Chris Pratt Magic Trick - TUTORIAL

Disturb Reality

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    Learn the magic card trick that Chris Pratt used to entertain Graham Norton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jamie Oliver.


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    1. Disturb Reality


      1. Shannon T

        Recommend watching Derren Brown!

      2. Berserker’S Ultra gaming

        Disturb Reality Immejsms

      3. Vali Vali

        Disturb Reality what name does the book package have?.

    2. damachine3

      The problem is if they don't take the card you try to force on them. I would purposefully not take any card that seemed obvious. If that happens, the trick is ruined.


      Ohh ueh

    4. Józsa Márton

      *THIS! is card magic ***

    5. Pat Watkins

      I'm a tad late to the party but was a horrible shuffler...Lol!!!

    6. pringlepop9000

      wow thanks for sharing this

    7. IamSabhi

      But chris shuffles like 4-5 times after looking. Won't it move the card ?

    8. S Des

      That's awesome. I want to learn that one. Chris obviously makes it far more amazing with his patter and appears bumbling so that you are wishing for him to pull it off, which makes the end reveal so much cooler.

    9. Harith Iskander Official

      Me:slaps Me:OMGGOOOOOO

    10. Summy Houston

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    11. Raphael Gmür

      Woww! Very nice tutorial! 👍😁😁 Sometimes I just wish I wasn't so curious 😉

    12. Roy Nis

      how the forced called?

    13. I don't even know

      A little addition that I added is I like to secretly turn the Queen of hearts upside down so that when you slap it it's right side up and it just makes it look like it kind of appeared it gives a really cool effect when you do it

    14. kwjamc

      Sweet! I wanted to know!

    15. AMS Fountain

      Fantastic. I would say Chris did it very well

    16. JediNxf7

      you're even better than the great Revealo!

    17. damachine3

      4:38 and 5:55 Why would you ask them twice on the same card?

    18. p s

      That sob!

    19. David Tribble

      Damn. That's so simple. It's amazing what a little distracting patter can do to disguise the actual trick.

    20. Oʊdɪn

      i'm gonna try this on my gf this is awesome

    21. Just some guy with a weird beard

      But wait, when Chris made those 3 piles in the beginning, he mixed them up completely directly before that and without looking through em again afterwards like you did. So how did he know it was the third of the middle pile?

      1. Kyle Tiney

        If you watch carefully, his shuffles always had the top of the deck remaining on top of the shuffle. So the first section of cards never changed order or sections.

    22. Satyam Koul

      Great tutorial AND a Bo Burnham recommendation. Can this video get any better?

    23. Mae C

      But you didn't teach us how to be Chris Pratt 🤷

    24. ßíğßõşşᅧSaintsᅣ

      The thing that I’m doing to ppl that try to do this trick on me is when they say me hold the cards at the end I hold them so the top card will stay and not the bottom😅

    25. Samay Ghosh

      Too gud

    26. Readme .txt

      Great trick. Jennifer Lawrence was amazed!

    27. Xtinct

      This magic won't work cause u showed 10 of cloves three times asking "is this ur card"?

    28. Hang Su

      Cool trick, so how am I going to be Chris Pratt??

    29. Raul Dias

      5:51 from the bottom

    30. Scubaguy007

      I remember doing that trick back in 1983 when I was in high school. My God how time flies!

    31. Evna Marget

      The garrulous trigonometry monthly guide because brochure geographically pinch towards a handsomely tramp. heartbreaking, prickly delivery

    32. Junta Janardhan

      For a basic audience, you can do away with the sliding card part of the trick and make it much simpler. Just place the chosen card 2nd from the bottom. Show the bottom card first, then discard it into 1 pile, and immediately discard the next card (the correct one) into another "burn" pile. Almost no one will ask why you discarded the cards into 2 separate piles, and if they do, just tell them you aren't "feeling it". Repeat this 3 - 4 times, and you'll end up with a pile of 3 - 4 cards with the correct card at the bottom. Then place the cards into the fist and you're done. Thank me later.

    33. Joshua Praznic

      this is actually a bad trick. i wouldnt perform this. to much looking in this form.

    34. Ardelle Horan

      The cowardly frown putatively decide because department mechanistically behave throughout a ashamed ant. dead, knowing pyjama

    35. Farmboyspence

      How was will I am able to shuffle himself though

    36. gerrardcarra

      Great tutorial , loved magic a few years ago and after watching some of your vids feel like getting back involved , any recommendations for a good trick deck or places to buy decks online ? Keep up the good work

    37. K.C.

      Thanks dude this is a really great video

    38. Maryann Saba

      im telling you this trick is amazing to do for your friends. just play it off like the trick itself is designed not to work every time and then play stupid when things start "going wrong" and every card you show them is not their card. the end shock is just so beautiful

    39. Audi pie

      So hard

    40. Boglerun

      Is Chris Pratt a member of a homophobic church?

    41. Abhishek Chede


    42. Leo Davis

      Now I just have to memorise how to do this, and do it to people when covid is gone 😂 that's amazing! Thank you!

    43. GKW


    44. Sean parkes

      Wait Will I am I’m not done!

    45. Zac Dressler

      I know I'm super late on this.. I'm also surprised no one has brought this up, but during the end where you're showing the last four cards... you "burn" the 10 of clubs yet you show it again at the end with the Ace of Hearts. Looking back at the video of Chris Pratt, the same thing shows up for his Three of Clubs. I suppose that's where the charismatic distraction comes into play.

    46. Big R Y

      Bro I picked up my cards which I haven’t used for months n the 3rd card from the top was the queen of hearts omgfgg

    47. Amex Paypal

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    48. SHER KHAN


    49. Benicio Moran

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    50. Vegito Blue

      dayum this was easy

    51. aryan ALPHA

      the magic is not the magic , the magic is however you slap over the pile, bottom card stays there

    52. Sheddy Talks

      2;28 #pain

    53. Dion Lindsay

      Not sure I followed the explanation - he was confusing himself at one stage. But it's a lovely trick. I think I would have trouble stopping people walking away as I go through 4 wrong "guesses"!

    54. Martin M.

      5:45 *but that was actually his card*

    55. nicole bogart

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    56. Tommy A

      what’s the deck called

    57. Karel Vostal

      This trick is really good.

    58. Zahir Aveiro

      But Chris do not only this magic, it was more his presentation and was very funny.

    59. Thomas Glover

      Thanks. Enjoyed that

    60. ATeddyBare

      this is so clever

    61. Afzinal Dt. Rajo Magek

      My brother teach me

    62. Eder Silva

      You are amazing :D

    63. Stuffthatsfunny1

      4th card down from bottom

    64. Sanithu Karunatilaka


    65. Warm Apple Pie

      4 years later, this trick still stuns my family

    66. Nikhil Kulkarni

      hey jesus

    67. Daain Muhammad

      What is the deck called , please i want one


      chris pratt failed the trick

    69. Viet N

      I think that's why Chris placed the 2 4s on either side, to remind him to place the Ace of Hearts 4th from the bottom lol

    70. CM

      Funny how even this guy forgot about Jamie Oliver 😂😂😂

    71. Michael Pronto

      That not how he did it watch it again

    72. SPARTAN-501

      The hardest part is getting your audience to sit through the whole thing. After you "fail" to find their card multiple times, they need to stick around.

    73. Joshua STARZ

      Awsm dude

    74. The Tristan Channel

      Looks hard

    75. Sara

      4th card

    76. Mobile Wurld

      And he too forgets Jamie Oliver

    77. BL TV

      This is cool!!!

    78. SabreAnt

      Dude that Kung Pow sample at the start of the vid gets my like. Haven't even watched the trick yet lol.

    79. That1guy

      Happy burnham noises

    80. Tumslover27

      Watched from beginning to end and I still don't get it.

    81. Mehrana

      I just saw chris doing this I was just like whaaaaaat ? 😶 but now I realised it wasn't that hard😐😐😐 I'm disappointed by chris ... but thanks that was so cool 👌

    82. first name last name


    83. ripas piero

      My friend if u see the video again he is shuffle and then he make 3 parts

    84. Josiah Rhodius

      It doesnt work when i slap the cards all of them go flying

    85. Mr. Solid

      At one point you showed the 10 of clubs and I also had the 10 of clubs and I almost shit myself

    86. Nariman Bakhtiari

      Just did this for my sister, she thinks I'm Jesus now.

    87. Leandro Menini

      first time that i did it i even fooled myself

    88. Gunner apple

      I knew this in 70s

    89. sting

      actually he memorized the 2nd from the top card, but he saw that he had one 4 in the top and another 4 in the bottom so while speaking / pretending to be shuffling he passed the bottom 4 to the top, and then said "alright im gonna shuffle" and shuffled in a way it didnt affect the top cards

    90. thierryk85

      Your title is to explain how he did it, stop saying how you would do it. Don't care

    91. Frank Arthur C. Bernabe

      Chris pratt "Captivated already"

    92. K門Z

      Bro....your tutorial was aweasome....I really undersrood the trick....loved the way you taught

    93. J Madrid

      I feel like some smart dude will ruin the trick for me when I show them the rest of the card, the 10 is showing when I laid it down. Like on 6:00 wouldn’t some notice that the 10 is back when you just laid it down

    94. Ayman Shenouda

      Thank you so much! I needed to know how he did so badly!

    95. Klemen Bagarič

      The thing that still gets me is that he was looking through the cards at the beginning, memorizing the Queen of hearts in your case, but then he did shuffle three times...after that he made 3 did he know that the card would still be 3rd from top to bottom?

    96. Aaditya Anand

      Chris Pratt- I have the greatest card magic trick ever . Jered- Im gonna end this man's whole career .

    97. Mr Abock

      I couldnt catch it up till the end.. you're great thou.. But frankly, i hate your voice. Like eugene that poetry guy on got talent. Is it like a health condition?

    98. Artistic Side

      I can't do this now for 2.2 million people somewhere on the world. But thanks for the amazing tutorial.