trying 5 different eyeliner styles for hooded eyes | part 1

sarah pan

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      I was just wondering what lashes you used? They are really pretty!

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    3. pretty life

      youre literally so beautiful i cant get u off my mind i dont know if thats weird but yea-

    4. 🌸Blossom Bear🌸

      I have long black eyelashes so it is so hard to do eyeliner lol 🤨😚🤪😇

    5. Sarah Carlos Life

      What eyeliner did you ude!

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      КАКАЯ ТЫ КРАСИВАЯ.................................

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      Mahnnn you are sooooooo prettyyy 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨ skin,eyes,nose lips teeth everything is just perfect. Whatta beautyy ✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️

    8. Faith-Hope

      This is such an egirl look i love it ❤

    9. Maemi

      asian Scarlett Johansson 💐♥️

    10. Siya Sharma

      Sis really pulled off the 3rd one. I'm jealous. I don't have half the eyeliner applying skills she does

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      So pretty💕

    12. zee :)

      I LOVE NUMBER 5!!!!! it suits u sm

    13. Person

      Btw you dont have hooded eyes

    14. zeezy season

      50k soon

    15. Unallama

      My eyebrows are too close to my eye

    16. bella mari3

      Where can i buy this eyelashes?

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      Her hair!!💜💜💜

    18. Metzli

      That last one looked so cute, I know I'm gonna try it next time I'll wear eyeliner :D

    19. jaylax

      you should try bigger/fuller lashes! the eyelashes you use now look kind of bland and not very full. (no hate , thanks for the new ideas! i’ve never done liner before, have to try!)

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      I saw a cat and your gorgeous hair and knew I had to subscribe!!

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      Yk, the first one, they are still cute even tho the left one is higher than your right one

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      thank you so much for this, i love the way it looks on my eyes!!

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      why did it take me so long to find your channel I am IN LOVE

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      your glasses frames are everything! super cute !!! ❣️

    25. BrOcCoLi SaLaD

      Me inheriting hooded+deep set eyes with almost no space between my eyelashes and eyebrows: 😐 But i usually use coloured eyeliner or put colours on my bottom lid. It makes up for it lol.

    26. Chromberriesシ

      Wow what a talented cat, speaks better than me

    27. Deena Gal

      I have uneven hooded eyes so yeah 🙄🥲🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ so it looks like I have a eye craze on one eye and not the other but I’ve been trying to embrace it 😅🤷🏽‍♀️

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      It's my first time watching your video and I love your presence and aura

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      U r so cute 💛

    30. Bethany B.

      I suppose purple wasn't what you were going for, but it looked great anyhow :D

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      'hooded eyes'

    32. Taeguk __

      me with no eyelid space

    33. rahila

      Where did you get your lashes from? They're gorgeous, as well as you!

    34. Choux

      This is so helpful!! Thank you!

    35. Ateez's Princess

      I don’t know if this happens to anyone else BUT…. I really want to try eyeliner but my eyelashes are SO LONG and SO MANY that it’s hard for me to draw over them 😩💔

    36. Boop :3 Now ur ded

      What eyeliner do you use? And is it waterproof? Btw, you look very pretty in all styles :]

    37. Haley B

      I started using a combo of lid tape and these eyeliners, with some Asian techniques. It helps alot if you have hooded eyes or a lack of lid space. Loved these, great video.

    38. sidra

      hi u r cute but i think ur cat is cuter

    39. Twenty One Tortas

      for someone that's not a professional, your hair looks pretty

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      soo cute!! my fav is the last one for sure!!!

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      you r so pretty!

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      Girl we have the same hair here OMG i diy my hair too

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      You act and talk like you’re pretty.

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      Your hair colour suits your calm vibe.... love it..♥️♥️♥️♥️

    45. BittersweetMayhem

      Which liquid liner is the best for this? Obv a pen shape but any great brand?

    46. Miss_Nerdy

      thank you for the inspirations!

    47. young neil

      these aren’t hooded eyes. hooded eyes have deep creases with the brow ridge hanging over/obscuring the eyelid

      1. Lulu

        Thank you! SO many people complain about their 'hooded eyes' while they don't even realize the struggle of having actual hooded eyes.

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    49. Song Yang

      I have too much eye fat on my folds to do that

    50. Bhvya

      God number 3 was beautiful ✨💜

    51. Abigail Cumbus

      I'm telling you I could relate to the being blind thing but then I got contacts soooo Yey

    52. Bianca wants books

      My eyes are very very similar to yours.. I got this in my recommended and was like "oh I have hooded eyes, I should watch this", and you also said they're kind of close together which my eyes are too))) but all of the shapes look stunning on you🥺🥺

    53. Leticia Vieira

      It turned out cool actually

    54. Jen G

      #5 reminds me of doll eyes and I love it! I did not expect that at all.

    55. classic teen

      3 & 5 are soo cute--😭❤️❤️❤️

    56. Angelique Hongjoyo

      Does anyone know the name of the 1st & 2nd eyeliner style ?? I've seen like everyone on tiktok & ig made this look , but idk what to search it up on yt😭😭 if u know , please let me know :'((

    57. Sammy Thacker

      Im like, so late, but eyeliner with hooded wyes is so hard but when you get the hang of it, you can literally change your eyelid shape SO MUCH. WE ARE WIZARDS

    58. bi disaster

      Omg shes so pretty!!! Love her personality too S2

    59. Your Local Meme

      I have hooded eyes when I widen my eyes just on instinct. But my eyes naturally are slanted... I dont get it. Please explain this 😭

    60. Ery Stitch

      You hair looks amazing!!! 💖💖💖✨✨✨ these makeup looks stunning

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      you don't have hooded eyes tho

    62. -𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼.𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓺𝓾𝓮-

      OMG I love that style 5 thanks for making this video and I knew it's hard to apply and then again remove eyeliner it needs patience which I don't have.

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      U have the same head as me I noticed And also YES THESE ARE CUTE AF ON U GOOD JOB UR EYELINER SKILLS ARE MASTER LEVEL WOW

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      Hey girl! Loved the ideas so much, I was wondering where you got your glasses? They’re so cute

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      Omg your hair color is a dream

    66. Eggs

      woah number 3 looked so bombbb

    67. Kenz Frenz

      I think I need a liquid eyeliner, I have a soft pencil/crayon type of thing and it either breaks or looks chalky

    68. SbelTnB

      You don’t really have hooded eyes, but all these styles looked so good on you! The last one was my favorite!

      1. Kimmorra Anderson

        @Love Dolls THANK UUU

      2. Kimmorra Anderson


      3. Dr Rigel

        Nope, her eyes are definitely hooded, it's just not too intense. And I say that as the most istense hooded eye person ever probably lol

      4. Love Dolls

        @Kimmorra preach girl preach 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      5. Merja Järvinen

        @Kimmorra Anderson somebody is mad- literality everyones eyes have to fold little bit so u can open and close them normally. It doesnt always mean they are hooded

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      you have such a pretty face for a base ma ! i cant help but like do tiny screams (!?) when you do each look !! ^_^

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      Your hair and your top is soooo cute 🥺 - where did you get your top from !?? 💙💜

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      Even tho my eyeliner skills are SHIT I could do some of them and I loved it

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      last one for sure!

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      you're so cute, thank u for this!!!!

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      loved the video tbh😍. for a first timer those were goood.

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      You just earned yourself a sub my friend!

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      Her hair is killing me that periwinkle is my fav color and she suits it sooo perfectly I’m jealous

    80. hey i'm isa!!

      "this is NOT straight" why were u talking about me in this video-

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      your hair looks so good tho! that was my first thought when I started the video

    82. Beauty Beatdown

      I can barely do eyeliner because my eyes are so hooded (worse than yours). Like my hoods rest on top of my lashes, it sucks. I'm seriously considering the eyelid surgery

    83. Ana Luísa Dantas

      Oh my god my name is Ana Luisa hahahah its so cute hearing you """calling""'" my name hahahahah

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      I just need to know what eyeliner you use.

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      my gay ass clicked on this video just to say hi yr beautiful + yr hair is INCREDIBLE

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      5:50 is just a mood for anyone with bad vision. I use a x5 mirror and still punch it when I do my other eye 😭

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      Can I like steal your hair? It's so asthetically pleasing to look at 😭💜

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      omg 2 and 3 urlsjeifjdjrj so pretty especially 3 i need to to try that

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      Video starts in 3.11 Thank me later

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      9:17 is i just me or 👀👀👀?

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      They were all cute . Will give them a try. Thanks.

    92. LazyJewel

      oh... my hooded eyes definitely don't look like that :(

    93. Capital Cute

      My eyebrows are way too low to do the first style 😭

    94. Daria N

      When you have extremely deep set eyes+hooded eyes and your brows are very close to your eyes+the hood is diffrenet so the same line will look diffrenet...very sad I can't even try this out

    95. Haniya Afzaal

      Yes miss we need justice for our eyes shape! Everyones doe or feline (wrong spelling i assume) obsessed. Like people aint looking at how beautiful our eyes r

    96. I'mASham

      i honestly love modern eyeliner trends because all of them remind of certain artstyles

    97. i couldn't think of anything

      Sis, this video should've only taken like 5 minutes. 7 minutes maximum.

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      These were all cute. And awww.. My dog's name is Rowena. That bracelet is cute.

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      The last one is soo cute