Bojan Bogdanovic DROPS 48 PTS in Jazz Home Victory! 🎶


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    Bojan Bogdanovic (48 PTS, 8 REB, 8 AST) powered the Utah Jazz over the Denver Nuggets, 127-120, tonight in Utah!

    Bogdanovic is the first player in UTA franchise history to record 45+ PTS and 8+ threes in a game.

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    1. Yung Swazy

      Wait so that’s his brother in Sacramento

    2. Svyatoslav Fastovetsky

      should be called moron baldanovic... what a lame ass

    3. LiveForever

      Bojan je brutalan, Bogdan je sjajan. Obojica vrhunski napadači, top klasa

    4. Domagoj Bilić

      Croatia plays better without him, unfortunately that's right, it's a shame because he could really bring Croatia back to the very top of basketball where it used to be

    5. Domagoj Bilić

      Bogdanović is a great player in the nba, but he plays for the national team like an old grandmother, I don't know if it's because of his teammates or money, but unfortunately it's like that

    6. Luka Brkljača

      Bam bam bam

    7. KnowethJC

      He's trash, dude would not last in early 2000s

    8. pancon5

      Exemplary shooter.

    9. BASKETBALL 49

      Awesome Video

    10. Jakov J

      To babooooo

    11. NateModo Dragon

      Should’ve put up his field goal percentage! The man was 16 for 23 and 8/11 from 3. With 8 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals and 8 free throws. 8. That means the man scored 40 points of his own volition. Not like James Harden and these other cats who have like 18 free throws a game lol

    12. Be LOGOS

      W O W

    13. Bojci O

      Hey they know how to pronounce Bojan :)! They actually say BoJan instead of Bozhen or Boujen. Probably the first time I heard an english speaker pronounce the name correctly. This makes me inexplicably happy.

    14. fredrikstadtilian

      Šuteri šutiraju!

    15. Kadeem Lord

      32 years old 🔥

    16. Rajko Cg

      Pocijepa Denver !

    17. Yo-yo DD

      As a Jazz fan, this win feels good, especially when everyone on Denver bench is throwing their hands up like 🤷🏻‍♂️ hey, if he has got this much confidence and then Mitchell and Conley come back and rested and ready to go, watch out baby. Gonna be an amazing playoffs. Can’t wait!

    18. Bruce Wayne

      My man wrecked shop for the pacers

    19. Mare1234 Stipetić

      Zabio je 48 koševa na 100 mogućih načina!!! ZVIJER!!!

    20. Vice Gripp

      In the playoffs alotta teams better check under their beds & in their closets for.... The Bogey Man! Muwhahahaha! 🤣

      1. User Name


    21. TheMrBig8

      He been playin out his mind with Mitchell being injured

    22. Alex18

      Bogdanovic is one of the reasons why the jazz have been a great team this season

    23. iBloxonic

      Why did the pacers have to get rid of him 😩

    24. Jaguar Bog


    25. Bison3000

      I need him to keep doing this I'm in my Fantasy NBA Finals

    26. Djuro

      Šuteri šutiraju.

    27. Lyla Adalyn

      ppl forget when dipo got injured while still playing with the pacers, bogey is the main reason why the pacers remain competitive on that season.


      please, show me all 48 points, come on!

    29. 25th Baam

      With the Donovan injury (unfortunate) there was 20 or more shots to make up for, and when Clarkson doesnt take stupid shots Boggie will make 40+ every game just because he is so much efficient, and somebody has to tell this Jordan Clownsnon to stop 1v5 every game

      1. starkelja


    30. angryhare

      To reduce a badass Serb name like Bogdanovic to “Bogie” lol

    31. Ante Knežević

      Svaka ti Bojane pratim te od pocetka!!!

    32. L J

      He’s been a supremely underrated player for years. He can do it all

    33. Dubravko Ćuić


    34. Tkosamja Tosamja

      Bogme... Bogdanović Boki


      Did It All Within The Offensive Flow 2 Chef Boggie 😤!

    36. Jackson Yon

      And this is why you should be scared of the jazz. You never know when this man will go off

      1. Jackson Yon

        @dostacos yes for sure. I definitely can see them making the conference championship for sure

      2. dostacos

        The Jazz have multiple guys that can go off, that’s what’s so fun. It could be Mitchell, Bogey, Clarkson, Conley, Ingles, O’Neal, even Gobert has had a 25+ point games every now and again. The wing defenders get a little lazy and rely too much on Gobert to clean up, that’s their biggest weakness. But it’s an effort thing and I expect it to be cleaned up in the playoffs.

    37. Kwames GreatestFan

      They'll probably take throphy this year. They are playing perfect basketball right know. Bojan is just amazing.

    38. Pixel Baller

      He had a hair transplant. Looks good.

      1. Ryan Simons

        If that's a hair transplant, he better get his money back.

    39. Luke

      Jazz are too deep...

    40. Koca Metallec

      Navijam za Jokica i Denver, al ovom coveku stvarno svaka cast! Pokidao je sinoc! Lepo je videti da trenutno u Utah, Denveru, Atlanti i Chicagu dominira igrac sa prezimenom na ''ic"

      1. TC 10

        Kako ce nam biti lijepo u Playoffu. Imamo Phoenix sa Šarićem, Denver, Utah, Clippers, Dallas I Miami da pratimo

      2. dinchy12

        Dallas-Denver-Utah Dončić-Jokić-Bogdanović, pratim i gledam kad god mogu

      3. Engleski Seter

        Što to znači ić

      4. Koca Metallec

        @Tomislav Susak Bravo, zaboravi coveka xD

      5. Tomislav Susak

        I u Dallasu;)

    41. Victor Nathanael

      Bogdanovic > Curry

    42. MrTehnica

      Bravo Bojane

    43. Adnan Spahalic

      Bojan magic svaka mu čast


      Amazing Bojan Bogdanovic, pride of Croatia :)

    45. carlos pez

      Bravo Boki 💪

    46. Fürst Fr

      Gotta give Utah their respect. Donovan’s been out for a while but they are still ballin & Boggy is a dawg fr

    47. Domantas Sabonis

      He deserves to be an all star

      1. Nemanja Charapic

        @Eggo Slayer Yea he is doing just fine. His NBA career so far has been admirable.

      2. Eggo Slayer

        @Nemanja Charapic Yeah that's the only problem. He's like the 4th or 5th option on offense after Mitchell, Conley, Clarkson and possibly Ingles. But when he's on fire you just feed him the ball and he'll go off. If he was on a team with less firepower he could definitely average 25+ ppg and make an all star team for sure. Doubt he's complaining being on the team with the best record in the NBA though lol.

      3. Nemanja Charapic

        I think one season he could do it. Thing is Utah atm has many All Star Players, 3 i think. If he could play in this form in the first half of any season, he would be All Star definetly

    48. Jordan Wolfson

      This man is a problem. I fuckin loved him when he was in Indiana, and now he's a perfect fit with Utah. He'll help lead this team to the promised land. RESPECT BOGEY!

    49. GM Kid Radja

      Jebo vas Bogi! A što je najgore i onog drugog Bogdanovića zovu Bogi. Kako možeš nekome promjeniti nadimak ako mu je nadjeljen još u djetinjstvu vjerojatno? Npr. Mirislav Blažević- Ćiro, ne možeš ga sad odjednom nazvat Blaž. Dakle, ako je čovjeku nadimak Babo onda ili ga zovi Babo ili Bojan ili Bogdanović, nemoj mu izmišljat neki novi nick. S tim samo zbunjuješ gledatelje. Zapravo sam siguran da pol amera koji i prate NBA ne znaju koji je koji Bogdanović.

    50. Toni Georg

      European guys don't play no games

    51. Nyno0

      Nemoj sam bojane majke ti

    52. Sic Sense

      with vic oladipo voice: bouujannnn 🇭🇷

      1. Koca Metallec


    53. Mark Himself

      Looks like almost a full arena :) Great sight..for whatever reason no one is mentioning that as an advantage for the Jazz compared to many other teams.

    54. Sh MO

      NBA fans we unlocked a new player Bojan Bogdanovic .

    55. Александр Макеев

      Nice, white player is good

    56. Ozren Prpić

      :) carrying Jazzers without Donovan ...

    57. Mladen Banic

      Amazing Utah Jazz,Bogdanovic,greeting from Croatia.

      1. Ante Knežević

        Odvalio ih brate.

    58. Go! Cherry Picker

      Bojan is gonna be the Jazz’s black hole in the playoffs. If he gets up 20-22 points a game, they got a good chance to make the finals.

    59. J.Bizzay Tizzay

      Ooo bogey gave em the biz just couldnt be stopped

    60. Donner 1

      Now need New Jersey with number 48

    61. Elvis Zupan (MasterInfinity)

      Croatian Silent Assassin,reminding NBA he is still around.One of the most underrated players with versatilities to hurt you in so many different ways.Pick your poison,post up,drive in the paint or behind the arc.

      1. Elvis Zupan (MasterInfinity)

        Every time defense think they have figured him out he comes up with new sceam.That's the trait of very experienced basketball player with high basketball IQ.Last game vs Grizzlies he scored decisive points to bring back stability in the offense and reassure teammates"we got this".

      2. Eggo Slayer

        His baseline jumper is disgusting and unstoppable. Hit three of them in game 3 against the Grizzlies and they couldn't stop it.

    62. アウ子アウ太郎


    63. _Max_


    64. Hrvoje H

      Sretna Nova! 🥳🥳

      1. Sven Jakopcevic

        Sretna Nova

    65. Tri4ceKid

      And people say Bojan's absence in the Denver series wasn't significant

      1. Chad C

        So true omg

      2. Iconic space

        No one says that, trust me Denver knows how lucky we were. But keep in mind we were missing Barton, and Harris

    66. Jomada

      Babo Baretta 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🏀🏀🏀

    67. Chief Longhair26


    68. nFra 1234

      Baboo zvijeri, zbog ovog se isplatilo ostat budan. Samo trpaj i dalje

    69. afra 119

      Jos da clarkson nije sutnuo na silu 15 trica...

      1. Ozren Prpić

        konjina ,ima vica u igri,finu fintu,ali mi se gadi zbog forsiranja

      2. Elvis Zupan (MasterInfinity)

        JC je jedini koji se napucava napamet i trosi 16 sekundi napada.Da Babo tako igra on bi trpa i 60 koseva po utakmici

      3. last zeit

        Taj igrac mi je bas bez veze uzima previse suteva. Danas 21point ali uzeo preko 20 suteva. Walking brick

    70. Eltot

      Bogey kill the nuggets

    71. Joey Bee

      Bojan with some friends Ingles influence tonight.

      1. last zeit

        Ingles is crazy always balling

    72. Jess Andrew Virgo

      Angas Bogdanovich!!! 👏👏👏

    73. Mislav Bencec

      Bogey becomes...BOOGAYMAN,it's official!Svaka cast Babo,a playoff nije ni počeo 🇭🇷 !

      1. Marko Croatia

        Je li mislite na kečera Boogeymama iz WWE-a?

      2. Ante Knežević

        Boogieman ajd ispravi to

      3. Ivan Maras

        Mislija sam da misliš na John Wicka pošto je njemu nadimak Boogieman

      4. Downshift38

        @Mislav Bencec Ali taj ti je "Boogieman", ne Boogeyman...

      5. Mislav Bencec

        Možda da pogledas film horor iz 2005,ili nastavak Boogayman(u prijevodu "Zastrašujuće/Cudovisno),2007(2) nastavak.Bojan zastrašujuće učinkovit, skinuo je kako svoj tako i pokojnog Dražena rekord iz NY Netsa(44p),neka nastavi u kontinuitetu te Utah sa svojim rosterom(sirinom) ima solidne sanse za finale(lako moguce i naslov).

    74. Filipr Android

      Babooo, nemoj po glavi

    75. bread_n_butter

      One hell of a player

      1. Eggo Slayer

        He's one of those players that would fit in perfectly on any team.

      2. bread_n_butter

        @Consistent Inconsistency damn right :D

      3. Consistent Inconsistency

        Aphex twin is one hell of an artist, too.

    76. Seth B

      Great game Bogy!

    77. lepaselalepegore

      Jokic who? Did he even played tonight?

      1. Sven Jakopcevic

        @Kinidios Odlosios Joke🤦🤦

      2. Kinidios Odlosios

        Jokic MVp was great Also 24 PTS almost without missing shot and 13 AST 9 REB yure f..cking casual

    78. Air Bebs

      Svaka čast 💪🍻

    79. Gon Freecss

      I condfindently say that he's totally back from his injury last season.

      1. MacVince Mosquera

        yes. prior last year when we was injured, he was killing it. glad he's back.

    80. Rio Set

      Damnnnnnn!!! He bad!!!!

    81. Hatchy The Pro Gamer


    82. Jonathan Ona

      You're my next sharp shooter idol. Love from RP

    83. The Fun -_-guy

      This has got to be one of the best games he’s had,I mean he shot 70% from the field and made 8 THREES!😤

      1. Kaliba King

        Best game of his career

      2. Javier

        Easily the best game of his career

    84. lightningmohawk 2006

      Better then bogdan

      1. Kinidios Odlosios

        He always was

    85. I’m Your Huckleberry

      I always forget Bojan is 6’ 9” with the way he plays.

      1. den20dgo

        @I’m Your Huckleberry Any time, bud.

      2. I’m Your Huckleberry

        @den20dgo Thanks for correcting me, I was way off!

      3. dwayne keenum

        @mooch how

      4. mooch

        youre right lebron be copying bojan style

      5. A 1

        @den20dgo Nah, I've seen him in person, he's like 7'3"

    86. Danijel Butkovic

      Recod from Drazen Petrovic is done.Bojan is a great guy,versatile player and he deserves more attention.Bravo Bojane,ubojico.🔥🇭🇷🧨

      1. Keagan Yosef

        @Miles Jad yea, have been watching on instaflixxer for years myself :)

      2. Miles Jad

        not sure if you guys gives a damn but if you are bored like me during the covid times you can stream pretty much all the new movies on Instaflixxer. Have been streaming with my girlfriend during the lockdown =)

      3. vjeran vlahovic

        Samo mu fali JOŠ 64 kosa do Drazena...

      4. Domagoj Bilić

        @Danijel Butkovic a ne bi se baš složio jer je nekoliko ključnih trenutaka, točno se ne sićam koje su utakmice, ali sam ih gledao, čini mi se da je jedna baš protiv Slovenije ili Srbije, upropastio u zadnjim sekundama u i ključnim trenucima, ko telac se zabio u tri igrača i izgubio loptu, da je to napravio samo jednom, aj rekao bih da je bilo slučajno, ono ka desilo se, ali to je napravio više puta, tako da o njegovoj igračkoj inteligenciji ima mista za raspravljati, u obrani je vrlo dobar, tu mu nemam prigovora

      5. Danijel Butkovic

        Simon redovito igra "clutch" utakmice kada treba.Podcjenjujes ga previse.Ima godina ali igra jako inteligetno.Da,nemamo repku s kojom bi kada bi svi najbolji igraci igrali sigurno napravili nesto.Nije fer da jedna ekipa igra kvalifikacije a druga Euro ili SP.U SAD-u je sve vaznije od predstavljanja drzave.

    87. Dzek Herrer

      A dobar vi je ovaj Babo svaka čast 🙃

    88. poging dennis

      Nice 🥰😊😍🥰😍🥰

    89. V “Gojyox”

      Damn he singlehandedly put them up! This dude needs to get a fresh cut more often! Look nice, Score nice! I remember his Nets days where he went of for 44! which i thought was dope cause thats his number! 48 though? man some players wish that was their career high! ...shit some players which they were as consistent as Bogy!

    90. Zasshu

      Bootleg Klay Thompson

    91. Bro Bh

      NBA is awesome buddy

    92. 神秘人物

    93. norest wicked

      Bojan Bird

      1. Sven Jakopcevic

        Larry Bogdanović

    94. Eriverto Gonsalez

      He went nuts and was automatic.

    95. Christopher Law

      Bojan dropping damn near 50pts now!?!? BRING BACK THE REAL DEFENSIVE RULES ADAM SILVER smh

      1. I H

        While Spida is away he is their best player. And Jazz is still on the top. That means something. He has the quality to kill any team in the NBA when he plays like this. He is no joke.

      2. Obezbedije Otadžbinović

        You idiot he drop 44 points years ago when he was with nets

      3. Nir【ニル】

        You're just a casual

      4. bobby smurda

        He was unstoppable even with guys defending him well

      5. Joseph Miller

        Talking like he's bad or something, dude's been lowkey slept on cause he's played in small markets for a while. He's for real haha

    96. pablo bagtas

      Denver players are like scarecrow..they dont know how to guard..

      1. V “Gojyox”

        You can't do anything about that 3 ball.

    97. Kindell Zamora

      Credits to the clutch threes of JC.

      1. Champ God

        and also jc always sets Bojan for his shot

      2. last zeit


    98. yaboobay yaboobay

      one hell of a bogdanovic


      Now thats some 2k shit.

      1. Kaliba King

        Fax I dropped 40 with him in a 2k game once lol

    100. Elite Exposure

      At first when I read the Title I thought it was 7'4" Bojan Marjanovic from the Mavericks LOL!!!

      1. Gaspar Pajares

        Me too

      2. V “Gojyox”


      3. Chan Jerald