MLB rookie Brady Singer uses new contract to pay off parents' debt for Christmas

CBS News

1,9 mil. pregleda285

    Kansas City Royals prospect Brady Singer used his new $4.25 contract to pay off his parents' debt for Christmas - and their reactions will melt your heart.

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    1. Joshua Bruce

      Lol dads. Dude didnt move. It's his generation tho. Bet he wanted to ball like a baby. It's ok dad let it out

    2. Dan Anthony

      I bet you he’s conservative .

    3. Dave Christian

      Damn....that's awesome....I didn't realize they made any decent kids under 30 anymore

    4. Ewa Feen

      Imagine Palestinian & Yemeni parents this happy. Impossible due to the fact their kids are in jail or buried.

    5. Teagan

      They forgot to add "million" to the description of $4.25 contract, so it seems like a poor contract and very small amount of debt

    6. Dan Miller

      The work and love of a mother and father appreciated! We need more of this. A man and woman who model the value of family is beautiful!

    7. Sid Howard

      I gave my parents a hug once

    8. Will Brunn

      People have too much debt in this country. Imagine how many people don't have a son who earns 4.25 mil and don't have hope. Still, this was very sweet and heartwarming.

    9. cornerstone contracting service

      Thang , I’m a fan , why did you send me here algorithm 😿😿😿

    10. D S

      Heartwarming !

    11. kieran tierney

      As a man there’s no better feeling in the world than doing something like this

    12. Brad Foster

      Because I always film myself reading out loud

    13. Brad Foster

      Wow that was a difficult choice when you make 20 million dollars!!!!

    14. JC Benson

      My daughter's immense love is more than enough for me.

    15. Lindalee Law

      The favorite son .

    16. Rocky Barnes


    17. Casey Jones

      God I wish one day I could do the same for my parents. 💯

    18. TGSGAMER

      Now i hate the kansas city royals. But this makes me respect Brady Singer.

    19. Aztecatl


    20. Owen Nielsen

      Who are the 280 people who were evil enough to dislike this video??


      Is it not common ????? In india everyboy do the sAme for their parents

    22. Lucas Talluto

      Who disliked this?

    23. Tony Jones

      Awwwwww! Great kid, probably a reflection of his mom and dad.

    24. Anita Hiltz

      GOOD THING TO DO! His parents spent money on HIM and now he has the money to help THEM! ALL THE MAJOR LEAGUER'S SHOULD DO THIS FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS!

    25. nathan bohn

      not only did those parents raise a good ball player, helped him persue his dream, but in all of that they were able to raise a good kid too. they are real parents, the kind we need more of today. well done mom and dad. and nice payback son.


      Luke 5:24 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy couch, and go into thine house.

    27. Muhammad Salman Galileo

      who put the onion here :'

    28. Gordon Worth

      It goes both ways, that's what love is . he knew he was going to do that the moment he signed that contract . the parents and the child both did what they were supposed to do and expected nothing in return. The father ain't got no shame because he know he raised a decent son and that's worth more than any amount of money

    29. Marlboro M2C


    30. Elizabeth Garcia

      God bless that wonderfull soul

    31. waka waka

      This made my day.

    32. David G

      I’m not crying you are crying

    33. Donna Wilkinson

      That's how it's done!!!! Nice

    34. ID047889

      Ok It is nice from him But!!!! Why on earth you put it up on the internet???????? Whyyyyyy

    35. ed sepe

      Damm onions

    36. Kool Clay

      If every kid in America were given the same opportunity there would be billions of this videos everywhere. But bc this country's capitalistic oppression we only see it on the lucky ones who made or those who made it by just sheer, impressive talents. We humans have good hearts, giveth the chance to prove it.

    37. Bobby Hill

      Cool story. You're supposed to do that and i'm pretty 99% of athletes already do it.

    38. Malisha Goggans


    39. Hunter Sutton

      Great kid but when will we learn as a society that spending a ton of money on holidays isn't necessary? I hope it makes them very happy though

    40. maximo lopez

      Awe lol

    41. Roma Ronaldo

      The dad is every dad ever

    42. Autistic Engineer

      Now there's a guy with a solid character. Much respect...

    43. April Loves Golf

      My daughter would do the same. Kids are the best blessing from day 1. Any and everything I am, is because I had that little girl (36 now) to raise. God blessed me then and continues to bless me now. They named that boy right! Brady. Brady = A Stand Up Dude

    44. Eric Menjivar

      The Dream

    45. Emma Leonardo Solórzano

      I know one day I’m going to do the same thing for my mama.

    46. Israel Ro

      Nice congrats to both of you guys you guys raced a human being the way it should be thats the gratest gift to you mom a dad

    47. james aldridge

      just keep glorifying people who play games and get paid millions. sheep

      1. Carter Hindle

        I found the hater in the comment section. Millions of people watch baseball, only makes sense to be paid millions

    48. Let’s Talk About It


    49. Erich Wagner

      I wish I could do that

    50. Syed Fareed

      wow! now good things will happen for this guy’s career, God willing..

    51. David Hudson

      What kind of heartless person gives this a thumbs down? Unbelievable. What a great family

    52. Halla Q

      Such a lovely child, bless him 😭

    53. Juanito Moran

      I'm teary eyed..,...

    54. scott mark bit

      We all understand that, indeed many people here understand the world of crypto, taking risk is nothing if you in a game 12 seed phrase; bright chimney pool elbow balance card exotic erupt rubber peanut trophy when

    55. Battle Toad

      You reap what you sow. The apple never falls too far from the tree. They instilled love, family and compassion above all else and raised a loving kid and now a grown man. This is all thanks to their unconditional heart.

    56. John Kramer

      Dude makes millions. The least anyone with money can do is pay their parents debt off. Expected. Mandatory.

    57. The Knee

      Looks like the child turned out to be a great investment.

    58. Mach One

      Awesome son from awesome parents… we need more involved parents today!!!

    59. Dana Glass

      OMG when her voice broke at 1:08, my heart melted and I got a lump of extra softie in my throat and happy tears of joy rolled down my face. What an amazing son and even better parents. THis story makes my heart so happy for the SInger Family! God bless them.

    60. cranshaw85

      damn it feels good to be a gangster

    61. Gil

      How's my dream to once do this ! Good for you kid

    62. Melanie Starkey

      If the world could be like this and really give love

    63. Warren Henry

      Heart warming but not for the ☝🏾270 miserable souls who gave a thumbs down

    64. Yoda Sensei

      Our GOD IS AWESOME 💯💯

    65. Victor Enriquez

      OMG…..😢…When you raise em right!! Absolutely beautiful story!!!!!

    66. Matt Gywther

      Money doesn't make you happy. Who said that? Idiot.

    67. Beth Russell

      i dont care

    68. Bond James

      Water works. 💧

    69. Alejandro Montoyadelarose

      Great parents always raise greatful kids

    70. Emmanuel Amunickie Shadap

      Give that boy a raise 🙏🙏🙏

    71. Klien Yorimato

      "Money doesn't buy you happiness" No fam you can't buy money you work hard for it

    72. batese anderson

      Without a doubt a very good way to say thank you for everything

    73. boo squeezy

      what a well-raised young man. God bless this family

    74. ian morrow

      Only what any loving son would do I would give the rest of my life to spend one minute with my mum now shes not here. Well done. You deserve it.

    75. mr p

      And that's what the news should be about not the rubbish they show us god bless this young man and his amazing future

    76. Champion

      How can you thumbs down 👎 this video ????

    77. Dom

      Hope he’s still there here in ‘21. I will be going to a rangers game against KC. Will definitely looks out for dude.

    78. russell brenzel


    79. L

      When a black athlete does it they call him an idiot lol , y’all calling this white boy sweet

    80. VirgilVanMFDijk


    81. VirgilVanMFDijk


    82. Justin Humphrey

      BLACKS MEXICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS 12 tribes of we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research

    83. trainmaster0816

      And somehow a few people gave this a thumbs down? Miserable people I guess.

    84. Jack Standley

      Classy. Good for him and good for his parents for making the sacrifices. That's what good parents and good kids should do. Kudos!

    85. Les Buttrey

      Yall raised a good young man.

    86. William kilduff

      See all you have to do is throw a ball and your rich,🤑

    87. alondra martinez

      I feel like every child has this dream for their parents.

      1. Kasey C

        Children with good parents.

    88. wgtow

      why. R they do surprised he’s getting paid millions for hitting a little ball no shxt they’re getting $.

      1. A B

        Millions to play a kids game of stick ball. Consume ya consumers, consume consume consume!

    89. Red Kryptonite

      Hey!! what about me? Long lost brother!

    90. PC Gamer

      So, was their debt because of stupidity, greed, medical bills, or because they incurred their son’s college debt? Most likely they will be in debt again.

    91. KGX BEATZ


    92. Brian Powell

      That’s the kinda family you would want to spend the night over as a child.

    93. Open Eye

      Crazy what being a good parent can do for a child.

    94. Elder Sun

      I'm not crying ..... I just got something in my eyes .

    95. 2671james

      there 2mins i’ll never get back hahahhah hahahahaha is all i can say

    96. 2671james

      Hahahahahhahhhaaa wow

    97. Greg Raines

      Its the least he could do since getting all those millions to throw a ball around.

    98. Rick Rutledge

      It's so nice to hear some good news for a change!!! Good family!

    99. Paul James


    100. Fr Macs

      What broke fools disliked this video? Congratulate, don't hate.