Rating Halloween Candy with My Best Friends ft. Charli, Dixie, Noah, James & Larray | Chase Hudson


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    1. OtterMan

      I luv butterfingersssssssss 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🥺🥺🥺

    2. butter finger deserves so much more

    3. Stuti's Flairs

      Please make new video I want to see this friends group again

    4. Lucy Connolly

      I laughed so hard when charli wiped her nose on chases arm

    5. addison jordan

      butterfingers are a 10000000000000000000000000000000/1

    6. Brian Sneddon

      Ok who agree that Chase like had to say "I'm here whit my 5 awesome friends Noah,Dixie,Larray and James and my girlfriend Charli

    7. Alfonso Reyes

      What is wrong with y’all except chase. Butterfingers are the shit 🔥

    8. Spencer Wolford

      Everyone is talking: Charli:let’s wipe my nose on Chase 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Couldntthinkofaname


    10. 1ovedjessaa

      *charli wiping her nose on chase* someone in the background: EeEeEeeEeeeeeeeeeeeee

    11. wEiRdO🙄🙄

      You should really do youtube shorts!!!

    12. Charlotte Underwood

      Larray: milky ways are like a 3 Larray:mMmMm 10

    13. Steve Randle


    14. Fox Production

      I am ok with normal sour patch but I love the watermelon ones they are so good

    15. Antonia Mil

      Yo Butterfingers are so good

    16. Alesia Mulholland

      It is the intro for me

    17. Kdeiseljr

      #butterfingers lol

    18. Heather Dickson


    19. Sydnee Dinora Austin

      Who else agrees with Chase on the Butterfingers

    20. -ItsSleepyPlayz

      Me over here about to throw up bc i was eating gummy worms while watching and then watching them eat candy is gonna make me throw up😩🤚

    21. Heather Shortell

      Tootsie rolls are so good

    22. Heather Shortell

      I love butterfingers so much

    23. Makayla Barr

      chase in someone's video - does no say anything chase is his own video - very loud while everyone else is trying to get a word out 😂

    24. Franchesca Therese

      8:34 look Dixie and noah

    25. Stephanie Rivera

      wHeN cHaRlI tAlKeD aBoUt HeR oLd CrUsH i ThInK cHaSe GoT jElOuS :0

    26. ❤︎𝙏𝙤𝙘𝙖 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚❤︎

      Charli so funny and larray is cute and Noah is cuteee 😊😊😊😊🥰🥰😍😍😍

    27. Jenycka Hinojos

      Butterfingers are good😁😀😄

    28. Wendy Nino

      I like butter fingers there good

    29. alyssa aicklen

      my is butter finger, kit kat, milky way, and sour patch kids

    30. David Keiser

      I thought Noah is allergic to peanuts and peanut butter but he ate the m&ms

    31. Cacacaramelo TV

      Não entendi foi nada mais tudo bem

    32. aurora

      my favourites milky ways, crunch, sour patch kids, twix

    33. Roblox Andtiktok

      7-13-21: charli wiping her nose on chase was so funny lol

    34. Rebecca Omosa


    35. KingdomChick Yanni

      I love Reese's pc

    36. camella lasin

      The new sister squad

    37. Emily Gonzalez

      James is that girl in high school that would always scream for attention

    38. Isaiah Delgado

      my fav has to be tootise rolls.

    39. James Akers

      Chacha is cute

    40. IYA Serafica

      God loves us

    41. Alena Rivera

      BUTTERFINGERS my #4th favorite

    42. Aaron Oliver

      Milky ways are my fav

    43. Simmba Nono

      #stand for butterfingers 😂🤣

    44. Yasmin Bianca

      Eu procurando um brasileiro:🧐

    45. RØSEBLAC

      Lol charli is like the little kid they all have adopted into their friend group

    46. Navreet ZaZ

      5:17 if yall wanna know where charli whips her nose on chase

    47. Isabella Pierce

      At 8:43 did anyone else here Dixie say Huddy No

    48. Ally Anderson

      I feel like Noah and James are flirting.

    49. Kageyama Wife

      I I. I I. didn’t didn’t didn’t wanna. talk talk talk talk about what what n. I. I please please. I I I am so pretty pretty please send. N. ; Hey was. a.

    50. Ãleya Mahbub Álô

      The edits tho

    51. Valeriakittycat

      5:17☺️so cute

    52. Grace Conklin

      The three duos The gays The couple The exes

    53. ❥Meloni_Editsシ

      Charli: *wipes nose on chase’s arm* *Chase looks at charli very confused* Chase: What was that? Charli: I had to wipe my nose… Chase: On my Arm!?! Charli: Yeah.

    54. Alizeh jafree


    55. Naomi Bobby

      Noah and Dixie made out

    56. BakuKiri

      My favorite candy is butterfingers

    57. itsRamen

      "this is the last thing I had before my grandma died."

    58. Lotus Scott

      I’m on chases side with the candies😂

    59. cleostetics

      chase: what’s cookin good lookin everyone else:🥴

    60. Britt & Sky

      Dude why is Charlie so funny

    61. Bri Girl

      This channel is so great 😂 y’all r so funny

    62. Morgan Mccardle

      8:38 noah and his boo thing looking sus over there

    63. Pink_skiiiiiii

      I like KitKat and butterfingers

    64. Pink_skiiiiiii

      Chase I am with you for the butterfingers I love them soooo much

    65. Sasuke Chcak


    66. Gumm¡Sm¡l3

      I stand for butterfingersssssssss

    67. Kacey Donnelly McGuire

      it has to be mars or coffee crisp for me. or carmilk

    68. Aniya Caparino

      Butterfingers are the most underrated candy ever!!! Why don’t yall like butterfingers?! They’re actually really good

    69. C9 breno


    70. Harper Keele

      Butterfingers are the best

    71. R eg

      I STAND FOR BUTTERFINGER✊✊✊✊✊❤❤❤❤🍫🍫🍫

    72. Ada Fultz

      They are all wearing black haha

    73. Ruby Dupre

      I love that just every single video they make together is just absolute chaos

    74. Billy sherwood


    75. ilyMavirik

      I swear they all wear black

    76. Ains Rhi

      This video is so chaotic but I still love it

    77. chainfall56 x

      butter fingers are the best for real

    78. The not normal kid how ever body hates

      Your 8 years older then me

    79. The not normal kid how ever body hates

      I like you chase

    80. Lillyanne Gaming

      Found this on tt sjrjejeh so I went to the vid and started laughing

    81. Brianna

      Butterfingers are awesome 🤩

    82. racheal arauz

      Charlie is in a funny mood

    83. TTK_Raptor


    84. Nevaeh Martin

      hear me out this but with easter candy bc easter candys are always the weirdest

    85. jazzyy_wazzy

      9:51 are we not gonna talk about larri growling😭

    86. Dylan Miller

      me and chase are basically the same. Butterfingers are goated

    87. Nxva

      tootsie roll supremacy

    88. Genevor Monell

      Chase: Sometimes i dont wanna brake mt TOoTh meenwhile james: SomTimes I DonT WanNa bE hAPpY

    89. Micaela Gammuto


    90. Kallie Liberty


    91. Mitzi Puentes

      Did anybody else hear Larry's laugh at 0:52???

    92. Nicole Whyte

      Everyone : shore James : sometimes I don't wanna be happy

    93. Em Luv

      Chase I’m with u butterfingers are BUSSIN

    94. Ashlynn Dykes

      butter fingersssssssssssss

    95. Runa yomozuki

      5:17 is iconic

    96. Madi Nystrom

      5:17 is amaz8ng

    97. Rida Hamze