BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

Dolan Twins

35 mil. pregleda12 000

    We buy each other our dream gifts! Things get **EMOTIONAL**
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! We just wanna give a special thanks to our best friends and all of you for making this year on HRaero so great for us!

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    1. Song Bird

      ...camping trip...?😟😟

    2. Mia Isabella

      I love how for almost every gift that’s not hers, Emma says “where’s mine?” Because I do the same thing 😂

    3. Jeepman89

      Charles is such an asshole.

    4. isabella

      Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

    5. isabella

      Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

    6. brandon beeler

      *likes video* *realizes they never made a camping video together*

    7. Monica Christine

      28:06 the way he said thank you was adorable😭

    8. Monica Christine

      21:41 oof that did not age well at all💀

    9. Jan Brown

      The round start oppositely drown because brow holoprosencephaly flap throughout a chunky antarctica. cut, messy beret

    10. Stagheart 492

      Is this randomly popping up in recommendations for anybody else?

    11. Megan Lea

      Emma: says thank you to James, kiss Also Emma: says thanks to Grayson, fist bump Another Emma: Ethan’s thanks, group hug Can you see the difference in the love? No

    12. Jenice Ventura


    13. Katherine Roberts

      We never got the camping trip video

    14. Emily McGuckin

      James reminds me of that rich gamer kid from meet the fosters

    15. daddy shrek

      here after james got exposed for being a nonce

    16. Priyanka Tiwari

      memories :(

    17. Eva Ashworth


    18. Channa Apfel

      God i would hate this emma. Glad she’s grown out of her fake phase. Or maybe something was wrong while they were filming this? idk

      1. Priyanka Tiwari

        shut up no one asked you, and it is 3 yrs ago so um chill

    19. Sienna Savage

      back after 3 years... hm :(

    20. hsiwksmskmdlqpqms

      Im here after our sister has admitted to be a predator

    21. psychovanny

      It's so sad the camping video never happened. If it did i would've loved it :(

    22. ansaha bhatti

      I miss them

    23. Grace !!!

      missing them

    24. Cassidy Toth

      that awkward moment when the person gasps when they open ur gift then asks you what it is 😆

    25. Stephanie Kangas

      Soooo did the skatepark ever happen??

    26. ansaha bhatti

      I love them and want this energy back

    27. David Suarez


    28. Mollie grace

      if i die before seeing a new collab of these four, i won’t die happy 😌

    29. y j

      I will actually cry if they reunited

    30. Serena George

      Grayson nut cracker collection💀💀

    31. Rip :3

      I hate how James is sitting in a corner :(

    32. Eddy Wang

      The bloody purpose symptomatically lick because shrine disturbingly roll absent a annoying dessert. wry, elegant network

    33. Seju's creampie

      imagine them being your best friends... you'll be so spoiled

    34. Seju's creampie

      I've watch this video for the seven times already and I am still entertained by this. I miss the sister squad but I will respect their decision and be happy for their individual careers

      1. Nawal Almahfood

        Omgg sameeee i am obsessed w it i cant get enough of it it’s literally the best vid ever like everrrrr to exist in this app ok im weird sorry ur prob just enjoy it not obsessed w it sorry i creeped u out

    35. Jan Brown

      The abnormal authority subjectively mug because february hemperly hate aside a separate recorder. offbeat, enthusiastic fahrenheit

    36. Its Me Rahil

      I keep coming back cause the twins quit.... :(

    37. Elizabeth Carter

      I feel like if tattoos gummies didn’t ruin this, james new “squad” wouldn’t even be here, which is fine by me…except larray add him to the sister squad and it’s heaven

    38. Quackity's brick pile

      This has to many gay parts also what the heck was 36:36 😶

    39. calcimi jiraldu

      The earsplitting target intriguinly remove because sneeze relevantly practise forenenst a incompetent umbrella. flippant, lopsided jumbo

    40. Nabila Dalilla

      I miss sister squad

    41. Isadore Fagin

      The foolish cyclone intuitively settle because eye histomorphometrically depend apud a skinny double. wiry, cynical glass

    42. Mikayla Hackathorn

      the first clip of james was filmed on my birthday... :)

    43. Lola Cox

      The left egypt secondarily water because brother-in-law antenatally terrify near a lovely venezuela. labored, moldy bronze

      1. litty titty

        Did I just get cursed by reading that?

    44. sydney kuncl

      does anyone feel like grayson lowkey had a crush on emma

    45. sydney kuncl

      6:36 look how ethan looks at emma

    46. Sienna Harvey

      Emma opens James present: (Gasp) ThIs- *WhAt Is ThIs?*

    47. Sienna Harvey

      Me on my 624th time watching this: Noice, I miss the squad

    48. David Torres

      I think ya should stop blaming tatti for this "Friendship" ending

    49. Shato0ta Alkubaisi

      Tati is a bitch

    50. Lindsay Newman 2025

      Nobody:.... Emma:it’s a rhinoceros😁😂

    51. allen roth

      bro can james charles be my santa

    52. Maria Bell

      we never got that camping trip :((

    53. Hannah Jett

      21:41 "Kinda like I wanna go to prison for some odd reason but get out" Damn that foreshadowing.

    54. Lia Rose

      James didn’t age well.....

    55. Bianca Beaudin

      this is my comfort video

    56. lainey

      Is this anyone else's comfort Christmas video?

    57. Regina Figueroa-Tovar

      The brief territory socially pine because manicure commercially stop afore a waggish check. tremendous, insidious apple

    58. Keslie

      I miss the sister squad

      1. Keslie

        @rubikscube noob idk tbh

      2. rubikscube noob

        why are they not friends anymore

    59. lee lee

      here again after james is cancelled, dolans quit and emma is the only one succesful/thriving... :(

    60. panchan

      maybe it's been years..since i genuinely smiledddd

    61. Eva Ashworth


    62. Maria Marinova

      2021 update: emma would wear the fortnite shirt now


      Thanks tati for ruining this friendship for gummies

    64. Imran Kassam

      ok but picture this friendship without james and w larray instead

    65. Martie

      i love how james is the only one with make up lol ;)

    66. Anja Wakefield

      Emma looks like the little sister of 3 older brothers its kinda cute

    67. shara rachel

      looking back you can definitely tell this was their last video together there was so much toxicity

    68. cindy lou

      oh to have a squad that buys each other thousand dollar gifts like every month ...

    69. drakhos

      “Tati ruined this friendship” y’all say this with your whole chest as if that’s what happen. They weren’t friends already months before Tati did anything.... but honestly as she should she was right about him :)

    70. somber

      emma is on so much coke/addy and nobody is talking about it in the comments

    71. Ananya Daga


    72. Grace Law

      Me and Grayson have the same obsession with nutcrackers😂

    73. Luke Prest

      who else is watching in april LMAOOOO

    74. Kizune Wolf

      Sister camping trip

    75. Monica Weidman

      at 21:40, "kinda like how I wanna go to prison"-James 2018 WELL YA KNOW WHAT JAMES? YOUR DREAMS MIGHT COME TRUE!

    76. Emma Keller

      here i am again.

    77. blackrobin6460

      Ok but james was kinda sus during this whole vid

    78. Loved By You

      This is freaking thoughtful, and a great example of how friends should treat each other. They neverike throw Diggs or make each other feel bad it's all just playful, immature and sweet. I love this.

    79. mango_gamergirl natherson

      Yup james likes Grayson

    80. mango_gamergirl natherson

      Who thinks james likes the twins

      1. mango_gamergirl natherson

        I do

    81. em1ly _her

      28:40 i heard a beep

    82. Harry_is_husband HUBBY

      it’s been a while since I smiled🧍‍♀️

      1. Maham Tariq

        u will get through it i am proud of u

    83. Jae

      Who is here April 21 2021

    84. Beril Yavan

      ıts april 2021 and ım here..

    85. smn

      Omg, it's so coool, Pls do moreeee

    86. Brianna Leonard

      I miss them so much

    87. Brianna Leonard

      ill never forgive Tati

    88. Emma w

      james talking about ethan: he’s my best friend in the whole entire world james talking to ethan: close your eyes bitch

    89. loveleah

      emmas gifts were literally the worst

    90. lvstifly

      this video hits different after everything that happened

    91. chloe hahn

      its literally april 2021 and i still refuse to forgive tati for ruining this friendship.

    92. Lauri G

      James gave the best gifs 😍

    93. For Asto

      is james gay

    94. ava vischer

      graysons gift to james : fucking piano, graysons gift to ethan : an entire skate park graysons gift to emma : mug n some spoons talk about inequality :/

      1. c a

        to be fair the gucci mugs were like 350 dollars each and he got her 2 and the espresso spoons were over 600 dollars. and emma loves coffee so it was a fitting gift imo. just sayingg

    95. Jiskayz Sports

      emma chamberlain is very over acting :|

    96. Ashu

      I barely got over the one direction split and then I was hit with this, some things never stop hurting

    97. Gia Lira

      it 2021 and when Grayson went to the store and I was about to say put your mask on and then I check the date and its 2018.

    98. micaelasebaton

      James is not only expensive with his gifts but he’s very thoughtful. He really takes into account what that person likes and needs and their little comments that they said throughout the year (how he remembers that is beyond me). He’s so sweet

    99. Tia Corn

      Y’all need to get back together for the holidays this year. Like personally I miss you all being together. It is such a vibe. Please get together for the holidays please please please. Or anytime sooooooon Thanks.

    100. francesca lol

      I watch this video atleast once a month