Hairdresser Reacts To Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

Brad Mondo

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    1. Brad Mondo

      Ever thought about getting your hair permanently straightened?

      1. cherry

        Always yes

      2. julia h

        no i love my curly hair

      3. Alice Baker


      4. Stacy Morris

        my daughter is 11 and has really curly frizzy redhair and im showing her this bc she wants it would it be all good?

      5. Rohin

        500th reply

    2. laura dubon

      Thank you Brad mondo!

    3. Christine Martell

      I tried doing a dark and lovely when I was 18 years old. I'm half Japanese and half Italian and my hair is thin and wavy. It started to fall out. Fast forward many years my stylist said she had a defrizzer and I would get it done in the spring. I would get curly parts where my forehead is and make her leave it on longer. It started to break off so I gave up. I might try again next spring 🤔

    4. Rebecca Hetrick

      I would much rather have my hair permanently straightened than continue spending well over an hour every single day straightening my hair, especially since I usually have to go back and re-straighten it halfway through the day. And I think the damage from daily heat straightening is significantly more than the damage from getting a Japanese permanent hair straightening treatment once or twice a year. Plus it would save me at least an hour every single day... I saw Rachel's full video of her permanent hair straightening a couple years ago and I've been obsessed with it ever since. Suddenly, there's no one in my area who actually does the Japanese permanent straightening. Most likely I'd have to drive to NYC and pay five times more than I would if there was someone in Connecticut who could do it for me...

    5. daydayhappy

      Can you talk about goldwell kk treatment, will it straighten my hair?

    6. K D

      What’s the correct products for curly hair then?

    7. chromophilia

      i want short hair really bad, but because my hair is kinda curly it wont work out and it makes me so mad :c


      Hi Brad Mondo!! Have you heard about Cysteine keratin? I hope you'll make a video explaining it :) Is it better than usual keratin or Brazillian treatments? Thank youuu so much! ILYYYY!!!

    9. Lindsay Murray

      Do you have any tips for styling for people who are mixed race? I am having a hard time styling my hair and shopping for hair products is also a struggle I'm half Mexican Caucasian.

    10. Sri Ravipati

      Once again, learned so much from your videos Brad! Ty!

    11. Victoria Ruiz

      So i was gunna go get that straight perm on just my bangs that i got but is it better to just straighten it everyday than get the perm?

    12. Danyelle St.Marie

      Hey, I responded about this before but it really goes more with this. I went to the salon to get my hair straightened. I ended up screaming and running to the bathroom (there was a shower in it and I knew this because my best friend used to live there) I jumped in with all my clothes on and turned the water to cold. I ended up with chemical burns with blisters. It was horrible.

    13. Jaja Raguini

      This is a very common treatment here in the Philippines, humidity is all time high in here all year round and frizz is always the enemy for many of us. Most Filipinos have wavy hair and it's harder to manage in this weather especially when you have thick hair. Also, Asian countries is not curly/wavy hair product or salon friendly, you can rarely find a salon that specializes in curly hair in the Philippines or products that is specifically for curly/wavy type, it costs atleast 3x as much to have it shipped from the US. It's more of a cultural thing too, pin straight black hair is something deemed as a standard of beauty in most Asian countries.

    14. Emily Mendoza

      I had really curly hair and couldn’t handle so I got this treatment but now I regret it. Is their any way I could reverse 🧍‍♀️

      1. Old Tom Parr

        Why do you regret it?

    15. ⟬⟭ 다리아 ⟭⟬

      Me watching this video like 👀 cuz I've straightening my hair for 4 years maybe

    16. Z R

      hi :) , what do you thnik about the ingerdients in the "owow" at home keratin treatment ?

    17. がいおにえみり

      the first girl sounds like emma watson

    18. Melanie Misakian

      I need this

    19. jessiah

      My roots are straight but ends are wavy curly

    20. Vikinga Vantillana

      I don't know bro, but bleaching and depositing color, then styling also uses a lot of heat if not more, and more damage...

    21. n0ra

      Can you do henna on your hair after getting a Japanese perm??

    22. Lorren Raven M

      so messed people being late to hair/nail/makeup appointments. there may be clients before &after're not the only one &the schedule is set FOR the just call& cancel. it's Soo RUDE. It can mess with people's livelihoods too but of course people tend to not care. A good 10 min early is great in case the person ahead of time is done early or to avoid being late

    23. LucidDreams

      My hair is curly and takes so much work to take care of. It looks good when I do take care of it but I absolutely hate doing hair and I honestly don’t have the time or energy either. I have no idea what to do with it. I just want straight easy hair. But then again I’m broke.

    24. JJ

      I already love my natural hair it looks exactly like my profile pic

    25. Som parsad Dahal

      you look like oli london

    26. Samantha Gunn

      A year late, but I'm on time for my appointments 🙂

    27. nikakaru chan


    28. Debbie

      Brad: *bleaches hair* Brad: you’re breaking your disulfide bonds... 🤔 but. you. bleach. your. hair. BRAD😐 ❤️ you Brad but 😏 My hair has grown the most from relaxers because it saves me sooooo much time and less tangles = less breakage + I use salon exclusive products and bond fixers. You can use chemicals and get great results IF you take care of your hair like fine lace.

    29. Syeda Sheza

      I'm an Asian girl means have dense voluminous health long hair BUT CURLY got it straight permanently 5 years later still damage i have left with half of my hair on head🤦‍♀️

    30. Kitty Kitty Kattygirl


    31. luna taylor-bowie

      the things is repeatedly got this process when i had short hair and was around 12-15, because i didn’t want my curly hair, and then i just spent being 16-21 getting my curls back, which i’ve successfully gotten now.

    32. Alex Winter

      brad you should react to rachel's newest video about her hair, she's trying the curly girl method now!!

    33. Dana Vitsky

      Can you please do a video talking about magic sleek permanent straightening!? My hair seems to be completely smooth and way healthier after getting the treatment done.

    34. V4NU

      In my area all girls straighten their hair permanently after high school and I'm one of them lol... it's my 2nd time and I didn't take care of my hair that's why I'm losing my hair day by day.

    35. Loani Castillo

      The relaxers used in afro hair in Dominican Republic... You cannot wear your hair air dried. It looks limp and lifeless and without shine. It helps hair not to revert and eases styling.

    36. melody castaneda

      Brad that solution after the flat iron is neutralizer.

    37. J C

      Hey guys, I had a Brazilian blow out and it completely wrecked my hair. My hair breaks, it's drys and dosent grow. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    38. jillian desmarais

      The first girl reminds me so much of Hermione Granger!!!

    39. Jak h

      So basically this is the same thing as a relaxer.

    40. Ayra Seni

      Never again. NEVER AGAIN.

    41. Joalyn Knopp

      the first girl sounds like Emma Watson!!!!

    42. ThruTheLookingGlass

      I had this done to my hair once.

    43. D N

      Omg I’ve been getting Japanese perms for years (bc I have very thick curly hair) but I’m seeing now that after a few years my hair is just becoming more damaged and dry and I don’t even colour my hair. Hopefully this isn’t the result that lots of ppl are getting 😬

    44. XSemperIdem5

      Rachel! Our fairy elf 😅 (bonus points for whoever remembers the photoshoot she did). I was just watching Rachel and Jun's newest video and this popped up right next to it. How can you not love her beautiful hair color.

    45. Tamara Robertson


    46. Pepper Bridge

      I want that ginger copper hair so badly. I can never get it right

    47. MightySapphire

      I find it so ironic that you love bleaching (aka permanently altering hair) and that you think grow out is a concern in this case (but not with coloring your hair say blue). You're funny.

    48. Lucía Gil

      Omg a dream

    49. julia h

      my biggest flex is that i have never been to the hairdresser too late or too early, im always on time

    50. Ambie

      Always told by the hair dressers in Saskatchewan that a Brazilian blow out is to hard to do none of them do it every time I ask. Need Brad to treat my long natural hair I finally grew out!

      1. Ambie

        Oh but to add Brad I wanna go ginger soon! Wondering if I should take the leap and also if a xmondo product could do it for me? Send help!

    51. Marie Smith

      I come from a military family, so you’re late if you’re in time, and you’re on time if you’re early. Because of that I’m always 40-60 minutes early. Not because I’m trying to be seen sooner, but because you NEVER KNOW what’s going to happen, so I want to give myself enough time to get there without rushing, and in case an accident happened or I’m stuck in traffic, I have time to notify them and still not rush. Hopefully that made sense?

    52. Abby Diaz

      I’ve been visiting my favorite hair stylist every other two months to maintain my keratin and color treatments. So tedious and costly but it saves my mental health. Haha!

    53. XxCore4xX

      First immediate thought - I LOVE that shirt and want it! Where is it from?!?! Also EPIC video as always 👏🏻

    54. Aisha Bibi

      no I love my waves plus I can do different styles without the permanent straightening

    55. Mariah Ramos

      I'm a local Hawaii girl and started this treatment last year and just got a retouch the other day. I naturally have thick/frizzy/curly hair so if you have hair like mine and willing to commit to regular touch ups I highly recommend especially if you live in a humid location like I do!

    56. akasumora

      i have a curly afro and the first time i permed my hair was in 2018. i was upset when my original hair grew back. i'd like to try the japanese straigthening

    57. April Smith

      I got the Brazilian blowout once t straighten my frizzy, half wavy hair, so I wouldn't be subject to the whims of humidity. It... looked amazing. It did. But I also felt it killed the personality of my hair. I felt like I put my hair in obedience school. But it looked amazing. I was conflicted.

    58. Madi Made

      Title: Blah blah blah hair straightened blah blah *DAMAGE FREE* Video: It may damage your hair a lot Me: mmmmhm suuuuuure damage free 👁👄👁

    59. danii !

      me watching this as im straightening my hair with a 450 degree hair flattener: 🗿

    60. Christina G.

      So I lived in Japan and got my first straight perm done there - it would last about a year each time (because of new hair growth) and was not completely pin straight but close, but I have very naturally wavy hair. I had trouble finding the same kind of straight perm in America so I tried a Brazillian blowout - it only lasted about two months. I LOVED the Japanese treatment (and btw, in Japan it is so common it is less than $100 if you aren't getting a hair cut as well. I get this done every time I go to visit). It also never felt like or looked like my hair was getting damaged. And I did no blow drying, no treatments, no upkeep on it - it lasted a year. After getting four or five of them, I've noticed no downside to them whatsoever. The Brazillian was so dissapointing by comparison.

      1. Old Tom Parr

        Do you know which place you went to in Japan?

    61. Irene M Gibbons

      Thank you Brad because I was curious as to how straightening was done and what can happen as a result. You have answered all of my question and for that I am so dreadful because I will not be going for any kind of permanent straightening and it all thank to you.😁😊😍

    62. Abbie M

      rachel and vina???? Yes PLEASE

    63. Abbie M

      Rachel in a brandon mondo video? *CLICK*

    64. Macha leva

      What about keratin treatment ? My hairdresser told me to do it so my hair will be healthier ?

    65. sun_raye

      Is this basically a relaxer???

    66. mtgsk

      Ok, I'm always on time for my hair appointment and my hairdressers are always confused. I guess you explained why

    67. Gisela Ryani

      Bradd, can you review Kgloss?

    68. The Cranky Nogitsune

      9:27 “why is there a fly on my set!?” 🤣

    69. Annisa Malik

      It's true that you need the right products for your hair, I've been like finding the right product for my hair all my life now. For now I settled to the products I use now because it really does make my hair better: more thicker, smooth, and less get tangled, but I still have problem with hair fall :(

    70. まっちゃ


    71. Kelly Irwin

      I spent this entire video thinking that was Reptar on his shirt 🤦🏻‍♀️

    72. Unsolved mystery

      Actually brad the second one is the neutralizer in which it seals the rebond that has been done

    73. Penny Pike

      Have you heard of a Korean seashell perm? What is the process?

    74. miranda johnson

      im always, if not early, on time for the hairdresser's

    75. Shennaine

      So like.. when I was little and moved to the united states, everyone made fun of my hair and my hairstyles. The kids would pull on my hair a lot, mostly out of curiosity because it would bounce back, but then they started cutting my hair and making fun of it around 6th grade. I got fed up and told my mom I wanted to straighten my hair, and it was straightened every since until around a year ago. The straightening process was brutal, it was a chemical straightening process and my mom (who is not a hairdresser) did it every time and my hair did grow, it was just VERY dead when it kept getting straightened. Since my hair never fell out, my mom thought it was fine and kept doing it. Around 10th grade, I joined a sport that was predominantly black people, and I managed to scrape up a friend group of colored girls that had all different kinds of hair types, patterns etc. They all had one thing to say about my hair though. "GIRL, your hair is DAMAGED DAMAGED!", "Your best luck is shaving it all off hun...", "yikes, you can't come back from that one". I got self-conscious about my hair and googled some videos and realized that my hair isn't all that healthy, I finally noticed how dry and dead it was, how damaged the ends were and I wanted to make my hair look like how it was supposed to look. So I decided to go natural : )! My mom wasn't happy about it, she really liked when my hair looked longer and she also didn't wanna do my natural hair anymore, she even threatened to never do my hair again if I went natural, but I pushed through. Eventually, she saw that I wasn't gonna let up, I had already cut most of my hair (she wasn't happy about that) and started taking care of my curls. I got really mad at my mom and yelled at her one time.. I'm not proud of it, but I was frustrated because she put so much care into her natural hair, she was all proud of it, but why couldn't she be proud of mine? after that, she started taking my hair more seriously and she started doing my hair again. She bought a lot of natural products and she ended up liking it a lot! she really liked my curl pattern and she saw that with the right products, and techniques, my hair wasn't all that hard to do, it just took a while : )! It's been a year since I went natural and I've been having some scalp issues, idk what it is, it just gets really flaky after 1 week : ( but other than that, my curls are better than ever!

      1. Izzy Ha

        I wish we went to school together.. I had a boy cut my hair once and I threw my books at him ( got suspended of course but he didnt do it again) And from then on anyone I would see getting messed with whatever they were doing I'd do to them example: they cut your hair, I cut theirs. They pull your hair, I yank theirs. Eye for an eye and bullying ain't cool IM SO HAPPY YOUR CURLS ARE BACK THO GIRL GET IT GET IT 😍😍😍

    76. honghonghong hong

      When he mentioned wanting no give all take, and then add it means nothing else, he seriously reminds me to think what else could it means:))

    77. Haley Keith

      Brad: "it's like HD copper." Me: rachel also matches two of her four cats 🤣

    78. Steph Plays

      The inexpensive witness jointly include because tramp essentially excite with a trite july. alleged, annoyed margin

    79. JC Gonzaludo Salarda

      Rebonding is so Popular in the Philippines and it cost 25 to 30 Dollars i think in a salon but if you want to do it yourself a home you can buy the rebonding cream and it cost 7-15 Dollars it depends on the product you want to buy (there's a cheap and expensive one) my hair get rebonded 1 or twice a year because i have a wavy hair. this May i think i will rebond my hair at home, my friend gonna do my hair because he's so professional when it comes to rebonding. 😅

    80. muskan sharma

      i just got my hair permanently striaghtened last weak ,loved it

    81. Victoria

      I love Rachel & Jun!! It's so weird but cool to see different channels I like collide like this. XD I'd totally get my hair straightened in Japan but... I'm on a mission to never see my natural hair color again so... I'll just keep my flat iron. >_>;

    82. Clara Estrada

      i see Rachel in a video, i upvote

    83. Snakes Rule!

      Why does the first girl remind me of Hermionie Granger from the Harry Potter series? They are nothing alike!

    84. Ashley Madden

      Went to get my hair done after work one morning.... literally beat the stylist to the salon.. worked out great since my hair took 9 hours 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. Bree Reilly

      What is it with us girls, we have curly hair, we want straight. We have black hair, we want blonde! Why cant we just be happy with what we have!

      1. Izzy Ha

        Grass is always greener man

    86. everylittlebreeze

      Try a nano keratin they are superb but you have to get the first one not the second one and people that use nano keratin will know what I’m talking about. They last three months maybe a little bit more and my hair is just the same length as hers and just a shiny an incredible when it’s been done

    87. Courtney S

      I did it for 10 years, but the growth was the WORST because I would have the kinky curly roots showing and then straight at the bottom.

    88. keke

      i want one of these... but i have 3a hair and it'll look so weird if it groes out...

    89. Amanda Lin

      Rachel and Jun omg

    90. Alyse A

      Here I am thinking how sad I am I’ve bleached alllll my waves/curls out...

    91. Britny Harmon

      Okay, I would actually consider getting this treatment done because I literally have Mia Thermopolis hair! Not Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis-Rinaldi hair! No! Mia Frizball Thermopolis hair! Pre-Princess treatment! It is literally a freakin pyramid on my damn head! Look, Brad ... I love you and I know you want us to love our natural hair and to be honest, I’ve tried! But there is just nothing to love about this hot-ass mess!

    92. Peyton Slade

      please do a tutorial on frizzy hair

    93. Pandora Vex

      I normally show up early to my appointments, but I don’t expect my hairdresser to come take me early. I just hate being late and traffic can be so unpredictable sometimes.

    94. Krizzy

      I love Rachel and Jun

    95. moonbcw _

      i have natural curly hair and i think I’d miss my curls if i did permanent straightening.. actually i love my curls too much to even straighten it 😂😂

      1. Starie Hearts

        Same. My curls get lots of attention and ppl are always telling me how pretty they are, definitely don't want straight hair lol

    96. Yuuki Yamamoto

      Super common in Japan and Philippines. girls literally get a super boost in hair confidence after getting those. patented by Yuko Yamashita

    97. Garrett Johnston

      I can't imagine banishing my curls.

    98. TheVicdub

      I love this guy 😍

    99. ella holt

      i was born with naturally straight hair. but when i was 5 i started getting it curly permed. now i am 12, i cut my hair way back in december and it feels way healther. but now i really dont want to get my hair curly permed. so i was thinking of getting it straight permed. if i were to do this when my roots grow back in would they be curly or straight sense i was born with straight hair but now have wavy hair. (sense my last curly perm waas in august)

    100. Laura Finann

      I feel Brad on the "no one is ever on time" thing. I was a dental hygienist for 8 years (don't do it... run for the hills!) and one of the things that I disliked the most was that EVERYONE WAS FREAKING LATE ALL THE DANG TIME. And not like 5 minutes, which is bad enough. Nay nay. Like 25-35 min late. For a 45-60 min appointment. PSA: If you're gonna be more than 5 min late for your dental cleaning... Re-schedule! Bye, Felicia! Your hygienist won't have time to do a thorough job for you, aaaaaaaand she'll probably hate you for being so inconsiderate. End rant.