Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

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    Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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    MR. TIGER’S CAVE HOUSE (虎哥石壁凿豪宅)

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    1. NickY’s VOICE

      What a talent

    2. popo kero


    3. ابوقحطان

      وينهو بغيته ينحت لي في جبل هيلان شقه

    4. Olland M

      Keren, salam dari Indonesian👍👍

    5. Thyarlei douza Almeida souza


    6. mark anthony gruspe

      Awesome work dude! I just hope its earthquake proof. Be safe.

    7. 대전에어컨자재

      멋져요.. 대단합니다..

    8. Дуги для лошадей и Сергей Алексеев

      У нас в россии за такое уголовная статья.

    9. Paul Seidl

      Ingenious, not afraid of work to create, well use of labor and skill to complete project...amazing determination! Any neighbors willing to build next door? How isolated is home from municipal areas? Great use of natural resources...this countries government would fine &/or oust him from premises for not being a taxed property and, naturalists would be all over him for ecological reasons!

    10. Larry Staylon

      WOW WOW WOW Very nice!!!!!

    11. Veyron640

      to do all that power chisseling....... without earplugs.. id like to see his hearing test on both ears. AFTER his done with his Crib.. good golly..

    12. Sniff Back Better

      He ought to get some ear and eye protection on otherwise he'll be sat in his new apartment deaf and blind.

    13. Humpty Dumpty

      Crazy skills

    14. David Miracle

      This is an astonishing video. I'm 84 and have been a DIY and a builder all my life. IF this man did this all himself he's a super human of powers beyond most mortals... Regardless of the army of people it most likely took to build this marvelous cave home.. Whomever came up with the concept and design is an innovative genius.

    15. Kevin Paul Barnaiha (DonTCrY)

      This guy is the modern version of that primitive guy on HRaero who keeps building house with pool

    16. Heath St John

      You've set a supreme example of courageous determination. I congratulate you upon applying all the skills you've troubled to learn to set a most wonderful example of what the rewards of applied industry can be. Very, very many congratulations.

    17. Kavel Bryson

      Very creative, I was stunned after seeing the work he put it,and how awesome the finish product look, it goes to show how powerful the mind is,and what we can acomplish when we act on our ideas.

    18. Scott Yun

      As soon as he's done, a local Chinese Communist Party administrator comes with his pseudo-police thugs and arrest him, while confiscating the place. Mr Tiger was more focused on building out the place, and not greasing the pockets of yet another CCP official.

    19. Island Girl

      AMAZING! I love it 🌸

    20. Lynn Davis

      He needs a storage unit. Very very good.

    21. Chantar ushioda


    22. Steven Stev

      Pengambilan gambar yang sangat jel. Lek

    23. Z O

      Bat cave?

    24. John Monaco


    25. IRWAN_RC

      I remember bare bears house..

    26. 15 Seconds

      I wonder how far the Flintstones could've got with power tools.

    27. Christina Navarre

      Very hard work but so very worth it when it is finished.

    28. Joe

      Sick house bro

    29. Edgar Silva lopes

      Gostei meus parabéns

    30. Andry GTI ✅

      This is my dream child.. 😂

    31. Lofi Rabbit

      Yo peep his sandals this man has toes of steel

    32. MSteveYang

      This guy must've been a hobbit in his prev life

    33. SWFL Scratcher

      That’s awesome

    34. Plasmasaiyan569

      Peoples houses in minecraft

    35. 999trader

      You can bet this foundation and structure is stronger than any house

    36. alfax

      I did the same thing .................................. in Minecraft

    37. Ty Thor

      It were made in China!!!

    38. اليافعي اليزيدي

      أعجبتني الفكرة... وأنا من هواة الجبال..وبيئتي جبال سأحاول تطبيقها ولكن دون إدخال الأسمنت ولا الطوب..

    39. John Monaco


    40. * Gblueslover

      So this guy has not only the smarts and the drive, but also the physical STRENGTH and STAMINA it would definitely take to do such a project... ....It begs even more questions about the guy...? Is he well to do ? I mean if he's got the time and resources to DO something like this, besides obtaining the property to do it ON and such, I'm just as interested in the back story of it all...🤔

    41. Bira Bira

      Excelente profissional Ótimo vídeo Ótimo trabalho Um grande abraço 🇧🇷

    42. kopec82

      Is the mountain his?

    43. Remon Longku

      Real Enginear

    44. Rocco Balboa

      Pretty sad he did all that hard work and the Chinese government took it away from him. Just not right!

    45. Tim Groce

      That's a chipper not a jackhammer

    46. Kaung Minn

      Real man cave.

    47. jeffrey s a

      I can’t imagine how many drill bits he went through

    48. Herry X Gamers

      The mountain is yours to do that??

    49. a única caipira

      Muito bonito top parabéns 👏👏👏👏

    50. Rita Field

      Did you have to get a bldg permit ? Is this your property ? Your work is amazing !

    51. nhi Nguyễn tuệ

      Very good 🥰

    52. Tom Greene

      So this is how the cavemen did it!

    53. Osmin Cruz

      No safety goggles,,,,!

    54. mike malo

      Damn, it takes me forever just to clean my room.

    55. jax1492

      Way to fuck up nature

    56. Patricia Watts

      Absolutely amazing! Very talented man

    57. Carolyn Bell

      Amazingly beautiful..

    58. suree pinagano


    59. Jabulani Sello

      As an engineering geologist/rock engineer I would advise serious caution be taken when partaking in such activity and take into consideration the kind rock that is and how it fractures. Tunnel roof support (rock-bolts) may be a necessity in most cases to avoid any dangers of unforeseen roof collapse, similarly to how underground mine tunnels or sub-way tunnels are stabilized. Here since it seems like it's a massive sandstone, water damage from absorbed moisture and water movement through the cracks and tiny pathways may be an issue during storm/rainy seasons despite damp proof paint being applied... But kudos to the amazing skill and effort.

    60. Mudd Whistle

      T.V. Was invented in 1954 by George Teevee

    61. Eunseong Mun

      Looks good but how can I trust 'made in china' lol.

    62. icyazy

      Man this guy amazing build all this in 15min crazy shit lol

    63. Nai Nai ch • _

      เมืองไทยมีโอกาสติดหรางนะจ๊ะ555 น่าเสียดายอยากใด้เลย ไม่ต้องมีเเอร์ก็เย็นสบายที่เเบบนี้

    64. Aarif chopdat

      Bet his teeth are fooked after all that hammer drilling...

    65. david lopez


    66. 지영혜


    67. icyazy

      Look at the power tools his using and the ancients used cooper chisel and chicken 🍗 bones to craved out mountains crazy shit

    68. 아아

      김치는 한국꺼!!!!!!

    69. 오마에

      동굴 뚫어 아파트 집 만드는 기술이 대단하다고 감탄하며 보다가 침대에 깔아놓은 이불색깔이랑 너저분한 컴터 책상 주위 풍경 확 깨고 나감ㅋㅋ

    70. Rachel Lewis

      Awful music

    71. Robert Richard

      Dude did all of this in sandals im impressed

    72. Ramon Martin

      20th century cave man

    73. chorky dorky

      no eye protection........

    74. Tim Jones

      Truly skilled

    75. Terry Smith

      I want to live in it

    76. Hangin'Laundry

      No hearing protection!!!!!

    77. Muhammad Ridwan


    78. Wilber B miyoko

      The scientific sycamore affectively jog because ex-husband outstandingly load around a late case. rambunctious, innocent bike

    79. meme ville

      8 year old me in minecraft:

    80. David Kotz

      No hearing protection, he's going to end up a deaf old man

    81. Pauline Horton

      How does someone own a part of a mountain

    82. El Bassman


    83. Raimundo marinho costa

      Cara parabens muito criativo também gosto de construir e criar, tirei o chapéu

    84. 해방군

      산을 살 돈만있으면 내집마련 걱정 끝이네

    85. Terry Smith

      How much will you charge me for the rent?

    86. 이리와

      남의 땅에 무단 점유하는건 아닌지? ㅋ

    87. Dawn Wallis

      Omg Donald trump supporters and I laugh when you were those pathetic masks

    88. Faith, Hope and Love

      That is fantastic!!! Really a work of art.

    89. C Brizzle

      I wonder how it looks when the raining season comes! Does water start seeping through the ground/ceiling or did he throw some paste/Bubblegum to keep water from washing them away after a month of rain cuz that’s what they get. A buddy of mine told me he was living over there for a while & it rained 29 days straight!!! WTF!??? This Cat has a great Vision & a good work Ethic!!! Nice outcome Mr. KickAss!!!👍👊🏻🙏🏼

    90. João Batista


    91. 소서리


    92. Ssuny KT (SHKT)

      Isn’t the best and quickest way to destroy nature environment ?I don’t understand that which country permits it?

    93. Jesus

      Dude you just have to pay someone to do it, duhh

    94. Миссис Марпл

      Да он мог бы и египетскую пирамиду передвинуть.

    95. Maria Fernandes

      A casa do Fred Flintstone!

    96. Chester Gervacio

      will the ceiling leak when it rains?

    97. Massimo Devoto