JACKASS FOREVER Trailer (2021) Jackass 4

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    JACKASS FOREVER Trailer (2021) Jackass 4, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, New Jackass Movie HD
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    1. Trailchaser

      Absolutely awful bam isn’t there

    2. Gekii

      What year is this? Damn I feel young again

    3. Sale

      Супер урааа жду

    4. Hengki junata

      i miss you ryan dunn :(

    5. Alex W

      1:09 is that tyler the creator

    6. Strong Tea

      Where is Bam Margera???

    7. 天使节

      CAN'T BELIEVE IT.....>.< 期待期待期待!!!!

    8. Nodwaa

      Shame they put MGK in.guys a douce

    9. GIU Animation

      Por que eles usaram a música do Emerson olhos?

    10. SKI4FUN

      Where the Fuck is BAM?

    11. domo konichiwa ver.5

      Ppl who know this guy born in the right era😍

    12. Suniiz

      Fc ครับผม

    13. Jamie

      Making the concentrated effort to see this in cinema, feel like next time they will all be decrepit to survive these stunts

    14. Azka

      My childhood legends

    15. Trabajando con maquinaria


    16. Zakary Tuktarov

      У нас в России Горшок так умер

    17. Harvey Santos

      Deym HAHAHA

    18. red flag


    19. Zauvik Rizaldi Ma`ruf

      long time no see honey!

    20. Testicular Cretin

      As much as I love to see a new film from these guys. It looks shit.

    21. Dmitriy Lazo

      Когда выход?

    22. sandiego maradona

      2:11 вы ебало его видели...!

    23. Oh Kind Sir

      Pretty sad this is the first movie I’m excited to go see in theater within the last 10 years

    24. Viator Nadeak


    25. Josy navs

      I miss u bam 😕

    26. kyle stag

      Ya!! Jackass = kickass!

    27. Anderson Mauricio

      Vcs são os melhores, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    28. Gustavbmx caceres

      The dudeson???

    29. Angello barrientos.G

      2:15 look that face!

    30. Jorge Macazaga Castrejón

      Por qué las mujeres viven más que los hombres?

    31. Crea 75

      Jackass the Best Crazy👍👍

    32. SŁΛТΞЯ


    33. Tony Stephens

      Nope ain't the same with out bam and his crew

    34. Gabriel Carnevalli

      Maybe the lastest or the last Jackass film that we'll see?

    35. Alexander. G.

      Моя молодость.

    36. Iluxa Fokus


    37. Jordan Palacio

      When I should be laughing I'm crying for no reason

    38. theNarrator

      This movie describes perfectly why women live longer than men xDDDD

    39. Rafael Anderson

      Melhor notícia que eu tive em 2021 uhhhhhoooooooo

    40. Иван Писюганец

      оооооооооо ееееее

    41. Citizen Tech


    42. Bobby Lee


    43. Bay Giz

      Where is Bam Margera?

    44. Brenden Gordon

      Oh great MGfuckhead is in it

    45. pasantehen

      Diosss miooo!!! cuanta nostalgia!!!!

    46. Edin daniel Rodriguez nevarez

      Esta parte de mi vida es Felicidad

    47. zKwist

      LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!

    48. koz159

      what about bam ?

    49. Sam Paper Art

      The Legend of Prank,,,

    50. Adriaan Van Wyk

      Too much spoilers. Had to cut the trailer early

    51. Agroo Artemyz

      OMG...hahahaha love it!!!

    52. SAMTHER

      this is gonna be awesome again

    53. Tony Soprano

      1 Comment Please..666 shit

    54. CoTy Y

      “I will get more mature” I don’t have a good feeling about this sequel…

    55. Bisugo RawVlogs


    56. Max Does Covers

      "El siguiente programa está grabado por profesionales y/o idiotas totales". Oldschool MTvLA

    57. Keigan Meissner

      The kings

    58. Pedro P.

      190 IC Every one

    59. Katt DeLuna TV

      I miss they video hahaha... Jack ass

    60. Kelvin Cruz

      I hope they solve the problem with Bam Margera it would not be the same with another one outside the cast

    61. Jhayvie Libo-on

      Nice nice nice Old School

    62. Verociity

      where's Bam? I know he's had it rough but he has to be here

      1. TRVP HAUS

        he is suing johnny knoxville and all of them at jackass lol

    63. Nunum

      damn i feels old

    64. Milos Deli

      WOOOW :D

    65. Ade Satriya

      Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O never end!

    66. Adam Silva

      I’m still watching it I don’t care what bam says

    67. DeathGun_ 2XeRo

      Steve o shiat some cold beer 🍺 its been so long still remember 🤧

    68. Infinity Fishing

      when i was in medical school we hijack shopping cars and put one of our friends inside, push him downhill to crash on metal trash bins..those were the days , 2 of us has become surgeons and im a specialist doctor..we also once got somehow a hand pallet truck and ride it recklessly in law school coridors..lol we're 38 now..

    69. Karol Małysa

      STEVE-O ! STEVE-O ! STEVE-O !...

    70. Maciej M

      Hbo or netflix?

    71. ALEX TV FUN


    72. Leif A

      MGK is the definition of a turd, but if the jackass crew can make him fly, i'll watch it.

    73. Marip Opins

      Irrelevant now days. We have TikTok

    74. Koolla

      Forever Jackass ☠️ & Forever FEDFE 🐊

    75. bat

      на старости лет решили наконец то

    76. Criptos Rewards Brasil

      where is bam margera? :C

    77. Kat Zuño

      Where is Bam?

    78. Scratchy

      Eric Andre is going to fit right in with that crew.

    79. Faqih Abdissalam

      Johny Knoxville & Steve-O the best, but in the last is that really grizzly ?

    80. Matt Davis

      Ain't jackshit without Bam.

    81. Michael Angelo Domingo

      Omg I cant Wait ...Jackass Forever😁

    82. keko ojeda

      es tiste la NO presencia de BAM MARGUERA,, R,I,P, Ryan Dunn ... Forever

    83. Legendary Pipo

      OH man ! cant wait to see JackASS 4♥

    84. Yarpen Zigrin

      This is real life idiocracy. Guess who everyone who will spend money to watch it is.

    85. Miguel Carranza

      Me duele no ver a Bam, el esta pasando por momentos duros con su adicción y estar en la película le hubiera hecho bien.

    86. Juan Camilo Guillen Betancur

      Saben cómo darle a la nostalgia este 2021 sacan una de matrix y una de Jackass

    87. yhjo521

      At their age it's definitely not healthy, they will die doing this.

    88. Some DUED

      Hello im .....not watching this cause mgk is in it and not bam

    89. ASMR big tik KOK

      Ehhh donde el mister bam ?


      ptm ya quiero verla...

    91. Mandala Cooperativa

      Jhonny really piss out ...

    92. Jack Holden

      Great seeing them all sober but still able to have fun

    93. JACK

      When the bear sounds like a lion. Damnnnnnnn

    94. I R H

      Absolute living legends. Brings back teen/early adult memories.

    95. Winnie the Pooh

      Love you from Venice Italy 🇮🇹

    96. ivan lopez

      the world need this right now

    97. Fabiouser

      crossover with everson zoio?

    98. Austan Hall

      Can't believe you guys kicked bam out there's no jack ass without bams but

    99. Juniour Yux

      Where is Bam ? :/

    100. Unknown

      Whos gonna rewatch all the jackass movies??????????