James Charles Plays Mario Kart Wii 2021


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    James and I swap who controls the Wii Wheel each single lap while racing against my subscribers on Item Rain! We may... need a redemption episode. :)

    Item Rain was created by MrBean35000vr and is available as a game mode in CTGP.
    Download CTGP to play Mario Kart Wii online in 2021:

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    Hello! Welcome to my channel where I upload various types of Mario Kart content for everyone to enjoy! I've been a big Nintendo fan all my life and on this channel along with Mario Kart Wii, you'll find other Mario games as well as other racing games.

    James Charles Plays Mario Kart Wii 2021


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    1. James Charles

      The collab we all needed

      1. bluemoonlight


      2. sanraizu


      3. Twitch Clipper

        Hi james

      4. Robert De Graaf

        When the 3rd collab

      5. Robert De Graaf

        Wait wat

    2. Jed Beyer

      Yous two are genuinely such a joy to watch! Hope yous do this more often :)

    3. Rocky :E

      7:58 dat scream LMFAO

    4. Ryan Heywood

      I loved the first season of survivor, but when i started the 2nd i saw many big spiders and couldnt keep watching

    5. Daniel Barlow


    6. Breddy Tidgewater

      How the hell did James Charles come to your house?😳

    7. We love Nintendo!

      Maybe its hard on the wiiwheel because your holding it the wrong way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Flat Zone

      25:14 the blooper worked

    9. Tomas Alessi

      I’m only 13 but I played this game when I was like 3 or four, lol

    10. Thomas Joyner

      This didn't age too well

    11. Sam Dilophosaur

      Probably don’t invite him again

      1. imora 7024

        i know right?

    12. Targoto

      mother of checkmarks next to yters

    13. Fenis

      troy looks like a hospital patient

    14. Aleksander Panek

      james: gets hit with fake item box also james: ugh homophobic

    15. Psyfi

      This did not age well...

      1. robophonie

        it aged well just the person didnt

    16. Jsk_1011

      7:55 has me dead

    17. Lozt

      25:18 that was a bruuutal blooper

    18. Arkangel

      After all the allegations I’m so sad about this. Really wanted more James and Troy :(

      1. RogerDodger

        Yeah I guess but considering the inevitability of his cancellation I'm just glad we even got a few collab vids

    19. Kyler

      yo hold up is James Charles gary?

    20. Rocky628

      I cant believe this is real

    21. Hirstneesh

      Is Troy gay

      1. VM- Hoss

        @Seen Gaming This might be true.

      2. Seen Gaming

        troy had a girlfriend, so probably not

      3. AtrociouS

        @Rocky628 Uh what? Troy was the one who reached out to him on Twitter to begin with. And James himself has told everyone he used to play the game professionally when he was younger before he even started his career.

      4. Rocky628

        @Hirstneesh agreed

      5. Hirstneesh

        @Rocky628 I don’t care either way Troy’s cool I just don’t get this collab at all

    22. Dylan Smith

      It would have been cute to see James kiss Troy on the cheek when they were racing. 😁

    23. Rafa g

      Is Troy gay?

      1. ArcadionYT

        Just because he collabed with James doesnt mean shit, he has a girlfriend, yall r so dumb,

      2. Rafa g

        @AtrociouS 3 Laps on his FLAME RIDER, BYEEEE 0u0

      3. AtrociouS

        @Rafa g Again he's cute and I wouldnt mind him taking me 3 laps around Wuhu Island on his Flame Rider. But again. No. He's innocent.

      4. Rafa g

        @willyway 285 Zaddy Troy, I can see it now. >:-)

      5. Rafa g

        @AtrociouS Real talk tho. would you let Troy hit it?

    24. Ole Widukind

      Absolutely stupid collab Troy just lost all of my respect I really liked Troy before this video Edit: and it’s not even just because of the allegations This dude was a total duchebag, obvious psychopath and awful person since ever. My respect for Troy📉

      1. Ole Widukind

        @Swinsl Bruh you’re doing it again🤦‍♂️

      2. Swinsl

        @Ole Widukind Me commenting isnt showing that I care, enjoy your 2 likes

      3. Ole Widukind

        @Swinslwell you cared enough to comment :) and three people have the same opinion as me so :)

      4. Swinsl

        Nobody cares

    25. DueNorth

      Troy I think the people who are telling you to delete your videos with James are doing so because they genuinely care about you. I've watched you for a few years and I don't wanna see you get wrapped up in this scandal. You're a really genuine guy and I would hate for people to watch this video and associate you with the allegations against James. I know the videos with him are making you money, but I honestly don't think its worth it in the end. Plus you still get enough money from your other videos/merch/twitch. At the end of the day, Troy, I love your content and am a huge fan of your community, and I would hate to see it go down for such a dumb reason like being associated with James. I support you no matter what, but I, along with your many other supportive fans, really hope you delete these videos for your own safety. Have a good one 🤘

      1. Swinsl

        Time to re-upload them

      2. DueNorth

        @AtrociouS I guess you' re right

      3. AtrociouS

        People can separate the scandal to whats going on here. If Troy hasnt done so by this point, Im pretty sure that he knows and thinks maybe deleting the video may cause even more of an uproar or probably because he wants to stay completely separated from that drama and is just hoping everyone scans over what happened and focuses on the Mario Kart content. James Charles isnt being a predator here. He's just playing Mario Kart.

    26. layitdownn2009

      Why does James Charles sound and look like a girl?

      1. Cats999

        @Ole Widukind nah he just fits a stereotype of gay people that's all

      2. Ole Widukind


      3. layitdownn2009

        @Cats999 you funny

      4. layitdownn2009

        @Cats999 lol ok

      5. Cats999

        I don't know, maybe because he's gay?

    27. thecraftykingdom king

      This did not age well 😬

    28. King Dedede

      Day 200 of asking Troy to do a Jetsetter vs Phantom vehicle war I have came back from Ethiopia and I'm trying to make ground

    29. Anth A

      dude you should delete your vids with James😬😬😬

      1. imora 7024

        @MasterMario allegations with james happend the story is long though..

      2. MasterMario

        @Anth A wait what’s happened???

      3. Swinsl

        Re-upload time

      4. Anth A

        @Crimson Flash i'd like to know why you think that. Don't tell me you're going to try and defend James. The evidence against him is real damning.

      5. Crimson Flash

        No don’t delete them

    30. Jacob Herta

      dude you really should delete this for your own safety. Ya never know if someone will find this after the recent allegations that came to light and try to take you down by association. The $$$ ain't worth it.

    31. Pedropayros Pedropayros

      Nope, i wached you foro first time when i was like 6 years, Now im 15, good job troy

    32. Have a Sausage

      Troy: (changes name to TWD100) James: wasn’t 98 enough for you

    33. Indica Smok

      Not the best collab I feel like brother. Don’t wanna see you lose any viewers or nothing over his allegations. It’s been a while since I’ve been watching your videos regularly but I’m so happy you’re thriving out here still doing the same thing(making mk wii videos) It’s a truly beautiful sight

      1. Softlueur

        pfffff imagine cancelling the most least toxic person on earth who plays MARIO KART WII for a living. i dont think they will cancel troy.

      2. Reagan Williams

        agreed. if people attack troy for james’ actions i’m done lol

    34. Senuka Abeysinghe

      Now he is a predator (James of course)

    35. imora 7024

      yeah this didint aged well after the allegations.. sorry troy..

    36. SportsGaming2011

      Lol two months later and this is super awkward

    37. Bruh de la Boi

      this aged poorly

      1. ben949

        ehh not really he just played with someone that got cancelled

    38. Alastair McGuire

      Twd plays with a nonce 2021

    39. KartGamer14

      hey troy

    40. Biker_Hackerman

      poorly aged things.

      1. AtrociouS

        He never said or did anything here that had to do with the allegations but go off.

    41. Dillon Robbins

      I would delete this video if I were you. Especially being so close to the allegations.

    42. Chelsea Marshall

      I’m a fan of Troy but this defo needs to be deleted

      1. Denifor1


      2. imora 7024


    43. LilPriceBoyz

      Lol I’m 13 and James said, “I think most of your viewers are at least 18”

    44. 《arlos

      And... he deleted the community post. But not the videos with James, of course. They give him money!

      1. CrypticPoke

        It's not like they make him much money either though. This barely got more views than Troy's average. It's so weird that he's just keeping these up now knowing full well what James Charles has done, and for what you could barely call a profit

    45. J Splats

      They are husbands now

    46. Kuma Smash & More

      James Charles is Pog

    47. your granny tranny

      This is so wholesome

    48. David Bechtold

      This vid is so hidden

    49. Bigass69

      I used to play Mario kart Wii cuz me and my brother got a Wii in 2011 or something lmao

    50. AceX MouadhK

      what on earth was that, it covered the whole screen 25:13

      1. AceX MouadhK

        @OnTopRN ik its a blooper but it usually dosent cover that much of the screen

      2. OnTopRN

        A blooper

    51. Christian Ross

      That theory at 7:08 is exactly what happened in my family

    52. Pink

      7:56 (SCREAM WARNING)

    53. Emerson G

      I love playing this game! I play on a WII too, but I suck at it.

    54. Espi

      Hi! I’m part of Troy’s younger audience. I first discovered Mario Kart through Troy 6-7 years ago and bought the game soon after. I cannot prove or disprove Troy’s theory, I know in my instance my older sibling had nothing to do with it.

    55. K Foy

      I've played. Mario kart since I was five with my cousin but on 2020 Christmas I got my own switch light

      1. Softlueur

        sorry to tell you, but the switch lite isn't that great

    56. Aahana gupta

      Who came here after seeing james charles video?😂😂😬

    57. Trev Smith

      Couple goals???

    58. Its_gracie

      James Dry bones is my favorite I have a plush of him lol

    59. Astoria Crossing

      Anyone here from James Video


      Where do you and James Charles live James Charles is really famous and i heard he wants to be a girl

    61. John-Marc Cartagenas

      It's so surreal hearing James Charles say Bam Shock dodge

    62. diego ventura

      omg adriaan was playing! im so shock is adriaan your friend or sub

    63. Skullgames98

      I never thought this colab would ever be a thing 🤯

    64. Mmmm M'Baku

      I thought it was just gonna be some random kid online named James Charles not the real thing 😳

    65. Vedge Hog

      i love how troy is treating james like a child

    66. MeganMathMcCartin

      I am 8 you mmmm

    67. Steven Solano

      Wait...this looks fun. HOW DO I JOIN

    68. taysoni

      bruh whtattsts

    69. Febe Docking

      i played this when i was like... 2-7 years old and now i cry because we had 2 wii consoles and they broke at the same time and i rlly miss the wii and i cant afford the wii u and idk where the games are so.... i miss the old days :(

      1. Walhaan

        @ඞ i wouldnt be able to buy it, if i ask my dad to buy it, he would say NOO. Lol

      2. Febe Docking

        @Walhaan Yea. My cousin has a wii u and she has like mkwii and just dance 2014 and all so i can play with her... but like she lives at the opposite side of the country so... that would be kinda hard XD

      3. Walhaan

        Me too i had 3 wiis and two of them broke. But in 2014 i got the wii u so i gave my wii to my cousin.(with all my games) But then he broke every single game apart from mkwii. So i got my wii back and i only had mkwii to play Well at least i still have 1 game to play

    70. Gaming Hamburger Robot 4

      What the hell is James Charles doing here?😂 Didn't know they are friends. Anyway cool, interested to watch

      1. Walhaan

        They did a video before last year together

    71. Karana

      Top 10 couples in Anime

    72. Evan Bratten

      You use the weal I use the numchuk

    73. ab2t

      7:56 well r.i.p headphone users (including me)

    74. nola

      anddd his theory was correct

    75. Adam Hayes

      'I feel like everyone who watches your videos must be 18 or older and played it when they grew up' Ok james im 15 and i played mario kart wii since my 4th birthday and im angry😡😡

    76. HiatoPS

      If I were a James Charles viewer and stumbled upon the channel of a cute boi like Troy I'd be like 👀

    77. Beaky Bokey

      Troy’s looking good these days! 😍

    78. Zardy

      Troy vs James charles shortcut challenge when? That would be very interesting to see!

    79. Matthew Grant


    80. Ashutosh madhu

      Damn really I didn’t know you were friends with James

    81. kytnyx

      is troy straight? cause him and james seem pretty compatible.

      1. AtrociouS

        He is last I remember, but honestly I kinda wonder-

      2. 323 _iso

        Only og’s remember that he used to have a girlfriend

      3. Praux

        Pretty sure hes gay

    82. Lucas Mertens

      Could you do a shortcut challenge with him?

    83. adrian hook

      Well this didn't age well

      1. adrian hook

        @AtrociouS I mean it's really not that deep, just something funny to say. If you don't get it or don't find it funny that's totally fine. If I were Troy I'd feel awkward about having videos with James just because a lot of TWD98's audience is young males, but that's just me.

      2. AtrociouS

        @adrian hook Then why would you say "This didnt age well" James existing isnt ironic to the current situation. And nothing in the video inferred on anything that had to do with it. These "Oh wow haha this didn't age well" comments dont make sense half the time and only exist to echo unnecessary details.

      3. adrian hook

        @AtrociouS I don't think you get what I'm saying. Let me be very clear here: Yes, my comment was about James sexting underage boys. No, I wasn't inferring that this specific video has anything to do with that besides the presence of James himself. I hope that clears things up for you.

      4. AtrociouS

        @adrian hook LOL like this meant anything else.

      5. adrian hook

        @AtrociouS Bruh, I never said that it did. Shut up.


      1 problem: They're using tilt controls...

    85. dortoka

      Hearing James Charles say Bam Shock Dodge is surreal

    86. chloe

      5:45 james saying “bam shock dodge” is something i never knew i needed 💀

    87. treasure smile

      Its crazy hearing James Charles through a good mic

    88. Daniel Coronel

      Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that James was using the wii control and pressing the buttons with his large nails?

    89. MythicLoreFortune Hollow

      This aged bad pretty quickly.

      1. bernadetta //


    90. wildaman1

      This seems like not the greatest idea for a video during a pandemic, unless I’m missing something?

      1. wildaman1

        @Pencil Man I haven't seen other videos of Troy hanging out with people lately but, if you say they exist, I believe you. They aren't cool either :)

      2. Pencil Man

        Just because you dont have a social life you shouldnt diss people on hanging out during a pandemic. Also hating gay people?? In 2021? Real nice. You don't say this when Troy hangs out with his straight friends.

      3. wildaman1

        @SapphireTHPS yes I'm sure James Charles was super responsible about all of this, if there are two words that I would use to describe him they'd DEFINITELY be "super responsible" in that specific order!

    91. Daniel Adams-Heitz

      im new to the community :)

    92. Tyler Jones

      Ok James Charles always makes my day and he's hilarious

    93. Carter Knight

      @TWD98 how do you play online in 2021? I thought that WFC got discontinued?

    94. Androo

      WTF, thats all I have to say lmao

    95. Marrit Simecek

      Am i the only one who plays with a nuncuck?😅

    96. Gaming Toast

      Plz more

    97. Stephen Raiford

      James: AAAUUUGG Troy: It’s ok it’s ok we can come back

    98. Arne_hrb

      The 296ppl who disliked are HOMOPHOBIC 🤦‍♂️

    99. Hi

      I always knew this ;)

    100. いのち

      i literally never knew this about james, now my mind is in awe