Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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    1. Bolt Bolt

      The low creator lovely force because xylophone reversely pretend until a roasted cheque. parallel, redundant mini-skirt

    2. Ray

      how is she 15 in this!? I thought she was in her 20s cause of how mature and poised she comes off

    3. Stratz Clan

      Noah - ‘’ I LOVE ROBLOX, I always play with Millie’s sister’’ 😂

    4. Mysterious

      Millie is so cute and beautiful 😍

    5. Stxnger_Jxne

      No one: Literally no one: Noah:OoAoH

    6. Georgia Thomas

      Love God amen

    7. Mara Deaconu

      How you can ask google: is Noah Schnapp in stranger things? Of course he is! Amm, helo, is Will Byers!

    8. Fenna Gringhuis


    9. The_Steak_Peeps

      I rlly wish Millie could be my best frnd

    10. Ana Gabriela Libânio

      noah is the coolest everrr

    11. Nolin Brown

      Millie has such a British accent

    12. Khloe Thoele

      I like Harry Potter

    13. Adri Gorena

      no one: finn: and the cast of stranger TINGS millie:ah stanger~TINGZZ- it just hit different:) not making fun of her btw~

    14. Tuff-Nuff

      pause on 5:12 look at finns face XD

    15. Anna Duke

      Why when Millie and Finn start movie around in the chair does Noah start scratching the board again 💀

    16. Reemas Ahmed


    17. Lovelykate

      My dogs name is Rosie but mine is also dead!!

    18. Cathy Lewis

      Hello there

    19. officerbradpuppet

      5:41 Noah: Tom Holland said these bords were like scratchy Finn and Millie: hahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    20. XD Nakkers08

      I love these videos

    21. Maddieart27

      Noah: i think we should go out sometime The 48 million people watching this: um.. okay?

    22. Victoria Sweet

      “Is stranger things based on a true story?” Noah: “is it???” 😂

    23. Ur mom.

      “Adam eye candy Levine” -Finn wolf hard

    24. {Dramionexeditsx}

      Millie: Mom Finn: dad Noah: Their son

    25. Tymon Szalinski

      I just realized we knew there was a season 4 because of noah

    26. JustChrxs1

      i play with millies little sister

    27. David Alejandro Nuñez Nuñez

      Eleven was born on April 1971, so during season 1 november 1983, she was 12 years old (Millie was 11 btw) Season 2 october 1984, She was 13 (Millie was also 13) Season 3 June 1985, She was 14 (Millie was 15) Season 4 sometime during 1986 Eleven will be 15 years old (But Millie is 17 )

    28. Gaurav das

      "What does Fin wolfhard love?" Millie in mind-"dont say it, dont say it, dont say it" "meh....... and Noah"

    29. Avelyn robloxpro Shane

      The only movie I have seen them in was stranger things and their nothing like they are in the show which is not a bad thing

    30. Shriya Puttaraju

      5:38 finn's scream.lmao

    31. Nevaeh Mason

      "is noah schnapp speak french? this person cant even speak english"...the board clearly saying "can noah speak french"-

    32. Dxkota

      Question:”does Finn wolfhard love me Millie:aww a ten year old write that Me:oh crap I’m not ten

    33. Astrozy Muna

      When Noah said his name with the accent 😂


      8:23 im actually 15 millie :/

    35. derekbumg

      mommy daddy said no.

    36. Bro Scott

      Why thank you Noah

    37. Hilary koh

      the 3 of them please loveee

    38. Tasjid Hussain

      Finn: her name is rosie Me for no reason: blackpink? :D

    39. Alexandria Cannon

      noah:I think we should go out some time Millie *looks creeped out*

    40. Hugh Jass

      why are they always laughing at Noah? Making fun of him

    41. Asal

      I love millie but she literally looks like someone in their 20s even though she is 15 here like hooow?! Then there's me who is 15 and looks like a 12 year old :)

    42. Kendra Garwood

      Is Gaten in the Russian base if not where is he?

    43. Myriecookie YT

      5:08 Millie sounds like the Siri on tic tok!

    44. Georgia Haynie

      The amount of times I’ve watched thjs

    45. David Gullino


    46. Cyrix

      I was shocked that Noah has Roblox-😳

    47. Cyrix

      I literally wheezed when Noah screamed and millie and Finn was laughing idk why I'm just crazy🤣😂

    48. chenny Cenanovic

      I am 8

      1. Spicy juice

        8 years old haha

    49. Lekloti Ana

      Super actors of the movie: stranger things

    50. •Glossy Lxllies•

      Not me surprised that noah also plays roblox when i never EVER knew

    51. Megan Delos reyes§

      I Love when finn was reading the WHO does finn Love Milie said:me

    52. ui jk

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    53. irisel


    54. Rose Smith

      Idk if it just me, but as a Capricorn I appreciate Finn’s active sarcasm

    55. Jordan Rottman

      I’m a Pisces gurl 🥺

    56. Emily weirdo♋️

      Mille reads: * where does Mille go to school* me grabbing paper. Her: puts paper down. Me: 🥲🥲🥲👁👄👁

    57. juuleye

      millie rubbing it in finn's face that noah likes her better and she's his real best friend has me deaddd💀

    58. Amber M

      SHE WAS 15????????

    59. moonstxne

      is it a coincidence that i’m a pisces and my fav color is purple?

    60. dripkidswag

      “Am I having a head injury? Because I don’t know if this is English or not.”

    61. Maria Shamoun

      Zendaya Watching this:

    62. Lou Calluy

      but where are Sadie, Caleb and Gaten😭

    63. Hailey H

      Noah: we should go out sometime Finn: the whole - ok Me: are u talking about men also?

    64. flamingo


    65. Enes King

      I guess a lot of you guys realized that at one board when they asked if Noah speaks French they asked it in correct English but Noah read it wrong and then they said that this person doesn't even speak correct English 🤣🤣😂😅


      Mike ,El and will

    67. 26kbank


    68. Anthi

      Stranger things is my best show i love all of you I love Mike is very beautiful And will is very beautiful Eleven is the best

    69. Alessia

      Not noah playing roblox with millies sister lol

    70. swaggycyclops ツ

      bruh your brother is charlie brown sheeeeeeshhhhh

    71. LumerIsDead

      "Than I'm jsut me" - Finn Wolfhard

    72. 𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕗 ☻✐


    73. lilith the afton :3

      I’m 11 meow 😳

    74. ai inez

      " I think you're a beautiful person" Me: 😌😌

    75. XMillkeyyX

      Do a second video of this

    76. Pathetic Halo

      her name was rosie but shes dead

    77. XanRey

      Ok so that is cool. Me and Millie are the same age today.

    78. Staryy_tutorials

      My dad loves Liverpool, also my name is Paige lol

    79. Leslie Jimenez


    80. Dustin Henderson

      S1: Tiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyy 12 year olzzzzzzzz S2: We iz still same sizeeeeeee S3: we taaaaaaaalllll now. S4: mmmm when dis come out y’all gonna be taller than le Mind Filayer

    81. Cayden Smith


    82. Ela_yeahhh


    83. Paige Nique

      My name is paige and I have a sister name ava

    84. GlowinqSxphie

      not me getting ready to pause on noahs roblox

    85. Charlotte Gennett

      Me, a 14 year old in my mind SAY YOUR ROBLOX NAME

    86. Connor Walker

      Sorry Noah but I'm 11

    87. Miguel Rafael Villones

      i actully love steve because he has a nail bat

    88. Miguel Rafael Villones

      Does millie really love finn in stranger things

    89. Miguel Rafael Villones

      Does millie bobby brown support kong vs godzilla

    90. olivia tran

      Tom Holland said these boards were scratchy…..-Noah schnap

    91. Lil X

      I just realized that Noah is the youngest in the stranger things group/party lol

    92. Samuel Mendoza

      1:26 i know she was about to laugh

    93. naila nabila

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    94. Michael Hyland

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    95. Sophia Rozell

      In season four does mike die

    96. Zainab Fanclub

      Finn is 10 years old bigger than me and I'm Muslim