We're Not Done With James Charles - H3 Podcast # 242

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    1. G M

      jesus, does the entire younger generation have that awful ramen noodles hair cut?

    2. Dobert

      Snapchatting James Charles at 3 A.M sounds like an Arcade Craniacs title

    3. SweetPeach Bellini

      Personally I'd boycott anyone/any apps who still support this person and his brand. Silence is powerful.

    4. Emily Crim

      I’d really encourage Ethan to look more into Onision. Not necessarily talk about it but just read up on it because it really is fucked up what he did and it’s a shame he still has a platform

    5. DoThatCrazyShiz

      I'm writing this from the perspective of a fan, Ethan critiques this company for still making money of this dude but Ethan himself has used dudes name over and over for his content,,, that he makes money of of. Ethan is paying his bills with dudes name and he can't stop using his name still!

    6. soulstoneking

      Personally I think part of the problems for society's problems

    7. Eccentrex 96

      Man Zach gotta stop with the soundboard. It's really fucking annoying hearing the same shit over and over again even when he's cutting Ethan off while talking. With peace an love

    8. Donut

      Lets be honest, if James charles was going for girls instead of boys, something would've been done by now.

    9. ✨aubrey✨

      Finally someone else doesn’t like AC/DC.

    10. Jodie Austin

      The fact that he is so forward in his snaps like it's private and no one can share what he's doing, but then when they shame him he blames it on them as if it's an invasion on his privacy. This makes me think he does know they'll shame him publicly and this is one big game to him. He's testing the waters to see how far he can get. Tati tried to tell people he was like this and he completely turned it around, and is still doing it

    11. Ionia

      Isn't 200 IQ insanely high? Like ultra genius level? I just love that the quartering attempting to insult the fanbase yet showing he doesn't know anything about IQ!

    12. KATIE FRAN

      Prediction: JC will come out as transssss

    13. RayZur 2nd Channel

      Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    14. happygolucky1234mini

      Why is Hila gone?

      1. azhurelwarrior

        Busy with Teddy Fresh

    15. Marc

      These issues with James Charles now makes 1st expose video of Tati TRUE, her 2nd expose video a damage control and Shane calling out Tati also TRUE. I hate Jeffree but I also think there's some truth to his hints about the alleged Dolan Twins' issue with James Charles.

    16. Valori Joy

      Pretty sure Einstein married his cousin

    17. C C

      Cosby was at “reported” 70 something.

    18. Giselle Plasencia

      Did zack say the N word at 1:22:48?

    19. Cat’s Meoow

      @ 6:56: yeahuhyeahuhyeahuh **wompwompwomp -_-

    20. Joshua Gerber

      Hard to imagine 1,4 mio people listen to that trash, just came here to say fuck you ethan.

    21. Lindy D

      Is James Charles trying to impersonate Cher in that clip of him singing?😆

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


    22. Simon Denischuck


    23. Maria Smiles a lot

      great video! i love his sense of humor!

    24. The Founder

      "We burn our own bodys here." *Careful. He's a hero.*

    25. The Rusty Sean

      Im with Zach. ACDC are class

    26. Ashley Shallop

      Why is no one talking about how James encourages his fans get on Omegle. When all Omegle is every other person you're connected to is a person jacking their dick off. Or other people being ignorant. You never know who you're going to get connected to and James was encouraging everyone to get on so he can talk to them. People should be talking about him being on Omegle.

    27. Ms. Stitch

      Dans eyes are the color of that special water from water boy

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


    28. Z King


    29. Derek Tailor

      James Charles looks mighty cute in that prison jump suit! (pictured in this video's thumbnail)

    30. szonja kiss

      I'm chilling, doing an assignment for my painting class while listening to the podcast and just when I get up to clean my pallete, Ethan says "let's clean our pallete before we move on" (1:03:49) like bro... am I being stalked, lol.

    31. Mama Jas

      You guys always seem so surprised on this podcast when the black victims in SA cases aren’t believed... IE Seth from the David crap and this 1st accusation with James ... any person of color isn’t surprised that they aren’t believed or at least taken seriously 😓 it’s sad

    32. Caitlin Oliver

      tadalafil is cialis. im a pharm tech :p

    33. Toledo Born

      wtf even is that

    34. Terapiin DA seaturtle

      Ear pods in listening to Ethan swallowing is probably the most disgusting thing ever lol

    35. Sabrina Acquaviva

      recreate the america song by rlelly but using james snap captions 🤣🤣🤣

    36. R R

      Ethan is a bully.

      1. Yh Yh

        Yup - he's become what he hates imo

    37. Levi The Baddest

      1:16:50 this whole segment

    38. jackie C

      Doesn't snapchat delete the posts after a short period of time?

    39. Daniel Perez

      Not the point at all and I understand all of it, but Damn I appreciate tf out of DANs Shirt had that beautiful shirt of “King Gizzard & The Lizard Ward” was sick af don’t know how to time stamp my bad.

    40. Christin Rochelle

      Call him by his name. James Charles Dickinson

    41. Natasha

      Was his dating tiktok video the same clothes he was snapping nudes in?

    42. Stunt Panda

      Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were cousins.

    43. Justice James

      Snapchat last year put in place where they record all conversation and pictures and keep everything in the cloud soo even if he deleted all the conversations they have everything

    44. Yeehawty

      So funny that the episode hilas not here there’s an ED ad read

    45. Margot Rita

      the cop cars otw to apprehend james: *WOOP WOOP WOOOOP*

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


    46. DisappointingPorn

      36:39 TAH DAH

    47. Melissa

      I love this video so much it's so funny

    48. XO.PiSTOLGRiP

      imagine paying for a sponsorship n then getting absolutely roasted 😂😂😂

    49. NotStormi

      Judge: What was your meaning to do this Mr.James James: *Dramatic Sigh* I was desperate *dabs tears* Judge: Get the f*ck out my court and find a better as$ excuse

    50. Grace's Beautiful Life

      He will NOT do well in prison.....though he will probably get rich people prison🙄

    51. M Slix

      I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard, water boarded, anything other than listening to James Charles talk.....

    52. sunshine loveridge

      how many words do you think you think in total in an average day. like the number. how many ?

    53. Bot Boy1197

      It’s really pathetic how basically every video ethan now releases is him desperately try to start beef with anyone to gain at least a shred of the relevance he used to have. How the mighty have fallen.

    54. Kaz Kuczynski

      Two rock records and that's what you choose? Led Zeppelin 1 and Led Zeppelin 2

    55. Ayden Mcmillen

      Dan doing the “YEAHYEAHYEAHH” in the background is funnier to me than the actual soundbite

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

        Ya gd right it is!!!

    56. CevtheMic

      Where hila?

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

        She was working

    57. Haleigh MartinKessler

      he put it on april 1st for the april fools knowing damn well influencers can never admit theyre wrong

    58. Seth Berney

      Snapchat is aight, I love snapchat, but it rly is cancer for young minds based on how all these big companies and influences use it for click b8... and what James Charles does

    59. Flashulence

      The blue chew ad placement was a bit inappropriate lol

    60. Klara Kolacova

      20:30 I'm from Czech Republic. Here in age of 15 you are no longer minor. So 14 years old kid. It's even for us too much.

    61. Princess

      May you please help and donate, I’m broke af. go fund me page on my you HRaero profile

    62. Felwinter


    63. Cole Yedema


    64. yulia flamɛl

      kobe bryan

    65. Wesley Young

      Can’t wait for this guy to disappear for good

    66. Hannah Dabber


    67. evie

      Haven’t laughed harder than I did at 42:32😭😭😭😭 I love Dan

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


    68. Lewie Bowyer

      Womp womp womp yeeeeyeeeyeeehhh gave me cringe goosebumps

    69. Jessica Mokrzycki

      I love how he says he Interested in just males, He doesnt mention that they should also be interested in men. Just shows all the allegations of him trying to groom straight kids is true.

    70. Chonk Life

      I loose it every time I hear those J.c. soundbites 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


      2. Chonk Life

        @GreenMatrix 30seven810172324 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

        Yeugheah yeugheah yeugheah 😂🤣😀

      4. Chonk Life

        @GreenMatrix 30seven810172324 "womp womp woooooomp" 🎶🎶🎶 etc

      5. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

        Which 1s?

    71. paladro

      if he's not already under investigation, he will be soon... unless the money machine behind his enterprise has deep pockets and influential friends that could stymie that. the more people that come forward, the harder it be will for them to do that.

    72. Elizabeth Grindell

      Omg the law and order soundbite

    73. Devon Cowherd

      As influential people, can't you guys contact the FBI yourselves about this? It's a genuine question.

    74. April

      SVU *needs* to create a "this does not depict any actual person or event" episode on James Charles.

    75. Pretty Good Lookin

      sound effects are immature and creepy !

    76. Kina X

      Where’s this weeks???!?!

    77. Frances Emily

      now I want a heist movie about a couple trying to steal a body from a funeral home/crematory

      1. Blazes WithWolvez

        Comedy? Action? Action-thriller? What would be the motive? Something hidden in the body? A key to a vault of money?

    78. rose petals

      james charles? oh i thought you said patrice wilson

    79. Brad

      Sound like being a HRaeror lets you commit crimes without penalty, sounds pretty sweet

    80. KayKay2513

      I'm just glad I never liked him. I swear this happened a year ago and it was all settled and it's happening again. Businesses don't have morales ESPECIALLY make up companies.

    81. Bubbijs

      I can now not get James Charles singing “oh oh oh” out of my f*cking head

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

        I think you mean womp womp womp

    82. Thick N The Waist Pretty In The Face


    83. J H

      that soundbite is so annoying lmao, please STOP

    84. Kaylynn

      Loving the James Charles sound bite. It kills me! Womp womp womp!!!

    85. Marguerite Hamilton

      Sister snapchat 🤮

      1. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324


    86. G Dub

      Are you surprised? Dude is a weirdo and you empower a psychopath and they do what ever they want with the internet hyping them up

    87. Nikki L

      James: I like *horror* movies, ESCAPE ROOMS, *long* nails to scratch backs... *All of those things are sister suspect*

    88. Colby

      cmon rudy you cant fuck the strippers at the club even in hell, everyone knows that

    89. sunskyriver

      I hope that the FBI is investigating this. I'm sick of the rich getting away with heinous crimes just because they are wealthy. That is not right! There are victims here! Do something about it.

    90. MJ Silva

      Damn Zack is killing it! 🗣Shout out to his family

    91. Noson Daitchman

      Marrying one's cousin and divorce are permitted according to the bible.

    92. nvianin

      Dan trashing AC/DC with a King Gizzard shirt on is my aesthetic

    93. s

      Fr fuck a Snapchat what even is that shit, I take pride in not having had that garbage media for more than 4 years.

    94. acidic_tears

      I wonder if james smokes weed cuz thats defs some cringy shit i would do while high thinking it. sounds incredible

    95. gloriby gil.

      even more weird cause he has a younger brother grossies

    96. Kiki Noir

      I would look into onisions story if you think that's child's play lol

    97. Sassy Muffin

      Ethan, your research guys need to do better lol. Morpe's parent company is called Forma Brands LLC and is located in San Francisco and it's subsidiaries are Morphe and Playa. They are backed by a growth equity firm called General Atlantic and the CEO is Myles McCormick. There isn't an "owner" per say as in one person makes the decisions. Their president is former Bare Escentuals CEO Simon Cowell. Come on though guys seriously, get Ethan his info, it isn't that hard 😂

    98. Dawsyn Eubanks

      That one guy from cheer is in prison for doing this same exact thing LIKE-

    99. Phaedra Miranda

      omg a durte dom and james charles prison collab incoming 😍😍😍

    100. Keely Cox

      Jamezy wuz obv groomed by someone else in his childhood. Time to investigate