My FAMILY vs Your FAMILY! My Dad CONTROLS Me | PARENTS vs BOYFRIEND Struggles by La La Life

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    Dads can do weird things sometimes🧔They can even embarrass us sometimes🙈But Daddy’s love is the strongest thing on Earth! 🌎If you’re falling in love with a daddy’s girl, you’re gonna be tested first, boy! 🦞Funny family situations everyone can relate to in our NEW EPISODE!

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    00:00 Dad embarrasses me
    00:22 Asking for pocket money
    00:59 Dad vs Crush
    02:21 Arm-wrestling
    03:01 Dad’s secrets
    03:45 Wanna drive?
    04:14 School failure
    04:41 Bad news
    05:39 Fitness coach
    06:31 Dad’s nightmare
    07:07 Fairytale
    08:03 This is Daddy!
    09:08 Morning with dad
    10:00 Restaurant fail
    10:50 Don’t peek!

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