Best Eyeliner Makeup Hacks Tutorial


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    1. YellowClover

      Lash Lift Kit 👁👄 👁 Code for 15% off: LASH15 Get it here:

    2. Niya Elza Jacob

      what is the name of the first song

    3. Daughter of the King ✓

      when you have semi hooded eyes 😭😢😡

    4. Jewel Stalcup

      Shout out to all of the ladies who still can’t get their eyeliner right! I know I still can’t 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Ry Woman

      i've been looking for this song everywhere... what is the name of the song for the first tik tok????

    6. vixen

      1:23 ok honestly that bobby pin one seems promising

    7. Eva Stood

      2:54 yes♠️👄♠️

    8. Deepika Chaudhary

      0:39 & 2:53 !!

    9. Aniki Suraweera

      imma try the fork one this is how it went:

    10. Angxl ♡

      I hate how I have super long lashes so it’s rlly tough for me to put on eyeliner lmao

    11. a a

      0:20 that wasnt that good tho lmao 😭

    12. a a


    13. Directioner Forever 1D lover

      This vid just made me realize how ugly and manly I really am and how much of a failure I am in drawing eyeline.

      1. L

        me 2 :)

    14. midnight daydream

      2:32 Me: if I'd been this gud, i won't be needing this video!

    15. madison

      i have monolids 👁👄👁

    16. Jovial Jada

      I saw eyeliner hack and came RUNNING-

    17. Sabrina Shoily

      1:19 am l the only one that noticed that her wings were different shape. They didn't match. 😅

    18. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak

      When one eye is perfect other one is longer does any one else like me

      1. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak

        It so annoying when the other eye is not same 🙄

    19. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak

      My problem is not the line shape

    20. katie holt

      3:15, 4:10

    21. Tata

      I always have a really hard time focusing on anything but the lips when they are overlined. I don't hear a word they say, all I can do is stare.

    22. sara elizabeth SaRe

      ㅤ ㅤ

    23. sara elizabeth SaRe

      ㅤ ㅤ

    24. anika

      idk why but it’s hard for me to do shadow liner


      The second one is a joke right ? .... it looks bad yikes

    26. Almond


    27. maimee

      Many of the tricks only make it harder for yourself

    28. A pitchulinha

      2:35 é a mina do "AmericäÄænås"

    29. Xtoxina

      1:03 ... why does her face look oily asf?

    30. Jana El-Barbarawi

      Laughs in hooded double eyelids

    31. s beny

      Song 3:40 please ?

    32. Waverly 321


    33. Sobek's Recviem

      The girl with the fork really thought she did something I cringed when it smudged lol

    34. nxdhii🦋

      Am i the only one having trouble drawing a wing bcuz of my long lashes??😐i swear it gets annoying sometimes and i just give up

    35. Professor Dumbledore

      2:56 , 3:49 and 5:00 are THE BEST

    36. Saniya Shanavas

      For my hooded eyes beauties

    37. Adi Kalila Abraham

      6:29 she looks so much like yoongi😳

    38. Adelina

      Am I the only one who needs 15 minutes to do an eyeliner?

    39. Veruch _

      just study your eyeshape?

    40. Ivette Angeles

      Does anyone know what pencil that is at 5:03 tho...

    41. Kriti Nayar

      Most of these "hacks" have jump cuts so I'm having hard time believing they actually worked.

    42. nunmisonu

      bro, who is actually using floss to guide their eyeliner?? 3:42

    43. Daja IL

      Many of them were really clumsy and not a clean eyeliner

    44. maknae_vibes

      My eye lashes are so long and when i do the lids it's freaking hard it's getting in the way and if tickles me

    45. Hilola Mansurova

      2:25 I can't handle this anymore, this girl keeps popping in every vid i watch😫

    46. Farid Uddin Ahmed

      I can do all o these. But the thing is my hands tend to shake a lot. So it looks really messy😭😭😓

    47. intj465

      Don’t pull the skin next to your eyes back when doing eyeliner. It causes wrinkles.

    48. Tiffany Jiang

      3:41: I think ima keep flossing my teeth

    49. Patricia

      @0:40 honey if I knew how to do that I wouldn’t be here now 😂

      1. Mohan Jassi


    50. fairy godmother

      okay now do it with monolids >:)

      1. Kegan Watson

        4:15 6:29

      2. Debasmita Barick

        These kinda foxy eyeliners makes our eyes look more slanted and makes it appear smaller 🥺. This is the reason I stick with korean wings as they kinda make my eyes look bigger and kinda good.

    51. 2109

      The problem is not making it nice on one side the problem is TO MAKE IT LOOK THE SAME ON THE OTHER

      1. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak

        Yeah so right

    52. throningdale

      0:44 I love her so much! All her tips are amazing

    53. CHRIS IS BAE

      Bruh f this , if I’m closing my eyes, the eyeliner gonna look like: ______ / | | ___________

    54. Ammna Hussain

      At 1:48 the girl looks like a 80 percent Maddison beer and 20 percent of Hailey biber or it’s just me

    55. Emily Vera

      0:39 For my hooded eyes fam, the "just go over it" technique works in any hooded eyes, yes, both eyes can look different. If you prefer more subtle ways:

      1. nur afdhalina


    56. Wiktoria Didoszak

      That fork thing was literally so dumb lol

      1. Min yoonji

        Like nobody wants to go blind while trying to do eyeliner

    57. camowo

      me being alt: why a their wings so small? lol jk i just watch these bc its satisfactory

      1. lavender

        right! like amp it up man take it to at least a 5, geez y’all are sticking to a 2 and it SHOWS

    58. UneARThly Creature

      Me crys in hooded eyes

    59. tiktokQueen

      every time when i watch makeup video this video must be added everywhere 2:20

      1. i lick grandmas

        Cause its an annoying sponsored clip

      2. hajrah ahmed


    60. soreen loaf

      Some of the people who have "hooded eyes" don't know the real struggle

    61. andy

      Looks easy when you have no eyelashes, my eyelashes troubles me so much when I try to do this

      1. Ear Wacx

        I have very natural curled eyelashes but my parents only let me buy makeup on a budget I keep asking for a curler but they won’t let me :(

      2. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak

        @Chloë Dingeldein. Genius

      3. Chloë Dingeldein

        You can use the eyelash curler but upside down to curl it downwards and the opposite way. Then they aren’t in the way and afterwards you can just curl it back up.

    62. I'm Malou

      i wish i didn't have hooded eyes so i could use the fold as a guideline #africangenes

    63. amber go

      The main problem is getting it even on both eyes

      1. Cerys Evans

        I’m not trying to brag but Since I’ve first started I was really good, idk if it’s Because I started using eyeshadow and felt more confident and recently started using liquid and rarely make mistakes

      2. ciara baby


    64. Lisaelsancho

      The TikTok of the girl pulling her eye hardcore to do her pencil liner triggered me so much

      1. Grace Deng

        Lmao how’d I get back here again

      2. Daja IL

        Same,but what she used based od products was the best option tbh

      3. Grace Deng

        Let them have wrinkles ✨

    65. Jawad Haidari

      Who dont wear makeup

      1. {•°💙°•}

        Me an am 18

    66. Fine

      My hooded eyes : 😒

      1. Fine

        @MilkyRoyal there are different kind of hooded, i generally do not put anything...

      2. MilkyRoyal


    67. the great finociyyo

      why the hell i watch this i dont even wear make up

      1. simp for louis and 1D

        @Nezuko Chan Editz aww i love it too 💓

      2. Grace Fullinwider

        @Nezuko Chan Editzfanks luv 💙

      3. Lalnunpuii chhakchhuak


      4. simp for louis and 1D

        Love your pfp

      5. Grace Fullinwider

        Yesss the directioners in the comments

    68. DimplyBean | SFX Makeup

      Omg gorgeous!! I love this look 💖