[Subbed] Cyanide & Happiness S04E05: The Curse of Time 【氰化欢乐秀】时间的诅咒

Chen 0830

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    1. Chen 0830

      Hey guys, I am just a freelance translator who voluntarily translates American cartoons into Chinese. This video was meant to be shared with a small group of people and I didn't expect it to blow up like this. None of my translated videos on this channel was monetized. In fact, I alone raised more than $8000 for them among Chinese fans in 2018. Copyright: @explosmentertainment (hraero.info/total/WXCrItCF6ZgXrdozUS-Idw.html ) , you can support them on Patreon: www.patreon.com/cyanide_and_happiness

      1. kajs


      2. kajs


      3. Sprint Wyvern

        Cool :) Keep up the good work :D

      4. F35 studios

        Was the boss voice actor the same for rick from rick and morty

    2. Chalix

      The animator Stand user: This guy Ability: stop time frame by frame

    3. kaahnir lıçıkıng

      i love this

    4. Trevor Sawyer

      Out of every single one of this in my opinion this one is the most wholesome

    5. 鈴心月


    6. Dominic Parsons

      Is it weird that that was a good ending lol

    7. Przemysław Bogdański

      Your translations americano text but real guy that do video is Poland guy

    8. JulianL Vlogs

      guys video game donkey here to explain the video

    9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Rick sanchez?

    10. Pockie2

      The intro is China and this video is in China lol

    11. Andréw Martinez

      I can tell dan Harmon was here

    12. Purple Guy

      Hey is it just me or does the boss sound like Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty

    13. Raegan Samuels

      That boss 100% sounds like Rick Sanchez.

    14. jaxxyn rice

      did he become a god at the end

    15. Gabriel Bazo

      So he became god coool

    16. Adib Abrar

      This is weirdly wholesome for a Cyanide and Happiness animation.

    17. Vivoxy

      I love this so much

    18. -Totally Creator-

      And that children was the story of the next Jesus

    19. TheKnightMonkey 1

      … but I just fapped my … dear god

    20. Kierz Senpai

      When a man became Chronos

    21. philip japitana

      Could have controlled time forever if only he didnt finish the shot haha

    22. James Wright

      So in the last part I figured out that boy Jesus

    23. Victor Martins Silva

      Então eles não tem livre árbitro?

    24. Shekhar Choudhary

      So it was that little dumbass genie who made jesus🤔

    25. Паклейн Чир ツ

      Со смыслом 😃

    26. Karl Genesis Obena

      u know u could just stop then just take the pants under down now

      1. Karl Genesis Obena


      2. Jonathan Sauceda

        But he's a stop motion animator

    27. Maga Land Bros

      If god is a immortal animator then he use me to hate himself

    28. Football كرة القدم

      Does that mean he's god?🤔

    29. Smileyboi1

      This was nice

    30. Takiua

      This is happiness

    31. Vickie Keaton

      Featuring the genie from sick animations

    32. Kelvin Reed

      Ay,im a fcking genie

    33. Jay Li

      The world ! Time freeze!

    34. W1r8_c0r3

      well then it was super great and as i thought just like cyanie and happiness super weird but funny (great job on subbing this :) )

    35. PlanK SA

      Is it me or does the guy sound like rick sanchez

    36. rethmeyer James Channel

      How it feels to be a animator or what it feels like to develop a game

    37. huhu uwuy

      what the fuck did I just watch.

    38. kajs


    39. Cheese

      8:27 I laughed so hard that I can’t literally can’t breathe

    40. le krieg

      This would make one hell of an scp story

    41. IIsatomi3ii

      A genie tricked me so i became god

    42. Alex Gill

      Is that Rick from Rick an Morty

    43. Eliza vilma Galdamez


    44. peace92111

      makes more sense than christianity to me lmao

    45. JakkuWolf Insomnia

      What a cool concept

    46. Yeehawbro

      This one is actually wholesome. Didn’t expect that.

    47. Samantha Fedrick

      So basically this guy is the creater of time

    48. Josh Humbler

      There's a twilight episode like this. Guy uses a stop watch to stop time.

    49. フェリシア エロ

      Free medicine... That's a bit of a stretch

    50. Kel Smith

      Welp now when they say someone can't make you do something just tell em someone's making us do everything

    51. Witherd57

      I've watched this 3 times now and I still heckin love it!

    52. I’m a Person

      Technically he could be doing this right now and we won’t know

    53. James Schober

      He's a god

    54. Jalyn Boyce

      LoL this episode is wild

    55. BasWasOut

      This is dum

    56. Kam B



      Rick is that you?

    58. S.C.G

      The boss sounds like Rick Sanchez

    59. Darnell Hatten

      love that

    60. Destiny Farmer

      Oh look a lamp it looks a bit dirty there -he says sounding dead inside

    61. thirteen Kharon


    62. thirteen Kharon


    63. sams son

      Is that psychic pebbles

    64. ??????

      Lyle's voice is very iconic now that I think about it.

    65. BasWasOut


    66. Rev

      A genuinely impressive sci fi story

    67. Lagiacrus

      This joke is pretty meta if you ask me, afterall Benson works at Explosm, the guys that make this show. So in a sense he is the god of this world, making everything move, else it would just be a still image

    68. wet Sponge

      That boss guy sounds like rick from rick and morty

    69. Florian Belza

      This actually a really nice story, thanks man

    70. Frosmad

      That was fucking amazing

    71. hacker


    72. Pash Adyan

      Ah,so realistic.

    73. Clemen t

      Lost on HRaero, again...

      1. S.C.O.S

        This is a good place to get lost.

    74. IG_Storm

      What it was holding the button And talking about time I couldn't stop laughing you look so dumb

    75. Joey Ortiz

      Why am I barely finding this?! It has Zack and Justin in it 🤯

    76. 0811leonid

      I love the Concept of Stop motion and it looks Amazing

    77. Ruben Third King

      What about poop ??

    78. Brostrod

      The trick is to ask for only the time NEEDED to finish the shot instead of all the time TO finish the shot

    79. Fefe

      And that's the story of how the God was created.

    80. kajs

      AseØS. 1.W?w+dqsd?&éæøø.D3`de Ef.g.v.v,glægllglæ*ægægg.*æægægævævæfæfø&ø4krøcFæføføf&.EFES.FSD d.e4srSRA3sÆedr

    81. dash boarder117

      Such a powerful anime

    82. ꧁seaðoggo꧂

      Love this

    83. Aleksian


    84. Vedank Singh XB


    85. Cinniuint Dorcha

      now i wanna see a short aftermath of all of that, because it technically happened when time was frozen so essentially nothing happened at all yet everyone is now somewhere else.

    86. Snooze_47

      To be honest this feels like the first episode that’s actually is pretty awesome and really cool

    87. Awi Sintaro

      When i watched SOUL . A guy named Terry really sounds this genie . I think her name is Rachel House .

    88. Jake Schotman

      Is the boss in the first clip Rick’s voice actor from rick and morty?


      Why is Rick Sanchez voicing Mr.Romero?

    90. Dardan Cimili

      8:27 hey im a fucking genie

    91. Lucas

      he became the wololo monk

    92. Why

      4:30 is my literal brother

    93. Natcharee Orwichit

      now he a god

    94. C4TUN4 444

      Its rare to see a happy ending

    95. anri dzabiradze

      origin story of god, epic

    96. Adam Moua

      This ep is really sweat he wanted to fix everything he did

    97. sir toxic

      i liked it

    98. MexicanGeronimo

      He does and time resumes. Everyone just beats the shit outta each other

    99. Questionable

      oh my god, its god