Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 18


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    Its done!!! This raptor build has definitely been a super epic one. We have turned this thing into an absolute beast after a total loss wreck. We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and super thankful for all of the help and support. Now that it's all done, we had no choice but to put it top the test and get some air!!! Cant wait to show y'all what we have next! Thanks For Watching!!!

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    1. Donald Lee Grim


    2. Akagami

      Amazing job guys

    3. Akagami

      1:55 song name?

    4. Moz (BOi)

      wait your parents are italian?

    5. Charles Eballa

      Your mom love to cook

    6. IM Stricken

      Nice wheels 👌 what are the specs?

    7. Ray Miller

      It's time for the trx boy's.

    8. Adam B

      That Ford F-150 Raptor looks so good !! 😊

    9. JSmooVE3990

      Goonsmom cooking channel!

    10. Gary Ko

      I never see any licence plates on your vehicles when you drive on the road. Isn't that illegal?

    11. Wesley Mcnutt

      Anyone else wanna hang out with them........just for mommas cooking?🤤🤤

    12. Cameron Desmeulles

      The TRX didn’t copy the lights. The two trucks have too have them on the front since they are larger than a usual vehicle.

    13. rich kemp

      Awesome looking truck! Well done guys!! Does it lean down to the drivers side from the front? Or is that just a camera illusion?

    14. Devon Murello

      Does anyone else ever wonder if they just drive all the new builds without a plate or if they have a dealer plate? 😂

    15. Ken Waldrup

      Grocery go getter with +100hp is a no question....+100hp yes!!!

    16. SAADY-S 786

      Daaaang son the raptor is 🔥 off roading

    17. SAADY-S 786

      The end of the raptor build 🔥

    18. Henk Steenvis


    19. curtis wilcock

      Nice tune 😏 and put a ding in exhaust damn bound to happen for sure but damn this is aweosme you sent that raptor 🤤 I love trucks

    20. Curtis Jones

      All the gear and no idea

    21. Mike Mocon

      If you could call that a jump

    22. Jason Malone

      Don’t think the new wheels and tires ere an improvement.

    23. Crowmo

      They kept talking about the new corsa exhaust but played music over it the whole time

    24. Christoph Wells

      do stage two F**k the tesla

    25. Bobby Kosowan

      Love you guys, but, I HATE Truck Videos

    26. Piotr Kopczyński

      TRX did not copied hood marker lights... They are required by law because raptor and trx are so wide ;-P

    27. Bacon__ SteezBurger

      I’m absolutely obsessed with this build 😩 so much it hurts haha it’s so perfectly built. Just enough meat added to the bones to give it that more aggressive stance, and that paint...omg that paint 🤤 against the bronze it looks awesome. Happy for y’all man 🙌🏼 that’s a hell of a badass truck dude. Wish I could trade places with you for a couple days 😂 you build on my VW Tiguan R project, and Ill drive the raptor for a couple days so I can fulfill that need to drive one 😂😂 Stay awesome y’all 🙏🏼 y’all are crushing it out here

    28. Marlon Green


    29. M.Haroon

      My car Just has 60 Hp Lol

    30. Jerry Vaughn

      raptor looks great, I work at SHELBY AMERICAN in Las Vegas , So next time you guys are in Vegas let me know, I am inviting you all to our tour , when ever you come in let me know in advance < love to have you visit, See how we do the Raptors ok . I am gonna start a HRaero page soon. Take care

    31. kuda Chimbunde


    32. Robert Vermeer

      Boys !! I love your parents ..

    33. don earl


    34. Aydar Sulo

      Rock lights

    35. MEP101769

      Great job Goonzquad!🛻

    36. Mark Zelinski

      I love mama!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    37. adventure with bros

      It looks very nice but I am not a fan 😂 Oww ye nothing better then chick ful a and homemade food 😂

    38. Sterling Stauffer

      This was an amazing build. It's hard to believe that it's already over.

    39. Hussien Khaled

      Your parents are awesome 😍

    40. Laith

      the front is higher and its annoying me

    41. Flipers 29

      Stage 2 tune

    42. axel pasma

      Dude,Dude,Dude,Dude and Dude really?

    43. Mark Morgan

      Timestamp 24:02, let’s spray this spray wax on the truck but none of it even makes it to the truck or on the truck and it just falls to the ground lmao!!! U guys gotta be a little closer to make sure the spray actually reaches the truck lol!!! U guys killed it with this build though!!! Truck looks absolutely stunning!!!

    44. Jade de los Reyes

      *Guys please don’t Sell this Buildd*

    45. JC

      Go stage 2 yesss 😍😍😍

    46. R&D Productions UNLIMITED

      You need to put it in Baja mode and give it light break boost. Trust me I’ve done it, thing MOVES!!

    47. J B Jr

      Turn the danger ranger into a drag truck

    48. Take Down

      That view off the mountain gets better every time. Have you guys got a sponsorship off Cobb? Seen Billy in the cap last time and Simon in the T this time???👍🛠👌

    49. Retro Meatball

      why in pretty much all the videos does Simon not drive..does he not have a license or something ?

    50. Bob Mal


    51. Jeremiah Diego

      Love the channel guys! been watching all the builds! How about a 4Runner build?

    52. Mr Nordin

      Dude, dude... due DUDe... dude, Dude.. duuuude.. Dude.

    53. Nityam Jaiswal

      Whats the music at 5:43

    54. jan broedes

      The are called spruiten in dutch and here in USA brussel sprout

    55. Edgar Aguirre

      Baja Raptor

    56. Awesomenes3604

      You guys should do I Ram TRX next that would be awesome

    57. Darwin Calliou

      Sup men truck looks super killer dude! 🤘

    58. M F

      Always love to see Momma Goonzquad

    59. Daniel Rodriguez

      I would of went with the roll bar in the back with the spare tire

    60. Marco Vincenzetti

      What a piece of garbage that RAPTOR in general is junk. The built was amazing as usual. Im talking about the truck itself. A just good looking truck, for the rest is JUNK! Off road capability = zero. Oh yeah, american style lol.

    61. Thunder Road

      Love that truck

    62. Menzi Thela

      Waiting for the video

    63. Nevariesnel Evaristo

      Dude, did I just call you Dude? Yes Dude, okay Dude

    64. Thereal Suede

      get a jdm next

    65. Koke 956

      When you guys gonna do a giveaway like buying ur merch of course

    66. ted roccie

      like the size of the tires but those wheels do nothing for the truck!!!!!

    67. Jade de los Reyes

      18:48 *THE THUMBNAIL*

    68. tjtg

      "Dudes" what do you eat for breakfast haha. I CANNOT WAIT until you both do your first autorotation. You may explode !!!! Also total respect for your family values blokes. Honestly the time you are spending with your parents is invaluable....

    69. Filipe Cardoso

      The cover need a goonzquad logo

    70. chavo vela

      This truck deserves to get upgraded 😍

    71. Shawn Adams

      I hope y’all hit some dunes with this tank . That would be awesome to see you guys enjoy that realm. Hell who knows y’all may even love it an get competitive !

    72. Austin Jennings

      Where’s the 350 z

    73. David “Kelmsta” Kelm

      What will I drive today 🤔

    74. Dirt Biker Levi

      Cam you do a ford f250/ f350 tremor please😁 and I love your channel keep up the good work! Thanks.

    75. KingGene

      The Raptor came out awesome! Great job Boys.

    76. Justin Herron

      Keep up the good work !!

    77. Eduardo Trejo

      What song do you guys use in the beginning

    78. John Falk

      I’m just saying you guys are the best! My son and I want to “renew” the clear coat on his 91 accord cb7. After watching your builds I feel we can. We are trying to get a camera to film and post. Keep building guys you encourage the world! THANK YOU! #GOONLIFE!

    79. Vargas T

      Can you guys do a gmc Denali

      1. Vargas T

        2018 to be exact

    80. Charles Long

    81. Per Morten Myran Dahl

      Stage 2 please it woild be amzing to how agressive it can be with the stage 2 tune😍

    82. ⚡️Bougie Benz 💎

      Amazing Build, Y’all should start color matching the brake Calipers for all the bright cars it would pop out more 🥳 🥳

    83. Harawanagangsta


    84. ant n

      you guys killin it as usual.

    85. Shaun Cudmore

      Should chuck a stainless steel snorkel on it and get rid of the leaf springs and put coils in it will improve the ride so much

    86. chrabi _

      Mom is russian?

      1. John Stedman

        The Goonzqaud parents emigrated to the USA from Ukraine.

    87. TheSoloAsylum

      Joe Biden is a fraud. The election was in fact stolen.

    88. GiJokers

      You boys should rebuild a 370z

    89. Ryan Hansell

      As a Raptor owner, thumbs down for using Dude more times than the drive shaft rotates. Also for failing the small hill climb. If rock/crawl was listed DUDE, you might have tried using it and got up it.

    90. Daniel Murphy

      When are you going to finish up with the cars and drag out the Helicopter and put it together?

    91. Its Eco

      For the Audi go unitronic tune

    92. Hea Vath

      That's how we enjoyed our truck!!!! Keep it up dude🙌❤️

    93. Artur G

      Now you are committed to visit The Great Baja, and enjoy my dang beautiful country, son...

    94. Artur G

      It amazes me how this wheel change made the whole entire truck look the same dude!

    95. Fingerstyle tab

      looking at your moms cook always make me fell hungry.

    96. Hatenoob

      Do a mclearen 720 like vTuned do it pls my dream car

    97. Retouches Expert

      When you purchase a salvage vehicle, do you have to pass a safety inspection? Do you need to install new OEM airbags ? It is a requirement here.

      1. John Stedman

        Regulations and procedures vary somewhat across jurisdictions, but generally a vehicle which has been purchased with a 'Salvage Title' cannot be legally driven on the Public Highway in most US States unless and until it is restored and repaired in all necessary respects so far as safety is concerned, is inspected and approved as entirely 'Roadworthy' by an authorised official body, is awarded a new Title (usually a 'Rebuilt Title', but sometimes an 'Assembled Title' or 'Reconditioned Title'), and then after a major paperwork session finally can be Registered, have a Licence Plate issued, and be Insured. The fact that the vehicle once had a Salvage title will not be expunged from its file and this devalues the possible future resale valuation because many potential purchasers will be discouraged by the history. Any Warranty which was extinguished when the Insurers originally wrote the vehicle off will not be revived. Overall, great care must be taken before purchase to determine all possible areas which will or may require repairs or renewals, to carefully establish likely costs of invisible or unforeseeable damage, and to allow for 'nasty surprises'. It is for those who are good at risk management, are well experienced in automotive skills, have some flexibility in their budgeting, and are not averse to the possibilities of sometimes losing money on the deal. It must always be remembered that the award of a Salvage Title is due to a very experienced Insurance Company taking the view that the damaged vehicle is beyond economic repair, and they are usually correct in their assessment, albeit that their standards of repair are often unreasonably high because of legal implications and their policy of always basing repair costs on the fitting of brand new OEM components instead of recycled or repaired parts.

    98. Julien R

      14:24 : it's called "brussel sprouts". Dang that raptor is legit !

    99. Leonard Ramsey

      Killer Rig. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    100. Christopher Davila

      I take a shot of tequila Everytime y'all say dude 🙂