UFC 264: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

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    Conor McGregor talked with Joe Rogan in the Octagon after injuring his ankle near the conclusion of the first round of his UFC 264 main event bout with Dustin Poirier.

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    1. markus milota

      Just a primitive guy Not Brain , no guts, no bones😂

    2. diddatTM records

      i really felt conor when he said: " yhushidie to close the distance "

    3. Eric Romero

      Best interview ever

    4. M C

      Joe Rogan doesn't actually interact with anything McGregor says because he can't fookin understand him

    5. lutfi sph

      Hey dana... Where is thrill and agony

    6. Lilya lilyam

      Conor is a sore looser. Excuse maker. The leg broke due to clever checks by Dustin and poor bone health of Conor's bones.

    7. sarath kumar

      McGregor 🥊💪🔥💥🙌

    8. Bilal 123

      this is over

    9. Bilal 123

      rhis is over

    10. JAIR yan


    11. ISHAN SAHA

      People clearly give more shits about conor losing than Dustin winning lol. I know this version of conor is washed but still beating him is a feat. I mean Dustin's set for life after 2 back to back fights 😂

    12. insur1

      LMAO, loved seeing conor like this. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving asshole like conor. Hopefully that shit breaks again when he fights

    13. Chandler 2

      I remember when Conors trash talk actually meant something. Now it’s just like any other fighter who loses. Still love the man though. But damn. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    14. Wipez

      Did they really bleep "bollocks" at 0:17 LOL

    15. Gregor Leroy

      Lol man lost his fight and broke his ankle but still calmly talkin sh*t

    16. Noah Canter

      hraero.info/contact/2aVey3Vrmb6TlrI/video Porier vs McGregor but it’s weird

    17. Shubha Chakrabarty

      There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

    18. Michael Nolan Nolan

      I am glad that he lost this is pathetic get out of here.

    19. Art Lover

      Joe: What did it feel like? Connor: &#@*'$!# Anderson Silva, seperated &#@*'$!

    20. MMA scarface

      covid is good and the father is bad 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽 CSO

    21. Eve of Spring

      Your wife is in mi DM’s

    22. Tyler Johnson

      Conor is the biggest savage lmao. Goat

    23. RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

      Somebody help me with the Lyrics / Subtitles / what's he said after This is not over?? 😂😂😂


      nawww, the look on Connors face as he cried in pain, hehe, sitting down trying to be a big man,

    25. Floki

      Mc Tapper 0.99 Dollar

    26. VG_Clxps

      Imagine a Conor mcgregor vs Jake Paul fight😂

      1. Sjdjdndnxndndjx Skkddkdkdk

        Conor would kill that clown.

    27. MLK 08

      He's not the same since his Khabib fight

    28. Ryan Pearlman

      anyone know what curse word he says? "Usual s***e, dive to close the distance." is all i can find online

      1. EasyMoneySniper


    29. Gunhaver

      it takes a special kind of man to shout "your wife is in my DMs!" right after a guy breaks your leg. he's a real life version of the black knight from monty python

      1. Gabriel Crespo

        I agree except no guy broke his leg at all clearly

    30. Big Man

      He went out like a G

    31. A Different Take

      Awwwww poor wee baby Conor spittin the dummy cause Poirier was battering fuck out him

    32. Doug Wallace

      These are some funny comments, I'm cracking up comment after comment, congrats to you all.....

    33. Nakadu


    34. Miguel Rodriguez

      It’s crazy to see how this generation is full of softies “cOnoR tOok iT ToO FAr” Stfu.

    35. Cold February

      Everyone is angry about how Conor was saying “your wife is in me Dms” but what about the time Mike Tyson literally threatened to molest some guy in the crowd.

    36. James Walters

      Dana white : Connor, I'm gonna pay you by cheque, that cool.... Connor.....THERE WAS NO CHECK!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Judite Estrada

      i can't believe this is not a meme yet!

    38. Bekzat Baylarbekov

      We had few dudes in our block who talked shit all the time - They got they face beaten all the time

    39. AXbox 390

      He was bread but now he is toast.

    40. dancing days

      I wonder what his wife is thinking after this interview insulting like this another mans wife... trully disrespectfull towards his own wife as well

      1. Gabriel Crespo

        Articulate why

    41. Wasim Riaz

      Interviewer: Give us your thoughts on how it was going. Conor McGregor: hraero.info/contact/xqZezYqM2c3F2dg/video

    42. Travis Tubbs

      I have to give Conor respect for being that calm after a leg break dam the pain had to Be ridiculous!

    43. Coby Benzoir

      This reminds me of the scene with the knight that won’t die in Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

    44. sedohema

      What the fuck did he say? I only understood this is not over. But unfortunately or fortunately for him this really is over

    45. Tony

      That islander cant even beat a youtuber right now

    46. The Black Rat Inn

      "The brash unbridled tongue, the lawless folly of fools, will end in pain. But the life of wise content is blest with quietness, escapes the storm and keeps its house secure." - Euripides

      1. Gabriel Crespo

        Lol ok 👌

    47. lowlowseesee

      hahaah no class at all. I still got love for the irish, I know yall all aint like this fuck lol

    48. C B

      Is this the reason 264 thrill and agony wont come out? Yall dont want to make your superstar look worse than he already has.

      1. C B

        @Gabriel Crespo then why didnt they drop thrill and agony 264? Face it people are tired of his bs and he isnt that good of a fighter. They all know his game plan.

      2. Gabriel Crespo

        Whadaya mean?the UFC is a business and this kinda shit sells! He doesn’t look worse he looks fucking great for marketing purposes. They included the dolly in the promotional video packages after all so this will find its way to a video package one day as it is pure GOLD !

    49. Dylan Mounsey

      Shoy doy to close da distance

    50. c k

      " we dont condone throwing trolleys at busses" -ufc "We don't condone conor McGregors post fight interview," - ufc Okay then don't use the trolly in all your "hype" videos and don't post the interview on HRaero to get the HRaero revenue because you know it will get clicks....

    51. David Lothbrok


    52. boris veenstra

      "Joe Lets have a little podcast Rogan"

    53. Simone Russo

      Yuo are sore luser mate McGregor stop fighting go back to be a plumber

    54. Joane Peter


    55. opzz xsin

      Connors parents are still waiting for his first word

    56. Brasco Music

      Imagine talking as much shit as Conor's done before the fight, training hard for a long time to get the win back, then breaking your freaking leg/ankle whatever like that and THEN being interviewed right after. Damn, no one can expect anyone to be rational at that point. Me? I would just be screaming in pain.

    57. Eric C

      I almost forgot to watch this today.

    58. Unstoppable

      Conor rock's 🎉🎉

      1. opzz xsin

        Typical narcissist making excuses

    59. Diogo F

      The scorecard says otherwise though🤔 mcgregor strike percentage was higher at the end of the fight. So if the leg did not break would it be a different outcome??

      1. Gomi Taknaka

        Depends Dustin was taking conors best shots and conor gets tired so who knows

    60. MarcMaccoy

      His fighting days are over, alot of fun while it lasted tho....

    61. Hi-Tech292

      Joe rogan is an awful interviewer…….Conor need to go to the hospital

    62. Hans Gruber

      Secret Service behind the cameraman to the right... cool!

    63. Soddyqt

      "There was no check" - The Good Fight Foundation

    64. Ian Wendt

      Ok lines were crossed...but mcgregor is one tough motor...still talking shit with a snap leg

      1. overcoming sins633

        is it?

    65. CfWhirlwind

      I get conor was rude and unprofessional but all of a sudden everyone who was sucking him off hates him and thinks he sucks. I find a lot of his actions terrible as well (especially punching the old man) but I think were all forgetting this man whooped cowboy last year and was on top of his game for many years.

      1. Lethal Weapon

        Cowboy isn't an impressive victory. Maybe to casuals.

      2. overcoming sins633

        you mean cowboy that lose his last 3 fights? And fighting Connor in his last payday? Diaz who everyone knows is money fighters instead of competitors? Fighting the Brazilian dudes on his "last payday" as predicted. Fighting Aldo who is 2 weight class bellow connors? ( I still think it's a lucky shoot) even still connors dodging Him, because lucks runs out.

    66. Robert Dobolina

      My foot is like a balloon, where's my stretcher.

    67. Deify Samurai

      The More he gets his tattoos colored in the worse luck he has

    68. Dalton White

      I love dustin I love conor I'd love to see a rematch but after watching this 30× do not put conor in a cage with dustin. It wont be sport its gonna be something horrible.

    69. redshadowgaming

      People chatting shit about McGregor in the comments even though he carried ufc on his back for years 😂 just proves how many people switch up when someone is down

      1. Kh Hamza

        So we must cheer for someone who insults family, religion, talking about Killing someone, hit old men , ? Dude you need to find another example😆

      2. Robert Dobolina


    70. Larico

      Lol Rogan so cool dude. Hes the kinda guy to ask a fighter: "hey you just got knocked out cold; walk me through what you're feeling right now"

    71. Pimpjit85

      All jokes aside, how damn tough are these guys. Doing an interview, requesting a fight, calling out Dustin's wife, all while his leg broken in half LOL

      1. Justin Flores

        @overcoming sins633 lmao gayyy

      2. overcoming sins633

        @Justin Flores kid im Syrian, nothing tough about talking trash when your legs snapped. It's just hopelessly screaming hoping for proier attention. white kid always get dominated, in sports or life, we will take over soon sit back boy beta

      3. Justin Flores

        @overcoming sins633 you've seen it...I bet you did live and in person lmao clownnnnn

      4. overcoming sins633

        @Justin Flores lol look into police report kiddo

      5. Justin Flores

        @overcoming sins633 lmfao I bet clown

    72. Dumb Ass

      Typical narcissist making excuses

    73. S B

      Conor.... u loser. From now on, you're going down hill.

    74. Justin Fever

      Fook him!!! Lol

    75. Porky Pig

      I love how Conor turned 1000% Irish all of the sudden lol wtf

      1. David Saputra

        Loll you lol

    76. Matthew Latham


    77. Nathan Green

      I still just love that he was threatening poirier with the stretcher and ends up going out on a stretcher 😂😂

    78. itsvis king

      Best post fight interview 💯

    79. odhinn kiemele

      "Your wife's in my dm's!" 🤣 what a savage!! 🤘

      1. overcoming sins633

        @Gabriel Crespo nah breaking legs and walk away smiling burn Gregor, lol

      2. Gabriel Crespo

        @overcoming sins633 it’s all that’s needed

      3. overcoming sins633

        lol, is all you got obviously.

    80. BVB

      What is jaculator

    81. Dan pierce

      Whats wierd is that i told my friend that Mcgregor was going to break his leg because he didnt take long enough to heal and was probably overcompensating for most of his training due to his last fight. Its also wierd that joe hops right in after such a traumatic event.

    82. Clint Oruss

      Conor sounding even more Irish here than normal

    83. Alexander Kogut

      Done. Goodbye Conor

    84. juanvarall

      0:08 translate please

      1. Ben Lonergan

        @juanvarall yeah exact same

      2. juanvarall

        @Ben Lonergan so bledding is the same as fuckin and bloddy?

      3. Ben Lonergan

        @juanvarall “Usual shite (shit) dived to close the distance” hahah it’s so funny being from Ireland I can understand every word he says when other people haven’t a clue

      4. juanvarall

        @Ben Lonergan thank you what is he say before this is not over

      5. Ben Lonergan

        “Boxing the bleeding head of him kicking the bleeding legs off him” “Bleeding” is a saying in Ireland to describe something

    85. Ali Ferz

      All who criticizes Roe Jogan for taking the interview from Conor - you should know. ★ Conor said 'Come here Joe I wanna talk' ★ Conor is one of the best of icons in the history. Every beam of his light is of weight of diamond. Even not enough now ★ Conor and Joe both professionals, they know what they're doing. At this level it's a big responsibility, and they give the credit to that fact Just think about it that way.

    86. Edward Velez

      For those who don’t know. Conor yelled at Joe to come to him. He was like “Joe! Come let’s do a podcast.” Or something along those lines. I don’t remember the exact quote. Joe didn’t go to Conor

    87. Szumiącylas

      Conor is like a Marvel villain for UFC

    88. Poplap Lopala

      This fool needs more beating even after his broken ankle.

    89. Fernanda A


    90. Merrydoc


    91. Bayjay2

      I can’t properly understand what he’s saying.

    92. 1205 Creative

      I hope there’s a rematch. Connor McGregor is an asshole but he’s super entertaining. Lol. I think we’ve seen the best of Connor McGregor in the octagon but he might have one or two entertaining fights left in him. Poireir is a fresh new fighter. He’s for real.

      1. Youtube full of Censorship

        Poirier will lose to oliveira he is everything but fresh and new lmao. And if he somehow gets through him , daddy Colby will kill his ass if he ducks conor rematch

    93. Michael Chun

      whiskey effect

    94. Koceto Ciparov

      Well he did break his leg so of course he would be mad and say all of that shit. If that was any of you guys you would probably just cry and moan like: Omg mom my leg ahhhhha my facken leg maaaa mmaaaaaaam.

      1. overcoming sins633

        Nah kid, I've seen people talking while a bullet on their head lol.

    95. Ajay

      I think I’m not the only one who’s fed up of seeing all these people talk about how Conor “should just stop” or that they “feel bad at this point” for Conor… but every Tom Dick and Harry feels the need to comment nowadays