we get this to 1000 comments?

    18. mr cool programmer

      Either this or becoming deaf. Meh I'll just use this again (:

    19. Gage Petruska

      for the 542 of you who disliked it, why the hell did you stay for it long enough to dislike it? you should have been able to go "I do not like this so I am going to leave" yall just want drama. people use their time so they can do this and yall make them feel bad bc they might think they did not meet your expectations even yall just hatin

    20. MrMan _

      23:59:57 this video had *_o n e_* job

      1. mr cool programmer

        Same with u, this link doesn't work properly lol

    21. mr cool programmer

      I am wondering... Is it raining outside... Nope... The UK has changed... A lot...

    22. mr cool programmer

      Try playing at x0. 25 speed... 😱 (sounds like an 80s horror movie)

    23. Jessica Callahan

      Hi i 😠 My brother 😠😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    24. mr cool programmer

      I have to listen to this so I can't hear my phsyco neighbour's dog. This is amazing.

    25. RJ Borgesi

      I liked the part when it rained

    26. Evann Martin

      i sleep

    27. h_nterr_

      I love it

    28. Ivan Espinoza

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    29. pop robloks

      9:59:55 lel

      1. mr cool programmer


    30. Emerald Gamer DS

      a red screen comes at the ten hour mark

    31. Tyberiusz Błoński-Kania

      u am listening to this to pretend it's raining outside (it is not)

    32. Logan Carr


    33. Mr TeamInvision

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    34. 장유성

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      1. Srbyv


    35. Baby clouds☁️☁️☁️☁️

      Omg I was listening to this when I was in school and I went asleep they were trying to wake me up but I didn't know bc I was in heaven hearing rain LIKE WHO NEEDS SCHOOL.. AND LIKE 1 DAY AFTER I WOKE UP SEEING NOBODY WAS THERE AND I HAD TO WAIT FOR LIKE 6 HOURS UNTIL mY MOM PICKED ME UP... BUT I LOVE THIS VIDEO LISTEN TO THIS EVER NIGHT!!!❤

      1. mr cool programmer

        Although I agree, even as a nerd I say school is horrible.

      2. Ardas X

        Even though most people hate alot of parts of school. It's essential. In order to work some places you have to have a college degree in special parts. Also, I do have to clarify one thing. I do thing some parts of math is honestly unnessesarily put in there. I like to call math sometimes Mental Abuse To Humans. Improper fractions are dumb, But the american school system is dumb too.

    36. Srbyv

      Thanks for letting us experience rain in 4K

      1. Srbyv

        @mr cool programmer oh ok

      2. mr cool programmer

        Ik im just saying that's what it could have been before you said it can be 4k.

      3. Srbyv

        @mr cool programmer no cuz it gave me the option to put it in 4k

      4. mr cool programmer

        Might have been clickbait, theres way too much clickbait on yt

      5. Srbyv

        @mr cool programmer cuz the title even says 4K

    37. Ivan Espinoza

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    38. Nashalie Pagan

      The rain outside isn’t loud enough so here I am ☺️

    39. Jack Koolman

      Reported! I do not want my 3 year old daughter listening to you selling drugs!

    40. lopas nojus

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    41. Linda Turner

      I need something to help sleep. I'm hoping this will help

    42. ryanhep

      Put it under ur pillow with the volume up it’s better and don’t mean u gotta have head phones

      1. mr cool programmer

        Not on mine, my speaker is horrible, sounds like something out of a 80s horror movie darn u Huawei!

    43. ghost subs

      my go-to rain sounds, best one!

    44. Tk Bm

      Ty this was really helpful

    45. Ivan Espinoza

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    46. Jacob Viera

      When make 1 year rain video?

    47. Andrew


    48. elnoob78 h

      Why did this guy stop making vids ??

    49. lopas nojus

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    50. Cruz Froehlich

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    51. __Xristoss21__

      I put this when I need to download something, like now for example.

    52. Benjamin Wenzell

      Not quite 24:00:00 :(

    53. Need Update

      It’s been 4 years I’m still here

    54. lopas nojus

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    55. Lisa Morales

      Thank you for all your help I kept trying to get my daughter to go to sleep and scrolling up and down and looking for a good one

    56. ZackRBLXOffical

      Good content from a good Doge.

    57. Bryan Jorge

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    58. 『Luis Alfreditoo』 ✔

      Dure un día XD

    59. HIGHEST D


    60. LPS Peyten


    61. LPS Peyten

      Yay time for bed

    62. norton4692

      a lot of comment here use it for sleeping..i use it for studying..

    63. Rector~Stingray

      M O O B O T

    64. lopas nojus

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    65. lopas nojus

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    66. lopas nojus

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    67. lopas nojus

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    68. Kevin Marl Gabriel

      That time when it says 24hrs but you listen for 25 hrs:

    69. Lily's Fur Friends

      I give this video 5/10. Theres SOOOOOOOO many zeros that it cant shiw

      1. Lily's Fur Friends


    70. Lily's Fur Friends

      My cat us staring at me and im creeped out 𝚢𝚊

      1. Lily's Fur Friends


    71. Lily's Fur Friends

      For some reason this makes me think of tornadoes and Ya...♫♫♫♫✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎☾☾☾☾☽☽☽☽☾☾☾☾☾☽☽☽☽☽☽✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♫♫♫♫♫♫☽☽☽☽❥❥❥❥❥❥ఌఌఌఌఌఌఌꨄꨄꨄఌఌఌ❦❦❦❦❦❦❦❦シ

      1. Lily's Fur Friends


    72. Lily's Fur Friends

      I have premium so idk why I’m watching this but, it’s soothing lol thanks!

    73. Britton

      so nice

    74. Rodney Musalia

      I like listening to this every day

    75. BDP PDB

      I had my volume all the way up cause it said *Gentle rain* But then it’s like *VERY* loud

    76. Lizzy Tizzy Dizzy

      This is amazing. Imagine at night you fall asleep immediately than using it again. SO GOOD 👍

      1. Lily's Fur Friends

        True fact

    77. Emily Jones

      i listen to this every night just for me to go to sleep. i love this and no adds. this is what i need

    78. Alferro Dewangga

      how long you upload this lmao

      1. mr cool programmer

        It must have taken like a month, a 20 min vid takes like an hour to upload and this is 4k 24h lol

    79. Knife time

      Merry Christmas

      1. BDP PDB

        *Happy New Years!* 🥳🎆

    80. DieBiene


    81. Jakub hala

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    82. Azkinyte

      you clickbaited me! this video is only 23:58:57 hours long you said it was 24 hour long vid

      1. BDP PDB

        *mhm! I agree*

    83. vxzsv

      I come here every night

    84. johanna vlogs

      Bruh this is the only thing to help me at nights

      1. BDP PDB

        Imma *small kid* to 🤣😊🤣😊

    85. Cathy Clauss


    86. Cathy Clauss

      gfccfvgbhjnhbbbbbbb bv

    87. baby yoda

      Title: "-gentle rain" Reality: EaRrApE

      1. Jackson Mazur

        It has to be at least audible dude. It's not going to be "silent rain".

      2. BDP PDB


    88. Hinata-Chan

      So um who else liked the part at the very end because it rained👉👈

      1. JerZ_Beefy


    89. Jeno Tells

      *THANK YOU THIS MADe Me go to slee-*

    90. Bryan Jorge

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    91. Bryan Jorge

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    92. Ivan Espinoza

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    93. Cuong ND

      What am i doing at 3 am lol

    94. Aliyah Hollander

      I’m happy it lasts the whole night

    95. 100 Skull Boy

      Yes l v

    96. Daniel Munyonge

      this is 23 h

    97. callie jordans

      Sleep well

    98. Ivan Espinoza

      You need to make a year one so I don’t have to go to school at all I can just sleep

    99. Tixnq

      Hey! *You* Why are you in the comments reading this?! *YOUR* supposed to be sleeping! *Liking my comment cause no-one else will* XD