Journalist reports live from Gaza as neighbouring building hit by Israel airstrike

Guardian News

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    1. Guardian News

      Hamas sends rockets deeper into Israel after Gaza airstrikes as crisis spirals ►

      1. Carole Collins

        @ARQI Gaming I'll always speak out for the oppressed against the oppressors.

      2. Muhammad Muhaimin

        @DannioArts any evidence

      3. Gaza 🇵🇸⁦✌🏻

        no hamas is trying to defend us from those terr.orist..we are trying to resist

      4. Tatuzinho Tatuador


      5. shelden kuhper

        She is a Hero

    2. Bella Marley

      Pos journalist

    3. Adam Iliasi

      Why in the heck would you report in Gaza. why not ask for Israeli footage and report the facts of the mission Not be in Gaza , and being like ‘ Israel bombs Gaza’. What low info and dangerous stupidity! Your reporting from a place with no freedom of press anyway lol

    4. CYC Curzed YT

      My dream is for Palestine to be free

    5. Rocky Gamer

      ***challengers other media***

    6. shivam kumar

      divyanka tripathi reporting from gaza.......

    7. Thomas Lopaul

      Goodjob Israel

    8. Al Alfin

      Israel terrorist

      1. AE3587

        For defending itself?

    9. I Gold AMRY

      U r very beautiful anchor

    10. Gladys Awinja

      This is journalism now my respect for her ,😭😭😭😭not others who update us on Oli London's surgery ..

    11. yoyogfch

      Free palestine 🇵🇸

      1. AE3587

        Its already free

    12. Westin Seifert

      She did a great job keeping calm while on air

    13. shahafnagar

      A Hamas spokeswoman impersonates a journalist in order to arouse empathy and prevent the truth.

    14. איתי רוזנבאום

      Well done for the IDF

    15. Sp3ll633

      Precision strike. Well done

    16. الليث الغابر

      Free palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

      1. AE3587

        Its already free

    17. averycason2006

      Tactical nuke incoming

    18. Rob Webber

      This still going on is it.this poor woman probably drew the short straw.

    19. mabhodlela JJ

      Properganda machines have became so terreble 😂,these people know where and when israel will strike coz israel give warnings to people to evacuate before they bomb the place..Now these arab propagandists act like this is just co-incident they is so much danger😂😂😂,taking camera to the area they know bery well will be hit😂

    20. Ja tylko Pracuja robe

      Co tak telefon tes pracuja

    21. Ja tylko Pracuja robe


    22. Anthony

      Man that's exciting

    23. fatima eisa

      Respect ✊ to the woman free Gaza free Palestine 🇵🇸


      Payri ladki Kitna hard work 🙏❤️

    25. ατнєιѕτ τυяκιѕн gιяl🇹🇷


      1. ατнєιѕτ τυяκιѕн gιяl🇹🇷

        @amogus minus gf didn't ring. sold Palestinian land

      2. amogus minus gf

        @ατнєιѕτ τυяκιѕн gιяl🇹🇷 but Israel stole palestine lands

      3. ατнєιѕτ τυяκιѕн gιяl🇹🇷

        @amogus minus gf She sold Palestinian land to Israel in the past.

      4. ατнєιѕτ τυяκιѕн gιяl🇹🇷

        @amogus minus gf Israel defends its land

      5. amogus minus gf

        👞 🇮🇱

    26. elvrro

      Israel locked palestynians in getto, this is rasism, it is like in RPA or germans during II war.

    27. strange reg


      1. amogus minus gf

        @mahitan mandez israel also doesn’t.

      2. mahitan mandez

        @amogus minus gf palestine doesnt exist

      3. amogus minus gf

        @mahitan mandez 🇮🇱💞🚽

      4. mahitan mandez

        @amogus minus gf 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

      5. amogus minus gf


    28. aviv eshet

      Hamas has been ruining the lives of Israelis for many years, if Israel were as bad as they present it, it would not transfer money, food, medicine and treat Palestinians in Israeli hospitals. Lots of Palestinians move from Palestine to Israel every day to work. How is Israel still wrong? You have to understand that it is Hamas that is destroying its people.

      1. aviv eshet

        @mahitan mandez Right brother

      2. mahitan mandez

        @Mesho fesha they arent colonizers, theh are reclaiming their land back. Arabs should go back to syria

      3. Mesho fesha

        or Israeli colonizers could simply go back to europe and this war

    29. Yogesh Sharma

      Listen to the sound in head phone at 0:49 you will listen the real thing which never a movie can make. Sound of DEATH !!!

    30. Public Public

      This very report ,which obtained so much sympathy, probably got the Al Jazeera office bombed by Netinyahu. Send Netinyahu to the Hague.

    31. Wet Fart

      Dam girl if your gonna play in Texas you better have a fiddle in the band

    32. B A D D O G

      Why is peace so hard to attain?

    33. Sapro Gaming


      1. mahitan mandez


    34. bob tudbury

      rocket launchers near schools again?

    35. Khairul Mufid

      You can see how that place is very scary that she literally use body armour and helmet

    36. Awakening India

      Alzazira I don't support terriosim Isreal hold by rocket

    37. Olusola Aminu

      I just don't like war....

    38. Rathee

      Justice deliever

    39. Poro Poro

      She didnt flinch ayo?

    40. Sachin Balyan

      Yr ye kitni sundar h😍

    41. Abir Sedkaoui

      Israel is terorist

    42. REAL SHADY


    43. 1911

      Can’t they get a drone out there instead of a human?

    44. All Purpose Locksmiths

      Too bad hamas doesn't care about polistinians. Hamas hiding behind polistinian people's backs. In return, innocent people losing lives.

    45. Mazhar Sayeed

      Isreal a apartheid and cowered state

    46. StrayKids in your Area

      Why are they making her stand at the place the bombs are still hitting that poor girl

    47. R~ Palestinian

      حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

    48. 22Jack Ass22

      0:52 it's so terrifying to see the shadow arises, engulfing the buildings infront of us with shadow.

    49. GamerDark

      The cameraman wont die

    50. watchguy79

      Do you think maybe they should have been facing that way? She is fired.

    51. Nashril Official

      We pray for you to stay strong people from Malaysia

    52. 𝒫𝒾ℯ𝒸𝓀

      If you feel useless there's a union called UN (united nations) for help

    53. FixPlayz

      I think I'm going to support GAZA As air support .

    54. Stevie Dix


    55. Priscilla

      These journalists are heroes😭😭

      1. A Chaps

        She's cute too lol her squeak when she runs for cover

    56. Abhinav Kara


    57. J Mikhael

      Full support and everlasting love to Palestine 🇵🇸❤💕

      1. big joe bob mama


    58. CMSF AVSVP


    59. Aki Saad

      Israel No.1 terrorist state and Americans are a support of it

    60. Aye Carumba

      Continue to spread lies,that’s all you do.

      1. Ciel Nadouch

        @Aye Carumba believing in lies and deception by saying thats the truth is something else. But don't worry no matter what lies the news is given, the truth will always be there clear as the sun

      2. Aye Carumba

        @Ciel Nadouch don’t believe the truth? Must get to you sometimes.

      3. Aye Carumba

        @Connor Sganga no that’s hezbollah

      4. Ciel Nadouch

        @Aye Carumba oh don't tell me that they use children as hand guns too. Ridiculousness and ignorance in one body

      5. Aye Carumba

        @Ciel Nadouch the Palestinian people are used as human shields,western news corporations are on your side to help spread the lies.

    61. Abhishek Jaiswal

      What is her name? She is brave enough to define the bravery

    62. Xphysicsfan

      Freedom For Palestine. 😢😢

      1. big joe bob mama



        Free palestin

    63. Hafiz Irfan hanjra advocate

      She is lier.why camera not turned

      1. sadlife_

        lier!??? and why would the camera turn 🙄

    64. Аром Хайт

      Palestine Armenia with you 🇵🇸❤️🇦🇲

    65. Frihed Kærlighed Nærhed

      Mashallah I do not know anyone in the world who does not want to liberate Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸 .. From Terror and Appartheid!! .. Only a small part of fascists who agree with Zio-nist .. The whole world is Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️❤️ Amiiiin

    66. D McD

      FREE ISRAEL 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

      1. Mccaffeine Vlnxa

        Israel is very free and it even receives fund from USA.

      2. big joe bob mama

        @D McD Yes

      3. D McD

        @SUPER KUALA LUMPUR death to Palestine


        What? Israel attack Palastin free Palestine

    67. AR RAHMAN

      Israel laknatullah allahhu akbar savefree 🇸🇩🇮🇩

    68. bcvbb hyui

      I would never want to be a journalist who has to be so close to where the action is happening and has to risk their very life.

    69. Learn Tube

      This is called journalism.. She risked her life for the truth.... Hats off mam...

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Amazing 👌👌

    70. Anti Palestichien

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂thx HAMAS 👍😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Atelier Thijs Linssen

      could someone tell me the exact location of the interview?

    72. Michael forgiveness

      Bad reporter, Dont send girls to war pls🤣

    73. PIYUSH

      Lucky Girl😁

    74. Kathleen M. Preston

      Does anyone else see the profile of a man in the cloud at 1:05?

    75. Michael condrey

      Don't be surprised if she was in front of a green screen Faking it like CNN did during the first Gulf War

    76. manu pino

      Death to Israel and its allies

    77. Tikimohn

      Wait, did she just call an airstrike a "raid".... Stop sugar coating it because it's Israel doing it...

      1. soiung toiue

        We need more Journalism like this woman!

    78. Hasan Aza


    79. Mr Marc

      I feel really sorry for the palastines in that prison camp they call home.

      1. Mr Marc

        @Aviation Jordan?? I'll think you'll find that every history book explains how the palastines were thrown out of their own country and put into camps etc. I'll not respond anymore to answers like that!

      2. Aviation Jordan

        Learn your history

    80. Mohamed Haashi

      Imagine this happening to u everyday

    81. Officer Tom

      I would never want to be a journalist who has to be so close to where the action is happening and has to risk their very life.

    82. S A

      Isr*ael is a terrorist entity

    83. L. Siegfried

      Reports from the middle of a warzone, is surprised when rockets hits nearby

      1. Jay O'Brien

        She's still got bigger balls than you sunshine.

    84. Sashwat Singh

      Amazing 👌👌

    85. Don john Trump

      Cnn would call this peaceful war , then Cuomo will say who says wars have to be non violent , Kamala on knees Harris will say , you keep sending missle don't give up , and polosi will say let's tear down there history and statues

    86. Maravilhas da Terra MDT Portugal

      Non stop fire against Israel

    87. Numerlo

      Meanwhile in America: Yes so there why are popits fun to us

    88. Deepak Das

      1% of infusion of her bravery in godi media of india would throw Modi out

    89. Michael Azor


    90. DATA IS GEM


      1. Jan van de Boerka

        Comments warrior sponsored by bibi 🤣 dont forget to join the army after study

      2. Egyptian guy

        Kosomak ❤️

    91. DookiePost

      Free Palestine.

    92. Anshaal Ali chohan

      I just hate Israel

      1. big joe bob mama

        Shut up

    93. Superior S

      In this 🌎 only three biggest terrorist Nation's and thay are India, America and Israel

      1. kolim jone

        next time, don't invite Hamas Terrorists into your news building. its bad for business, and real-estate.

    94. Neckashi 69

      Mashallah haseena

    95. Johan Yosef S.

      If the terrorist that government in gaza shuttling rocket to the Israeli civilian, israel most to defend, if hamas using civilian areas for attacks to Israel, hamas don't care for the civilian from gaza, hamas is responsible for Israeli response!

      1. Michael V

        @juzores1 Palestine never belonged to Palestinians. It was a British Mandate. When the British decided to dissolve the mandate, they split it between Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinian waged war on the Israelis and lost. Multiple times. Israel has tried to negotiate with Palestine for a 2 state solution but Palestinians won’t take the half load.

      2. juzores1

        The only terrotist one there is the one who stole the land filled it with settlers and killed civilians more than militants there ,Israel .

    96. giovanni armandola

      Where are the palestinians rocket launchers?

    97. S Hussain

      Everyone is talking about the journalist. But no one is talking about the people that has been living under this condition since 1967

    98. Ska

      I feel like this is what happened in Mindanao before

    99. Jamail Boone

      Controlled demo. Wakeup people

    100. Akis Laz

      Its so tragic!!!.....

      1. miko foin

        Keeping the world safe from terror I presume