The Downfall of James Charles *a rant*

Smokey Glow

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    1. Ianni Mai

      Wow. She ... went.... off...... Please say it louder for the delusional stands sitting in the back. The mere fact is this, JCharles has a pattern of this behavior and because it is a pattern and not a single situation, he should be held accountable.

    2. Mariyam Aina

      This is such an amazing video. Honestly everyone who watches him must see this. It's such an eye opener. I stopped watching him since the bye sister scandal cause i believed Tati. I've watched her for years. And if jeffree and shane did manipulate tati and whatever that was. They could only do that if they had something to begin with. They can't just make something up entirely and feed to tati and she'll believe them. She knows enough to not do that. That's why she believed them only after she saw something herself.

    3. Up Shit Creek

      I made a video with my teenagers on this subject. James Charles, Jeffrey star, Shane Dawson And Tati Westbrook, I’m not posting it because they are 16. But I learned a lot.

    4. Cryptic-Images

      16 and 17 year olds aren't children......

    5. Christal Demastus

      GET HIM SIS!!!!! I am SO SICK of the victim blaming. It will make other victims in the future not want to come forward. Going through something like this is NEVER the victim's fault, period. They should NEVER feel shame for coming forward.

    6. Sydney Parks

      Doing my makeup with you while you rant ❤️

    7. Emma Gendron

      The fact that he is comfortable enough with his own actions to ask for forgiveness so soon and expect things to return to normal, that's the biggest sign that he needs outside pressure to be held accountable

    8. Ava Kunac

      I love how she explains these situations so throughoutly and accurately it is educating how she covers these sensitive topics

    9. •Alexis•

      I understand why you are on this part of the conversation and James confirmed 3 of these incidents but how do you know there were more? kids lie and adults that have nothing better to do also have no proof and if they did they take it from the kids who actually got “harassed” by him and the no more lies video James made a year ago, James also said that the kids told him that they were 18 so it was technically the kids faults for telling him they were 18, James wants a boyfriend but he doesn’t want them to know him as James Charles he wants them to know him as James Dickinson but he knows that’ll never change and he’s only attracted to young adults because he wants to date someone younger then him

      1. Andrea the Music Owl

        ' it only happened three times ' umm

    10. Ella Faraji

      Such a great video

    11. Marilyne

      His channel should be demonetized

    12. Shelby McPhearson

      I think a lot of the reason that people buy what James Charles is saying is because he is young and he looks even younger. Like he comes off as a young and dumb teenager so people don't look at him and automatically think "oh here's a powerful man" that's manipulating teenagers and fans...

    13. Uzi's Dad

      PREACH girl. You took the words out of my mouth. Instant sub. Love your videos

    14. Kw Potato

      Will the did fkn lie to him they said they are 18. And now some how he is the bad guy

    15. Kayti Baby

      Can we talk about how HE IS BACK ON THE INTERNET???? Like how disgusting is that.

    16. Final Girl Gaming

      I showed my grandma this video yesterday. She agrees that you’re brilliant and that you would be an amazing attorney, and that James is messed up and needs to be off the internet. Well done Hannah! #predatorsdontdeservepower

    17. MsAKALady

      Don’t lie about your age

    18. Sonja

      Omg! This *rant* - is perfection! I wish you never needed to rant about in the first place! But your angst is not unique! I feel it too! I recently stumbled onto your channel- and I’ve now watched several videos- and your awesome! Keep speaking to power!!!

    19. Teddie Mercury

      This is so similar to the Chris Delia situation. So many girls came forward (with proof) of grooming them as minors and his apology was "sorry I cheated on my girlfriend" and that has just been accepted without consequences

    20. Rebecca

      hi i just found you and i want to say i love you thank you for this vid and all your vids tbh BUT i want to highlight when you said fuck redemption arcs, to which i agree! idk why every time someone does something wrong, or in this case incredibly wrong and cruel, there needs to be some sort of redemption for them. it seems like a lot of abusers will try to perceive that they're the victims, or that they will do better, but that totally dismisses what they even did wrong in the first place? idk if i made sense.

    21. Tracy Lynn

      I always thought there was some truth to what Tati was alleging. It was just the way she went about sharing it that helped it get lost in the noise.

    22. R D

      ‼️ 💯


      i think you are a hater... and your opinion doesn't matter....

    24. Breanna Jones

      Austin Jones literally got de-platformed and 10 years in prison for getting young girls to send inappropriate footage of themselves to him by abusing his power. Yet nothing happens to James the "golden boy of the beauty community" youtube isn't doing anything in hopes of making money from his ads again soon I bet.

    25. Sofia Angulo

      I love your videos, you really take a long time of your days to do research for us, we really appreciate that. Can you do a video about the evolution of Zoella pls? 🙏🏼

    26. dave lightSaber

      Lol @ the “trigger Warnings” HRaerors use on the intros of their videos now. up . Generation’s so Soft now. saw the samee thing on A video Game review . 🙄 lol

    27. AlmondMilk

      This is the JC video I have been waiting for

    28. Rachael Brown

      i know, as a lesbian, the dating pool is v small where I live. and sometimes I do genuinely feel unworthy of love, and that maybe I will never find someone. BUT I DONT GROOM CHILDREN?? what the FUCK. you can be lonely, but loneliness does not push you to date children.

    29. Robie Oelkers

      Lol, he’s trying to gaslight and play the ,’Co-Dependent’, card!!!! Buddy...your not the C.D...your the predator!

    30. Robie Oelkers

      Wow...interesting! Kinda reminds me of the now deceased, self proclaimed, ‘King of Pop’. This might be the first time that I’ll admit it, but I wish social media was as far reaching back then as it is now - maybe more of his victims would have felt a little more validated.

    31. Crystal Cummings

      I completely agree and love u for standing up!

    32. Jillian Kavanaugh

      Preach!!! Preach!!!

    33. kw

      im in love with this channel

    34. Tee. Mill.

      The way I see it: If the charges were manslaughter, there wouldn’t even be a conversation. It’s an extreme way of looking at it, but this is an extremely serious issue. James is turning into the OJ Simpson of SA. 🤬

    35. puppyhowler

      one of the dudes coming forward even had their age in their bio... so people saying "there's no way james could have known!" can shut up now.

    36. Lea Castel

      so.... tati was right?

      1. vatsalaa

        Kind of, but James was more calculative in his response video.

    37. Kynoah

      You explained this situation so well, and you’re so well spoken you were able to keep my attention this whole video (which is really hard to do with adhd lol), also you’re really pretty!! :) 💗

    38. AM Williams

      Don’t drop the sister soap Charles.

    39. Boog Woog

      people need to learn to get past highschool mentally speaking. a 22 year old is someone with a job, bills to pay, possibly a graduate of university, someone who could even be married already. Being genz does not make you a youth forever, time is linear and you will age and you should act like an adult. you cant be sexually harassing minors/children and use the excuse of being desperate to get away with it. i feel incredibly sorry to the victims, and i hope james gets arrested.

    40. Renee M

      I was 12 when I came forward and was victim blamed by a whole community. Seeing you break this down and defend the kids involved makes me feel so hopeful. Back in the early 90s there were no outside voices. Your rant matters. Thank you.

    41. Adriana Ulloa

      yes!! 100% if he is “holding himself accountable” he should go to the police and stuff

    42. Suzy Talks

      Honestly I am VERY pro-cancel culture and deplatforming predators and other harmful public figures, including public figures who have harmful views (including racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, supporting apartheid/genocide/colonialism/imperialism, being a fucking Nazi/"ex-Nazi", basically being against basic human rights, etc.). We need to support marginalized people and human rights and that includes calling out, canceling, and deplatforming predators, Nazis/"ex-Nazis", TERFs, colonizers, imperialists, genocide apologists, and other pieces of shit who have no respect for basic human rights and present an actual threat to marginalized people including BIPOC, trans people (ESPECIALLY trans women of color), and colonized peoples throughout the world. We need to prioritize the safety of marginalized people over the feelings and comfort of privileged people (and that ESPECIALLY includes these cisgender white upper-class influencers with a huge-ass platform). It's sure as fuck a VERY GOOD thing that James Charles's racist, transphobic, pedophiliac colonizer ass got canceled and deplatformed, ESPECIALLY considering how much actual harm he caused children, transgender people (particularly trans men), black people, and all of his other victims.

    43. Kimberly Coulter

      I use to be a james Charles fan but after that apology video i unsubscribed. I think what he did was wrong and that people should be going after him and not the kid

    44. Molly Sequoia

      why do people keep FORGIVING P E D O P H I L E S .... what a wild sentences

      1. softspr0ut

        @Thomas Victor Rawson blaire white is literally an outspoken republican. people on the left despise pedophiles. this isn’t even a politics issue

      2. Thomas Victor Rawson

        Blame the leftists such as Riley Dennis, Philogynoir, Blaire White.....

    45. Molly Sequoia

      we need to start a pettistion to remove him from yt / socials

    46. Jenn Mahoney

      Both parties are to blame here they knew James Charles past and James Charles knew their age

    47. Katarina Kay

      Sooooo bye sister video was all true?

    48. milo teagan


    49. Zéro Nemad

      Some Things Can't be forgiven. Some things shouldn't be forgiven. 150% AGREE

    50. CRistine G

      The shame is that he was ever idolized from the start. Influencers are a concept that should be cancelled.

    51. Jess Lo

      Can you do an update on this shitstorm. He's still out living his life as usual and posting on all his socials.. its sad, disturbing, and just not ok for him to be getting away with this.

    52. Jessica Watts

      I'm not even into channels like this but I find your take actually gives me confidence in humanity in contrast to a lot of the deplorable behavior taking place on this platform and it's really important. Thank you!

    53. Star Power05L

      This video! Thank u for putting it out there. It’s so crazy to me how his fans are sticking up for him and supporting him still even tho he has admitted to doing these horrendous acts. Loved it and subscribed. 💜✨

    54. Rin Ruthless

      Pissed Smokey Glow is one of my favorite Smokey Glows.

    55. William Statter

      She do be speaking faccs

    56. Lainie Falcione

      this is an incredible video holy shit

    57. Jess Nicholas

      I’m watching this late but hasn’t he been demonetized and dropped from a bunch of brands since this vid?

    58. Siyu an TUM

      Your videos are good, but I’m wondering if you enjoy making these videos or not

    59. Milagros Smith

      Your argument is very strong. I felt your passion and was so glad to hear passion and anger for what James did.

    60. Isbah

      When i first saw his apology video i thought it was genuine but i realized in instant influencer he taught the contestants to easily manipulate the audience. The truth is he'll never learn infact he did not even know what he did wrong and that is terrifying. At this point he should hand himself over to the police

    61. οchiogrosso

      thank you for making this hannah!! as a minor, and an ex fan of james charles, this whole situation is absolutely disgusting.

    62. firelordbee

      love champagne toast! also the way that you did this video was perfect

    63. Whitney Gordon

      I know this isn't really a makeup video but could you tag the makeup products you used? I love your eyeshadow! 🧡

    64. Bougie Brie Beauty

      Best fuckin video you’ve ever done!!! Outstanding.

    65. SpontanousBookNerd

      THANK YOU. I once had him in my reccomended after all this and I ligit had to block him cause they wouldn't stop recommending him. He still has fans defending him and its not right.

    66. Samantha Ann


    67. Leah.

      This is what I was waiting for! Just subbed ❤️

    68. Sana Siddiqui

      initially I was like KAREN SHUT THE FUCK UP but then when she started making points-

    69. Paige W.

      You're so eloquent and such a good speechwriter. You just laid out a full thesis with facts and proof and I'm just over here clapping for 45 straight minutes. Thank you for speaking about this topic because it's obviously needed 😔

    70. Jenny DeLaCruz

      How is he not being investigated? This is a predatory behavior and the police are not pursuing this. There are 3 children that he admits he behaved inappropriately and yet he's not investigated??

    71. Becca B

      I feel like he knows what he's doing and knows there's a power imbalance and just doesn't care

    72. k a i h u i

      Idk but I feel like James goes after the “hype” people in LA like the sister squad emma chamberlain was one of the BIGGEST rising stars and he saw that and probably not necessarily helped her in learning the internet but to grab onto the attention she was receiving. (emma is still amazing and 10x better than james ) Then when the squad broke up he just kinda floated around for a while focusing on a bunch of marketing stuff with youtube and makeup. But then came another young rising star, charli d'amelio so they collabed together back in December where the cases in LA were at an all time high. I think he is just chasing around from person to person who has “fame” in LA but not just famous people but rising stars that are getting a LOT of attention. Once charli d'amelio loses her “hype” and another person comes along he’ll ditch her. Also in 2020 he went right into to familiarize himself with the hype house, being featured in tiktoks and stuff.

    73. Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn

      I’m now 20, but when I was a teenager, I would do exactly what those teens did to James. Lie. At that age, you’re desperate too and you want to have those flirty conversations. As someone who did that, I can see why it’s hard to put all the blame on James. There are things you can do to check someone’s age, but you’re probably not going to, especially when you can be anonymous online. On the other hand, there were people who were much older than me, and knew my age, that did send inappropriate messages and photographs. Again, at that age you’re desperate and you don’t see why it’s not ok. When they do know your age, I agree it’s on them, even if the teenager ‘consents’, it shouldn’t be happening. When you lie about your age, it’s a much more complicated situation. I understand it’s not an excuse in law, but the person often has no clue there’s an issue.

    74. Clare Bear

      As a survivor watching this it’s really hurting me..James Charles fans reminds me of my mom. It crushes me everyday that there are people out there that DONT have to live with this. And a little tip for everybody who hasn’t gone through SA or SH, DO NOT SAY: “I can’t believe it; it’s unbelievable.” “Poor ___ (boy,girl,child).” “I can’t imagine...” Thanks.

    75. Fall Chiild

      Ughhhh I love love love youu for saying child & not saying underage adult

    76. shawnda michelle

      As Told By Kenya said it perfectly, a child cannot trick an adult. Even so, it happened MULTIPLE times. This is not on the children but the adult involved.

    77. adriana

      dude-- if i were part of his team i would just freakin quit that job

    78. adriana

      omfg, girl, i love u, i love how u express urself. i stan

    79. brenda mertes

      He said, "I didn't know their real ages". So if someone lies to you about their age, that's on you? I don't think you personally would like that, but sure - let's hate on James for this. These teens have VERY clearly never been a real victim of grooming or of a predator, and were VERY clearly just looking for a chance to get famous using James. This is sick that nobody seems to see this. These a$$hole teens got exactly what they wanted because of scummy youtubers who refuse to believe him.

      1. Space beane

        I hope your joking.... seriously. These kids get nothing out of it besides life long trauma and massive hate from James fans. WHy are we still victim blaming? Saying that these kids lied to him is no argument. It does not change the fact that HE is responsible. HE is in fault here. He abused his power time and time again. And the screenshots from the children he confirmed were disgusting. He got super mad at them for refusing to send nudes. Hes been called out for inappropriate behavior towards love interests since Byesister and he still does not get the f**** point. He should be deplatformed because he abused his power.

    80. Advice For Alice

      OMG you are right on the money!! I totally agree with everything you said and put these thought so good in words. I would have never been able to express this frustration the way you just did in this video

    81. Sophie Francis

      Pleas tell me where the point of the video starts 🙄

      1. Sophie Francis

        @softspr0ut lol sorry I was just impatient at the time.

      2. softspr0ut


    82. Six Kidlets

      Another issue here is social media. Too much too fast.

    83. Johanna Honeyman

      100% You said all this so well.

    84. Jay Ko

      Preachhhhhhhhhhh! When I saw the video I was like “why you promising to us though?” 💀👀

    85. clawdeeah99

      If he is so desperate then he definitely needs therapy. Focus on working on yourself. Don't let it destroy you. If he wants to come back then do the work on yourself.

    86. Kasia Makhnevych

      Looks like Jeffery was right

      1. Kasia Makhnevych

        I don’t support Jeffery in anyway but he was about James

      2. Space beane

        I dont like Jeffree and the whole situation with ByeSister.... BUT... thats what I thought since these new alligations came out. What Tati said could be right.... what Jeffree said could be right.....

    87. HalieRenee

      If you have to ask for ID from everyone you're dating maybe you're attracted to people who look way too young for you 😅🤦‍♀️

    88. HalieRenee

      They truly look very young too. :/

    89. lauren x

      It’s scary how his so called ‘desperation’ is more like a CRAVING which is damaging to so many people

    90. Lalabelle

      I’m 18 and I can barely relate to 16 yr olds.... The only thing he wanted to talk to these kids for is their lack of power compared to him because it would make them easier to abuse.

    91. Sofia Vargas


    92. Sofia Vargas


    93. Sofia Vargas


    94. Sofia Vargas


    95. Sofia Vargas


    96. Sofia Vargas


    97. Sofia Vargas


    98. Sofia Vargas


    99. Cheyene Rose

      I like what you said about everyone not needing a redemption arc. It’s such a common thing on social media.

    100. Apdronite

      Wow.. This lady just really speaks what's on her mind and I loved it.