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    1. SUKU _505

      Anyone know 1:54 @??

    2. Pragna N

      How do i do that if the colour doesn’t suit my lips?

    3. gerve ve

      Am i the only one that thinks that 5:40 look like those old "british girl ; chav" videos :0

    4. cyipatrash

      omg the 1st one is so pretty, but my dark lips can't relate🤧✊

      1. arike no L

        same bro i hate it here

    5. Bree

      anyone know what lip tint the first one is using? pls ;___;

    6. Mya !

      there wasnt a single black person in this video..

    7. AliLucilfer

      All these girls doing the lip tutorials have naturally big lips. LIKE I don't even have the canvas

    8. 1-800-FINELINE

      now i’m self conscious ab my lips.

    9. 오 아리바 OhAriba✨

      Tips: -Know your skin type and skin concerns and if you need help, search up videos or do research and or see a dermatologist to get the products you’re looking for. -Do NOT use ice on your face, it can make your skin more sensitive. -I recommend using a chemical exfoliant for longer effects rather than physical. -If you use a towel to dry please pat your skin instead of rubbing it. -Do NOT use paper towels or tissues on your face to clean. (Recommend reusable cotton pads) -Stay hydrated! (Although it’s not scientifically proven that it will help the skin but it should be essential to you every day already) -ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN -For sheet masks, it should be a 1 only use so please don’t reuse the sheet masks and serum inside for the face. -Be aware of skincare DIYS -Use reusable cotton pads so you can wash them instead of throwing them away. -Never use scrubs for your face. -Don’t touch your face a lot since your hands can be dirty. -Wash your pillows/bedsheets often like once a week or so. -Clean the things you touch every 1-2 months. -For sheet masks only do the maximum of 15 minutes. The only steps you need in skincare: -Micellar Water with a cotton pad (if you have makeup) -Cleansing oil or balm (if you have very oily skin or have makeup) -Cleanser -Moisturizer -Sunscreen Skincare steps with extras: Extras = * Daytime- -Cleanser *Toner *Serum (please check which serums you use if it’s for AM or PM) -Moisturizer -Sunscreen Nighttime- -Cleansing oil or balm (if you have very oily skin or have makeup) -Cleanser *exfoliator (chemical or physical) *Toner *Serum *Sheet mask -Moisturizer This is just a small comment but I hope it helps! Oh, small reminder it can also be your diet and the food you consume too so be on the lookout for that :D

      1. 오 아리바 OhAriba✨

        @Ranti Anjarsari Glad to help.💖

      2. Ranti Anjarsari

        Tysm bruh.. that's really helping

    10. Qυeeɴ Neѕѕqυιcĸ

      Wish I could get one of these compilations for black women. I can’t follow these tutorials fr.

      1. Google User

        Yesterday vogue featured leslie grace if you want to check it out

      2. Qυeeɴ Neѕѕqυιcĸ

        @it's tik tok bish that’s awesome!! And I’m actually not very creative. Anything simple works as long as you specify it’s majority black/POC

      3. it's tik tok bish

        Sure I'll make one can u Suggest me a good title for it?

    11. Julie Wong


    12. Dana Romanov

      What is the song in first video?


      I don't even think all do any of this because step 1 is having a pretty face and that is a no for me 😔 and mostly of this make up hacks/tip are for Asian people and Asian fishing is a big no for me

    14. _deadric

      me watching this with lip gloss being the only makeup i own 👁👄👁

    15. Leanna Duong

      Who was that Japanese girl?

    16. Estefania Quielz

      First song? :/

    17. carmin acker

      Jesus saves

    18. Georgia

      all these are catering to conventional beauty an all the people in this are conventionally attractive. its kinda boring

    19. lovelight

      why you gotta cover the cupid's bow😭😭 it's the most beautiful thing to exist

      1. mic nik

        makes the lips look plumper without it

    20. Pastel Sky

      I'm just watching because it feels satisfying ☺️

    21. Marilyn Canoy

      I think I know who is singing in the background at the first part ... huhu

    22. deobi kind of gal

      Can somebody tell me who is the first girl's Instagram tiktok is banned here

    23. kujo jotaro

      does anyone kno the lip tint and shade of the first girl? ik that its romand but idk what shade :((

    24. L M

      is this not too time consuming to daily?

    25. Larni Murtem

      2:25 looks like Aishwarya Rai

    26. GunggongLaro

      8:37 she looks like Eren

    27. •準Jimin•

      Why is my lip shape so ugly 🥲 I wish I had pretty lips like the first girl

    28. Pragya Wakhale

      Ya okay, but I kinda don't have enough lips for those😂

    29. pussysupremacy

      Trust me when you do most of these lip makeup it looks good only in lightning. You can't go out looking like that. I tried

    30. Prabir Biswas

      Moral : u need to have beauty to make use of hacks

      1. 김키에샤

        Hahaha super true. 🤣

    31. larah denize

      Why the eyebrow hack looks good on them, i look like anry birds LMAO

    32. 優子巴

      the first's music is a cover of Mayonaka No Doa and she is mispronouncing the words????????

    33. br1d93t

      Surely this was made made before we had to use a mask

      1. apparently jimin is my dad

        nah i wear a full face of makeup with masks all the time

    34. Michelle The First

      When they're so beautiful and you're just watching and supporting them cause you're ugly and broke: 😀😀

      1. Janhvi

        you're not ugly, just broke. they have filters on and they really take care of themselves too, it takes money

      2. chile anyways so

        I'm beautiful

      3. chile anyways so

        Can't relate I'm Beau

    35. Rubio Aguilar

      5:41 I think is the best

    36. Ashly Guzman

      BRUH, all of them r alr pretty without makeup! cant relate U-U

    37. yvung blasian

      Its crazy how mono lids/hooded eyes are becoming a trend but actual people, specifically asians get mocked for being born with them

      1. yvung blasian

        @Annabelle Pancer-Lee EXACTLY like its blood boiling yk

      2. Annabelle Pancer-Lee

        IKR. It makes me uncomfy when I see people doing these looks after I have been bullied my whole life with people pulling their eyes back.

      3. flippchen

        @yvung blasian yea, actually no body part or feature should become a trend since people are just born a certain way

      4. yvung blasian

        @flippchen ik I'm jus sayin it's kinda wrong for mono lids/hooded eyes to become a trend since people that actually have it get mocked for having them

      5. flippchen

        What? I have slightly hooded eyes and me and everyone else with them is trying to get rid of them, hence why there are special eyeliner techniques because a normal eyeliner would just partially disappear

    38. Mobassara Haque

      Crying with dark lips.╥﹏╥

    39. Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

      What's the first song called?

      1. apparently jimin is my dad

        it’s a cover of stay with me by miki matsubara

    40. Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

      06:07 Uhm that's a no💀

    41. ᄒᄒ

      the first one: have naturally pink lips to do this

    42. ireallydont know

      2:00?? Anyone know what she's using for the faux freckles??

      1. oxddyi

        I think its henna.

    43. Sophia Paz

      The real reason I watch these is to see beautiful people

    44. Alex Denisse Arcuino


    45. Trix Lim

      Can somebody tell me what lip tint and shade the first one used

    46. Diy me

      My Dry ass lips: sweetie you CANNOT DO THAT.

      1. Радиатор Здох

        I am constantly nervous and therefore I bite them. Damn what a stupid habit

      2. I SAID WHAT I SAID.

        I have this problem too but now I moisture them everyday and it helps a lot.

      3. Kurai Amano

        @Diy me you can do it if you take care of them everyday but its gonna take some time and its a pain in the ass

      4. Diy me

        @Its merry they are not enough to Do

      5. Its merry

        U can mosturize them

    47. *•. mrs. jungkook-ah .•*

      the first lip hack really helped

    48. potato

      can we also get somebody to do a lip tutorial with thinner lips- like yall have these full lips-

      1. potato

        @blackpink Shine IS THAT AN INSULT THOOO-

      2. abrilledesma _

        @AHungryUnicorn you usually don't get botox in your lips, hyaluronic acid is more common and better (imo)

      3. blackpink Shine

        I have very small lips.My classmates is teasing me that I have big eyes but small lips they say i look like Anime 🤣

      4. Janhvi

        @AHungryUnicorn you don't know that, it could be natural

      5. AHungryUnicorn

        I mean most of them have gotten botox u can tell too

    49. violetoftheweekend

      Raid my server!

    50. Dana xo

      Wheres the arabian look from the thumbnail?

    51. Tanveer Kaur129

      First of all I need to have lips to make them look bigger 😂😫

    52. NitMii

      POV: your black and is watching white people tik toks

      1. NitMii

        Sorry my mom once used the browns foundations but only to cover acne and it looksed weird so she just blended it in for about 15 -- 20 minutes

      2. NitMii

        @m3gstarrr yes, most of the makeup brands are for whites and browns , some black might have to go and use the browns makeup just like my mom. My mom doesnt use foundation even the darkest color of foundation doesnt match with blacks its BROWN! I dont get why its hard for them to release a darker foundation 😭

      3. m3gstarrr

        they could have included at least one darker skinned poc...

      4. Nunya Buissness


      5. brøkën çåndy

        lol yh but I am brown

    53. i am nonexistent

      everyone in this is so beautiful- (lmfao 123 likes)

      1. i am nonexistent

        @Fuck you All 💃🏽💓

      2. Fuck you All

        @i am nonexistent 💃🏼

      3. i am nonexistent

        @Fuck you All **kith kith** 👁💋👁

      4. Fuck you All

        @i am nonexistent mwah 😩

      5. i am nonexistent

        @Fuck you All ANYTHING FOR YOU, SWEETY 😩💓

    54. i am nonexistent

      beautiful ppl in this video: me: **bi panic**

    55. E.L.F AHGASE

      "How to get perfect pink lips?" -BORN WITH THEM HECK

      1. lacuna metanoia

        Or even get fillers and Botox lmao

      2. 矢向町

        I have dark skin so my lips are a natural brownish color

      3. Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

        Health also plays a big role

    56. Commander Y

      not a single black person in the video though? whoa

    57. Life in Korea

      Makeup can make a woman look more beautiful at every age. You look so beautiful. Love from Korea 🇰🇷💕

      1. Carmina Bermudo

        @Janhvi THIS.

      2. Janhvi

        @Carmina Bermudo and non binary people too. makeup is for everybody lol

      3. Hoseok's Hoe

        Carmina Bermudo period

      4. Carmina Bermudo

        And men duh

    58. Dana Valeria Chavez Morales

      I have a lot of moles all over my face but I looooove freckles and I did them once and I really like how they looked on me but my family told me that I looked like I was sick or dumb 😐....

      1. Roos Laurence

        @Dana Valeria Chavez Morales youre not alone♥️

      2. Dana Valeria Chavez Morales

        @Roos Laurence true

      3. emi

        Lol my lil sis likes freckles but I think it’s so unnatural for our ethnicity

      4. Roos Laurence

        Omg i have a lot of moles on my whole body and face.... but its hard to like them :(

      5. Dana Valeria Chavez Morales

        @fuzzyideas they love me a lot but they just don’t understand what i like .thank you ❤️🥰

    59. ButterMango

      show me a video with a bitch who doesn't have filler LMAO

    60. tanz biach

      what is the song at the first tiktok

      1. tanz biach

        yo i fond it

    61. dolly Roy

    62. damn eomma

      me wanting to do it but i don't have the makeup and too lazy.

      1. Girl Boss Boutique

        too lazy for me!!

    63. Purple Gamer

      I always had the biggest problem with eyeliner

      1. peonytheflower

        Same here! I hate my hooded eyes. Or I'm just too stupid for makeup, I think should just get a plastic surgery 👁️💧👄💧👁️

      2. ꧁༺٭༻꧂

        @Alice Youve had good experiences with eyeliner stamps?

      3. Purple Gamer

        @Alice what's that?

      4. Purple Gamer

        @Girl Boss Boutique cool

      5. Alice

        U can try eyeliner stamps :)

    64. Alihan Wahid

      wow are all these lips naturally like this-

      1. Alihan Wahid

        @ButterMango yes ;-; i want it-

      2. ButterMango

        @M/N k

      3. M/N

        @ButterMango Uh sum of us in here said that ma'm :D

      4. ButterMango


      5. M/N

        Most em used lip fillers :(

    65. Lady Green sleeves

      My Cupid’s bow is way too defined to cover it up

      1. someone

        Same here although I have plump lips 😔

      2. Young Poet

        Cupid bow is a blessing, how much I wish mine was defined enough😐

      3. Francisca Valenzuela

        bro SAME my cupids bow looks like two hills xdd, or like a mf "M"

      4. bia


      5. Venice Xx

        Why the heck would you cover it up and why you people doesn't like your cupid bow lips?😂 What's wrong with you? Didn't you know many desired that kind of lips?😂😂😌 WTH 👁️👄👁️

    66. Mico Santos

      That's amazing so satisfying 😊🥰

      1. Girl Boss Boutique

        ikr!! 🔥🔥I love this channel too..

    67. l o u i s s e

      I remember watching ur channel during quarantine

      1. Danijela Benić

        @Liliana McCain maybe in her country its not, in my country isnt

      2. Liliana McCain

        Gurl .it still Quarantine.pls

      3. Cøcøbear

        It still is quarantine

      4. Girl Boss Boutique

        Thanks babe!