Episode 1 : Salad Mug - DYNAMO DREAM


1,6 mil. pregleda897

    Feels so good to finally post this! Unending thanks to all the friends who worked to help make this happen, and all of the folks over on the patreon!

    A lot changed over the course of making this episode (you can probably feel it), and while I'm really excited about this episode, I'm even more excited to keep everything moving for the next bit; the big goal is to be able to finish these things a bit faster than every 3 years :P

    Thanks so much for watching- I hope you enjoy it.

    If you DID enjoy it and want to chip in a bit financially for future episodes, I've documented a ton of the process (and shared a bunch of assets) over on my Patreon. Mostly VFX/blender tutorials and such, but also more general breakdowns, too, and I'd of course love to see you there.

    Also, HUGE thanks to Impossible Acoustic for being down to take on this project! The degree to which the audio sculpts the end experience here is absolutely wild.

    Composited in After Effects,
    All 3d work in Blender (blender.org)

    Huge thanks again, to everyone :D

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    1. Francois Kriel

      What a delightful, easy voyeur. Well done sir!

    2. Lazy1Lou

      What a cool world!

    3. Cystum Qrash

      wow dude...

    4. Alexandre Salau

      The amont of small and intricated details ... you are a God, with capital G.

    5. rere439

      Not gonna lie, the citizen and officer "design" is far more realistic than Cyberpunk 2077

    6. Drummelskrudd

      More please!

    7. nehemiahpaul perez

      Reminds me of Blade Runner

    8. JaguarTree MerkabaMusic

      some next level stuff! 🙀🙀🙀

    9. Global Nomad

      wow, fantastic work....a bit of Tekkonkinkreet, Brazil and of course blade runner, but very impressive and immersive, looking forward to the next episodes. And that ending...playing with what we think we understand...

    10. john lyon

      This is absolutely stunning!

    11. Sleepless Max

      Everything in this world feels so alive!

    12. Proinseas O'Kiellig


    13. Gary Lawless

      Outstanding in every way! So glad I came across this gem, and can’t wait for more of the same.

    14. Richard Butt


    15. bill burke

      I just found this little gem by accident and so happy I did. What a cool world and world building, Of course I have no idea what is going on but I want to find out, so well done

    16. neurostream

      This just sporadically (ok, algorithmically) emerged in my feed. I was unaware of this producer or their work. It left me speechless, but had just enough motor control of my awestruck body to tap subscribe. I could spend hours blissfully lost in every frame.

    17. OldMetalHippy OldMetalHippy

      Way Cool !

    18. Arthur Wagar

      Great graffics. Wierd future.

    19. StormBurnX

      This really feels like the kind of thing I'd find while scrolling through indie stuff on AppleTV originals and holy holy it's amazing work. You and your crew are great!

    20. Jack Solis

      Hey!!! i was seeing the mech vs crab fight!!!

    21. Xyshom Avazax

      This is so everything.

    22. Jon Dresser

      what the hell just happened??

    23. Rodrigo La Cruz


    24. Ed Walker

      Didn't kow what this was when I watched it - Its Wonderful and Awesome ! thankyou for doing it.

    25. Eric

      Why did she get all dizzy at the end? Did she get sick or something? From whatever food she ordered?

    26. wugrut

      Just wow! So rich in every moment.

    27. Sunny

      I thought the rocket landed and blew everybody up for a moment.

    28. Sunny

      3 years well spent

    29. Ishpreet Singh

      This legit feels like Star Citizen to me and I love it

    30. S Shep

      Wow!!! What an AMAZING film! I don't think I've seen a film as visually stunning since Blade Runner and this was done in an entirely different way and is as or more beautiful! Please please please make more of these! I will watch everything from you! And tell everyone I know to do the same! Hollywood has nothing on you man!

    31. Alix HeißtEr

      I would like to like this more than one million times, thank you. Awsome work!

    32. gmpsandw

      The level of detail was astonishing!

    33. НАТА

      99% visual effects and 0.000001% story line

    34. Maj_Cyric

      New Shadowrun game looks hella tight..

    35. J Clark

      Stunning! But I found some of the dialogue difficult to make out... Just so you know... :)

    36. Koen G

      WOw, what a wonderful scenary. Can watch this a few times without being bored!! WOnderfully sort of dystopian, but not too pessimistic,....

      1. ryan wilson


    37. Brent Kaufman

      Why did that man with the white eye affect her like that? Did he make her hallucinate? Was she really sick or did she start to see through everything and realized that her world is an illusion in a matrix? Someone please explain the ending to me?

    38. John Vansteenkiste

      very nice made, i see myself living in a world like this, where even the robots r humane :)

    39. Bill Campbell-ufofool

      Films like these are a gift to people like me, we have been waiting for them.

      1. ryan wilson

        So true

    40. Олег Zon

      Когда вижу девочек с колечком в носу возникают две ассоциации, первая - свиньи.., мой дедуля вставлял свиньям в пятаки проволочные кольца чтобы не взламывали деревянный настил клетки)), вторая - "Кин-дза-дза"

    41. James

      very well made good job

    42. Flowers

      Wow awesome 👍🥰 can't wait for another

    43. Vox Tox

      I don't know what the fuck is this, but it certainly looks great))

    44. Manfred Knorr

      I can’t even begin to imagine how much effort was put into this incredible 21 minutes of beauty. 😮

    45. Luis Calfera

      better than starwars!!very good.good special effects!!many thanks,from scotland.

    46. G.S. Aji

      Waaowww keren banget 🌟

    47. Makson Sinyak

      This is good! Can anyone else say how good it is?

    48. Alex Castro

      The detail is mind boggling... It's like a weird mix of Blade runner, Star Wars and steampunk industrial elements.. wow

    49. bubuphilip

      The closed caption, "obnoxious inescapable party boat music" just felt to real

    50. Royce Ardery

      WOW, that was awesome..

    51. Jayden Hillgrove

      ummm CLIFF HANGER

    52. Jayden Hillgrove

      Second time watching it and its just as great as the first keep up the great work exited for ep 2

    53. Michelangelo Diamond OConnell

      Are the humans CGI or comped green screens or something else?

    54. J R Deckard

      Very Blade Runner...ish

    55. James Morgan

      Love everything about this even though I not comprehending it yet. Did she slipped some hallucinogenic?

    56. Marc McCune

      excellent world building. Can't wait until the next episode.

    57. FelisDestructicus

      You don't need a giant budget when there's genuine love for the project.

    58. Lori Chaudhry

      Why are they getting rid of him? I need the next episode. Pay me triple and I will exit any venue with style and effect.

    59. Lori Chaudhry

      I’m in.

    60. Zakir Ali

      wow . this is really an amazing piece! u nailed it. awesome , the world you've created is really unique - a vfx artist

    61. Mosk8ers420


    62. Dem Guiz

      Is there more?

    63. Jithesh Kuyyalil

      Absolutely amazing! You are amazing. Thanks a lot.

    64. Thérapie House

      This work is very good!!

    65. R35T1 Peré

      Wait what happen to her

    66. ali alilou

      😭😭😭😭😭 i love this work 100% perfect

    67. Captain Sam Wilson

      City streets and related CGI is awesome.. Would like to see a Blade Runner type movie with this guy in charge...

    68. Adamantine

      WHAT?!!?! A-MAZ-ING!! Wow!! The detail! This is incredible!

    69. Ted E.B. Martin

      WOW! That is Dedication and a great example of "Show, don't Tell"

    70. Morne Schaap

      Wish I could like this video multiple times! WOW!! Amazing and breathtaking work!

    71. Corey Duncan

      Ridley Scott would be proud :)

    72. Protest Journal

      I don't know who these creators are, but someone ought to give them a 500 million dollar budget; their work is breathtaking.

    73. Jon E

      Holy Hanna!!! What an amazing world. Looked so real and not depressing as many future cities. I have no idea what was going on but I loved every minute.

    74. K Y

      This is a remarkable works beyond my description!!!!! I wholeheartedly like a movie mixed of tranquil,mysterious, over technological sci-fi like this!!!I'm looking forward to next episodes.

    75. jason shen


    76. Mohammed Ali Shah

      What was that endingg?

    77. Covert Radio

      Like.............................................................................................................................................. J-E-S-U-S ........................ THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS MASTERPIECE.........................

    78. AcornNStone

      Bravo 👏 incredible!!!

    79. Michael Copple

      Very well crafted, Ian. You have progressed well since Tears of Steel. I love the post-modern feel of the world and your Blender modeling is superb. There was a lot in there I could not distinguish with reality. Very photogenic. Kudos. Looking forward to more.

    80. Peter Brunhem

      TEN / TEN

    81. Martin

      This is the best thing since Blade Runner. An incredible world I want to see more of it!

    82. Stefania Laspalmas

      Omg awesome work! But the music... it's terrible, reminds me of the sims :P

    83. anarekist


    84. NightVision Official

      What can i say? YOU CAN DO THAT ON BLENDER ? OMG!

    85. Sergio Solórzano

      the boyfriend looked really suspicious.

    86. Sergio Solórzano

      what's up with the crabs though?

    87. Sergio Solórzano

      12:48 that robot is funny

    88. Cameron Soponski - Zombi326

      Inspiring! Thankyou! :D

    89. Sergio Solórzano

      5:30 why is the drone pointing at the loading drone?

    90. Fondation SCP - Pr Mura

      It's too well produced for HRaero x)

    91. CO2 Handgunner

      Two words....stunningly superb ! I really want to know what happens to the crab, lol !

    92. 54 Lab Studio

      This is beautiful,

    93. uMadBro

      Can't really think of why would somebody disliking this

    94. faidh8

      🇺🇦 Спочатку думаєш що це якась маячня, але коли додивляєшся до кінця, то розумієш що все мало сенс. Гарне кіно, раджу....

    95. Mohammad Nahidul Islam

      I saw the green screen process before. That was like a simple Story telling shots. And this is totally different. Huge respect.

    96. Shawn Seven

      Amazingly done. Bravo

    97. Fast Eddie

      Good visuals and special effects. I don’t think the lead female could be any more iconic. I wouldn’t see her any differently if she had tattooed on her forehead: “libtard contained within”. Nose ring, grows and eats salads, doesn’t directly answer direct questions.

    98. Mier Beuker

      Wow. Just....wow.

    99. Subsonic Dissidence

      Just... WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!