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Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer


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    1. Battlefield

      Don't miss a single Battlefield 2042 trailer:

      1. SPYDA 25

        What's the name of this song?

      2. chris

        You know I won’t

      3. 0

        Remember hard core only

      4. Jimella Pelaez

        Good video and good graphics

      5. Flex Craft

        Now let's spice it up with a little Metal Gear Rex Easter Egg Dev's 😉😉

    2. Alice De la France

      I think to many hacker...

    3. TheBenenen

      It's ya boi, Floppy Ragdoll

    4. Izaiah

      i cant wait to uninstall modern 1:35 MAJOR FLEX

    5. Traceable

      This could be very good, but if rushed or using crunch might end up very bad.

    6. Pizzaki

      please please have a Huey that play's the songs from Battlefield Vietnam, my life be complete

    7. unooffixial

      the only good games EA makes😭

    8. RESPECT

      Who else started loving this battlefield after playing their battlefield bad company 2

    9. Yaman

      from 10 i give it a 2042

    10. Juan Aguiar


    11. Radi3nt

      Why am I getting Titanfall vibes

    12. laze_bean

      My pc says NOOOOOOOO

    13. Brycen Gilje

      I love how they are in a battlefield with a freaking tornado but when they are in the elevator everything chill.

    14. MC Pint


    15. Carlito Zac

      It not a battlefield game without tank

    16. FellSpring

      Never change your theme with that bass...

    17. Gregory Lionel Espinoza Ortega

      ¿Will the game have a story mode?

    18. Naser Adnan


    19. Tёma

      Лайкаем коммент как отметку, что мы в предвкушении данного шедевра

    20. clove546789

      Bro battlefield ain’t pulling any punches on this

    21. George Bezman

      So it's a battlefield 4 with some upgrade

    22. Sidero Arma

      this is gonna waste a lot of time

    23. Bolsonaro cadeirante reaul ou fauço???

      É o Battlefield 4 com um mapa novo.

    24. zachthegoat

      Give it to me GIVE IT TO ME

    25. Dominic C

      1:46 Dice is about to get banned from the server

    26. Gary Bettes

      With the intense music beginning at 0:58 and the tank dropping, you know it’s about to get real.

    27. Play'N'Games

      crossplay is the problem right before launch. there r already two separate universe: Ps4+Xbox1 and Pc+Ps5+XboxX. if they use their minds correctly they should implemented an extra "last-gen-play lobby" to the next-gen+pc systems to give us the opportunity to crossplay all together.

    28. dorian hh

      Best Game Ever

    29. Orel Yevdayev

      Battlefield 3

    30. TKSM

      2042? Maybe plot twist spoiler war in 2024 coming???

    31. SubtraX


    32. Malthe føns dissing

      *slams desk* TAKE MY MONEY TAKE IT NOW

    33. Igyzone

      1:45 Haha, jeep stuff go boom!

    34. MrCosmin94

      Who gonna wait till 2042 for a game? 😕🤨

    35. Cory trevorson

      This honestly looks pretty trash ngl.

    36. Fate

      battlefield spirit is coming back,

    37. J2L1

      I want this game to have proximity voice chat, or just squad voice chat.

    38. * OMGitsGhost

      “INCOMING FIRE!!!”

    39. Archit Mishra

      The real All out warfare feeling and gameplay

    40. juan.

      Hopefully this game doesn't ended up like cyberpunk 2077.

    41. jaysol191


    42. Storm K-1

      this is going to have crossplay?

      1. AmericanEmpire


      2. Tb_the_mini

        Yes they confirmed it

    43. Loosguys88 Xbox

      Can anyone isolate the music from this trailer.

    44. Albashir Abdi

      Minimum spec , rtx 3090 My hype left the chat


      Show muito top

    46. Handsome Dude

      This looks like tommrow war movie

    47. Christoffer

      Now i just need a CPU and PSU.... my GPU been staring at me since launch...

    48. Young Q

      I can’t believe the sandstorm actually piled the whole city this is the best battlefield yet I seen since battlefield 4

    49. Anti-990

      If this game had a battle royale mode it would destroy warzone and apex

      1. Anti-990


      2. gas mask gaming

        It already is

    50. A Random Guy

      When will this come out

      1. A Random Guy

        @ColetheKing2002 that's going to take FOREVER I'll be in school by then

      2. ColetheKing2002

        October 22nd

    51. Joshua Lo

      and why would people unlike this video , this video is awesome

    52. YOUSAF!! BAJWA!!

      bf5 had visibility issues. it was so hard to spot and locate enemies in large open maps. So kindly fix it in next game..

    53. Madyan Arashy

      Can't wait to put a C4 in the elevator

    54. David jakubek

      I'd think of the dynamics of destruction and the details

    55. Music Academy

      На сюжетку забили болт. Оригинально блин.

    56. SmittSand

      My computer is gonna be on fire lmao

    57. 一日一食チャンネル2

      ワロタ ワロタ

    58. Judge Tiki

      DONT PREORDER THIS, I mean I don't recommend it at least, as much as I kinda want to lol

      1. Judge Tiki

        @gas mask gaming bad practice id say, especially when games are bad but do well in sales cuz of good marketing. I dont trust EA haha, but u can do whatever u want

      2. gas mask gaming


    59. Rie Gez

      literally "what we asked"

    60. Keith Burton

      Will they have hard core??

    61. hugo bordon


    62. aguguwin

      whichever one of your Devs thought it was a Good Idea to make the Challanges for unlocking the weapons Restart if you dont get it during a match isnt thinking well. I cant even get kill assists because no one plays regular mode , & I just end up shooting them down. Please on the next one dont do such a thing , Its not thinking in advance. I cant find any regular matches to do them in. the teammates arent ballsy enough to shoot back , everyone is just spamming Explosives 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      1. aguguwin

        @gas mask gaming spam that noobtube , dont push . Hide at the choke point , so much skill

      2. aguguwin

        @gas mask gaming you must be one of those sackless explosive users. Get some skills.

      3. gas mask gaming

        O boy keep cryin

    63. Daniel Barriquelo

      Someone needs to put that "Incoming Fire" into a remix

    64. Rune

      What I took away from this trailer is that they fixed the sun glare.

      1. Pharrzide

        i didnt even notice. well thats good atleast

    65. Tommy Castro

      I only say one think take my money Battlefield

    66. David jakubek


      1. gas mask gaming

        Keep cryin

    67. aleX

      this gud


      why hasn't the game been demoed like past bf games. what are you hiding EA

      1. Pharrzide

        its literally happening tomorrow and then in September beta

    69. Zahin AK

      Please make it easy to melee like bf4 !!

    70. The Colin Show

      This literally looks like everything I've ever wanted in a shooter, and some things I didn't know I wanted, until now...

    71. Kaiser Epsilon

      I just noticed the minimap. When points are captured, it looks less like you have captured a point and more like you have captured a zone of influence, creating a more dynamic feel to the battle. Taking all of the zones in a "sector" forces the enemy team back, and allows you to use this time to destroy them while they retreat before they set up more defensive positions in the next sector, so it looks like BFI and BFV's operations mode is back.

    72. wanderingbufoon

      So unrealistic. Theyre all competent. It should be plagued with bad players, extremely good but laggy/glitchy players, etc.

      1. [ *Ruby: Navy* ]

        Don’t forget half the map camping on the sky scrapers with snipers

    73. Vitor

      Geforce now por favor

    74. ZombQT

      Don't mind me rewatching this for the hundredth time.

    75. Aryan Kashyap

      Wait- this is the gameplay???!!!! So u telling me we gonna be living in a cinematic the whole time while playing Take my money pliz 🙏🙋🏼‍♂️

    76. Bunny Noctis

      Strike at Karkand and Dragon Valley please...!

    77. ThatBurningSofa

      Holy suit in the 9 Millionth View

    78. nfkin

      until rush is supported again this franchise is dead

      1. Michael A

        @John Dice already said in Portal, original modes will be available like conquest and rush that players can then customize. Or players can customize from scratch

      2. John

        Rush evolved into operations and now breakthrough. Basically Rush 3.0

      3. Michael A

        Yeah what? Lol I mean rush was cool but you can literally just make rush on Portal.

      4. Fastcat4242

        lol ok

    79. Moustashley / Tyranatortoise

      Widowaker Loadout: Grapple Hook + Assault Rifle, Sniper, and Mines, seems like a fun way to play a War game ;D

    80. lionlj

      Welcome to the trailer of: Titan-duty-siege-strike

    81. John von Shepard

      hmmmmmmm!remind me 10 months

    82. A Winter

      Their behavior in that elevator was a little too professional

    83. Agh178b

      They have this trailer but in reality y’all are just sat in a corner camping

    84. Börni l

      The game for Cheaters!

    85. Anthony Whitbread

      awesome but it sure does look like they're trying to put the global warming globalization out there

      1. Pharrzide

        its the 2142 lore

    86. Seriksy

      Haven't played BF much after Bad Company 2. Tried some of the newer ones but meh. This however looks very promising!!!

      1. Michael A

        Not to mention all the bad company 2 content coming to Portal.

    87. Alex L.

      Wow. China vs USA?

      1. Pharrzide

        no russia vs usa

    88. Matt

      o dude cant wait! hope my pc can run it lol or its a ps5 for me

    89. LickMyHamFat

      i wonder if this bf will have a decent anticheat like bf4?

    90. Richard Avelino

      Dont pull a CDPR and I'll make sure to give this an honest try

    91. T. Moenda

      I'm sold, I'm coming back home. Coming back to the Battlefield! 😭😭

    92. mr.v

      There is one thing missing... big battle mechs ಥ╭╮ಥ

      1. mr.v

        @Ronel Dell someone like giant walking pieces of steel, someone not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. Ronel Dell

        Nahh we don't want that...

    93. Nazi

      q se fumaron estos flipaos

    94. chris

      Battlefield is back

    95. Hamza

      very nice

    96. Tristan Roodt

      As a heli main I am offended by these storms

    97. NexosVB

      Haha, why does no one talk about the cybertruck at 1:14??😂

    98. FLYGAME

      Lets gooooooo!

    99. Rafin Habibur

      Warzone killer detected

    100. Martin T

      Sieht zwar schön und gut aus aber es wird doch eh wieder bugs und glitches bis zum umfallen geben. Die werden nie wieder ein "fertiges" spiel rausbringen weil es viel zu viel kosten würde. Ist jedes jahr das gleiche