Brooklyn Nets vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

MLG Highlights

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    1. tool inc. collection

      Passing the ball lke magic Johnson is what Harden does. Clippers should given up Paul George and 3 other good players for him .

    2. jeblofo lofoplo

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    3. Iso Joe

      This is without kyrie... Scary hours 🥺

    4. Iso Joe


    5. Iso Joe

      Hardens shooting so efficient

    6. Iso Joe

      I TOLD yall Harden is the best passer look at that bounce pass youve never seen nothing like that before

    7. Lloyd Kolly

      Harden makes the game look easy🤣🤣

    8. Jonel Centino

      gooo KD I love you 🥰🥰

    9. Henrique Souza

      Why Kyrie didn't play this game?

    10. maurice ballard

      Way past time for Old Liberal Popovich to retire. Obvious Timmy, Tony, and Manu made him look like a great coach. Clearly see now he is not. Old philosophy and rotations that are just stupid. Retire Popovich

    11. ess yjm

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    12. DAN SUR


    13. Model 1900 Werk

      refs at this point of the sport don't give a shit about travels no more.

    14. StozAvo

      Damn this game was so good I forgot to look at the score

    15. Young Chief

      And we thought Golden state was the last time... lol

    16. Richard S.

      Harden is so sick. He doesn't even need to be healthy, to be one of the 3 best players in the league.

    17. Lex Magnus da Cunha

      Fear the Beard :D

    18. Cyriaque Sache

      "Who put this shit together? I'm the glue!!🎶" J.Harden

    19. Billy Sparks

      Harden is the best floor general you’ll ever see. Makes everybody on the court better. Glad he’s back on action .

    20. Duane HP

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    21. NBA shorts

      Wow that's what we called sportsmanship 🙌 #nbashorts

    22. Jay Zhu

      d'antoni is a pick and roll master. Simple, elegant and effective. Nash and harden both came from his style. This is not only the ultimate suns team, plus Durant and Irving. Unfair.

    23. Felipe Riaño Florez

      8:13 hahahha

    24. Camilo CienFuegos

      its over Sons! OVA!

    25. Peter Falzon

      Brooklyn Nets vs. San Anionio Spurs

    26. Kader Adkins Guecko

      Zero defense

    27. Dennis Laya

      Now the Nets is grinding, bcoz of James Harden. Durant, Kyrie or even Blake are just sideline players.

    28. Irshad Jahangir


    29. amanialsoquar

      Great facilitator. This is what Kyrie and KD need.

    30. Noé Paquion

      Do Spurs defenders know what is a backdoor ?

    31. Sticky Fingers

      Harden carrying kd

    32. SmokeSmitty


    33. Roger Humphrey

      mannnn BKN is sooo good, theyre fun too watch

    34. Kevin Corbilla

      FEAR THE BEARD.#j.harden....

    35. Oop MAster

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    36. Dkg 2k allways keep it 1,000 boss Jones

      It 3 teams im rooting for 2 get the chip nets clippers 76ers the real goats have no weaknesses immortals jordan and kobe ain't scare of a challenge like le queen le bum cry baby le bron james i can't handle the challenge the pressure let me fake a injure lebron james let's get it the net,s the clippers the 76ers

    37. Fresh 'N Rebel

      KD from one superteam to another superteam

    38. James Redmond

      Good to see Brooklyn going for the chip

    39. Tre Patter

      So many harden meat gobblers in these comments to the point they attack his own teammates 🤦‍♂️

    40. Aurelijus Langvinis

      I'm just glad to see Mike James doing great. Would love to see him play for the nets next season also. I hope he will never go back to that trash ass russia team.

    41. SexPot99

      Harden for Mayor!

    42. Jailen Webber

      Harden is a 1 of 1

    43. 강로하

      Harden’s pass is the “GOD.”

    44. Jackie Holloway

      Yo the beat at the end is anybody here in that

    45. ibrahim WL

      I just play this two times.!

    46. Eq

      Best pass I’ve ever seen!

    47. Chriz Simmons

      James Harden make it look so easy.

    48. Scott Freebass #beats

      4:15 this pass by Harden is something else

    49. Lemur1 l

      Harden is just built different sheeesh

    50. rocco cicoria

      Is there a regulation that prohibits Harden, Durant and Irving from playing at the same time?

    51. M.Y.T


    52. Johan Rijhkelaar

      The Nets will annihilate teams in the playoffs. Too much firepower for anyone to handle 🔥

    53. William Mason

      Harden nearly had triple double & didn't seem to be trying...he's the key to them winning it all.

    54. NCT


    55. Aldrin Mercado

      Why does james harden look fat to me? Did he gain weight?

    56. apolonio mendoza

      Hopefully Brooklyn two super stars KD & James harden are healthy up to the end of this season.. also they need a good support in a star player like Kyrie, DeAndre jordan, Blake, Harris,shamet& Jeff the underrated super star for me huh😁😁 peace to Kyrie love you bro. But for me KD & James harden are the only super star in this team you must improve your court vision too be a real nba super star

    57. Paulo Henrique

      James Harden the best in the world is back, now it will be good for the Nets.

    58. dz k

      With Kyrie this Nets team has to be one of the most stacked teams in nba history Cupkake Durant needs this to be able to win.

    59. _ Deonta

      Claxton could definitely be a starter

    60. Hale-Bopp 1997

      Steve Nash was like... Hey Joe! How about you sit this game out and i'll let Landry do the shooting tonight. Meanwhile.. Harden returned tonight and started schooling everyone how to pass the ball.

    61. Chan -ID

      Nice :)

    62. Tank Boss

      Who can stop the. Nets won't be the Lakers hahahaha

    63. nbalive2408

      Steve nash for coach of the year? Who else is more qualified?

    64. James Braga

      Nice ball movement..

    65. Jose Colon

      I need harden back.peole were the tears . Are over.thank.u.harden

    66. Chris Webber

      Man Gorgui Deing is probably the shittest player on the court in this game

    67. sakhile

      "extra extra, read all about it" 😆

    68. XboxRacer

      07:32 Forget 5G, Harden/Durant connection is on another level.

    69. Alby Dermawan

      I think right now the best playmaker in the NBA is Harden. Even though there are many good players in that position, Harden makes the match easy.

    70. Esmael Kiram

      Its nice to be back idol harden.

    71. Bread Winner


    72. 밤비모

      8:15 what sound?

    73. Phelype Cb

      Blake was well...

    74. Bayanaa B

      6:10travel ???

    75. Glenroy Brathwaite

      Didn't realize how great a passer Harden is.He is the best passer of the ball ive seen for a while better than Chris Paul even

    76. DERR97 NBA

      Harden.. 🔝🔝

    77. عرفي

      If Shamet played decent basketball consistently instead if how he plays now the Nets will meet the Jazz in the finals but if he went back to his 20 minutes 0 points BS it's over for the Nets.

    78. Traplizo

      Where is kyrie Irving?

    79. Othoniel Rojas


    80. toruk makto

      If krynee played this game would have been a lot closer than it needs to be.

    81. Victor Molina

      i swear number 55 from the nets was fred vanfleet

    82. Mario

      Imagine it with irving and lamarcus healthy

    83. Mario

      6:46 that dance lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Mario

      2:16 WHAT❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    85. Stefan Wang

      King James, harden

    86. Chen Uziel

      Blake Griffin Is BACK !

    87. J&O Journals

      Never have I ever seen such balanced scoring? How 8 players score in double digits?😲


      Always fun to watch Harden! Dude had 11 assists! He knows he is a walking bucket, but he can now focus on getting everyone involved which he couldn't do with the Rockets. That's crazy how Durant miss a year in a half and come right back to be in the playoffs! LOL

    89. Schoolius Delta

      Harden is the Common Denominator......Kyrie and KD CANNOT get it done!.... but Harden with either of the two CAN..... Because Harden brings out the best in the "Others" That's the Denominator! 👀

    90. DtwistedG

      Jeff green hang time is DIFFERENT

    91. NFL Production

      It was such a easy win with harden playing

    92. John McLean Andres


    93. Kal fatinson

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    94. Victor Olivier

      Why no graph at the end of the game anymore??

    95. Geo Graphics

      Feel sorry for Derozen, he's fighting a lost cause

    96. Yoshua Situmorang

      Harden is a beast. He can score efficiently and also PASS. He is pretty good in stealing the ball as well. The best Nets player at the moment. If Harden keep playing like this (not so much on pursuing personal scoring stats) and do more of facilitating. I don't think the Kyrie is Nets PG anymore..

    97. Joshua Daley

      6:38 OMG! somebody get thay boy some new ankles lmao

    98. Hale-Bopp 1997

      nice the real MVP James Harden is back!!!

    99. bochey young

      Where KI??

    100. Raymond Arsedale

      Used to hate james harden as he flops dont play defense and just jack up wild shots in bunches. But now he is a very mature player. Picks his time to score and involves everyone. He has become from a ballhog scorer to an ultimate scoring pg with great passing. Hope BKN wins this season! :)