Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Official Lyric Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Happier Than Ever (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. francisca belen♡

      te amo

    2. k1tsune

      The two aesthetics

    3. Danna Naomi Corona rivera

      I love you so much billie eilish.💗🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🖤🖤🙈😳

    4. Tod 💀

      Rock isn't really my genre, but God Billie changed my whole pov 🤟🏻🎸

    5. Genesis Edwards


    6. Genesis Edwards


    7. Jacob Sucks

      Sounds really good in 1.25x actually!

    8. Rodel Aldeguer

      The way she said "when i'm away" it's kinda mesmerizing

    9. sun flower

      for some unknown reason i started crying lol

    10. CentiZ A

      It’s funny how music “critics” point out Billie as the artist whose style is “killing” music when she has songs like these painting all over her albums

    11. Pandy Bleu

      Wait what????????? .-.

    12. Aarshia Bhattacharyya

      This is one of the most relatable songs I've ever heard

    13. CUTE CUTE

      This song makes me feel: 🦋🌸🍀🪴🌵🌾💫✨🌙

    14. Gena Sison


    15. Ai Mitsuya

      i kind of hear marem and achilles' relationship here ;((

    16. BoostCTRL

      You have to listen to this song with a good pair of headphones and with a good quality source (like Tidal HiFI or Qobuz). The intensity is unreal.

    17. Alan Raiman


    18. 𝕊𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝 𝔸𝕥𝕙𝕪𝕣

      I hate that I relate to this in too many ways

    19. C S

      the second part is kind of giving Pierce the Veil, am I crazy? anyway I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG OML THANK U BILLIE

    20. Thalía Cortéz

      I love this song so much, it's that wow, it's so amazing. When it happens to the rhythm in rock mode it is so beautiful, I think we were all blown away hearing this beautiful song. ✨

    21. Maria Guzman

      first part: to my parents second part: s.o. at least for me

    22. domenica

      i think i actually prefer the first part, reminds me of the toxic relationship i have with my dad. it’s so crazy how a song talking about such a situation made me more comfortable than he ever did

    23. Ninguém Não sou ninguém

      my God!!! this music is perfect

    24. Sonakshi Dey

      i would give anything to be able to listen to this song for the first time again

    25. Sofía Balderas


    26. jimin tiny

      Just BiLliIe ElLiSh thing-

    27. Dynasty Mack

      This song is so perfect

    28. jimin tiny

      You know she was so hyped 'bout this song that she named the Album after it haha.

    29. MusicMagic 008

      Just cried to this and man it felt good

    30. rayen salem

      Wowwww 💬💬🔥

    31. Brandy Smith

      second parts @2:17 yw

    32. vidhi gaur

      never once have i not got goosebumps after listening to this !!

    33. naomi alafa

      Dear dad, when I’m away from you I’m happier than ever. I wish it wasn’t true…

    34. Flagarvia

      a bop, as per usual

    35. Annabel Collister

      Dealing with a toxic breakup, this song really relates to me right now.

    36. Makaila Keadle

      If you listen to it with headphones in you can hear her screaming In the background

    37. Μελινα Καλογερακη

      I can see my whole life in her lyrics

    38. andreisletters

      Honestly this song wakes the broken part that we choose to bury and ignore because it will damage the people around us. This makes me want to scream all the silent pain I hide. This hits so deep.

    39. Han II


    40. chicken feet

      I relate so much

    41. sad gurl

      One of Billie's songs that I love!!

    42. Archie Bermejo


    43. dOnT yOu dArE

      2:19 is our fav part

    44. Vicky Basilio

      thsis is the best song that i've heard (;´д`)ゞ it amazing

    45. Mrs. no name🤪

      Wish I couldn’t relate to this song.

    46. Unknown

      Ngl this song made a new fan

    47. Michelle Natania

      billie is so beautiful in HTE era... love this style on her

    48. Uxi zel

    49. Aileen Soto Rosa

      Ooooooh I'm crying :D that shit bussin bussin, good soup

    50. Grace Mbengani

      that scream daddy issues for me

    51. whatever

      “cause i’d never treat me this shitty you made me hate this city”

    52. sabiechi

      i dont think of anyone while listening to this song, it kind of makes me feel like im writing to my bad mental state

    53. Μαρία Κουτήφαρη

      Listening to this while having a mental breakdown really hits different...

    54. ram

      I relate to this song so much

    55. Kat P

      I wish I didn't relate the second part with my dad.

    56. Rowena Olarte

      Billies voice is glow up

    57. Kuso AMV

      the only thing bad about this song is that it ends...

    58. Halee Mae


    59. Denise Azimi

      God this hits too close. Especially when you're going through it at the very moment

    60. Cosmic Lyrics

      Why did I sleep on this song. God it's so picture perfect of how I feel about my bio dad. I'm crying.

    61. Michelle Bee

      Oh yeah okay we see

    62. eye out for selenerrrrr

      when you cant leave him cause he's your father never showed up to anything i had tried to make me the perfect lady ''you got a 99 go study to aim higher''

    63. Maryzon C.


    64. Mickaela Rosalez

    65. Kendal Riggs

      i love this song

    66. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Voz tão suave q vibe aaah te amo tanto Billie!

    67. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Os suspiros dela nessa música aí q delícia amo isso!

    68. a person.

      Me towards my parents. I wish i didnt relate to this song, but they've hurt me in more times than ive felt happy. When i started college, i didnt know i could feel this free. I didnt know i could feel guilty over feeling free.

    69. Muniba Kasi

      Idk what could've been more relatable but every fucking linee just tells me how shitty my boyfriend treated me !!

    70. Dydo


    71. Kim Tillery

      YOU MAKE ME HATE THIS SHIIT i screamed.

    72. Kay J

      Bruh I swear I have been listening to her for a long time and the fact that she’s gotten this far is wow we’re all proud of u keep up the good work its gonna make me cry 😅 lol keep up the good work Billie luv u 🥰

    73. Christine Mutuc


    74. Blue Femme

      i'd like this played if i ever break up with someone

    75. On my table

      I have a lots of things to talk about but I won't do , because I don't relate to you

    76. Jordan Now

      this song is my daily dose of therapy.

    77. ryuddaeng

      2:20 2:45

    78. Jichuu

      I didn’t cry to this…my daddy issues did.

    79. Ειρήνη Κ

      I wanna go back to the first time i listened to the song

    80. JustRachelThingz

      3:00 OMG BILLIEEE amazinggggggggggggggggggg

    81. Fredddehhh

      billie screamed at 4:19?

    82. Alexa Murillo


    83. Kindly Help me reach 80 Subscribers With No Video

      I pray who ever reads this, You will meet Billie Eilish

    84. Dominic Francia


    85. Alliyah einmierein Bilbao

      the lyrics

    86. Riana Joseph

      My ears hurt with the static at the end 😭😭 especially with earphones on

    87. •Juan u3u•

      Cool :o👉👈💞✨

    88. TheFinalGirl690

      The second part hits different when you have daddy issues **cough cough**


      I can’t relate to this because I have a happy life… But I still like to listen to this song

    90. hisu


    91. Brianna Mccray

      My neighbors enjoyed how loud i was playing this song so much they invited the cops

    92. Kayla

      I just died and came back to life

    93. Isabella Romero

      I love your songs and I love you keep it up

    94. Lorrane Aparecida

      Billie não erra uma música... perfeita demais

    95. Riana Joseph

      The screams at the end tho

    96. Kailey’s Adventures

      You can really hear the sadness in the first part and the rage in the second. This song is perfection.

    97. Elin Tejeda

      I want this sing ti be played at my funeral

      1. Elin Tejeda

        bc its litterly my life tho

    98. I'm happy

      One day. One day I can feel the last bit of the song confidently

    99. Ria Padda

      Me with my in-laws