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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️

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    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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      Bruv, i know that if someone had that amount of money on me, I would get even more project shitboxes.

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      Did vik say "August the firth"?

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    19. Toby Rogers

      Tobi is now in his uncle phase he can now where the shoes

    20. Yovan P.C

      5:06 from the clickbait quiz lol

    21. First name Last name

      Ksi isn’t even funny. He stitched up his pal for a laugh on his benefit

    22. Nirajan Panthi

      Harry: underwa'er drone

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      I also feel bad for Simon, he's prolly sad af because jj was so ungrateful

    32. James ¿

      I actually feel bad for Harry, he was mad insecure

    33. ThAT gUY

      57:30 9k?? Huh 🤣🤣


      57:32 what a reaction man


      Ksi is mad jealous

    36. Tanush P

      11.02 please watch hehe

    37. MrTickla

      25:30 mans looked like Ski Mask The Slump God

    38. Ashton Bryant

      JJ was so outta pocket for what he did to Tobi

    39. Splendid Dwarf

      Man's tobi looking like he just escaped prison

    40. Annaz Fiirizky

      39:42 id freakin buy that shirt lol

    41. Sniper Ace85

      This one is to birthday is August 5th

    42. azuu.

      8:17 best moment 😂

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    48. L9lip0p

      Never seen a video be exactly 1hr lmao

    49. Hugi

      36:17 look at tobi😂

    50. TheUltimateGeordie

      ethan so rude towards tobi in the taxi

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      So no1 is gonna acknowledge the fact that this video is exactly an hour long

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      I appreciate how all the boys are wearing masks and following the guidelines, these videos have given me hours of entertainment too so thanks for carrying on making great content during stressful times guys.

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      I’ve always wondered y Toby doesn’t drink does he not or can he nor because of health?

      1. tyttö

        i'm pretty sure it's just bc he doesn't want to drink, many people think it's bc he's christian but as he had said before that's not the reason and obv he still has drank before for example in some sidemen videos

    63. Y G

      Jj is thinking he got the worst 😂

    64. dtukuafu namjoon (namjackbeom)

      since when did Jesus or religion become a joke?. smh tobi couldve gotten ATLEAAAST one nice gift. -.- ... ... .. . .. ... jj could've read the room a bit better they looked lowkey uncomfortable

    65. Arvy

      Now that tobi is a uncle he can finally Where the uncle creps

    66. Kelvyn Hee

      Tobi didn’t deserve that

    67. Mekayla “Mekayla L Whaley” Whaley

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      My name is Hennessy like my actual name😂💀

    72. Mrpoltergeist (poltergiest)

      In this video we learn: josh is the most thoughtful sidemen, and jj is the msot selfish XD

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    92. Charlie Gill

      21:00 vikk looking like his mum left him with the adults in the pub

    93. NadiaR.

      Tobi's "Huh?" at 57:34 somehow has so many different emotions in just that one sound 😅

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      not gonna lie that is the best ending of a video ive seen in ages i love how jj feels so bad

    97. Is yoda really Dead?

      Very nice

    98. Travis Takamori

      Ethan should’ve wore that shirt with the “no camera” design when JJ, Vik, and him was stuck taking over 3 hours worth of photos in the Expensive versus Cheap Hotel.

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