Family Guy roasting every country

Peter Griffin

13 mil. pregleda10 000

    13 Colonies
    Central America
    The Midwest
    New Orleans
    New York
    North Dakota
    North Korea
    South Korea
    Washington DC

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    1. Peter Griffin

      hehehehe 19:01 the last guy seems kinda sus

      1. idekse

        chinese amogus

      2. Saber Specialist

        Vote him

      3. Domino


      4. M V

        @Nakedpear Dom Torreto?

      5. Windows 95

        @Yellow Crewmate but the problem is we could be killed at any moment and people could sus him later

    2. jamiehammell1

      Title: family guy roasts every country me: what about wales? The vid didn’t even cover the entirety of great britain

    3. Mushromboe Invading

      The joke about uber rhino, I don't think anybody wouldn't enjoy that. Imagine riding a rhino as your uber. That would be awesome

    4. Barn owl Gaming

      Hey peter and Chris should be happy they killed a immortal being with scissors

    5. Wakk HC

      Didn’t know American states are country

    6. Al Pereira

      Yes, yes, keep roasting my children...I'm 64 and love Family Guy.

    7. Nick

      I'm offended my country didn't get offended

    8. LightningJet

      The Spanish soap opera one had me dying

    9. luis castro

      I swear to God thats exactly what it's like once u hit mid east coast🤣🤣🤣

    10. lizard gothic

      Lol Obama monument

    11. Zen4real fight man

      If I were that vet I would have just knocked that dude out

    12. Ananda Fitrian Anshary

      India is just spot on 🤣

    13. Toby Bedding-Stark

      Family Gus

    14. Whistle Tree Writers

      I don't see France. Missed opportunity.

    15. John Arizona

      I have never watched this show. I have chosen well.

    16. Pete laRosa

      Jesus loves you.

    17. Wan sum?

      Im glad i grew watching this so i wouldnt easy to get offended.

    18. moonarm

      yay my country didn’t get insulted

    19. Martinezzz

      Nice.. Amsterdam is SAVE hahah :P :P :P

    20. Tommy Miller

      18:50 IM DEAD 💀

    21. Experimental Minds

      bullshit .. no Iceland !!

    22. AngleSpoggle

      I love family guy

    23. Petgasys

      11:43 is stupidly accurate

    24. Itz_Ryugium


    25. Shurui Shinobi

      Haha when everyones inferior, No one is - syndrome but his words were slightly changed

    26. Filip Komárek

      where is Czechia?

    27. Wakou

      I dont understand the german one, all i know is it has something to do with ww2

    28. Jamin The small

      Only watched it for the Scottish one hahahahaha

    29. Matthew Bridson

      Im still waiting on a New Zealand joke cus i havent been offended by family guy yet haha.

    30. PJS

      10:44 You lose

    31. Zorkki

      Who knew American States where also Countries, you learn something new every day.

    32. S. H. Houston

      Will the texas part is b.s. because we do not give 22. Caliber guns we give AR 15S and 50 bmg guns

    33. Ben Scott

      Wow…most of this is complete garbage.

      1. Doofenward


    34. Frostbyte497

      no estonia smh

    35. BassKoi ShiftTheory

      Japanese television is really like that!! Their humor is really different.

    36. Caltrain 906 Railfan


    37. Canadian Redneck

      The Canadian one ain't even a roast. Just slightly exaggerated Canadian culture

    38. Dark Wolf 407



      why jews is a Poilsh reference? in Poland we are mostly catholic

    40. dfarmbrough

      Funny how they can't resist giving the Queen an American accent.

    41. Javier Sds

      "This is Brazil before the invention of the soccer ball". I lost it there.

    42. frank lundi

      The gaudy walk possibly annoy because calculus correspondingly fire along a terrible debt. irritating, honorable loan

    43. Drum N Sax

      Not funny. None of it.

      1. Doofenward


    44. Michael K.

      That Hawaii one hit hard. Lol

    45. TUDOR Iordache

      Where romania

    46. Bill J

      The invention of whiskey the Irish. That is a classic. A supervisor told me this about the Irish race. The Irish would have a rule the world, they had Great philosophers, mathematicians, Engineers. But one of them invented whiskey and they lost all ambition.

    47. George Sosinsky

      This is amazing love this

    48. gypsy

      "I can insult everyone, and everyone will laugh" - MacFarlane

    49. Christian Padilla

      2:05 killed me

    50. Brat :o

      That Ethiopian hoarder joke was fuuuuucked

    51. Miłosz YT

      Spierdalaj Piotrek, jak to nie jestem biały!?

      1. Miłosz YT

        Lmao I am actually from poland and that was kinda wierd to hear that we aren't actually white.

    52. Rice Fields He left us a month ago. He deserves one million subscribers.

    53. __Jet Set

      Pilgrims are trash go back to your country

    54. Plush Mania

      6:18 I don’t get the joke can someone tell me what it is?

    55. Curbsidecrafters

      Definitely missed out Stewie saying “he runs like a Welshman” 🤣

      1. Curbsidecrafters

        @Taymar Rocksnaptime so am I, and not do I!

      2. Taymar Rocksnaptime

        I'm Welsh and I still don't understand how a Welshman runs 😂

    56. sithlord_venom

      I don't get the Germany joke, can somebody fill me in?

    57. MrStandbyer

      Calling a war memorial score board always gets me :D:D

    58. Anti-Mosquito

      That part when god said "What about *NEPALLL* " always got me lol

    59. englischistmeinleiblingsfachbisch

      Im azerbaijani and even tho my country isnt here i got offended when they showed dolma as an armenian not saying that they cant eat it but like why show a food from other cuisines like dont they have their own national food?seriously tho lmao this video offends everyone even if u r not from any of these countries😀🔫

    60. AnnihilatorOfAnguish

      "What are my powers?" "Oh yeah, you're like, really good at painting my living room" I died! Straight up deceased!

    61. William Dawson

      Iraq Lobster 🦞, hilarious 😂

    62. mybluebelly

      I can`t believe i don`t watch this show.

    63. Edwin Lewis

      One thing was dead on Racist Ass Boston lol

    64. User Was Taken

      im confused???? is this racist?

    65. Junebug Electronic Music

      glad you started with America, because I wouldn't have been upset if you didn't, but I could see other people being upset.

    66. Just Seff Stuff

      "We now return to Ethiopian Hoarders" *that was dark*

    67. The First Sin

      It's not racist if you make fun of everyone equally ;)

    68. Hello There

      POV: Your country wasn’t mentioned

      1. Doofenward

        What country?

    69. Okie Woods

      Every racist loves family guy.

    70. David Bellis-Bennett

      13:29 As a New Englander, that's currently what we're all dreading now.

    71. earthaltar

      That's actually the Michelle Obama (Big Mike) monument. In case you were wondering.

    72. Zrytun

      You can't be racist, homophobic, sexist, or xenophobic if you make fun of everyone equally

    73. J D

      The pilgrim sports thing was perfect. . .Who else would choose Neil Diamond's worst song to make obnoxious at a totally unrelated sports game? . . .and exploit a terrorist attack to sell T shirts to tourists? Boston bros. Nothing turns the ladies off faster than that accent.

    74. EGirl Obama

      Maybe Canadian women are friendly but Canadian men certainly aren't. Especially if you say you're not interested. They get very racist fast

    75. EGirl Obama

      I'm sorry after I watched South Park, Family Guy's jokes are just so damn tame

    76. SmooB


    77. Alex Caruso

      18:00. My ribs are KILLING me!!! XD

    78. Protoka

      at 14:37 I thought "*oh* he must have just been in there for 2 maybe 3 hours."

    79. Shane Walker

      Yea, correct application, but the hurt and offended people, priceless. Thats the miracle of comedy, find humor in misery, the golden ticket? Dont be afraid to portray the comical side of ones faults to the point of how ridiculous most peoples minds are, and even better... Make fun of the hilarious nature that is chosen to point out the ridiculousness of said thing and push the envelope to the point that even the mad people laugh.... Thumbs up if i could, mine are preoccupied typing this crappy message onto the rven crapier interweb where even worse people than me will read and like this non sense comment more times than their own mothers said i love you....

    80. RETROspect Gaming

      correction. family guys roasting america.

    81. sayonara.

      11:11 was definitely written by a mexican 💀

    82. Ryzing_Hope

      That hawaii one was like, literally everything we have lmao

    83. Sir Bumps A lot

      The thumbnail has most of Canada chewed up by the us. What happened?

    84. Dan White

      There’s ‘roasting every country’ and there being racist 😐

      1. Daniel Kennedy

        Grow a pair Dan

    85. Aquaty

      5:01 “stop bing bong! What you want! *more wine! More women! More table*

    86. the running man

      that Nebraska joke is too accurate

    87. NeoDeXeno

      The Elephant with the pink mustache Me: is that a Markiplier reference 😲

    88. Matthew Wilde

      Ha, Indiana do be all corn.

    89. Yaro Bilo

      The plain pilot summarily flash because carol expectedly reign towards a wide-eyed hand. sick, disillusioned birch

    90. TupiniKing

      Portugal, that state in Spain where everyone speaks brazilian

    91. Brychael Yt


    92. Sorrow MG2

      Canada was roasted with a compliment about generosity. Also indigenous reserve land is now a different country with a jean jacket obsession and strangely consistent music preference that I never knew existed.

    93. MexItalian

      Right this way large faced whites!

    94. Mr Wolf Qc

      3:19 Canada in a nutshell

    95. mason dougherty

      The first one was even wrong, they needed to add the Irish to the people who were hated for a time

    96. Ifrah Jama

      The spanish soap opera 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀😭

    97. Ifrah Jama

      Omg the Mexican funeral 💀💀💀💀😂😭😭😭😭😭😭brooo

    98. Piotr Domrowski

      0:10 huh....everyday you learn something new. Today i learn im not white XD