Trying to Bench 405 lbs Underwater | OT 28

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    Summer Themed Episode! Top 10 frozen treats, a wild betcha, and a brand new segment!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      “So poooosh these others in the trash” 🤣 best line from Cody lol

      1. Jax Kenyon

        @brawl player I Watch your content

      2. Meda Price

        TY MUST STAY IN TOP 10!!!

      3. Llamas4Life!🦙🍍

        I agree

      4. Chelsea Winders

        Was the number usable cause I called it went strait to voice mail 😂

      5. Osbaldo Guevara

        @ジェダイ TheJediJ ?j7 vihhh.

    2. Ellen Andreoletti

      he must gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    3. Nobo Sweet

      He needs to say

    4. griffin Carl

      He must stay 🙂

    5. TSF total sports fans

      He must gooooooooooô

    6. Finn de Freitas

      He must go

    7. Adventure boys

      He must goo!!!!!!

    8. Bucky

      makes me wanna buy a koosh

    9. Hannah Fish


    10. Efxcts_Hummus21

      He must go

    11. Corban Huffman

      HE MUST GO

    12. Edward Vandewater

      he must go

    13. Blue Ninja

      He must go

    14. afg122602

      this whole OT felt very rushed

    15. Sebby G

      He must go!!!

    16. Ojas Deoshatwar

      ty never go

    17. Galen Hatcher

      He Must Go!!

    18. Bryce Ball

      choco taco is def not number 1... almost all of his list is wrong. He must go!!!!

    19. Mr. Tech Vlogger

      Get him out!

    20. Ryder McMenomey


    21. MemeLord69

      To be honest I like frozen grapes a lot i dunno what the dudes are talking about

    22. Kate Greaney

      He must go he must go he must go

    23. Megan Richard

      he must go

    24. Chicken Nugget

      He must go!

    25. Magnus Alt

      he should not go "DAB"'

    26. Shawn Kersjes

      He must go!!!!!!

    27. Daisy’s bro

      He must go!

    28. Phoebe Kelley

      “He must stay!!”

    29. Slid Morales

      How is the drumstick not up there

    30. Deven J Wohlwend

      HE MUST GO

    31. Reese Harvard

      He must go

    32. Sophia Pennington

      He must go

    33. Brody Sappington

      Chick-Fil-A Peach Milkshakes should be number 1!

    34. WOW it’s Lilli!!!

      Corys top ten would be cool

    35. Jack TodoMidoriya

      He must go he must go

    36. Rayan

      U didn’t keep the Spider-Man ice cream 🍦

    37. Kodiak

      He must go

    38. TristenBat

      He must stay! He must stay!

    39. Gameknight0977

      He must go.

    40. Carson Music

      My dad can do 600 pounds no ofinse

      1. Tyler Kelly

        no one cares sadly

    41. Supersayinslay

      He most goooooooooo

    42. Emma Hample

      He must go!

    43. ben ricarto

      He must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Gene Bowles

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    45. Klinkerss

      He must go!

    46. Town Clerk

      He must go! He must go!

    47. Ultra Dad

      Chaco tacos Choco taco eat up to the to Choco tocos So fresh You can eat it with your flesh

    48. Grey Colbert

      Dude perfect you guys rock😀

    49. Brendon  Lashlie

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    50. Michael Oakes

      “He must gooooooooo”

    51. Connor Mason

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    52. Avery B

      He must go

    53. Stapleton Family

      Get ty out of top ten

    54. Breanna Varela-Perez

      my brother can bench 225 as his max

    55. Rajdeep Singh

      I love top ten

    56. Miguel Morales

      I like how you used the old ads way

    57. CJ_DJ1542

      “True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of kluh-ur and ornamentation.”

    58. Todd Richardson

      Check out TriBois

    59. MUI GOKU

      He must go

    60. T.R.C. Films

      Where is the Dreamsicle?

    61. Quicksilver_ YT

      He must go

    62. Dalchemist

      I've never eaten anything on this list

    63. Evan Cabrera

      HE MUST GO!!!!!

    64. Leng Tang

      Heeeeee must go

    65. Katie Lundberg

      he must go


      “He must go! He must go! Get him out!”

    67. Ibrahim Nasralla

      He must not go

    68. Shelley K

      No wheel 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

    69. Beyblade ASMR Reviews

      He must stay, let him stay!!! The controversy MUST STAY

    70. bnz noah

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    71. Axelyman gaming

      We must go!

    72. Ace boi 21


    73. Lisa Dye

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    74. Elba Escobar

      Can we get Cody to host top 10

    75. Luke Young

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    76. Jacob Smith

      I’ve gotta get me an ice vest!

    77. Royal Collins

      HE MUST GO!!!

    78. Grady Moxley

      Coby just trying to hold all the ice cream is actually hilarious

    79. Shannon Records

      best episode ever

    80. Evan Bruneio

      He must go

    81. E H

      He must go

    82. dscamp98

      get him out

    83. Tristan Webber

      he must go

    84. Kevin Zhang

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    85. Sarah Bolek

      He must go!He must go!He must go!

    86. Sam's Sports Shop

      Frozen Reese's are amazing top 10 definitely

    87. joezer raj

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    88. Avery Martin

      He must g0!!!

    89. Aryana Polanco

      He must goooo

    90. DCT Spex

      He must go

    91. Berserk Marrow20

      Get Tyler Out Of Top 10 Please

    92. Shae Azad

      ‘’He must go”

    93. Crystal Smoak

      He must go

    94. Cry Me A RiverR

      apple style keynote should have won 100%

    95. Michael O'Connor

      "HE MUST GO"! "HE MUST GO"! (and Coby just holding on to his icecream while everyone argues that just cracked me UP!)

    96. Kaleb Dunn

      he must go

    97. Oliver Veillette

      He must go

    98. Xander Watson

      turtles are anphibians

    99. Melissa Alsup

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    100. Megan Bondurant

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