Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open [Official Video]

Bruno Mars

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    1. caitlin marie

      more pls

    2. ataahua

      He tino ataahua tenei waiata. Absolutely awesome song from the all of the performers. Bruno Mars - tops as ever! Anderson Pak, never heard of him before this video - absolutely awesome singer, entertainer, drummer the full monty here. And of the course the rest of the awesome singers and backup artists consumate professionals, primo, awesome talent. Can't wait for there album, yeah, love love xxx

    3. Ivan Lee

      when you and the boys get too groovy

    4. Prapti Baruah

      Bruno Mars >>>> Beyonce in terms of stage presence. Who agrees?

    5. IqubeRB

      I am leaving this comment here to always remember this son when some on like are comment it🤩😊😇

    6. Dennis Delgado

      This song bring me back to the sounds of the 70s where R&B dominate the airwaves

    7. Ryanski Akira Saotome

      Meanwhile in the alternate universe:

    8. Clarence Sangalang

      Modern mj lol

    9. Anna Milli


    10. izulkim

      Que bonita canción me encantooooooooo ❤️

    11. Yolanfa Chelsea

      lirik : Said baby, said baby, said baby Katakan sayang, katakan sayang What you doin'? (What you doin'?) Kau sedang apa? Where you at? (Where you at?) Kau sedang dimana? Oh, you got plans? (You got plans?) Kau punya rencana? Don't say that (Shut your trap) Jangan bilang begitu (Hentikan jebakanmu) I'm sippin' wine (Sip, sip) Aku sedang minum anggur (Minum, minum) In a robe (Drip, drip) Dengan sebuah jubah (Menetes, menetes) I look too good (Look too good) Aku terlihat terlalu menawan To be alone (Woo, woo) Untuk sendirian My house clean (House clean) Rumah ku bersih My pool warm (Pool warm) Kolam renang ku hangat Just shaved, smooth like a newborn Baru saja bercukur, lembut seperti bayi baru lahir We should be dancin', romancin' Kita seharusnya berdansa, bercumbu In the east wing and the west wing Di sayap timur dan sayap barat Of this mansion, what's happenin'? Dari rumah besar ini, apa yang terjadi? -----REFF----- I ain't playin' no games Aku tidak sedang bermain-main Every word that I say is coming straight from my heart Setiap kata yang aku ucapkan benar-benar tulus dari lubuk hatiku So if you tryna lay in these arms Jadi jika kau mencoba untuk berbaring di pelukan ini I'ma leave the door open Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka (I'ma leave the door open) (Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka) I'ma leave the door open, girl Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka, sayang (I'ma leave the door open, hopin') (Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka, berharap) That you feel the way I feel Bahwa kau juga merasakan perasaan yang sama denganku And you want me like I want you tonight, baby Dan kau menginginkan aku seperti aku menginginkan mu malam ini, sayang Tell me that you're comin' through Katakan bahwa kau akan datang -------------- Ooh, you're so sweet (So sweet) Kau sangat manis So tight (So tight) Sangat kencang I won't bite (Ah-ah) Aku takkan menggigit Unless you like (Unless you like) Kecuali jika kau menginginkannya If you smoke (What you smoke?) Jika kau merokok (Rokok apa?) I got the haze (Purple haze) Aku mendapatkan asapnya (Asap ungu) And if you're hungry Dan jika kau lapar Girl, I got filets (Woo) Sayang, aku punya daging fillet Ooh, baby, don't keep me waitin' Sayang, jangan biarkan aku menunggu There's so much love we could be making (Shamone!) Ada begitu banyak cinta yang dapat kita buat I'm talking kissing, cuddling Aku membicarakan ciuman, pelukan Rose petals in the bathtub Kelopak bunga mawar di bathtub Girl, let's jump in, it's bubblin' Sayang, ayok masuk ke dalam, ini berbusa Ulangi REFF La-la-la-la-la-la-la (I need you, baby) Aku membutuhkanmu sayang La-la-la-la-la-la-la (I gotta see you, baby) Aku akan menemuimu sayang La-la-la-la-la-la-la (Girl, I'm tryna give you this, ah) Sayang, aku coba memberikanmu ini Hey, hey, I'ma leave my door open, baby Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka, sayang (I'ma leave the door open) (Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka) I'ma leave, I'ma leave my door open, girl Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka, sayang (I'ma leave the door open) (Akan ku biarkan pintuku terbuka) And I'm hopin', hopin' Dan aku berharap That you feel the way I feel Bahwa kau juga merasakan perasaan yang sama denganku And you want me like I want you tonight, baby Dan kau menginginkan aku seperti aku menginginkan mu malam ini, sayang Tell me that you're comin' through Katakan bahwa kau akan datang La-la-la-la-la-la-la (Tell me) Tell me that you're coming through Katakan bahwa kau akan datang (Woo-woo-woo-woo, woo-woo-woo, woo-woo-woo) (Woo-woo-woo-woo, woo-woo-woo, woo-woo) La-la-la-la-la-la-la (La-la-la-la-la) Tell me that you're coming through Katakan bahwa kau akan datang Girl, I'm here just waiting for you (Oh!) Sayang, aku disini mengunggumu Come on over, I'll adore you (I gotta know!) Kemarilah, aku akan mengagumimu La-la-la-la-la-la-la (I'm waiting, waiting, waiting) Tell me that you're coming through (For you) Katakan bahwa kau akan datang Girl, I'm here just waiting for you Sayang, aku disini mengunggumu Come on over, I'll adore you Kemarilah, aku akan mengagumimu La-la-la-la-la-la-la

    12. Engi

      Me and homies singing

    13. Mr baby

      Who came from Desmond dennis

    14. Brian Fernando


    15. Rayleigh Lat

      this song gives me chills! love it

    16. kdparttwo


    17. Mike The Pike Kirner

      My house clean; my pool warm is an example of bad grammar. Do better. I'm glad there's no bad words and violence in the song. However; millions of young folks will think my house clean; my pool warm be correct. Axe me anythin ya'll want. !

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    19. Aseng TV

      wow w

    20. aye F


    21. Xtremecarfan101

      I heard a snippet of this song before but one of my students learned it on drums. Ever since she played the full song I got addicted to it. I never realized how amazing it is. Old school vibes, so refreshing to hear real musicians playing instruments rather than it being created in a DAW.

    22. Alban Antony

      Conspiracy isnt as much open as mich as privacy

    23. Alban Antony

      Why do I always feel this an police and robbers songs playlist

    24. Alban Antony

      Doors open is this canada nigeria contain am keeping doors broken

    25. Alban Antony

      Silk sonic games are out of scope silk sonic reborn as records interscope

    26. Alban Antony

      Hungry lays obesity no 1 problem america

    27. Alban Antony

      When Santa claus listens to this song he would think it fooled him

    28. Alban Antony

      If you keep the doors open there would be plagarism than romanticism

    29. Vede Ruho

      One way or another.... 1D

      1. Ayushmita Hazarika


    30. Ayushmita Hazarika

      Now you tell

    31. Vede Ruho

      Yoyo here 🤣🤣

      1. Ayushmita Hazarika


    32. Ayushmita Hazarika

      Yah Leo

    33. paul daniel infante

      I Feel Rich While Listening To This Song.

    34. Zy MCrps04

      ❤️ this song gives me 70’s vibes and nostalgic feeling like I live in that era before

    35. jeremiah dorman

      This song only needs Bruno Mars and no one else

    36. I am me

      I didn't know this is a new song, I thought this was from years ago 😭🤚

    37. emma

      There's something so happiness-inducing about this. It's so smooth. You can't help but smile when singing it. I've never really been in love, but I feel like I'm in love when singing this song. _Imma leave the door oooopen..._

    38. Vitória Cristina

      O charme do cara é de outro nível... AFF😍

    39. Christopher Regan McMillen

      0:54 gave me chills

    40. CrAHzy FoR MaHSalF

      Bruno: *"I'mma leave the door open"* Me: *"okay"* Mom: *"I'mma leave the door open..."* Me: **triggered asf**

    41. u s e h e a d p h o n e

      27 July 2021 I watch this for the second time

    42. Nawila Nanayao

      73K dislikes have very bad music taste

    43. l-H4rL3yQu1nN-l

      Melhor música de 2021 😁👍

    44. Mr. Unicorn Gundam

      i didn't know the tittle of this song so i type what you do hahah

    45. Rox Azar

      terrible translation

    46. LMBCYF


    47. Maganda Bug

      I leave my door open hehe awesome 👏

    48. Leticia Ramirez

      Hermoso tema 🤩☺️

    49. Cynthia Quinones

      Omg I love this song you have to make more music together love all of you

    50. kreamytingz

      I admire all of those guys here. they are talented as hell...

    51. Tammy Fields

      This has such a 90s R&B vibe to it. We were jammin’ back then 😉.

      1. Rose Luis

        This like the music from the 70s.

    52. Nia Howard

      DAYUM !!!

    53. Fmc

      B: brilliant R: righteous U: unique N: neet O: outstanding M: miraculous A: awesome R: real S: superstar

    54. samaa mohamed

      رايقين فشخ 😂😂

    55. chupacabros

      i love this song now

    56. ᥣᥱ᥆ hᥱᥒry

      *Yep, **#Instagram** brought me here*

    57. izzy bee

      Big tune🇯🇲

    58. A singular man with no life once so ever lmao ok__

      This is like getting off the best day of work you ever had and your wife made you your favorite meal

    59. Vitoria Vilalba Benites

      Cade os br malditos

    60. gunnerman03 x

      0:57 When your parents leave the room

    61. andrea

    62. kavtoM

      Anderson Paak's charisma is out of this world

    63. ประยัด แสนต่างนา


    64. Karime Albines

      Esta canción es Arte...❤️🔥

    65. Greg Bivins

      Bruno and Miguel would've definitely killed this track

    66. Greg Bivins

      WOW, well he did it again without doing it again......who is the guy that is really singing and where did he come from

    67. Christian Cb

      TE AMO BRUNO MRZ 🎈🇵🇪

    68. Manuel S

      Bruno mars is the Michael Jackson of this era

    69. Nerysz

      Meu mais novo vício

    70. Diva Nailz

      My door aint open now but it will be lol

    71. L Paige

      Hi Bruno mars I just wanted to say thank you for singing leave the door opened it's the best song I hope you have a good life and love you See you when I see you hi you 1 of my fans

    72. Makiayh Spruel


    73. Patrick de Souza

      I'm in love with this song 😍😍😍 Eu estou apaixonado por essa música 😍😍😍

    74. paul Taylor

      Keep going to listen to some more tunes, but can't stop playing this ,this is tune of the year already soooo good ,please let's have more like it , been a long time for a tune like this to come out ,love it💙🎶🎶

    75. Aaliyah Mentore

      Who is else love how Bruno Mars said imma leave the door open I love me some Bruno Mars😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🙃🥺

    76. paul Taylor

      So smooth. Silky tune ,goona go in my soul collection ,from 70,s80s fit perfectly in Thier ,this will be a classic 💙🎶

    77. Jayds2009 PokeFan

      One of the best songs

    78. MPWLIVE23

      Bruno kinda looks like the weekend in this vid

    79. ale villanueva

      Wow i love this song

    80. SPS

      After 4 months, this still sounds delicious...

    81. -_Gusion_- _-Legends_-


    82. Gladys Awusi

      Ghana 🇬🇭

    83. Laure Barras

      I love this song when i have time and board I listen to this and i dance

    84. Alicia Delancey

      This could actually be a Christmas song and I am surprised the like have the same voice😵

    85. Satin Young

      Always on rewind on my playlist for now number#1 on my list

    86. macdonell Douglas MD11

      Very vintage ,very 70s like atmosphere. This guy's are bringing 70s style back ,and they really did it so well nailed it ,bruno mars 👏👌👍great performance.

    87. Justice McCullough

      Am I the only one that can't get this song out of their head lol classic music 🎶

      1. C M.

        Nope I can't either. Such a masterpiece


      In this universe if anyone who could match Bruno that will be only another Mars (planet ) otherwise on the earth Bruno is Unique.

    89. mary smith

      The irritating bead recently guide because grey broadly skip pace a dirty mother-in-law. mature, robust plow

    90. dian rubianti

      This song "Leave the door open" by Bruno Mars Anderson ft Paak ft Silk Sonic came from Dian Rubianti's home by Dian Rubianti's voice ( A song belong to Dian Rubianti/owned by Dian Rubianti).. This song was created (composed) by Dian Rubianti by singing alone in home as home private art daily song creation (this song written by Dian Rubianti)../composition melody & style/how to sing this song created by Dian Rubianti/came from Dian Rubianti. Song produced by Dian Rubianti Taken LIVE (from Dian Rubianti's home) as private home daily song creation of Dian Rubianti. Released by Bruno Mars ft Paak ft Anderson ft Silk sonic with Dian Rubianti's lyrics and the other's IN original style (how to sing this song) and full song/composition song melody came from Dian Rubianti/sung by Dian Rubianti/created by Dian Rubianti. Tittle song "Leave the door open" owned by Dian Rubianti. letter from Dian Rubianti myself. New song creation of 3rd Millenium by Dian Rubianti. 181181 X