Brazil 1-7 Germany | Extended Highlights | 2014 FIFA World Cup


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    1. JR

      I remembered this all wrong. I thought Brazil beat them 7-1 and I also thought this was the final game

    2. Red Me

      I watched this game on air and it was thrilling. I remember how Brasilian spectators who came to see the triumph of their team cried in the stands of the stadium, horror on the faces, their broken hearts and national mourning. I felt sorry for them.

    3. Péter Weiner

      This Brazilian team was the most bumptious I've seen in my life. They deserved losing!

    4. Akwasi Buansi

      I watch it daily

    5. Sunita Devi

      Why neymar is not in the team ?

      1. niconico

        he was injured at the time

    6. Jerry Rust

      I come here every time a Brazilian bullies me

    7. Fikile Kula

      "Who wants to score, I think it's my turn"

    8. Abhijit Das Majumder

      I am a Germany fan but watched the match till the end just to see Brazil's Goal.

    9. Abhijit Das Majumder

      Germany was playing in beginners.

    10. Hanna Monica

      fernandinho 😂

    11. beli hadassa

      such a great memory for my dear rotten city belo horizonte.. honestly it's what it deserves

    12. Caliph-Nētā: Dhuku

      13:37 …..a man praying, to a lord whose clearly abandoned him, that he doesn’t get crucified by his own countrymen…

    13. Nick Hawdon

      There is literally no way for Brazil soccer to recover from this it's hilarious. Like no matter what any Brazilian tries to argue they lost 7-1 on their own turf. What a disgrace

      1. Enchiladas Polar

        Germany did us Argentineans a huge favour. Now any argument between us and them ends with 7-1

    14. Quốc Phong Đinh

      Ich mag Deutchland

    15. jose giron

      I'm just glad that germany never let up, it shows respect on their part for the other team to play as hard as they can and to beat brazil as much as possible, I would of rather seen this than germany letting up

    16. Jaymax

      The only thing other better than watching England choke on their arrogance is watching Brazil and Neymar go down in flames

    17. M Mrtson

      12:10 I bet Özil missed it on purpose

    18. Yi Li

      I hope Germany do the same to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 next time

    19. Mohamed Jasir

      അർജന്റീന 🇦🇷 കപ്പ് എടുത്തിന് ശേഷം കാണാൻ വന്നവരുണ്ടോ 🤣

    20. James Burke

      4:20 what did you think was going to happen when you fielded random , unsuccessful players?

    21. FalkoBalko

      that day every argentinian was a huge germany fan!! until a week later...

    22. gledis_der

      "I have never seen a goal less celebrated in my life"

    23. Khalid Al-Reemi

      Germans have no mercy in football.

    24. Khalid Al-Reemi

      One feels mercy to Brazilian audience. I was about to cry for them.

    25. Tyrese Braun

      ...Germany teamwork was on cosmic level...

    26. Jamal Nasir

      quite possibly the worst defense I have ever seen

    27. Shiv -

      Ronaldo: :why am I here, just to suffer:

    28. Ahmet Samet

      Bazen bu maçı tekrar izliyorum ve kendime brezilyalıların yerinde olabilirdin diyorum.

    29. Shayaan RK

      the supporters began cheering for a second after Oscar scored but remembered the scoreline lol

    30. Guilherme Mottin

      Quem trouxe o Fred?

    31. Marcelo Collao

      After the 4-0 ozil was like you guys score the goals i want to get out of here alive

    32. Marcelo Collao

      12:36 most agonic goal

    33. Marcelo Collao

      And the penalties?

    34. Joe Lynch

      This is still hilarious!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😢

    35. 32adin


    36. WaveForceful

      Brazil deserved this loss, at home and playing like this. 5-0 down at 30 mins

    37. Laszlo Lorenzi

      Brazil fans: "we will make history today" German fans: 😌😌😌

    38. Laszlo Lorenzi

      I'm back, you're back, we are all back. Welcome back.

    39. mody6930

      I wish if the 2002 Brazilian team played against this Germans team. Definitely we are going to enjoy watching the match and won't see this result!!

    40. Mr. 42

      In a game with so many goals it has to be an "Extended" video :D

    41. Azukira

      I still remember then from when I was a kid ( in Germany btw, and football is a really really big thing here) and my das And my uncle were making the rule, one Glas of whiskey for every goal... Yeah that didn't end well

    42. TheGundo

      The saddest goal was the 1 Brazil scored

    43. CrazyLizard!!!

      Why were they so bad. Just what was it?

    44. FlawIes


    45. kaz9781

      Horrible defense 5 defensive error goals , this game should have finished 3-0 7 is way too much also bad goalkeeper

    46. Nあけみ

      One of the worst days of my life. Coincidence or not, brazil has been in one of its biggest political crises since 2014.

      1. George Iowa

        Now blame the politics

    47. João Julião

      Brazilian Goalkeeper was weak

    48. João Julião

      Goleiro brasileiro muito ruim !

    49. M M

      loved the tears ngl

    50. Erica Nerina


    51. TheTB

      This video is timeless reminder that there is always bigger problem than yours.

    52. trqmj

      If I were Marcelo or David Luis, I was going to RETIRE right after this game. 😂 😂 😂 😂

    53. Anders Gether Sørensen

      Great respect to the Brazilian audience; especially when one here in 2021 has experienced the English audience.

    54. İbrahim Emre Güner

      11:17 Vardy?

    55. Joel Tchitchi

      The commentator is way too savage 😭😭. Soo many punchlines

    56. TheShouShen

      2014 Germany was terrifying.

    57. Joel Tchitchi

      If you feel depressed, just imagine there are Brazilians Barca fans out there

    58. Sumukh Samak

      This German team will surely beat the 2018 France world cup winning team by at least 2-0. They had fantastic team chemistry and counter-attack.

    59. Björn

      Any brazilian friends here?:)

    60. World War Bitcoin

      "the little boy is crying his eyes out"

    61. Flow

      It has 7 Milion views.

    62. ʍǝɾio


    63. Ribijune Syiemlieh

      German fan I am

    64. Tonczek :D

      I feel bad for these brazilian fans, but when i see the score... I want laugh so badly

    65. Simoun O'Brien

      George Hancock vs Coleman Trebor XD!!!!!

    66. Antique

      Love the GERMAN'S beautiful FOOTBALL...♥️♥️♥️

    67. Dominick Destine

      One of the most epic BTFOs in sports history. Goliza y en casa, GG.

    68. Nikolay Slavov

      A history lesson on how to dismantle one of the most strongest football teams in the world on their own soil.

    69. Phoenix Films

      Só pode zoar quem tiver penta, obrigado.

    70. Mosongo James

      I remember on the day of this match my mom, my brother and I were watching and I was the only one supporting Brazil, I was 8yrs then. The next day at school it went viral, and even my teachers were stunned by this scoreline

    71. Lcker


    72. Tennessee Jed

      Never gets old ... lol Brazil.

    73. Antero

      Please put this video at the top of the channel homepage

    74. Nicole Rungo

      I'm in love with Germany and all of that but, David Luzi praying after losing like that is admirable!

    75. Andrea Milani

      It is shocking no matter how many times I watch it

    76. Diego Agostinelli

      Que triste debe ser ser brasilero

    77. Khajiit Merchant

      Life tip: if you ever get into an argument with a Brazilian, just say 1-7 to Germany

    78. PLKartofel

      2014: Bats Brazil 1-7 and win the Finals. 2016: Got to the semi-finals of Euros. 2018: Loses with South Korea 2-0 and has the 4th place in the group. acedonia 2-1 in qualifications to WC 2022, draws with Hungary 2-2 and loses with 2-0 with England in 1/8 finals.

    79. Daniele Torsello

      senza nulla togliere alla germania, ma il brasile non è mai sceso in campo

    80. Raul :D


    81. truth sayer

      I just wanna laugh, Brazil thinks they are the ones to beat, well they got beaten HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

    82. Christian Goergen

      Wie wenn man zum ersten Mal mit 7 Jahren vom Zehner springt.

    83. Mani Das

      East or west Brazil is best

    84. rahman hadi

      fernandinho play like an idiot

    85. Zuhara Azeez

      I feel like i am cursed Everytime literally everytime i support a team that team loses

    86. Ant

      if that brazilian goal didnt happen it wouldve become apocalyptic

    87. Do's Don't

      As bad as Brazil was defensively, Germany played great offensively.

    88. DJ Vella

      I love this Karma :D

    89. Paul Guitard

      That happens when the referees help too much a team in the previous games

    90. Humam Jomrok

      Brazilian defence = Maginot Line

    91. Bosh

      This match actually made my respect for brazil go way up, no salt at all just like one day after the game, its actually amazing.

    92. okan can

      just imagine that lewandowski is also in the german team

    93. Franco Soliman

      First 2 goals were absolute blunders by the Brazil defence.

    94. Tom Talier

      I miss Klose

      1. The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator

        He was the best scorer. I loved his humbleness.

    95. Adib Hossain

      Agony....greatest agony for Brazil 😭😭😭😭🇧🇷

    96. F R

      That loss 7-1 and copa america final loss against Argentina at home hurted Brazil's jogo bonito legacy!!!!!

      1. George Iowa

        Its karma for burning messi's shirt

    97. Amara Cade


    98. 1999 Bobmer

      When you give your older brother controller: