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    1. Эсми Мяуси

      Yellow corners are super 🐥🐥

    2. Belle Clementine


    3. buggy627

      I have requested this exact video so thank you so much for making it!! I think of you as the queen of colorful yet subtle and wearable makeup. We are lucky to have you teaching us !

    4. Brit BC

      I LOVE those Saem blushes!

    5. Ilona Kavanagh

      Great video concept, i appreciate the tips and information as well as the examples you provided I feel inspired to add more colour to my neutral looks

    6. Unabashedly Broken

      I love color but am always trying to find ways to sneak it into the office at work, so this is content I need. Haha when I want an exciting blush I will just gingerly tap into eyeshadow and pop a teensy bit of shimmer over it, like a pale shimmer just to give it a bit of a glow. I am very fond of using juvias place the violets, I take the lightest purple and mix it with the pinky shimmer in that palette and it looks so cute.

    7. Chandra Cox

      I still think bright or colorful shadows and liners and lipsticks don't look good on me. It's a weird thing I can't seem to get over but wish I could. I just need help w it so glad I found this video.

    8. River Sage

      The gold on the inner corners is giving me life. I love purple and gold together! :') gorge!

    9. Sara Wagner

      Good ideas, great look! ❤

    10. Linda Cormier


    11. Eileen Martello

      You inspired me to switch to colorful eyeshadow long before this video!

    12. Annie B

      Oh man... I am really hype to try some coral freckles added into the Peachy blushes I use... or maybe take a duo chrome highlighter, add Inglot to it, and add freckles through where I highlight. Could I end up looking crazy?? Absolutely. Will I wash it off and re-do my face if I look bizarre? Absolutely not. Lol

    13. Amber C

      I love that people are getting gifted to review Korean makeup. I’d love to see even more on your channel. Yesstyle had soooooooooo much on their site that it’s overwhelming. So I really love this type of video.

      1. kimsterthegreat

        Try the romand glasting tint! If you ever struggled with liquid lipstick, it's a good option. It is probably THE most forgiving lip tint formula I have ever used.

    14. Kittie Woodheath

      NYX has yellow blush called Silence is Golden. It comes in matte and glow versions. I have both, and use them almost daily. And, no, it doesn't look weird like you'd think it would. Plus, they're relatively inexpensive, like less than $10 each.

    15. amberisrad

      im not scared of color but im watching anyways hehe

    16. Shay Leichtenberg

      Ugh, love the look! So stunning! 💜

    17. Thea Borup Guntofte

      so happy to see you pooping out the nyx ultimate palette. l don't feel like that gets the recognition that it deserves

    18. themirrorbeauty

      Sugarpill Fun Size is one of my favourite palettes ever! The colours are beautiful, and the quality is prefect. 💜💛💚💗💙

    19. Cinema OCD

      I just bought the neons from Terra Moon with the restock. I'm so excited for them to arrive!

    20. PiA Albermann

      yessss i love this vid bc i hate it when pp come to me like : i could never do this color.

    21. Sevothtarte Sama

      The brow gel disturbed the look imo, adding too much harshness. I love YesStyle videos, thank you for making one again!

    22. Rebecca Alves

      Pulling my nyx pallete right NOW just because you look magnificent today 🧚🏻

    23. Alina Therese

      AH I have so much to say!!!! 1. *amazing* Stopping the video at blushes too say Purple blushes I learned from Kacki (spelling rn is off) but can cool down a look! So use it as a topper when your blush is too warm! Blew my mind and I bought a purple based one for that exact reason! It has saved so many looks! Just that tiny bit of purple can tie a look together🙌 And I have finally accepted that bronzer isnt for me. Im cool toned pale but I am just flat out pink haha. So bronzer was just odd on me. I straight up put blush in my hairline and I lolololed when tour camera zoomed in! Nothing has ever looked more natural on me, ever?! I blend it in so there is no awk white separation line. I usually go for a darker matte for the draping and then a shimmery one for my "normal"/to fox higher placement. It is chefs kiss! So dont knock it till you try it, everyone !!! Okay, continuing on. Prob will comment 292yw8x bc this is *gold*

    24. Szimmy P

      I love romand and they have really good lip products and even cheek products! The veillighter is a newer product but it got me some more compliments then my fenty highlight

    25. Emily Harper

      Thanks for the tips and your look today is 🔥🔥🔥

    26. Jenny L

      got the holika holika foil shadows off of your recommendation.... BEAUTIFUL shadows! highly recommend it to everyone

    27. Robin Libby

      I'm very comfortable with monochromatic eyeshadows in purple, pink, blue or recently green. I'm not that great at mixing colors because it takes more thought to select a good pairing. Most days I do my eyeshadow in 5 minutes. I wear the colourpop super shock in the matte shade Bill (mauve) at least once a week. It's my go to eyelid color in under 2 minutes.

    28. livexitxupx18

      I really love this look. I was so afraid of wearing color but now, you make it feel so much better and not so daunting.

    29. M J

      Love this look and love this video concept! Thanks :)

    30. GreatGoatRebellion

      this was so helpful and informative! i'd love to see a more ~intermediate~ guide to using color in the future (maybe for fall or winter?), with like, deeper colors and jewel tones, because i tend to gravitate towards those when i buy single shadows and then i get too intimidated to wear them out! :)

    31. metropolitan kreyole

      Dang, I watched the entire video to know which shadow you're wearing in your inner corner, and it's discontinued...

    32. Ann J

      Love love love this video! I love videos more about general types of makeup and looks and styles over specific product reviews or tutorials.

    33. Erin Gillen

      I am so keen to try that yensa bb cream thing. I absolutely Love when you do demos!

    34. Mystery Girl

      I love color! It's weird for me to wear neutrals.

    35. Kate Halstead

      YesStyle is fantastic! So happy for your sponsorship, and I will absolutely be using that code 🤑🥰

    36. L L

      To add to that I would suggest adding a pop of color on the lower on the Lower lash line. Or take a dual Chrome eyeshadow that flashes a certain colorful shade and on the other side is neutral So it only has a flip

    37. Tan A

      I love doing a red eye, either with one matte shadow or maybe two-three shades with some sparkle. I do it so often that by now I see it as a neutral look and something I can do quickly without even thinking. Another fun thing to do is colourful lower lashline. I do it with shades that I don't necessarily love on my lid bc they're too deep or I don't like the hue too much, for some reason it always works for the bottom lashline.

    38. Julia

      Your videos encouraged me to try one shade and I did! I used JD Glow’s Bora Bora shade all over the lid. I just packed it on, blended it up, and it looked so beautiful. I felt really good about how it looked, and I felt pretty. It was sparkly, but not over the top. Thank you for the recommendation for JD Glow, and the encouragement to step out of my comfort zone. 💖

    39. K R

      I could never get that NYX brights palette to show up with that level of pigmentation!

    40. millieonaire

      the tutorial was a master class on how to wear colour in multiple places

    41. Frost Queen

      Thanks for showing a nice and simple look❤💜💙💚💛🧡

    42. marshal hartman

      The fact that it’s Moon Flash and not Moon Flesh is ruining my whole LIFE! Moon Flesh, Champagne Flesh, Rose Flesh and Star Flesh are such cool names for products! When you get your first manor collab, you’ve gotta name a shade Moon Flesh.

    43. lucia

      This is so helpful!! Thank you

    44. Sharon Ong

      This makeup look is amazing ~~~

    45. Nimogen

      I love using my eyeshadow as my blush to keep a look bold but monochromatic, particularly Juvia's Place palettes because of the bigger pans.

    46. Lia Shah

      i love wearing color! i used to have colorful hair so i'd do my eyebrows with eyeshadow to match. blue, purple, green, it all looked cool. of course, i've got black brows so it was still subtle - it looks different on lighter/sparser brows but i love it when i see it!

    47. Karen Wong

      LOVE this look.. too bad mascara doesn’t do much for my eyes so I am scared of using bright eye shadows..

      1. Sui Des

        I personally dont always wear mascara or eyeliner with my looks. Ist more "lightweight" that way

    48. Vanshika R Gupta

      Your video concepts are always so brilliant! 🔥

    49. Ann marie White

      Oh that yellow top is stunning on you yellow is so your colour!

    50. Aundrea Lauzon

      I'm so afraid to use colour. I'm not so afraid anymore. Thank you. Also thank you for showing me how to blush drape. I've never seen you do it before, but I've always heard you talk about it. It's a really cool technique.❤❤

    51. maria her

      Your eyeshadow style has been my go to. I love just blending colors into each other without complicated techniques

    52. The Empress 79 selling my soles

      As usual loving this look on you Lauren very fresh💜 also another creative, well thought out video!

    53. Coral

      What a STUNNING look 😍

    54. cjaneg97

      For anyone looking at The Saem Single Blushers just an fyi that they are extremely perfumed and the scent does not dissipate. I bought a blush and a bronzer but had to give them away.

      1. Taleneki

        Oof, I hate that so much. I bought a cushion blush from 3CE and it has this powdery "old lady" smell that doesn't fade. I also stopped using it because of that, so I feel you on that.

    55. Melissa Kessler

      This look is so gorgeous!!! 🥰🤩💄💋🔥

    56. Nic Schwarts

      I’ll love this look!! 😍 you have a way with color, and are super inspiring me to experiment with some simple color looks!

    57. Elsie DeLorean

      I just love how you do your eye shadow! Love this concept as well!

    58. Sally Choi

      A pastel wash of color all over the lid is my FAV

    59. Dannielle E

      I feel like this would be an AMAZING collaboration with Jessica Braun. Like a "challenge your friend out of their box" type video. ♡♡

      1. Jessica Levy

        I never thought about it before, but they both do that super easy one-(or 2)-and-done looks but they both have such a specific style that you wouldn’t necessarily notice the similarity!

      2. Megan Burbage


    60. Kristen Astrup

      Yes style has this awesome bubble lip mask! It seems so gimmicky, like those bubble face masks that came out in 2016 or whatever, but they work. You pump a little bit out and put the product on your lips and let it bubble up for a minute, then wipe it off. Afterwards, your lips are soft. I bought it last year and love it

    61. Steph D

      To change things up I put blush over my nose with bronzer from cheek to cheek for the summer for a light punch drunk look. For lips I smear a popsicle color lipstick (not blue or green 😆) just on the inside of my lips with balm and gloss. It’s fun and easy. Great tips. 👍🏾

    62. Carolyn Roth

      You explain things so well - thank you! I’m almost 60 and I want to wear ALL the color and sparkle and you give me so much inspiration!

    63. Five

      Every time I see the clown emoji I think of angelica now XD

      1. Elsie DeLorean

        Same! 🤡 love her channel too!

    64. erin louise

      would love to see some water activated liner looks from you if you have any in your collection!

    65. Perse Chapman

      me watching this as if my makeup aesthetic isn't already shimmery, colourful alien. but i'd watch anything you put out :D

    66. Aisling Redmond

      Still using and loving my Electric palette from Urban Decay ✨

    67. yensid

      I must admit I scoff to myself whenever certain HRaerors refer to any color that isn't a rainbow hue or very saturated as "brown" or neutral. Half the time the palettes being called neutral are clearly toned down (muted) warm oranrge/red palettes. Burnt orange or rust is still orange. Unless you add a lot of grey or blue to orange, it's not going to be neutral.

    68. Kadi Paige

      That look is 🔥 🔥

    69. Mikaela

      This is so fresh and helpful, thank you Lauren you’re the best ❤️❤️

    70. Natalie Valentina

      Hey Lauren👋, congrats on the sponsor! Thanks for another great video. Have you tried the Holika, Holika shadows that Ulta carries? Are they as beautiful as the ones you always mention?

    71. LaceyAlexa HowManyHamsters?!

      It’s Flash?! I feel like my life is a lie lol I loved calling it Moon Flesh😹

    72. R Lee

      Does anyone else get mad when ppl do thumbs down? Like why? She’s amazing. Haters man smh

    73. Lanae's world

      Omg have you ordered from klarity cosmetics before? I'm going on almost 5 months waiting on my mermazing pallet and singles from them and now the label has been created almost 3 weeks but never shipped and this is the longest from any Indy brands I ordered from.

    74. Kathryn B

      Currently watching this video while sheltering from a tornado and super happy to have you as company!

      1. Elsie DeLorean

        Omg how scary 😨😳 stay safe!

      2. Kathryn B

        Thank you! Luckily it’s passed through my area without too much trouble but was pretty touch and go for about an hour.

      3. S Oak

        Stay safe out there.. It was a wild ride for Indiana and Ohio today..pettered out by the time it got to my neck of the woods.

    75. Tiffany Sollog

      I miss the UD Electric palette. That was so good for adding the fun pop. I like type of video. Something for beginners and also for people wanting more choices

    76. Megan Gordon-Goldstein

      LOVE the look you're serving today!!!

    77. A.N. C.S.

      Lauren I started doing that pop/wash of color under the front part of the brow that you do and I love it!! 🥰 Edit: Have you managed to find a good dupe for that discontinued acidy green/yellow single that you have? Fan Fave from CP Hi Society seems like it'd be close!

    78. Becky Morrow

      I have an olive skin tone. I have a skin tone similar to Mila Kunis. Thank you for mentioning peach. I don’t think I would’ve thought of peach. Those warm delicate colors look nice on me.

      1. Elsie DeLorean

        Same! I only get compliments when I wear peachy tones. 😅

    79. hello, nel

      love that you mentioned blush draping, it's probably my favorite makeup technique, like, EVER. your blush draping video changed my whole makeup game when i first saw it! (i know you obviously didn't invent blush draping or anything, you're just the person who brought it to my attention haha)

    80. Donna McKeever


    81. Donna McManus

      Another beautifully curated well placed punch of colors! You make it look achievable and effortless while your face makes it gorgeous 🙂

    82. AP NYC

      STUN-ning! I cannot get over how fun and summery you look! ☺️

    83. Iizbiz113

      Can you link some of your videos with the pink pops you’re talking about with eyeshadow?

      1. Elsie DeLorean

        @Amberger Helper she doesn't show more eye shadow looks on Instagram?

      2. Amberger Helper

        Yeah- she hardly ever shows examples. And almost never answers comments. Also, aren’t many Instagram photos. Like… why am I here?!

    84. entwashian

      I frickin love iridescent highlighters, and they are wayyyy more subtle on the cheekbone than you'd think! Once, I was sitting across the table from my sister at a restaurant for like 15 minutes before she squinted her eyes at me & blurted, "Are you BLUE?!" 😂😂😂 My favorite pop of color look is a bare eyelid with neon rainbow ombre eyeliner. I get lots of "I wish I could pull that off" compliments about it, but it's so so easy. Just pick 3 colors that go together in the "rainbow" pattern & lay down the lightest shade first. (So whether I'm doing green on the inner corner to yellow in the middle of my lid to orange on the outer corner OR if I'm doing yellow on the inner corner to orange in the center to pink on the outer corner, I'd still lay down the yellow first.)

      1. Unabashedly Broken

        @entwashian same!!

      2. entwashian

        @Unabashedly Broken Yeah, the Alchemy palette is the one that got me hooked!

      3. Unabashedly Broken

        Me too! I have that kvd alchemist palette which has pink, blue, green, and purple and I use them literally almost every eye look. I even have an icey canary yellow and I adore it.

      4. Kate Halstead

        Great idea! 🌈

    85. Amy Green

      I crack up every time mu youtubers call orange neutral. It's the definition of warm, right?

      1. K R

        I think they mean neutral as in 'wearable' or 'not super bright or colorful', as opposed to being warm or cool. It's closer to many people's skin tone than a lot of other bright colors.

      2. Taleneki

        @Amy Green It can definintely be cooler, never a truly cool colour, but cooler. Yellow is the warmest of the three primary colours, blue the coolest, so red is inbetween. If you mix a cooler red with bluer hues with a yellow, you will get a cooler orange.

      3. Amy Green

        @Sui Des How? Red and yellow are warm like the sun. You combine them to get orange, which is also warm.

      4. FlavaCraze

        Maybe they use the term neutral as in not so colorful and not in the meaning of warm-, neutral-, cool-toned? English is not my mother's tongue so I don't know if it's the same in English but we use neutral also like toned down or fitting to basically everything, not sure how to explain it. Orange is close to brown and the color of skin, so some people might feel more comfortable wearing it than let's say green or purple so orange is a more neutral color to them.

      5. Sui Des

        Well there are also cool orange(s) So

    86. Meg L

      😍 this is why we follow you. Throw those makeup rules out the window and have some FUN! Gorgeous!

    87. B Mackenzie

      I absolutely LOVE your look today! Lilac is my favorite color and I’ve never found a way to pair it with red lips but I’m definitely going to try this look!!!

    88. em

      Great tips! 👏

    89. Kristi Patterson

      Thanks, Lauren! I hope you and everyone else out there has a fantastic weekend. Stay cool out there. It's 117 degrees where I live (near Phoenix, Arizona). YIKES! 💜💜💜

      1. Elsie DeLorean

        @Mairin O 😬

      2. Mairin O

        I’m in Vegas and people are out doing street festivals. When it is 115+. I predict a lot of heat strokes this weekend.

    90. Julzableful

      Great video as usual! I really love blue mascara, either brushing it over a layer of black or just on the lower lash or fully blue - also love adding a pastel lilac liner on the inner corner (I follow the lashline on the inner top corner before my lashes begin). And I loveeee lipstick. Cant go without it 💖

    91. The3GMom

      Love the eye look. Purple and yellow is my favorite combo

    92. Anna Anderson

      I love all of your demos-you've moved me away from the mindset of "complicated is better". Simple and colorful eye looks aren't mutually exclusive :)

    93. Mandy Degroot

      Your eye look is absolutely beautiful! Love it♥️ Do you think mature women could pull those colors off? I’m 55 and I love playing with makeup but I don’t want to look like an aging clown 😆 love your videos 🥰

      1. Julia

        @Princess Jellyfish that was really profound. And absolutely right. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I think we all need reminding every now and then. You have a great week with your fabulous self! 💖

      2. Princess Jellyfish

        Go for it, queen! Make up is for you to enjoy. Use a gentle touch and moisturize. The attitude is what matters imo. Something I heard that somehow resonated was "what is the worst thing that's going to happen if you start believing you're the most beautiful woman alive? Someone tells you that you're not? Okay, are you going to live your life according to their insecurities, or are you going to continue being the hottest bitch alive?" Have fun with it! You probably look like someone who's having fun :)

      3. Julia

        @Magdalena Jaroszyńska thank you! I will definitely check out her channel! 💖

      4. Magdalena Jaroszyńska

        Check NikkiRaven here on HRaero. She's 45 and she rocks bold colours!

      5. Darlene Barber

        I'm 70, and do color all the time. You do need to blend well to pull it off, then it doesn't have the clown effect. Definitely apply enough color, but blend!

    94. Impassion

      Why do I feel like 'A Pop of Color' could be a series? Like periodic videos with different looks with different colors and even like editorial stuff?

      1. moonstone

        the colourpop neon collection idea but fully realized as something people want!

      2. Ana Quézia Santos De Sousa


      3. Shraddha Khedkar

        Love this idea!

    95. Solstice Hannan

      Hey, Lauren! Do you have any tips about eye makeup for people with glasses?

      1. Annie B

        Hey- I'm a color junkie and blind as a bat-- I had the best luck with getting clear glass frames-- my favorite are from Vogueme in the style Sylvia and the color Crystal -- but otherwise I go super bold because it can be hidden

      2. Darlene Barber

        Glasses definitely obscure eye makeup. You can afford to go bolder in application, it will look softer with your glasses. 🤓

      3. Mairin O

        @Fatimah Ibrahim yep. I routinely wear ‘clown’ makeup and the glasses really tone it down. I wore contacts for a couple of years and people commented on my eyeshadow almost every day (both strangers and people I knew). With glasses I rarely get comments.

      4. A.N. C.S.

        @Fatimah Ibrahim agreed, im out here wearing lime green and neon orange because my glasses make everything look less intense

      5. NatzandJane Love

        @Fatimah Ibrahim I agree! Especially for near sighted people because the glasses make the eyes smaller. But if you are far sighted, the glasses would make the eyes larger.

    96. Kelly Kaiser

      OMG hi Lauren!

    97. prittyflutterbystar

      This is going to be so helpful! Thank you, Lauren! I hope you, and Sam, have a great weekend!! 🎉🥳🎈🥂🍾🌈🎊

    98. Brenda🖤Sanchez


    99. Stephanie Keeping

      Needed this! You’re such a bright light on this app.

      1. L L

        U know klarity cosmetics blocked me after I told them I watched Katie Marie's video about how they blocked her after she gave them a bad review and how it wasn't good business or nice. I was wondering if u could do ur experience with indi brands.

    100. Dana Rose

      Im so excited for this video! I love your videos so much! Are you still thinking of doing a Q&A or a chatty get ready with me? I would love to see one! Love you Lauren!