NBA "Unexpected" MOMENTS


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    NBA "Unexpected" MOMENTS showcases some of the most unexpected plays throughout recent NBA History! It includes players such as LaMelo Ball, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Tacko Fall and many more NBA Superstars!

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    1. KingSwish

      Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving 🤔

      1. L1Space

        kyrie tf

      2. Clown TV


      3. Julian Agnero


      4. Miller Moon

        Westbrook all the way

      5. TEES4DEES 13


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    26. diambo4life

      Westbrook in open court when he hesistates on the're f*cked. LOL. Seen that move 100x here at OKC.

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      Title: Nba "unexpected" moments Video: "NBA player miraculously dunks"

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      How is Westbrook dunking a unexpected moment.🧐

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    55. Manelisi Mkhaliphi

      There's something Hornets commentators are eating lol

    56. Mohamad Theeb

      The tacko fall one takes the cake the bench was going crazy wow.

    57. Lucas Vissenberg

      kind of embarassing how boban got blocked twice by two dudes half who are about as tall as him when they stand on eachothers shoulders

    58. Yali Luna

      damn y’all must have a much different sedition for the word “unexpected”

    59. Marcel Fietzek

      5:40 nice travel

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    63. Stefanlogihermann SLH

      Most underrated player in the Nba: Kyle kuzma

      1. Pablo Cesar

        ._. What?

    64. Rene Alviz

      Steph is the best

    65. Michael Petty

      Westbrook at 2:20 no doubt dunk of the year. Insane

      1. Bucketz Man

        Didn’t know he still had his 2013 explosiveness that caught me off gaurd.

      2. Rayene Boussetta

        ​@Michael Petty Aren't you a native english speaker?

      3. Michael Petty

        @Rayene Boussetta what’s a headass?

      4. Rayene Boussetta

        "no doubt" headass.. did you not see Anthony Edwards' poster?

    66. Paul Folden

      I hate that hornets announcer so obnoxious

    67. Timothy Pickett

      Have you ever had any money

    68. clutch 724

      From a pistons fan Blake can rot in piss

    69. Petar Pavlovic

      foul for bobi

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      H U M D I D D L Y D E E

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      Miles bridges grabbing Gordon Hayward so he didn’t get hurt made me feel good lol

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    90. Mbno Manman

      Y’all missed the Anthony Edward clip 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    91. Mytri Ish

      Why do ppl act like Blake Griffin just can't jump anymore it's so stupid it's actually irritating

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    93. Dan

      Lamelo: Sips water* Commentator: WOOOWWW LAMELOOOO HOW DO YOU DOO?!!

    94. Torin O'Connor

      Celtics double thumbnail lol

    95. Darwin Thompson

      Nah ubré totally hit the back of Boban’s hand. Not a clean block

    96. Levi Kemp

      At 1:18 curry steps over the line but is given the three

      1. Levi Kemp

        Sorry its at 2:15

    97. Katie Taylor

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    98. Jacob Sanchez

      2:44 ik lamelo’s kinda raw, but that wasn’t that great

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    100. Andrew Russell

      5:19 how is that unexpected he’s 7 feet tall