I asked her the question...

Andrew Davila

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    1. fire fox

      ben was take this prank to much seriously for a while.....wtf😂🤣😂

    2. Alba Fischer

      love you guys I new that because I watch all of yours guys videos

    3. Alba Fischer

      I new that omggggg

    4. Sheen Y Enciso

      Ben still love Lexi:( Ben got hurt.

    5. Daymaruby Navedo

      Me wen he prank me*FUCKIN BI***

    6. Vishala Ramadhar

      Its how Dom ran inside the house and said what's going on made me laugh until I cried 😂😂

    7. Nigar Sultana

      I felt bad for Ben like his face was all sad 😔

    8. Continuum

      Poor ben I could see in his eyes he was sad 😔

    9. Christopher Perales

      Me wishing for it to be real dude I’ve watched this vid like 4 times now I’m just in my little world wishing It was REAL😩

    10. Nariesha

      Anyone else checking the comments to see if this lie or if this is true😶😶

    11. Koala Fam

      Me just watching this to see if it’s true because I still ship Ben & Lexi….

    12. Yugam Pandey

      Nothing and no-one looked mire beautiful and cute than Landrew in black dress.

    13. Ashley Holness

      Look at Dom face

    14. KDP Films

      called it

    15. Mckenzie Kenzie

      LandrEw forever

    16. Daisy Garcia

      Y’all end pranks so fast

    17. Dariophie Donut girls

      No one is talking about how on 4:37 Andrew has a hole in his pants

    18. Charlie Playz


    19. deathjay101

      I really wanted this to happen. R.I.P.

    20. Meher Khan

      U guys are cute together it should be either Jeremy or Andrew

    21. StarDixie


    22. Era

      I feel so bad for ben when he say "I don't want to sew"

    23. Sandra Umuhoza

      You really gkt me there guyz.

    24. Adella Espinoza

      i ship yall anxie

    25. Sivani Sivalingam

      Ben and Lexi just get back together bruh

    26. Deana Ferguson

      Omg i ship 🚢

    27. felisha laborde

      Nooooooo they lied

    28. Jemma Egner

      Me the first 5 minutes of the vid: 🥰 When they say it's a prank: ☹️

    29. KUSHAZER

      Ben was like😞

    30. Brianna Janeiro

      I was bout to be like finally then sike :c

    31. mar t.

      poor ben 😭😭😭 i love him so much ❤️💕✨

    32. Maya_thecatt

      Poor Ben 🥺

    33. Tinsley monroe

      I can tell your hiding your relationship

    34. BUBBY

      Me seeing the title:poor ben:(

    35. Alivia Schill


    36. Michala Wilson

      Love u guys are amazing

    37. Carla Maldonado

      BEN'S FACEE😭

    38. Shreyansh

      Me : By Mistakenly Saw Jeremy's comment Jeremy : IT FEELS NICE TO SPOIL THE VEDIO

    39. Nenna Lee


    40. Ryleigh Brosnan


    41. graciela luna

      lexi’s face when she saw ben’s face lowkey broke her heart i think

    42. Roblox Random's

      When u talk about the LORD don’t leave out his Powerful WRATH ✝️😊🙏❤️❤️ JESUS IS KING ✝️😊🙏👑❤️ AND THERE WILL BE A REVIAL AND EVEN IF U DONT BELIEVE PLZ TURN TO GOD THERE WILL BE A TIME WERE SOMETHING CALLED THE RAPTURE HAPPENS AND ONLY THE TRUE BELIEVERS WILL BE TAKEN THE NON BELIEVERS WILL BE ON EARTH WHAT EVER U DO SO NOT I MEAN DO NOT TALE THE MARK OF THE BEAST U WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE IT ON UR FOREHEAD OR ON UR HAND and also u will not be able to do anything without it but GOD is more important and powerful OR ARM DO NOT TAKE IT IF U DONT TAKE IT U WILL BE NOT ABLE TO EAT DRINK BUT ETERNAL LIFE IS BETTER U WILL BE rewarded plz don’t take it this is not to scare u if ur scared by this get right with the .LORD. This is not forcing 😌

    43. shinsosimp

      I ship Lexie with Dom

    44. Farzana Ijaz


    45. sir Senior science

      You guys should be dating hotteis

    46. A frog on youtube 🐸

      Ben looked so sad when they were in person! 🤣😭

    47. lushie

      you could see the sadness in bens eyes and face :((((( PLSSS- THE WAY DOM CAME 😭😭

    48. Alena Thiel

      Ben and Jeremy were so jealous I can’t😭 ben was about to lose it😭😂

    49. ashleyfun

      We ain't gonna talk about Jeremy's call name-

    50. Keith Dandonoli


    51. Bakhita Majok

      We all know Andrew actually wants to date Lexi

    52. Alora Shay

      Guys Andrew does love bexi he just don’t know how to show the feelings for her! He also cried on video bc he missed bexi! I ship them to!

    53. Soccer Girl


    54. vineta christy

      I left so bad for Ben the look in his face proved how sad he was....

    55. Marian Kheir

      We all know ben was trying so hard to keep that cry in 😥

    56. aym

      You guys

    57. Emma Calder

      Oh my god I thought you were serious I was actually super happy if you were because you guys are cute together😜😜😜😘😘

    58. Ama Singh

      Mhmm just friends more then that😂😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Storm Johnson

      Ben looked...so ...hurt...

    60. Wulan Ananta

      Lol i laugh a lot 😂😂 moodboster, such a good content 👍😂

    61. Arianne De Avalor

      we all want landrew to be a thing

    62. michael dewey

      ask Lexi on a real date pleaes

    63. Jayla Pichardo

      They say there just friends but... friends don’t look at friends that way...

    64. Alexis Eaton

      Wow just wow....😭😭

    65. Maty Aa

      Dom came running he is a runner he is. a track star

    66. Maty Aa

      Did y’all notice wile pranking dom she moved more close to him😃

    67. Maty Aa

      Aww Jeremy was like daaang sheeesh

    68. Maty Aa

      U got us but we are sad now :( 😢

    69. Miracle Su

      So the camera man is invisible? 💀😀

    70. Oceanwxvesplazsroblox

      Bro I wish they was dating I ship!

    71. Sammy Hammy

      Are you serious that’s me

    72. Taylor M

      Y’all should of worn matching clothing

    73. Addison Horsham

      Oh come on. You both would be a really cute couple

    74. Sage McBrearty

      Hmmmmm that calender in the background at 1:01 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

    75. Olivia Simmons


    76. House Party


    77. House Party

      God Lexi is short

    78. javarn ray

      but you should

    79. Liah Middaugh

      I love lexis laugh ❤️

    80. Janessa Andrews

      Omg the cringeeeeeeeeeeeee

    81. p x e a c h y

      “We’re really good freinds”😏😎

    82. Jamila Watts

      noooo why ;(

    83. Mila Saunders


    84. Jacko Hiskins

      This vid is so cringe yet sooo funny at the same time 😅

    85. Genesis Pena

      awww how about y’all do a challenge of dating for 24 hours or 48 PLEASEEE I really want landrew ship to sail

    86. Jesus Johnston

      I got so excited 😩💔😃😃

    87. Annique November

      Isn't this the same thing that she used to do with Ben We all know how that ended

    88. laura white

      Dudeeee they need to get together!!!!

    89. Lara Gupta

      Ahhhh no im such a landrew shipper :)

    90. Mapalo Sampa

      Oml i knew u guys weren't dating! I was like haha so funny but sarcastic

    91. Sklar Yazmin

      Andrew: wanna know something? Jeremy: What you have feelings for me? The way my face went from this: 😐 To this: 😂 BAHAHA

    92. alyssa weems

      I’m surprised I didn’t see the broom

    93. Cameron Lalay

      You got me

    94. sasha and fun

      Why did he Banged th door soo loud 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Rose berry

      I love Andrew ❣️

    96. Ainsley Rasinske

      LAME! I’m such a big landrew fan Ben is a dweeb compared to you he has no style and ur literally so much hotter

    97. l a d y n o i r

      i'm not even kidding after lexi said "i love andrew very much" i low key said "nope hell no *pauses video* hell to the no no no"

    98. Thina Mphafudi

      I known it no way you guy would date but you guys are cute together

    99. Voldemort Is a hoe

      So much giggling 👀

    100. Moon Prism Sisters

      I like when dom just jumped on the couch and I laugh so hard