1973 Corvette Stingray Surprise Dad!

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    1. Brian Zantop

      I've watched this video soooo many times. And it's just as awesome each time. We MUST MUST remember with allll the crazy bad stuff in the world, that the overwhelming majority is good. People are good!!! Overwhelmingly!!! Love ALWAYS wins. ALWAYS!!!

    2. Guillermo G.B

      The best part for me was at 3:40 minute when he realised that this car was the car he owned in the 70's. His reaction makes me cry like a silly boy. That's magic. Thank you for sharing this story!!!!!

    3. Agus Sunarya

      Kamu benar benar anak anak yang sangat baik sekali 🙏👍👍

    4. Big Jim

      That thing was KNOCKIN

    5. sharon daniel


    6. Jayne B

      What a wonderful man, and wonderful family, cant see the screen for tears, a beautiful story !!

    7. Nasser Saad

      3:24 watch his hands 😔🖤🖤

    8. daGrease MAN

      love the 10000 photos being snapped the entire time...

    9. Moua Xiong

      Something tells me this old man knows quite a lot about these cars. He's a good man's for his families for sure.

    10. Joy Siner

      Can’t stop crying. This is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. 🥰✝️🙏🏾

    11. Matthew Shaugabay II

      At 4:31 when he revved it. The look on his face, said it all. ❤️🙌🏼

    12. Darlene Bertel


    13. ibrahim abed elhadi

      Tbh I'm frustrated at the girl because she got him an automatic, he obviously wanted a manual, though I don't think he cared cuz this car gonna land him alotta booty

    14. Albert Head

      Great story, but't what's with the tail pipe hanging down at 5:13?

    15. ski freek

      wow, this is the dictionary meaning of a good man. to the family. you made his life totally complete.

    16. Canadian Love 76

      Loving you all! 🥰🤗🙏❤️🌺😌❤️🇨🇦

    17. dato alaw

      I watch this last year and i cry And now im 😢

    18. Bhargava Kandada

      It was emotional and all but fuck that shutter sound man, how many photos did that guy take.

    19. John Puentes

      You guys are awesome,god bless

    20. Neo Geo

      One of the nicest and epic US cars.

    21. Fauntue Dirtyloy

      Seems like a good man.

    22. Cynthia R

      Great dad! I get it too, cause I had a 66 red Mustang in high school that I loved.

    23. Justin Collier


    24. Dr.Arun Anilkumar

      HRaero suggested me this after the video of Tracy byrnes saying in national TV that men will always choose their toys over their children.

    25. Guido Faber

      I say'd it Million Times and i do it again, there's not one Woman who has a As like a Vette.

    26. Dorothy Green

      Wow 😲

    27. Richard Wyatt


    28. Nikola Tesla

      I am an old grown ass man and this brought me to tears

    29. Ascanius

      Thanks I needed that

    30. Chris M

      Yeah so I’m crying….so what….

    31. Keltech 20901

      Damn that brought tears to my eyes. That was beautiful.

    32. Mohit Sharma

      He lived his young days twice after getting his car, or you can say the love of his life.

    33. steve zisk

      Brings me to Tears that My Father Can't Drive Anymore

    34. Creekside Auto and Truck Repair

      That was awesome

    35. Abhisek Gupta

      Damn who is taking so many camera shots. That shutter sound covered up the conversation.

      1. Abhisek Gupta

        I am so glad that i could watch this video. I am so happy for you guys. God bless you all 😊

      2. Janis Higgins

        I know it is crazy! We actually hired someone to do the video and pictures to have for our family and friends. We never thought this many people would watch it! The photographer was far away from the videographer and we had no idea it would pick this up! We are extremely thankful for the video and pics.

    36. Banyo

      Thankfully my dad and mom have no attachments to their old cars. They've only progressively gotten better and the one car that we did all love, the first family car we had and sold after like 15 years, we were told was impounded in a drug bust in Mexico...so

    37. William Vang Vang

      I get emotion every I watch this. What a great family.

    38. Steve Pack

      That's so precious!😢 I wish I could have had a dad like that. That's so special and beautiful that y'all did that for him. The beautiful thing also is that you guys had a great relationship and genuinely care for each other that's awesome and I wish you guys all the luck

    39. Johnny Clark

      The car: $$$$$. The relationship with the adopted: Priceless!

    40. Colt Dason

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    41. e Wise

      So wonderful! ❤️

    42. Mal jones

      The GOAT 😎

    43. roads alt

      poor fella got the autpmatic when he had the manual

    44. Brian Koops

      Did you see how low the exhaust pipes were? Check last 10 seconds as car drives away...pipes are gonna get ripped off first drive! Lol

      1. Brian Koops

        @Cecil B Why didn't you see the one thing that will stop the car from working? I saw everything...you saw what you wanted to see. The happy ending is the car working properly,or it's wasted time and money.

    45. Goodstein the Looter.

      Put a lid on it kid

      1. Goodstein the Looter.

        @Cecil B Buzz off Cardi B

    46. Goodstein the Looter.

      They screwed up. Should've got him a manual/stick. 1:48

    47. Humberto Ramirez

      It almost made me cry when he grabbed the keys and hugged her 😢

    48. Bruno Thomas Apostolic church, Dimapur, Nagaland.

      Amazing to see not the gift but the bond between daughter and father 😍

    49. Peace Prayer

      I have to tell you. This made me cry. Love is a beautiful thing.

    50. Carlos StLouis

      Grandfather "Oh my god hunny, this is amazing." Grim Reaper "Sweet ride bro, were we going?"

    51. Chuck Martin

      I ordered and owned the car he talked about - mine had a close ratio 4 speed manual with a 350 cid engine. And the dealer had to repaint mine as well. That Elkhart green exterior with the saddle tan leather was a real dream. First guy who came to look at it bought it, and I bought a Trojan cabin cruiser. One day, I just might look for that car again.

    52. Carlos p.

      It's nice to have good family. People that care for one another. 😁

    53. Mr. Plague

      What is this water coming from my eyes?

    54. J M




    56. Sergio Monroy

      You harvest what you soad. LOVE

    57. Sergio Monroy

      You harvest what you sod. LOVE

    58. Duxry Edits

      "this a automatic, i had a stick" hell yeah😎

    59. Gary Wong

      These videos always bring a tear to me eye. I dream to do this for my dad someday

    60. Luis Valverde

      No entiendo el idioma pero si el sentimiento, que hermoso

    61. Dropped Boez

      The first thing he pointed out in the inde was the Automatic transmission 😬😬😬😬 God bless his heart ❤ And who can dislike this?


      You made me cry. Thanks for sharing a Sweet memory your family is awesome and Dad is the best. Oh yeah that car is a Beauty

    63. Chicken Finger and Wing Review

      This is an automatic mine was a stick...EPIC FAIL ! Anyone knows if you had a stick you don’t ever want an automatic !

    64. Live for Jesus


    65. Joe Macinnis

      I absolutely love videos like this

    66. Robert Boyce

      I love how the old man started to a walk off twice thinking, "Well that's that."

    67. Thành Miura

      He talls af

    68. Georgina Flemmings

      😹😹😹 @ Justin Couch

    69. lörtsy ukko

      I started crying before the video started lol :'D

    70. James Tsoukalas

      3:32 the face you make when you realize you've been got!😂

    71. I havent decided yet

      Nobody noticed detached exhaust on passenger side @ 5:21?

    72. Computer Shutoff

      Goddamn how many photos do they need to snap man and that kid needs to shut the hell up


      Respect my dad was the best dad you could have ever have hoped to have had. Congrats well deserved.

    74. Danilo Legaspi

      Wow best story.

    75. Kris With The K

      My dumbass was waiting for the owner to show up LMFAOO 🤣

    76. Andre Cassis

      Corvette's have brought so much joy to so many people. Me included. Great family. Bless them.

    77. Anton Floor

      That sound, 🥰🥰

    78. Howard M. Burgers

      He sees that thing right away. Barely out the door.

    79. Roman Maimo


    80. Extra Terrestrial

      gonna tell my children that i sold a ferrari to get them their candy... will keep you informed how this investment is gonna do in a few years

    81. sea 831

      that got me and my emotions all sensitive ..thats love

    82. Matt Snyder

      Thank you for posting a heartfelt positive video. 48 year old man crying watching this.

    83. dipankar barooah

      Old cars always had a class in it. 😀

    84. cidertom

      It would have been 350 cui 5.7

    85. ANUJ Singh

      World best felling

    86. MrBlue

      *If I hit 1k subs in 1 month, I'll donate $100 to charity*

    87. The Horseman

      Dodge viper for me. Like a 94

    88. Fiore La

      God bless all of you, The world need more Dads and daughters like you guys.

    89. Sonny Miller

      Amazing video 👍

    90. TJ Georges

      Hope my sons read this someday. I’d like my 2012 Acura TL AWD back.

    91. anton džaja jurca

      He sat in his car and drove away. Never looked back again :D

    92. Dawkins

      Why’s he like 15 feet tall

    93. TuffCheez

      I think there's a fly in my eye

    94. Fl


    95. Davey Givens

      I don't know about today but every guy who drove cars in the 70s/80s could tell you what year, what model, what options are on just about any car from 100 yards. Women will never understand.

    96. Mirror1973

      I’m not crying you are

    97. 3 Years Apart

      This is one of those videos you need "love" instead of a "like" button.

    98. Mike P

      “This is an automatic, mine was a stick” bet his kids didn’t know that could make it or break it for car lovers lol. But in older age nobody wants the hassle of a stick anymore usually. I don’t anyway.

    99. Ashley Wilson

      Aw what a lovely thing to do