Hairdresser Reacts To Ridiculous Hair Hack Videos

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Hair hacks but make them useless is basically the theme of today's video. Enjoy!




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    1. Claudia Martinez

      I love to watch professionals react to these dumb content farm videos.

    2. Britty Vegas

      Brad mondo : "did you do something different , you look amazing?" Me: 👀 looking around thinking "damn....i haven't even brushed my hair today" lmfao

    3. Owly Art

      10:25 Brad, c’mon i did this stuff a million times on my super long hair and every time I woke up and undid these things, I got like super nice and bouncy curls. They were better than the curling iron

    4. Akshara Ramakumar

      “No galaxy on Earth” - Brad Mondo

    5. yutika Ghuwalewala

      how the hell do you get a galaxy on earth I LOST IT

    6. Lauren Pretzel

      no galaxy on earth…

    7. Marthe Poelmans

      The hack that starts on 10.06 minutes actually work i tried it :)

    8. Oana Botez

      5 minutes crafts is a fake thing

    9. Cat C

      So my mom told me when she was younger they didnt jave straighteners so her mom use to use clothes iron to do it. She tried it on my for fun and it made my hair so frizzy

    10. Shannon Rickard

      "There's no galaxy on earth where that would happen" 🤣

    11. Gacha_rules!

      TROOM TROOM: do you have dandruff ? Here’s the hack for you! Brad: get the frick away from me I got none.

    12. Gacha_rules!

      Dude those wigs man get me every time. Thank you brad for telling the truth :) DUDE TROOM TROOM I BELIEVED IN YOU.

    13. redbird57

      Troom Troom means never having to say "I'm Kidding"

    14. Sofia Saraiva

      hey so the paper thing actually works i did it when i was 7 (im 14) i did it red dont do it it ruins ur hair

    15. yogita makhija

      9:32 that face omg

    16. Mayookha Arun Kumar

      Me :cuts my own side swept bangs Brad: you look cute today, did u do something different Me: oooo thankyou

    17. Sophia Scalese

      Is it just me or does brad saying hay beautiful at the beginning of his videos heal me and my body shame comments that l get

    18. Rosa Scarlet

      "No galaxy on Earth" 🤣🤣🤣

    19. suzansaadoun


    20. Sai Dela Cruz

      The twisting hair curls actually works tho

    21. Magda Baron

      yes, yes... "galaxy on earth" (It's a joke, love him, don't come at me)

    22. Joanna Arciniegas

      He’s the only one who calls me beautiful

    23. sthuzar

      0:10 the thing that we are not showing brad is that we are on our bed,no sock,in pajamas,eating chips and our hair as messy as it can get. and idk how that’s cute

    24. Zara Nasrin

      You look so friendly while your mad but the aura you have while you are mad is making you look like someone giving a death threats at they're enemy

    25. Cerista Bull Bear

      Because 5 Minute crafts are just Dumb😐😑

    26. Izzy Rupe

      I love how he was like “let me Calculate that*2.4secs* NO”

    27. Hiシ

      Brad. I actually like that hair style it looks good on you 😂 (the hair color too)

    28. LoveOfKings

      XD I’m dieding XD 13:11

    29. Geovanna Silva (STB)

      At the hair salon

    30. Geovanna Silva (STB)

      I tried crap paper and it colored my hair but, my hair got super dry, the color was not natural at all and i had com cut some of .

    31. Emma Conlon

      The reason they bought all those other things to make temporary hair dye instead of just buying it was cause 5 minute crafts aim is to make your life harder and PHBA is a preservative chemical used in soap and cosmetic products

    32. lemon

      imiagine 5 minute crafts seeing this video 😂😂

    33. Leah Marie

      pov he is looking in a mirror when he says hello beautiful

    34. McKayla Garrett

      the twisting curl works i just don’t think it looks as good irl as it does on here

    35. Eric Silver

      Yeah, I mean, I have(when I'm super bored) take my brushed hair and twisted it up tightly for some amount of time and it comes out slightly curled but never that much....

    36. Dana Benzera Taifa

      well plastics sheild be gettin used more for safety than um makeup

    37. Itz Bubbles

      I know exactly why they make this hacks 1 - wasting our money 2 - making our parents mad (if u get it you get it) 3 - For no reason AT ALL 4 - the same reason as 3rd

    38. Bhavani K

      I hate you a lot

    39. Kale Dill Pickle

      When I was younger I tried a youtubers hair hack for pretty curly hair for people with pin straight hair. When I took it out, my hair turned into a fro. So it was curly, but it was not pretty curls for PIN STRAIGHT hair 😂😂

    40. gloperez77

      Brad: "I'm Mad... Ok, Moving on" Me:...*Dyes Laughing*

    41. Boba Toga

      Brad test this shit!

    42. Kawaii Unicorn

      Brad mondo: did you fo somthing to your look you are stunning Me: oh thanks i got these pizza stains just this morning

    43. Saanvi Chugh

      Brad: There is no galaxy on earth Me:??? 🧐🧐🧐🧐 is that scientifically correct? Can I visit another galaxy on earth???

    44. Noella O'Rourke

      i think the black stuff is charcoal powder

    45. Revi Evans

      You also did that in the hair sharpie video

    46. Lotta Lheid

      Well I’m just saying CoroNaVirUSsS

    47. Bostonn

      Oh ma god Brad i was about 9 when i commented that im so sorry 😳🖐

    48. Hannah

      Brad they don’t tell you the measurements

    49. Jessica Hoyt

      do have a tiktok account bc i want to follow you im a big fan

    50. Nichole Haddon

      Yeah... I equate hair hacks to those fake cooking hacks. And as for ironing your hair? It's what they did in the 70's. Mom got really good at doing that for her sisters.

    51. Cookie Wolf

      It's because they do it for views

    52. Lisa

      me: okaaay but like that hairstyle looked kinda good! Brad: in WHAt world is THAt elegant? YUCK! me:....okay yea sure

    53. KiddingK Hatt

      When the bangs in the video were “straightened” with a hair clip/pin thing, it’s like saying putting a thin book on a piece of unrolled paper for 30 minutes will straighten the paper completely(it doesn’t at all, even if you set it on the paper for months it won’t straighten, just like the pin on bangs

    54. 𝕏 𝙳𝙴𝚁𝙿 𝕏

      There is no galaxy on Earth that that is going to work Umm boi you do realize there IS NO GALAXY ON THE FUCKIN EARTH

    55. Corina Voicu

      Pls I want to see you with your hair purple and blue, pls I am subsribed. It is my dream

    56. Erin Raines

      ‘Me’ watching this in a hoodie acne and sweats haha I don’t think I’m beautiful

    57. Yoftana Haile

      When he called us beautiful Me: But my hair be looking like 5 minute craft actors life?!!

    58. Levaughnte Fredericks

      Brad.. hello beautiful i see you Me... Laying down with a dubbel chin looking like a potato

    59. Onyxx

      5:41 its in hot water so it makes the metal hot lmaoo

    60. LilyEventing

      that intro was so ironic xD i literally just got my hair done and died!!! xDDDDDD

    61. Nitya Suresh

      Brad: OOOOOO U LOOK GOOOOOD Me: *in my Elmo pjs with my hair in a messy bun*

    62. Kara Parker

      The curl thing actually works

    63. ヴェラ

      14:10 I can say that works 100%

    64. Livy Taylor

      I have the answer! Maybe bc she wants people to spend money bc she is sponsored????

    65. maria mills

      i love your videos and everything you do UwU

    66. Trinity Sky

      Brad: “in what galaxy?” Me: “well the one far far away of course!”

    67. Vivian Nguyen

      9:30 has me dying💀

    68. Vivian Nguyen

      7:03 : To make more money

    69. Taija K

      Charcoal? 🤔 That black stuff?

    70. Lena Harnik

      9:47 i had a 60-year-old teacher who used to do her hair like this, but she left the pencil in. She actually had a couple pencils that she would stick in it so she could pull one out and use it without the hair falling down

    71. PinkMacaroons

      *Brad asks me if I did something to my self* *me* I went to sleep-

    72. weronika tobolski

      the hack with the paiper i tried it and it WORKED !!!

    73. Susan Carrick

      Brad it's hair chalk not eyeshadow

    74. Leland Guy

      There is no galaxy in earth: band mondo Me : yeah your right earth is in a galaxy

    75. Panda Person

      I have a aloe Vera plant and I would NEVER do that

    76. Bluemoon

      Btw the color paper hack does work I’ve never done it my self but my cosuin did it and it works

    77. mad vuitton

      13:25 we did this “hack” in art school when we were kids and it works for light hair, but we did like sections of the hair and oh boy.. it was so bad when we saw what damage it did to our hair. don’t ever do that 😂

    78. Akira Malthoo

      🤣🤣🤣tHeRe Is No GaLaXy On EaRtH 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Lauren O'Neill music

      It’s activated charcoal

    80. Mondira BORUAH

      The way Brad is trying to narrate what 5 minutes craft were doing is everything 😂

    81. Saint

      I feel shy when you compliment🍓🪓

    82. Claudia Marie Warren

      For that twist-curl one at 10:06, I did that bc my mom was out of town and took the curling iron with her. I watched a tutorial on it, and got curls, but they weren’t amazing, curling iron curls like that chick had. And I’m pretty sure the hair had to be wet, but it’s been like three years so I’m not really sure.

    83. Vineesha Vikram

      Alovera is in my backyard flaxseed is way cheaper charcoal is always there in my kitchen .🤣

    84. Doggie club

      Lololol he’s complimenting me loooking “nice” when I woke up 5 MINUTES AGO! 🤣

    85. 🌸 s i p p 🌸

      There is NO *galaxy* on *earth-*

    86. epic Ellie

      Brad is so respectful and nice so he tells people what is not good and i love that

    87. Yoshi_ B

      At this point, ur the only one i get complimets from. So thanks, ily.

    88. Maggie's vlogs

      Brad the paper dye works

    89. Farah A.

      10:28 "THERE IS NO GALAXY ON EARTH..." Yeah... there is indeed no galaxy _on_ Earth.

    90. tehlia hibbert

      The ironing hair is what me and my sister did in early 00's 😂

    91. Lola White

      Him telling us that we are beautiful. Me sitting here at 3:00am with a double chin chomping in Doritos

    92. Katie Henson

      For the making hair color they must want all natural and to know all the ingredients

    93. cupcakes cow

      Brad mondo is so nice and make me feel pretty

    94. silverpixie

      10:10 it workssss we always do that when we were kids its just a lot of work but yeah it works just like a curl after removing braids

    95. ShadowNinja

      Brad: You're beautiful! Did you change something? Me, who just cut my hair following one of his tutorial yesterday: (。◕‿◕。)

    96. Bethlehem Worku

      The fact that the plastic shield is essential now is breaking my heart

      1. Raymund Subardiaga

        Good for covid

    97. Laurina smith

      he really said "beautful", idk abt y'all, but i'm sleeping in bed looking like pig

    98. carla adasme

      Brad: hey beautiful! Me: “speaking at computer” Hi handsome! Person beside me: ...

    99. no one knows who i am

      3:38 i remember a video where they used the same kind of purple marker as a toner... smh

    100. Florfe

      I'm pretty sure somebody came to tell you they use flaxseed gel but I'll just say it too anyway. I make my own flaxseed gel, it's not only cheaper to DIY but the results I get are better than store bought flaxseed gel because it has so many additives that are not good for me. Soooo it's not difficult to make (I'm pretty lazy) and it's my favourite hairstyle thing for my wavy hair.