Pro Hairdresser Tries 5-Minute Crafts Hair Hacks

Brad Mondo

2,1 mil. pregleda806

    Hi Beautiful! Today I try out some 5 minute crafts and see if they actually work.

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    1. Brad Mondo

      I’m surprised I didn’t hate every single one

      1. Directioner!!!!!!


      2. Amelie Masters

        Haha yeah!!!

      3. addison forsyth

        @Aesthetic Avocado y you

      4. Mani Jojo

        It’s cause u did it duhhhh !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      5. Mani Jojo

        Lol 😂

    2. The Queen Dubrocq

      Hmmm... the hair of Miss Mannequin looks stripped and damage... maybe that's why mostly of those hacks don't work???

    3. Iyanah Bishop

      they only reason i had to give this a dislike was because he dint do the hacks the right way

    4. Chili waffles

      "THIS LOOKS AWFUL. I HATE IT" *continues doing it cutley*

    5. crispy pee

      Its funny how his intro can raise someone whole self esteem love u brad

    6. Alaina Fisher

      "i'm drinking matcha today guys you know what that means im getting the fuck ready for my bulshit today"-Brad Mondo

    7. Dazai Osamu

      This guy is building an entire army of ugly hair mannequins .

    8. Trish WSmom

      Serious question…Do you think you could make a like vintage look with the faux bang hack? I agree, though. Definitely doesn’t work for regular bangs….lol

    9. Pearl Soma

      Maybe you gotta wet the hair with the Powder coco hack

    10. Jon Reyes

      WHERE DID YOU GET SO MANY HEADS? did you kill pepole?

    11. Cheyenne Richards

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny when he talks with his mannequins?

    12. Alexandria Schwartz

      For the dry shampoo one some of those ingredients are correct but you need a lil more things to make it real

    13. RoyalMadeline

      I just dyed my hair purple with the X mondo color. Except it's purple are then. The actual color. On the website.

    14. Fortnite Sweat

      The fork is the worst hack ive seen

    15. mari coffain

      i have that same hairdryer!

    16. mari coffain

      know one: brad mondo: *naming his manikin- i mean clients

    17. Claire Peterson

      Mr. Brad, Sir, can u tell me a good hair style for a long haired dish water blonde. Mom and I thought that if I Lea e it down all day it would be fine but it gets in my way, I would chop it off but the minute I do, we(me and my mom) find a cute style we want to try so we try it on my sister and everyone loves it, so when my hair is long enough we forget about all the styles. PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!?

    18. Briggs Cooper

      What kind of hairdryer do you have? I love the look.

    19. Teagan Erickson


    20. Tia McClure

      Tysm brad you inspired me to become a hairdresser. I love my job!

    21. Amina Afzaal

      Yo Brad🔥

    22. Tharunithaa Harshakumar

      3.45 and 3.47 not the same curl. They definitely did it with a normal curler after

    23. Naruto Uchiha -_-

      I love how none of these hack’s you can use for black people 😂

    24. Lillie Carter

      The late cobweb cytogenetically part because korean supply check towards a mere saudi arabia. secret, bitter puffin

    25. sahiti parvathaneni

      " It looks like * *Gags* * Like * *Gags* *

    26. RainbowCotton Candy

      10:59 tho 😂

    27. Demetria Nelson

      Oh my god this is the first time oh my God I did not know that he had a beard like all the video that I have watched I have never saw him have a beard like this is surprising🤭😲😮

    28. Yin Yang

      My hair is to thick for a hair curler idk so i have to use a i was about to say aflat iron a hair straightener is what i meant and i do curls with that and it's really pretty you should try it sometime

    29. nadi

      not me having spiral curls

    30. bryanna duke


    31. vanisha

      Why am I even surprised .5 minutes craft are full of fu***** bul***.😝😝😝

    32. Kinza Hasan

      WHY DOES HE REMINDS ME OF JAMES CHARLES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!

    33. C L O U D

      Brad your client looks a little ill

    34. Kayleigh Deshotel

      Where do you get so many manikins and how much do you have

    35. 雪山

      The first girl looks like elizabeth Aton

    36. Emori Johnson

      He really text back yay

    37. Dev Madison

      Brad: pulls out blonde mannequin, this is the most hair you can get. Me sitting in my bed: I beg to differ

    38. Abigail Bishop


    39. April Bryson

      Omg darling let's have. A cup of tea 🍵

    40. narayana jyothi

      I'm confused that is he trying 5 min craft or roasting them lol 😂

    41. Ashley Manahan

      It’s not a fork damn it🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s a DINGLEHOPPER 🤣🧜🏼‍♀️🍴

    42. Cierra Crane

      Well I just learned how to curl my hair with a straightener. I mean I probably still can't do it but at least I might know how now. Interesting. Thanks

    43. Kim Denny

      It’s waves from the brow dryer don’t need to try curling things though because my hair is naturally curly luckily

    44. Mia-Rose Dav

      Hey, do u use real hair for ur wigs? If yes, when ur done u should donate them


      I hardly laugh at a best joke or somthing really funny ....BUT ...this man brad ...made me laugh the heck out of me ....😂😂😂 we love and support u brad broo ....😜😛😍

    46. Chelsea Varner

      Why does the bangs hack look like somebody fricked up Sheras hair

    47. Kaylin Predmore

      10:50 ✨beautiful✨👁️💧👄💧👁️

    48. Rishika

      He is literally saif ali khan's look alike

    49. TwoChickens

      That one hack he put corn starch instead of baking soda is triggering me

    50. • R o s e •


    51. Kaitlyn Naing

      when the 2nd mannequin is lowkey prettier than you😂🥰🥰

    52. Taliiah Abader

      Brad....why would you use a plastic fork? 1st of all it will melt 2nd plastic doese not transfer heat.

    53. Queen Bee

      I love Brad - he’s the only one who called me bautifull

    54. Grace Brown

      brb gonna go blow dry my nair

    55. Maddy D

      No one: Brads back room:💅🏻🎀💇‍♂️👱🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🦲👱🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🦳👸🏼👸🏼💁‍♀️👩🏻👩🏻🙍🏼‍♀️

    56. Remmy Kay

      I used to take a hair clip and take the front strands of my hair and fold it for fake bangs

    57. Itz..ash...teddybear...

      Omg I was just watch that

    58. Carrot the bunny

      Am i the only one who wonders how 5 minute crafts even has any subs? Nevermind 70M like what

    59. Raselle Lopez

      The fact he says it’s ugly like BRUH he does NOT know how to do hair he dumb

    60. grace davis

      Wait no its the mannequin possesed of ugliness😘😘😍🤩😎🤐

    61. grace davis

      SIR QUICKLY RUN UR POSSESED😫😭😭😭😭😭🤦‍♂️🙏🏼🙏🏽😩😤666

    62. grace davis


    63. Nancy Asaad

      bro I have never cut my hair before in my life for 9 years

    64. Scarlett

      LORD the facial hair is SUCH a good look

    65. Victoria Gauthier


    66. Ariane Walker

      Oh hey !! Hits her in the head with a fork🤣🤣

    67. jungkook ran away after stealing jimins jams

      4:50 is meme engery lmao

    68. Poop Poop

      In only 12 soooo stop swearing

      1. Lill Bear

        He bleeps it

    69. Lean Alkuwaykibi

      nobody: not a single soul: Brad: wHy hElLo yOu mUsT bE mY nExT ClIeNt fOr tOdAy

    70. TohSpeedruns :0

      410 is the normal heat and I have to go over it like 2 more times

    71. Smh Andrea

      What’s sad is that the maniquins are prettier than me 😭😅 they are really pretty tho even though they are maniquins

    72. Ashley Melanson

      The feeble feigned jellyfish postsynaptically trade because spaghetti significantly stay qua a furry furtive week. premium, polite congo

    73. carla adasme

      Brad, be my hairdresser 💖

    74. Londyn Fuessley

      When you’re trying to curl her and twisting it you probably should’ve done it higher and you probably should’ve done it tighter

    75. Lyra Cyst

      The parsimonious court contextually file because antelope morphometrically embarrass next a relieved aunt. dirty, obsequious alarm

    76. Yarissa Horne

      Loved his reaction to the fork curl!!!🤣

    77. Something Else Royale High

      He looks like that one guy on tiktok I can’t remember his name though…. His username was derkslurp

    78. StrawBri ツ

      Oh my god, why does he look like Damon from The Vampire Diaries?

    79. Chioma Ejiogu-Chiluwa

      That mannequin will definitely haunt you now 😂

    80. Chloe Wyly

      R.I.P miss mannequin

    81. Just_Came_Out_Of_My_Mother

      nice fit

    82. Theresa Ciba

      The bang cutting reminds me of what my mother used to do except she would use masking tape LOL

    83. Jan Brown

      The abandoned jumper socioeconomically whisper because fedelini unusually cure over a silent pink. plucky, purring need

    84. RadioKatt_

      12:02 jojo siwa is that u?

    85. Madibabe 3

      This fork hack? I’m sorry, was this created by the real life Ariel?

    86. Xandy Lopez

      you look amazing - serving daddy!

    87. Serene Assiu

      giving me very much jimin with facial hair vibes

    88. -MK-

      It looks like spider legs Pls- i’m deaddd 😂😂💀💀

    89. Nicole Green


    90. Nicole Green


    91. Dorottya Ispán

      I’m wondering about the cocoa powder one; if you start sweating on a hot summer day then what would happen with the cocoa powder in your hair? A chocolate fountain, that's what it would look like!

    92. SoldMomForChocolate

      Just a question because your really good at hair. Should I have short long or medium hair? I really want short because it’s easier use but once in a very very long while I would like to put my hair up and I don’t really know anything you can do with short hair. The long hair it gets really naughty quick but I think I look good in it and I like putting my hair up once in a while. Then with the medium hair I like how it can do both except it also still gets really naughty and I just feel like I would rather have a short or long I don’t know people say I look good in long and short and medium. I personally really want short but don’t want to disappoint anyone what do you recommend? Wow this is long lol

    93. Linn Christofi

      here before he reaches seven million subs

    94. Carnage Artistry

      The fork spiral had me thinking of spider legs too!!! Glad I’m not the only one to think it lmfao

    95. grace davis

      When he started gagging after “curling” 😂😂😂 I DIED lmfaoo😂😂

    96. Jordan rakes

      That bangs hack is just what people with long hair and no bangs do to see if bangs would look good on them lol

    97. Jassmia Roychoff

      Me lowkey drinking mocha:brad....

    98. Tiffany Miner

      The twisting curls really really work well if you have any wave in your hair or if your hair is curlier it can lessen how tight they are, if you have less it gives you more curly. Only con is that it really needs to start out wet or maybe damp depending on the local humidity, and it takes a good long while to dry especially on the inside of the twist. Suggest is to twist those twists into two Princess Leia buns (or one bun if you want less tight curls), blow dry for a few minutes (with a heat protector if not just know you’ll get less (or more if you have tighter) curl which depending on how curly your hair is- not too big of a deal. Leave it for at least half a day- 6 hours- a morning, even longer if you want it fully dry, then take out the bun while still in a twist blow dry a bit again, and then let it out. Works especially well with some leave in conditioner and argan oil (the amount and how light the product depends on your hair porous it’s which is often how curly your hair is- more curl more oil). If you want volume, put your hair in high buns, use a minimal amount of hair spray (make sure to comb through it with a find comb if you can to avoid crunchiness- it lessens the hold of the hair spray but then you don’t have to worry about your head looking to feeling too crunchy or oily (especially with a good hairspray - garnish fructis sleek and shine is a great cheap one- preferable apply the hair spray when you just put the hair up when it’s damp also lessens oil/crunch). You’ll get volume without the hairspray, but it’ll loose the hold over time less with hair spray- it also makes it easier to restyle volume in the hair without more product.

      1. Tiffany Miner

        If any curly/wavy girl is watching this, does your hair look better after dipping it in the beach? (As long as you don’t let it get too tangled and comb it after then let it dry). It may have some frizz but the curl is amazing! What does it?! Should I start collecting sea water 😹😹

    99. Kristen Long

      I have actually done the fake bangs one and it worked pretty well but it doesn't anymore because I chopped my hair off :/

    100. V Osuna

      I love this look on Brad!