Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!


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    Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer is live now and was crazy! This video has a tonne of gameplay details and information about the game from guns, game modes, specialists, maps and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. THATcoolKID J

      No battle royal????

    2. Metallic Vinyl

      “ I just wanna be a generic soliderrrrr” wah wah wah you guys are babies, it’s not a real war it’s a video game just be glad we are getting another battlefield to play

    3. Kyle E

      Xbox, Playstation.. on a bigger map but same 64 players is stupid.

    4. Dark Soulja

      Do we have an official hardcore mode? Lots of people are praying for this.

    5. yuoop noke

      Battlefield needs to stop with this specialist crap. Clearly it was one of the failures in bf5. Make the soldiers exactly how it was in 1 and 4

    6. Tim Nicholson

      You guys are complaining about the specialists? Last I heard, MFs were complaining about how some of the specialists in BF5 were worthless because everyone could “revive” people. BF is unique because it’s different than any other fps. I’ve been playing since the first bf came out and it’s way better than COD, by far!!

    7. merteger

      Yo stop complaining about specialists. You guys just complain for the sake of complaining. God forbid we’re “specialists” for the first time instead of “regular joes”

      1. yuoop noke

        Competitive pls

    8. LazyDreamer

      I love how they added the "rendazook" in the trailer

    9. Steven Lacy

      Yeah that specialist shit is not the wave, Hardline had the best character customization settings.

    10. 劉香腸

      I start to wait for discount...

    11. John Gober

      Rising sea levels? By 2042? "Watch as soldiers run through 2cm of watcher on the edge of islands" Sounds epic.

    12. mmpj twod

      Why didn't they just keep BFV's customisation system? Letting you customise a generic soldier? And for the battlepass they could've just sold outfit packs?

    13. Riggs Murtaugh

      Did anyone notice the female specialist only has one arm, just like the one in BF1. Are they trolling us? Haha

    14. aola wili

      the whole specialist thing is straight shit.

      1. mmpj twod

        Dice Please don't make a decision that will make or break this game, listen to the feedback and please make the appropriate choice no specialist.

    15. Mr. Lala

      Do we regenerate health?

    16. John M

      man im kinda bummed about the specialist stuff, like why not just have a blank specialist role instead of a gendered and named role? like why cant i just have a blank specialist i can put myself over instead of having to play as boris maria casper or the other dude. kinda lame imo

      1. aola wili

        Can we play ps4 +ps5 together

    17. Nael Meraey

      4:13 cheeky...

    18. Rodrigo Salas Delgado

      Bye bye WARZONE.

    19. miko foin

      idk about you but the random no name guys seem way cooler than the specialist

    20. XM3

      This makes me wanna get a Xbox series x

    21. Sleeping Lion

      My next purchase

    22. Eric Cartman

      The weapon customization during battles just like warface

      1. miko foin

        If we able wear ghillie suit, I'm in

    23. SandeR Gaming

      Competitive pls

    24. SandeR Gaming

      Pls private servers for competitive.

    25. Alex VanDover

      Bot matches are back, YES!!!!

    26. TheGamingGryphon

      Specialists are garbage, I am so tired of that mechanic.

    27. Little Sarge

      I REALLY want a custom-ish character creation element.

    28. Nathan B

      I personally think that the specialist roles are a good thing to do, but the characters assigned to each one are not. I believe that the Battlefield fans would enjoy a simple character customization option; choose your gender, how your character looks, and then choose what specialty your character will have. They can have pre-made characters with a backstory to be playable if one just so chooses to play as him or her. That's just my opinion.

    29. Douglas Parkinson

      its a massive shame about the lack of single player. i need that story.

    30. Aimized

      Dice Please don't make a decision that will make or break this game, listen to the feedback and please make the appropriate choice no specialist.

    31. marnix

      I can't wait for the easter eggs.

    32. Wayne Turner

      Can we play ps4 +ps5 together

    33. IrishSavage87

      Listening to a Brit describe guns and tactics is nauseating

    34. XAnonAdviserX

      Hell yeah, we'd see the legends return on this one

    35. zhugedai 12

      Specialist stuff is good because fewer limitations is better, but scared this is not crossplay between PS5, PC, and Series S/X.....

    36. Awesome Hate


    37. Ahmarel Virgio

      If we able wear ghillie suit, I'm in

    38. 40ozSuicide

      I hope they are able to do these "specialist" right. I prefer none at all tbh, but let's see how it turns out.

    39. Berke Oğurlu

      hoping for small maps but 128 players

    40. john paul Trejo

      Does battlefield 2042 allow playeros to fully customizable their guns? Or it will be the same mechanich on having 4 slots for accesories?.

    41. Steezy STI (xxMaverickxx)

      Anyone know if attack boats are gonna make a return?

    42. Greg Hicks

      Not crazy about the tornadoes.

    43. Georg C

      Now only Imperial Star Destroyers are missing.

    44. Arcturus

      Hopefully this will be the death of warzone. looks great 👍

    45. Broken Seal

      Man really put MW (2019) on the front part. M13 with an underbarrel

    46. Богдан Mar1n3R

      Also we have T14 Armata on 0-46 and 3-42

    47. Svnt

      Yeeeesssss bots

    48. Discord Lord Of Chaos

      welp this will be a battlefield im not getting this year

    49. 47ven

      Another battlefield nothing more.... I like idea human vs machine like in movie "terminator but weather idea is great

    50. OldLeatherHands&Friends

      should have been 2242

    51. Jaeger Bomb 2

      I'm cautiously optimistic about this game. Wait and see how it pans out.

    52. beugen2001

      No BR no win

    53. ZetaRhythm

      The whole concept of Specialists worries me. The saying "If everyone's special, no one is" exists for a reason.

    54. laka paka

      no sp.... I'll pass

    55. WhenToastersAttack

      Wonder if we’re gonna see any of the stuff from the futuristic stuff we saw in the Final Stand dlc for BF4.

    56. Dencal

      people HATE dying to environmental effects in FPS games. the novelty of the tornadoes will wear off very quickly

    57. DanDan • 1001 years ago


    58. The Non-Perfect

      i am mad they dont have a campaign

    59. WCGwkf

      We should make a wager on how quick it will go on sale for 30-50% off. My guess is 1 month

    60. KRIPTICZ-08

      Cod killer 😈

    61. Ketupat Sayur

      i imagine 1TB hardrive is needed to play this game.. not to mention the high graphics needed in time of GPU were very hard to find.. unless its playable with gt 710 this game is gonna have more bots than real players.. dead in a year..

    62. hector serrato

      where is the lgbtqcefghj community inclusion with amputee female snipers and british braveheart-style scottish dude with katanas

    63. اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي - سبحان الله وبحمده

      لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين

    64. misolou fout

      I’m still not sure about how I feel about it being an only multiplayer game I love the campaign of bf 1

    65. Friedhelm

      Did you really just call an MCX an M13… oh dear

    66. Kill Khizr

      To everyone saying they don’t like the new specialists don’t worry classes will still be here but I don’t know where they have got specialists from but I would suggest to try it out and see

    67. Issam Hegazy

      Shame no singleplayer Am i the only gamer who love bf singleplayer mode ?

    68. RedBullRS4

      it's no M13, it's a HK416 from "Heckler & Koch" , the german SOF using this gun

    69. TATO _ ZUBA (G F T A T O)

      кто переводет ?

    70. Marvin Rhone

      Ppl literally complain about anything…OMG I want my character to be no named mf faceless 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    71. MDC

      Discarded is set in a ship-breakers yard and the derelict vessels are not due to changing water levels (which would be increasing). The map is based off Alang-Sosiya in Gujarat which is the worlds largest ship breaking yard. The ship in the screen shot is actually a real ship which is visible in photographs of the location, they even have the "no smoking" sign visible.

    72. Infirna

      I really don't like the specialist aspect

    73. Timo Pätzold

      I would've preferred generic, customizable soldiers/classes and at least 3 to 4 clearly distinguishable factions (USMC, MEC, China, EU, Russia.. etc.) with their own weapons & tech instead of this whole one operator/specialist fits it all thing. This is a huge letdown for me. IMO the story should've been told around the battlefield itself, its operations or the objectives you're fighting for like the loading screen descriptions you got in BF2 rather than focussing on indiviual background stories of single specialists.

    74. JÄGER

      It's gonna feel pretty empty if it's the biggest maps in bf history but can only support 64 players for most of the community

    75. Minitaur

      Imagine Star Wars Battlefront on this scale.

    76. JOR

      My body is ready and moisturized!

    77. Regdu Geht

      I’m trying to stay optimistic, I’m just really worried about the specialist thing

    78. LoneWolf2555

      Everyone bitching about specialists. And I'm just here wondering if the gun play is gonna be good, and gameplay is actually fun. You know, the important stuff.

      1. Regdu Geht

        Very nice video bro 🤗🤗

    79. Todd Jason

      Looks fineee

    80. Michael Bignell

      Just bring back titan mode and im happy..

    81. ultimate4hed

      Man all this battlefield news at once... it feels like a dream I don't want to wake up from

    82. J J

      hope they put this much effort into battlefront 3 if that comes

    83. Jan Perenboom

      I'm bummed about there not being a campaign

      1. Lumus

        im glad, allows them to put all there effort on the mp

    84. ッKK

      1:29 m13😂😂😂

    85. Maximus

      The specialist jet fighter's pilot ejecting and used rocket launcher is dumb tho... Why? If you already has a jet!!? WHY?????

      1. Anirudh

        Players always do that so they used it... It was GENIUS, not dumb😑

    86. Maximus

      I love battlefield 4 they used to be the most realistic game i ever played. But this one is nothing like bf4 anymore. Battle royal would be nice too like warzone free to play.

      1. When She Shows You Her Moves

        BF4 isn’t realistic at all lmao

    87. Ansaar Sohail

      jack mason 28 october 1986

    88. Ryder Eldridge


    89. Mike Batista

      Yeah I'm not gona lie 2042 does look good but I am not liking the "Specialist classes " at all !!!!! I would prefer plane Jane soldiers . Grappling hook , dart revive gun , sentry guns , drones is a bit Call of dutyish .

    90. Dylan Ford

      For all my fellow aviation nerds , the photo jack showed of the Ka-52 alligator was actually a photo of the Ka-50. The predecessor to the Ka-52:)

    91. Robert Perez

      Anything about cross play/cross platform? Forgive me if you did mention it, must have missed it

    92. Aziz_ Alrumayyan

      So they spilled the beans to you and you didn’t tell us 🥺 i feel betrayed

    93. The Manic Salmon 13

      I am worried the specialists will ruin the game, I’d rather play as a random soldier.

    94. soniya Singh

      Very nice video bro 🤗🤗

    95. Georgia Johnson

      No specialist shits lame

    96. Russell Stamey

      The ability to modify a weapon on the fly is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    97. badtostada

      that canadian better be the wing suit guy..... wait and see the medic .... woman will have the suit for no reason at all

    98. badtostada

      the character parts and their gadgets seems to be the hang up for this game... that and no campaign

    99. Prawnee

      Now that the weapon restrictions are removed, I wonder is it going to retain the same arsenal count as BF4/3 or they gonna shrink it to along the lines of BF5/1

    100. B B

      Not only do we have to battle the hordes of hackers, we have to battle climate change? No thanks, hard pass.