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    Who Is SMARTER? 😂
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 17 dana


    1. LaBresha Miller

      Wow he smart he came back and ticky him

    2. sonji

      wait, how tf did this blow up????

    3. Candelario Jover

      HAHAHAHA kalamo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. evil minion

      This is just shit

    5. ประภาวรินทร์ สุขสวาท

      We've we'vecgsldyshgidhduucdduifuduifigfhdddh

    6. Coco

      how does this almost have 200 million views?

    7. Ma. Camille Quibuyen


    8. Presencia Radio


    9. Presencia Radio


    10. undram undram


    11. Chenoy Simms


    12. Pratika


    13. Fernando Tovar

      The guy on the right

    14. Jun Wyion

      Rodlox time

    15. Meester Checker

      This trash was more cringe than 50% of tiktok

    16. Nikita Yadav

      Both r smart LOL 😆

    17. Go Mung

      Both of them are the smarter because the boy who stay at the table he put salt on his noodle and the boy who just left is smart to because he didn’t left the kitchen.

    18. Elizabeth Luck

      Da wall 😳

    19. New Afghanistan

      🇦🇫 🇦🇫

    20. 歯車


    21. Gabriela Cristina


    22. Nikol Reep

      Very cool

    23. Biprash Pandey

      Use your platform for something good don't fuckin make HRaero disgusting

    24. Martin Mondesir


    25. omayra cruz

      Lilian checar el bus madre

    26. Lidia Rodriguez

      Brown hair with the the gray shrit the one with the per 100 was not smart

    27. Sebastien Belanger


    28. Badoo The banana

      “Who’s smarter” Not me for clicking the video

    29. moises david flores yarleque


    30. This Age Tech

      I love this

    31. TheDaddyAndKokioShow

      Seams like the tables as turned---

    32. TheDaddyAndKokioShow


    33. Jose Figueroa


    34. peppered bread

      I'm worried...

    35. Brandon Pacheco


    36. ardy kemek


    37. None None

      Ahhaahahhaha 👋👋

    38. Trusfrated Jk

      Who is smarter? Me:-the wall

    39. Madisyn Holtin


    40. BLACKHAWKS 21

      None of them are smart

    41. Stuff And Things

      Neither is smarter to me

    42. •Aesthetic Flower•

      Mobile game ads:

    43. Plushes 4 Fun

      The smartest thing in this room is the doorknob

    44. Ash The WildCard


    45. Glinda Alcantara

      I have no idea

    46. OrangeViper

      Sheesh this blew up

    47. Seth Mullen

      Bro imagine carrying a child in the womb for 9 months and this is what comes out🤦

    48. Sithum Vihanga

      මොනාද හුටෝ මේ trending වෙන්නේ ?🖐

    49. Mohammad Memon

      I say Adam is the smartest

    50. Holly Roberts

      The in the gray is smarter

    51. Axolotl monster

      Is justin because he's THICX

    52. Omar valencia


    53. Fonco Guginski


    54. Cell Tech

      No one is smarter

    55. Michelle Santana-Correia

      Purple head guy

    56. box hwa

      lankybox changed, this is not the lankybox i know 😩

    57. Clara&Claire


    58. Victoriana Aldana


    59. The Dino Gang

      I’m still trying to figure out why this exists

    60. Germaine Small


    61. Cris Leguizamon

      Mitos tonto serio cuenta sola sonidos jaja eso te pasa por hacerse son sociales y tu mamá porque me tu mamá y me amiga

    62. Rokfonda's Clickbait

      Rat 3.35 baje. R duitai abal


      Both are stupid 😂😂😂

    64. trixter892001


    65. ggg ful


    66. Enrique Cristóbal

      Justin and Adam

    67. Jay Huddlestone


    68. Dariluz Diaz Benitez


    69. Nunya Beeznus


    70. XiXi

      The pasta

    71. Zsófi Riskó

      "who is smarter" Yo Both of them are idiots

    72. sarada dash


    73. cristina nathaly


    74. 「ᴸᴰᴿঊ͜͡ʝxყRყɳʂۣ͠আ͠」

      They both had the same forks and switched them..

    75. Soledad Larenas

      El dibujo que debería ser un tramposo y buenos mal que no lo hiciste

    76. ✿ØlenaØ✿

      Adam HE NEEDS SOME MILK 🍼🍼🍼

    77. lilducky_lilfluppy

      Uhhh idk lol

    78. Nadia Zliga


    79. Anime 59


    80. GuestyArMy

      100M views? How

    81. Arnas Svencickas


    82. i am poo

      ur mom

    83. Nur Creations LLC


    84. Free Fire

      Everyone: Blah Blah Blah Me: Gosh i wanna eat the noodles so bad they look tasty.

    85. Justyna Lopatka


    86. Justyna Lopatka


    87. Yashab Akhter

      What the actual fuck did I just watch

      1. Dom_

        ohh, that's nothing in contrast to other things that exist on HRaero Shorts ._.

    88. Martina Muñoz

      Fun fact: this is their video with more views

    89. Alex's hair hideout

      186 million

    90. Jazzy Chaudry71


    91. Sprite Bottle

      I keep disliking this but somehow my dislike is getting removed

    92. Sprite Bottle

      “Who is smarter?” Their dads who left them without a reason

    93. Nadia Zliga


    94. Nadia Zliga


    95. Denise Coronado

      Adam is smarter lol

    96. Namita More