OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

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    1. Jennifer Trusty

      The mom let the kid cut her hair

    2. AestheticJoon-gi

      Its from 5 minutes craft faker

    3. khaled omar

      I swear to God, this mother bears

    4. Samia Mohamed

      Are we gonna talk about the mom didnt even care that she cut her hair

    5. dudaaa Ferreira

      Se alguem cortace meu cabelo o coitado da pessoa

    6. Bholanath Mahadev


    7. Marisa Soria

      La niña sabe mas que yo

    8. la diversion de meli y julieta

      2 M de like 😳😯😮😦😧

    9. Caroline Oliveira


    10. Kirti Binda

      my mind: how is she not dead?😣

    11. α૯ʍy gђτઽ૮ シɨ ʟoveγou

      Para que existe boneca???

    12. Safete Islami


    13. Silvana S


    14. Karsyn Luckey

      Anddd ur saying cutting hair is ok??????? Wow what a great mom

    15. Aleiya McIntosh

      Omg 😱 she know how to untangle gee I need her

    16. Croyance Mabumbi

      Wow nice

    17. Hiba Anabtawi


    18. Maeya Sanghera

      This still doesn’t fix the fact that half ur hair is gone! 😱


      If I cut my mother hair my mother will not let me in my house 🏡

    20. Marinez Batista


    21. Juna Ghimire


    22. ༻ValenIsAsimp༺

      And this is one more reason I'm not having children They are annoying the girl literally cutted her mother's hair

    23. Edwillian Silva

      Que bonitinha menininha ajudou o papai mamãe uma família para ela bonitinhas né

    24. Anujin Enkhzorig

      Having trouble with tangle wires the solution is child labor

    25. Tajul Eira

      I love home

    26. jana vecerkova

      Pz165l Roblox

    27. 18번째 예쁜 구독자 찾는 로웰❦{LOWELL}

      왜지 왜 첫번째꺼 가지고 싶지

    28. Jelly_olivia

      Kid : cuts hair Mom : doesn't do anything but just makes a toy for her U just spoiled ur own kid good job ☺

    29. Goldi Rai

      If I did the first one to my mom... It will be the last day of my life🤣🤣then I will go the better place than the earth called heaven 🧖🏻‍♀️ such a peace in the place I will get, I hope I will find kids those who killed by their parents for the funny reason🤣🤣🤣

    30. Nadine Promberger

      Die coolste idde

    31. katy blancas

      Me seeing little girl cut her mother hair how she still alive

    32. Ashia Williams

      If little me cut my mommy's hair she will get me so that's why little me knows better

    33. Naresh More

      kids are so smart

    34. Chandraprakash Kamble

      Every one :- Nice toy Me:- what about the hairs the kid cutted down?

    35. Aea Abdelrahman


    36. Abbey's Abstract World

      The first one:why just why?!?🤷

    37. Sakura Harunu

      and the hair grows back hahahaha

    38. Lheeam Mata


    39. Memeus Cleetus

      I would’ve went through all the work to where if she cut the wrong string she get hit in the face with whipped cream

    40. alisha ansar

      She can give a doll

    41. Eu e vocês.

      Era só falar que não pode cortar o cabelo.das pessoas

    42. Sudha Maurya

      Oh my god child cut mom's hair and mom doesn't say anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Aahana Rawat


    44. Bunny girl

      Is your child stupid enough to cut off your hair then make them a cardboard toy to cut off its hair and now you became so smart

    45. Pabitra Pradhan

      My mom: very beautiful 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    46. Christina Jones

      Dang that child is good at doing hair

    47. Raymond Buaya


    48. Pramod Bharti

      TodYs kid don't play with these toys 😑

    49. Mr Lowell


    50. Kumkum Joshi

      good idea 😀

    51. Geo the Fox

      If i was that child... my mom reaction was someting like: Me: cut my moms hair* Mom: get's her shoe and punch me Me: crying* Mom:✨✨

    52. Esila Dag

      Im sorry but nobody’s mom is like this when her kid cut her hair its so fake

    53. Santha Jayaprakash

      Why did the kid want the hair

    54. Rhea Mantode

      It didn't cut your hair it cut your wig 👩‍🦲

    55. Sophia

      Where did the kid even get the scissors ✂️ and the way she treats the toy better than her mom

    56. อมยิ้ม


    57. Simona Škrobánková

      To bi nedala

    58. Carmen Jimenez


    59. Joseph Tamirin


    60. Joseph Tamirin


    61. Joseph Tamirin


    62. Melo Zischke

      This brows dammmm

    63. Karla De Hernandez

      Todos los niños cortamos los cabellos y también ya vemos que los enredos de los cables

    64. Edgar Quirino

      Fue un

    65. 謝你在福田


    66. Karen Dubidad


    67. Marta Zochowiec


    68. Alondra Farias espinoza


    69. Que lindo marinet Portillo

      Buenas ideas

    70. rafaygris9

      I get her untangling things are so fun!

    71. Zaira france Labayani

      Plot Twist: the kid cutted a wig

    72. Nessa

      Imagine the kids like oo new hair to cut hers was getting short anyway :)

    73. Im TOTALLY Not A Warrior Cat lover.-.

      U are just a straight out liar that is from five minute crafts

    74. 𝓩𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓷 𝓛𝓮𝔂𝓵𝓪

      She doent even care bruh

    75. Nancy Rusanowsky

      She didn’t wanna do your hair she wanted to make a voodoo doll

    76. wildlydaringstrategist

      Kid: *cuts hair off* Her: *smiles Me: WHY WOULD U DO THAT OML I WOULD HAVE KILLED THAT BITC-

    77. Снижок


    78. nadia vazquez

      Ajjajaja que maldita la nena


      If a kid cut my hair I don't care how old they r or who they r I'm drop kicking them out side the window

    80. Unicorn Cupcake

      You know why the kid didn’t cut the wool well it’s bc it very hard to cut wool trust me I tried

    81. Mara Palacios


    82. Brooke Loyd

      Woooooooooow. COOLEST COOL COOL

    83. Juan Alvarez

      😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 🕘

    84. Niña Grace Quinto


    85. Dani Guevara

      Muy bueno que hagan eso es muy interesante

    86. فانزه Nour Mar 5

      هاي لو احنه بل صونده

    87. Sandy Galindo

      kid: *cuts off moms hair* me:.....maybe....he..he... *cuts off my moms hair* my mom:WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? me:...I saw it in a video...... my mom:YOUR BEING PUT UP FOR ADOPTION😤😤😤😤😤 me:NOOOOO😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

    88. Qe s0

      Aprovecha que no esta en LATAM aqui te cortan el pelo te mandan a dormir afuera XD

    89. Magdalena Espino


    90. Nereida Martinez

      If my kid chop my hair off its gone be big trouble