Surprising My Mom With A New House!

Danny Duncan

3,7 mil. pregleda964

    Finally surprised my mom with a new house! Thanks to all of you for making it possible. I love you

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    1. Danny Duncan

      Seriously you guys have no idea how much this meant to me. It’s been my goal my entire life so to see it come to life was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. I’ll always love you guys ❤️

      1. VoltXxShot2


      2. Tyler Adams

        If anyone deserves this it’s you and ur family.. fr

      3. Trav


      4. Henco Steenberg

        put it in reverse terry

      5. Tyler Adams

        You did it . Congrats bro , shit is crazy . Like fuck so much motivation. You’re one of a kind .

    2. Erica Play’s

      Out of all the videos I’ve watched this one beats them all

    3. Damon Connell

      You don’t gotta hide man we know you gotta soft spot for you mom I know you started crying when she did 😂

    4. jude kirk elliott

      Y does it have so many dislikes

    5. human

      Damn Danny I love you

    6. Dave Buffalo

      I'm an older dude. Been watching YT for a couple years. This is hands down the best thing I've seen! You brought a literal tear to my eye. You little prick! 😂

    7. louis mancuso

      the it's just a prank killed me

    8. Los Vlogs

      I come back and watch this video every time I lose hope/motivation to do anything. Seeing this is what makes me wanna go even harder. You're the man, Danny!!

    9. Nixon Darcy

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    10. Speedy Pete

      Damn son , so happy I found this channel . Started watching the new ones that just came out all the way back , must say Danny did not switch up at all . He’s a real one

    11. sunglasses

      5 acres only?

    12. Mike Burch

      I wish you showed more of your good side.

    13. Jeffrey Draeger

      You make me cry bro haha. Such a good dude

    14. Nokarma -_-

      Fuck knows how many times I've watched this video but i love seeing you're mum happy.. Danny you are a legend mate

    15. GMR The Label

      good man !!! god is great my friend ! keep up the awesome work , you and your family deserve it!!!

    16. Braeden Hopson

      Song in the beginning anyone?

    17. Watson Delmick

      I'm not crying, you're crying

    18. Colin Lalonde

      Even when he is crying he still has a smile on his face😄 I know I’m 3 years late

    19. Yuan Justin Perez

      The long-term millimeter macroscopically wrap because jason notably tug on a bumpy keyboard. offbeat, noiseless asparagus

    20. doctor james

      And this is how you do it not like that prick David dobrik

    21. Country Deck

      We saw a legend cry to day you know this shit is so real

    22. Evan Schelke

      Enough to make a grown man cry

    23. Laura Kubacka

      she must be so proud to have raised such an amazing man

    24. alejandro navarrro

      So awesome

    25. Daveed

      Dude I know what's coming everytime when I watch this video and I still cry like a bitch

    26. Daniel Rodriguez

      im crying

    27. Dom Lag

      great bloke

    28. Conner Clark Vlogs/Games

      gives me chills everytime i watch it

    29. Ruuben Soosaar

      We did that bois

    30. Zama Frama

      Bro Danny started crying❤️

    31. Zachary Ruehl

      This actually gave me mad chills

    32. Fufner Keywheel

      No thank you Daniel for entertaining us.

    33. Alex Folkerts

      plot twist it was all a prank

    34. Freddie Garcia

      I always dreamed of doing this for my mom

    35. joshlee

      One day I’ll buy my momma a house ❤️

    36. Brian Fernandez

      Bro this is such a move! So awesome 🤞🏻

    37. TheGamingTurtle

      Is it bad I loved to see them cry together it hit me hard I'm 14 lost my mom and dad and u really wish I could have that

    38. EmileWRX

      how does this video only have 165k likes wth

    39. Ish2valid


    40. Toystore

      It's true though everyone dreams about taking care of their family the way they did for us man good shit sister

    41. Roberto Serrano

      First time seeing Danny cry

    42. Sensxy Woo

      enough to make a grown man cry

    43. Peter Hollister

      and people still wonder why danny's the best youtuber

    44. Finley Nottingham

      Watching this 3 years later and he’s still the goat

    45. Kyle Guy

      "What youtuber does this" your mom is funny


    47. Jared Hernandez

      My mom is a single mother and my goal is to get her a house

    48. bob billu

      bro your mirror 😂😂

    49. Rocks And Relics

      That shit made me cry

    50. Angelo Santos

      Intro song???

    51. spillzz 123

      God bless stay safe ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

    52. F

      I’m just trying to take a shit 💩 💩

    53. Therealpikaboss

      Are ya winning son

    54. Plurify

      i got goosebumps when she cried :)

    55. Blake Norton

      I Love you vis Danny Duncan

    56. Blake Norton


    57. Blake Grice

      Thats about as real of a moment as you'll see on YT

    58. Sean Mazer

      Crazy that this house only cost 400k. Where I live that barely gets you a 2 bedroom condo

    59. Liam Brooks


    60. Ed Hare

      Cramp in the hip when riding is the worst!

    61. Michael Gorden

      First time seeing this dude was about a week ago and been watchn non stop since!!

    62. Ja3kfrost6

      whos cutting onions?

    63. james peck

      i love you too danny

    64. Robert Caballero

      RESPECT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    65. CODE MUTE


    66. Arturo Loera

      I’m not crying you are🥲😂

    67. Dean Coman

      What a selfless and wholesome video Easy E starts blasting in my ear

    68. marks school

      i wonder why yo neighbors dont like you

    69. shania

      ngl i was fucking crying. i hope to do this one day too

    70. Jesus Jaime

      We love you Danny

    71. lil dobbs

      do that barn idea danny

    72. Isaiah Payne

      I wish I could do this for my mom

    73. leobardo cardenas

      The 🐐

    74. Jack H

      Danny makes life better.

    75. Perry Quick

      Not being a bitch but this made me cry love you bro your the best

    76. Brotalian Can

      By far my favorite HRaero video ever created! Who would have thought, Danny Fing Duncan....

    77. Brotalian Can

      If you did not shed 1 tear in this video, I don't know what to say but burrrr!! Living my all time life goal is amazing to see! I'll upload mine when I get there!! Huge congrats Daniel!!

    78. zach kirk

      This is prob a dumb question but Is that Honda 50cc or a110cc for the dirt bike

    79. Tristin Churchill

      This is awesome Danny, brought tears to my eyes and im very happy you succeeded through having fun. Love the Virginity Rocks hoodie btw!!!

    80. Nathaniel Trir

      I like how he says it’s 400k but the mom don’t care it’s from her son and it’s priceless to her.

    81. Astaxnoelle

      "what youtuber does this?" You guys already know it's MR.BEAST!!!!!!

    82. Ghost03

      Enough to make a grown man cry

    83. randoff32

      Bagels or English muffins?

    84. Baba Yaga

      Danny Is 2 people one minute he’s buying someone a house the next he’s shooting mortars into a window

    85. RoadToSix

      Lets go Danny

    86. Trevor Storm

      Not a family without their own quirks and oddities. But a family at the very least with a LOT of love to give each other. Great video. Congratulations.

    87. nicholas dibiase

      we cry together

    88. Andrew Williamson

      And a couple years later he plays baseball inside this house and destroys it lmaoo

    89. Ryan Bishop

      You did it bro! Congrats on your success and so much more to come, I'm sure she truly deserved it 🥺👏❤️

    90. Parth Patel


    91. Rasmus Jäger

      We have to respect this guy

    92. Tyler Bouet

      I’m not crying you are....

    93. Steven Gonzalez

      Our parents are all we have bro.

    94. Beauty Escape With You

      I dont no you Daniel this my first time seeing your channel because I like watching videos where people by their parents houses. Yours is the first one that I actually genuinely enjoyed this video is so selfless you weren't doing this for your ego or followers or bragging this was just plain old beautiful. And the hug you and your mom shared in a car where you both were weeping absolutely beautiful. You got an amazing thing Daniel.

    95. Preston Smith

      bro i had to quit watching this i was about to cry thats been my goal ever since i was younger and i have no idea how to do this for my parents

    96. Caleb Robirds

      That was a used house

      1. Caleb Robirds

        It's not a new house!

      2. dreamergirlbaby

        What’s your point ?

    97. Chris Guevara

      I cried when she cried because that’s all I want in life, to buy my mom a house

    98. The Adventures of Natanael

      And now I’m crying

    99. Fax Sharpens

      5:23 MrBeast

    100. Fbi _agent

      I promise mom, one day this will be us